Industrial Espionage

 Debra is the president of a very large pharmaceutical company called Medco Pharmaceuticals.  The company is on the brink of creating a drug that will help reduce stress in people’s lives.  It is still in the testing stages, but the results are turning out very well.  Medco’s rival, GasTec Industries, is also working on a drug to relieve stress.  GasTec Industries is a company that formulates drugs in gaseous form that the user inhales.  The main problem with GasTec’s version is that it had a major side effect.  The user laughs uncontrollably after inhaling the drug.  Steve, GasTec’s chief formulation scientist, knew that if he could get ahold of Debra’s formula, then he could create it in a gas and make GasTec a lot of money.  The only thing Steve needed to do was to get Debra alone and force her to give up the formula.  Steve knew just what to do.
Steve would sneak into Medco and attach a tank GasTec’s gaseous sedative to the air vent that leads to Debra’s office.  A modification was made to the sedative potent enough to render Debra unconscious.  Then Steve would take Debra back to GasTec for interrogation.

 On Mondays Steve knew that Debra worked analyzing her data from the previous week.  He snuck into Medco and found the employee directory.  The directory showed exactly where each person’s office was.  Outside of Debra’s office Steve saw a vent that lead into it.

“Perfect,” said Steve to himself.  He then unlatched the vent and installed the gas tank.

Steve knew that in a few minutes Debra would be sleeping like a baby. As Debra was working in her office she heard a hissing sound coming into her office.  Then Debra also saw what looked like green smoke streaming into her office.

“What is that? *cough* *cough*,” asked Debra.

With each cough Debra lost more and more consciousness.  Debra tried to yell out for help, but it was too late.  She breathed in too much of the modified sedative and slowly slumped back in her chair ou cold.

“The sedative worked perfectly,” said Steve as he was putting Debra in his car to go to GasTec.

 Debra awoke groggily to notice that she was completely tied up to an examination chair.

“What…..where am I?” asked Debra.

“You’re in one of GasTec’s labs,” replied Steve.

“Steve?  What the hell are you doing?” asked Debra.

As Debra was saying this, Steve was putting a breathing mask on Debra.  “I want to know what the formula is for your stress relief drug.  I know that it is your life’s work so I am going to use a method of persuasion.” replied Steve.

This method of persuasion was for Debra to inhale the stress relieving drug that had the laughing side effect.

“You get to try out GasTec’s new stress relief drug that is currently in the works,” said Steve.

“Your drug works fine except for the…….(a look of horror on Debra’s face)…..side effect.”

“That’s correct, Steve interrupted.  Steve then turned on the nozzle that fed gas to Debra’s mask.

At first Debra began to struggle, but the gas was still making its way into her nose and mouth.  The anger and fear that was on Debra’s face started to melt away as she was inhaling more of the gas.  Her eyes were glazing over and a big grin was on Debra’s face.

“Whoa I’ve got a major buzz going on right now,” said Debra.

“That’s it…..just keep breathing in the gas.  Let your mind get cloudy from the drug, “ replied Steve.

After a few minutes debra began to giggle.  “Hee hee hee heeeeeeeee heeeee.”  Debra liked how she felt while giggling so she breathed in even more, allowing more of the gaseous drug into her lungs.  This made the giggles turn into laughter.

“HAAAAAAAHAAAAHAAAAAA I don’t have a care in the world. HAAAAAA!!!!!!”

Tears were streaming down Debra’s face because she was laughing.

Steve, taking this as a sign that Debra was completely  in euphoria asked, “So ,Debra, will you tell me the formula now?”

“Sure, hell I’ll hand over my whole company HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!  I don’t need it since I have this gas to breathe in HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!”

As Debra was laughing and getting stoned off the gas, she was writing the formulation process of the drug and transfer of Medco to GasTec.  Steve then took off  the mask to let Debra catch her breath.  Debra was breathing heavy as if she just ran a marathon.

“WOW this stuff is amazing,” said Debra still in a gas-induced high.

“It sure is,” replied Steve thinking how a defect is his drug lead to getting a solution and another company for GasTec. When Steve realized that Debra’s head was starting to clear up, he put the mask on her face again.

“We can’t have your clearing up and asking questions.  Besides we need someone to run tests on extensive exposure to our drug,” said Steve.    Steve left the room and behind him heard Debra laughing while in complete ecstasy from the gas.