Sarah Jenkins yawned as she tried to finish up the last of the patient's records she'd been working on for the last four hours. Normally on a Saturday night, she would have long since been at home; relaxing after another six day week. But she knew the paperwork needed to be done, and this was the only time she'd left this week to accomplish it. As the only female dentist in the county, she felt driven to prove herself and in most cases succeeded.

Most of her friends thought it odd that she had become a dentist. Her good looks and stunning figure led most to believe she would seek a career in show business. As it was, they complimented her on her beauty, swearing that she was a twin to the superstar Danni Ashe. She did look remarkably like the buxom blonde who'd taken the internet by storm. But Sarah was a basically shy person, who tended more to the intellectual side rather than the sensuous.

Redoubling her efforts, she bent once more to the task of updating the records that lay in a large stack before her.


Silently, Tess Johnson moved through the dark alley behind the dentist's office towards the rear door which was all but hidden in the darkness. She'd staked out this particular office carefully; knowing it to be a haul worthy of her talents. Tess was a thief - a cat burglar if you will - working the night to relieve her victims of their treasures. Despite her run of burglaries, she'd never once been detained or questioned by the police. Primarily because the victims who were unfortunate enough to witness the crime, were loathe to report it to the authorities. Tess had a unique way of getting her victims to reveal the whereabouts of their wealth, and a foolproof method of ensuring their silence.

She was a strong woman who lifted weights for two hours a day and kept her young body in a pristine state of health. In her black kevlar body suit, she blended in much as a ghost would with the darkness surrounding her.

Tonight's job should be an easy one, she thought to herself. Late Saturday night, with all of the office staff gone, she should be able to slip in and out with no problems. She knew that the office had just received a shipment of gold crowns and she intended to make them hers !

Without a whisper of noise, Tess picked the lock on the back door and slipped easily inside. Dim lights outlined the hallway providing enough illumination for her to proceed without the use of her pocket flashlight.

Suddenly, Tess froze as she saw a brighter light streaming from the door of the examination room. Gingerly, she peeked around the frame of the doorway and saw the blonde dentist bending over a mound of patient records. "Just my luck !" she thought with a trace of anger, "...I pick the night she wants to work late!" Tess leaned against the wall for a second to collect her thoughts, then smiled wickedly as she came up with a plan. "Perhaps tonight will be more fun than I expected" she thought with a deliciously devious smile.


Sarah was getting very tired and had to shake herself to stay awake and attentive to her tasks. Suddenly, she heard a tinkling noise, like a coin dropping on the far side of the examination room, and she stood to investigate. That's when all hell broke loose !


Tess had no sooner flipped a coin to the far side of the room when she was in motion. As soon as the blonde dentist had stood in inquiry to the noise, Tess roughly grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her heavily against the green dentist's chair. With a "WHOOOOOFF !!!" of expelled breath, Sarah bounced off the chair and landed heavily on the tiled floor. Her stunned look of amazement was soon replaced by a mask of fear as she rolled to her knees in an attempt to escape !

Like a cat, Tess leaped upon her lower back, straddling her like a bronco, and crushing the surprised dentist to the floor. A second "WHOOOOSH !!!" of air exploded from Sarah's lungs as she tried desperately now to grab a single breath. Her as yet unknown attacker grabbed a handful of the blonde's long hair and brutally jerked her head back in a spine-wrenching tug that had her screaming in protest.

"OOOWWWWWWWWW !!!! YOU'RE PULLING MY HAIR !!!!!" she yelled.

Sarah's hands clawed at her assailant, but were ineffectual in gaining release from her predicament. She batted and scratched with her nails but they had little effect on the kevlar fabric of Tess's body suit.

Swiftly, Tess reached up to the tanks by the back of the dentist's chair and nimbly spun open the valve at the top. The hissing of compressed gas was drowned out by Sarah's complaints as Tess grabbed the mask and clamped it firmly over the blondes mouth and nose.

"MMMMMMM....MMMMMMMMM !!!!!" Sarah mumbled negatively. She knew what her attacker was attempting to do and she was adamant in her refusal to take a breath and inhale the nitrous oxide. Frantically, she kicked her legs and pulled at unseen hands but was unable to shake loose. Valiantly, she tried to pull her hair free, then the mask but Tess was many times stronger than the buxom blonde and kept the mask firmly in place. Fear began to course through Sarah's veins as she knew what the gas would reduce her to should she inhale it.

Tess maintained her firm hold on the violently protesting dentist, and ignored the stabs of pain that the woman's high heeled pumps were inflicting on her back. She realized that the blonde was attempting to hold her breath, and wickedly figured a way to resolve that situation. "Just breathe deep little one, it's just a little giggle gas! Ohhhh !!!! I see !!!!" Tess murmured teasingly, " just need a little encouragement!" With that, Tess let go of Sarah's hair and used her free hand to wickedly tickle Sarah's unprotected ribs !

"EEEEEEEEEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA !!!!" Sarah squealed at the ticklish attack. Sarah was horribly ticklish and when Tess's fingers dug into her ribs, she exploded in helpless laughter; her body's reflexes betraying her resolve and surrendering to the delightful torment! Unfortunately, her explosive laughter was also forcing her to gasp in huge amounts of the gas that was continuously pumped into the mask !

Sarah's head began to spin ! Normally, nitrous was administered at a slow, steady rate, allowing the patient to easily succumb to its sedative effects. But the valve on the tank was cranked wide open and she was receiving enough gas to make an elephant laugh !

Tess was hugely enjoying her victim's predicament. The pretty dentist was screaming her head off in uncontrolled laughter as she furiously tickled her soft sides and sensitive ribcage. After 10 minutes of non-stop tickle-torture, Tess noticed that the blonde's legs no longer kicked up off the tile floor, and her rubbery arms could barely be raised up in defense.

"That's better !" Tess cooed, "Let's just get you into a more comfortable position !" After tightening the straps on the mask quite firmly, Tess rolled the hysterically laughing blonde over, and physically hauled her up by her rubbery arms. "It's a good thing I'm in shape !" Tess thought as she lifted the almost dead weight of the laughing dentist up and deposited her in the chair.

Sarah was beyond coherent thought by this time and it took all of her remaining strength just to put her arms on the chair's armrests ! Her soft skin tingled furiously as she laughed like a woman gone mad!

Tess snickered and dug quickly into her black bag of tricks. After pulling Sarah's spaghetti like arms above her head, she swiftly wrapped the wide velcro cuffs around the blonde's arms and tied the cuffs off to the back of the chair. She smiled at the laughing blonde who appeared to be immensely enjoying this whole affair ! She retrieved a second set of cuffs and wrapped the dentist's ankles; binding them quite securely to the foot of the chair.

"Now you just enjoy a good laugh sweetie !" Tess crooned as she stroked Sarah's cheek, "I'll just look around and see if there's anything I need !"

Sarah was near to passing out from the overdose of nitrous she'd been fed when Tess returned and removed the mask from her face. Shutting off the gas, the intruder looked down lovingly at the laughing dentist.

"I've got most everything I need.." she said sweetly, "...but there appears to be a safe that I'll need the combination to."

Sarah laughed heartily and slowly shook her head; indicating a negative answer. It wasn't that Sarah wouldn't give her the combination, she was so blitzed by the laughing gas that she couldn't understand what Tess was asking of her !

Tess leered wickedly at her captive, especially after she noticed the hard little nubbins of Sarah's erect nipples straining the fabric of her bra and blouse !

"WELL !" she said in mock peevishness, "...If you're going to be that way about it, we'll just have to use more stringent measures to loosen your tongue !"

The helplessly laughing blonde didn't understand, nor know what her intruder had in mind. In fact she barely realized that Tess had snatched off her pumps until she felt cool air waft across her nylon clad feet! Even that realization was denied her until Tess's long fingernails started a devilish stroking; up and down her small size 6 feet !

Sarrah burst into another fit of helpless laughter as Tess lovingly tickled her stockinged soles ! She was long past the rational points of fear and dread as the tickling became the center of her being ! Jolts of delicious ticklishness shot through her nerves as she bucked and writhed in her own dentist's chair ! Her tender feet had gone beyond their normally ticklish state to the point that every nerve ending in her soles seemed to directly connect with another part of her body ! Her delirious laughter spurred her assailant into improvisational tickling that was driving her quite mad !

Tess adored the blonde's wriggling little feet and couldn't wait to peel back those nylons where she'd have a chance to tease those tender bare soles. "All in good time !" Tess thought with wicked glee as she flicked her tongue over her full lips; betraying her own building sensuality.