So one day these girls, a couple of co-eds from the university, come up to me. We’re talking, and then they say they heard about what I do, and they want to hire me.

“Girls, I ain’t cheap,” I said.

“We know,” they said.

And they were right. It was a birthday present for a friend, they said. A payback birthday present. And they had a grand, cash. We went to a small restaurant, ordered lunch. They told me the arrangements, where I could pick up the equipment, the woman’s description. They were very nice. The blonde one was hot and I think she was coming on to me. But I never mix business with pleasure.
I had done something similar to this before, but the gas thing was new. I had never heard of that, but it made sense. And it would make things a heck of a lot easier for me.
I drove to the warehouse and the key was there. I opened it up, got out the tank, the mask, the hoses, put it in the trunk and left. Then I drove over to her apartment. Sixth floor, Jesus. I had to lug that tank up six flights. So I dragged it up there, bagging it on the steps. I got to the top and stopped to catch my breath. There it was, apartment #6B, Jenny Carr. This was it. I felt under the mat, and the apartment key was there, just like they said. I knocked first, just to make sure, then I unlocked the door and went into her room. I set the tank up to the side so it would be behind the door when she opened it. I put on the hose and attached it to the mask. The hose was nice and long so I could keep the tank out of site. I still had an hour before they said she would arrive, so I checked her fridge. I made myself a sandwich, had a beer, watched some TV. This job was turning out to be alright.
I sat by the window as I watched the tube so I could check to see when her car showed up. I flipped through the channels. Jeopardy, the Wheel, a documentary. After a little bit she arrived, a little red Geo or something like that. It was little and red, and the girl who got out fit the description. Damn she was fine, especially in those work-out clothes. She must have been at the gym. She sure had the body to prove it.
I got up and turned of the tube and then went to the tank and turned it on a little. I was kinda nervous, my chest was beating pretty fast. They told me she might be a little tough, she had some kind of martial arts training. Nothing I couldn’t handle, but it wouldn’t be easy. I heard her footsteps coming up the wooden stairs, on the wooden landings. I grasped the mask and turned on the gas a little more. “Come to papa,” I thought.
She stopped to get her mail, then started up the stairs again. I could just imagine her ass working as she came up the steps. She came to the door and I could hear her fumbling with the keys. My heart was pounding and my hand was shaking just a little. Steady, steady. She unlocked the door and came in and
BAM! I had the mask over her mouth and pressed it on. “MMMfff! MMFFF!!” she yelled. I kicked the door shut. I had one hand over the mask and one hand behind her neck, pressing the two together. She was fighting, both of her hands pressing the mask away from her, but I was stronger than she was. Her pony tail was flailing around, and I could see her breasts shaking in her spandex top. Her hair was already kinda wet from her work-out, but she was sweating even more now. And her eyes. They looked like what a deer’s eyes must look like when it looks up and sees a semi-truck barreling towards it.
We tumbled to the ground and I fell on top of her. I felt her bare, firm stomach press against me. Now I had her for sure, my weight plus gravity. There was no way she was going to beat that. Still, she struggled, admirably. I watched her futilely try to push the mask away. She started going limp, and then it happened. I didn’t really believe the girls who hired me, but it was happening. Jenny started to giggle between her struggles. She would flex and arch and push at the mask, then fall back and giggle, then tense, then giggle, in a cycle like that. Pretty soon she was just lying there giggling as I held the mask on her face.

“This shit really works!” I thought.

(What’s happening to me? Everything seems so weird. And funny. Why is everything so funny? Hehe. That man, he’s funny. He’s so far away. His voice is funny.)

“Hehehehehehehehe.” cough cough “Hehehehehehehahahahah.”

She was really losing her head now.

I grabbed her wrists and put them above her head as she lay there on the floor giggling like a fool. This was almost too easy. I pulled my bungie cord out of my back pocket and tied her wrists to the leg of her sofa. She fought, but she really didn’t know what was happening.

(Hey, I can’t move my arms! What’s happening now?)

“Ok, time to get to work” I said to myself. I walked around and sat down on the front of her legs. She was kinda squirming around trying to knock the mask off, but when I sat on her knees she was pretty much stuck.

“Let me go!” she giggled.

I just smiled at her from my seat on her thighs. I grabbed the waist of her spandex shorts with my hand and gently pulled them down until they were below her panties. Her mouth got real wide and she bucked, but then she let out a huge laugh, probably from all that gas going in when she opened her mouth real wide. I waited for the wave of laughter to pass through her.

“MMmmm. MMmm.” She thrashed her head side to side, not too hard. It was kind cute to watch her struggle. She really didn’t look like she was having too bad of a time. Her nipples were really stretching her spandex top. “Oh yea, the top” I thought. “Can’t forget that.” I wedged my fingers under the bottom of her spandex top and pulled it up over her head. She shrieked and squirmed a little, but the gas was too much. She fell back limply and giggled to herself.

“Heheheh don’t touch my breasts your pervert! Hahaheheheh.”

(This is so weird. Now this guy took off my top! My breasts are exposed! This is definitely not normal. I wonder what he is going to do. Where is Gretchen? Is my phone ringing? Hehehe.)

“Are you ticklish, Jenny?” I said, smiling.

(What did he say? Did he just ask me something?)

“Ohh Jeeennnyyy,” I said. I didn’t think she heard me, so I wiggled my fingers over her tummy. Her eyes bugged out and she squealed a little bit louder. She shook and squirmed. I hadn’t even done anything yet. They said she was ticklish, but they didn’t tell me she was THAT ticklish. This was going to be interesting.

“You can’t! hehehahahah.”

“Oh can’t I?” I said, smiling.

She thought about it.

“You wouhahahehehe wouldn’t!”

“Oh, wouldn’t I?”

I let her think about it some more. Would I? Wouldn’t I?

(He won’t do it. There’s no way. This must be a joke, there’s no way he’s actually going to do it. That would be going too far. They know I couldn’t handle it. But he looks serious. God I’m so scared. What if he does it? What will I do?)

“You” giggle giggle “shouldn’t!”

“Oh shouldn’t I?” I said.

I let her think about it. Did she deserve it?

(What did I do to deserve this? Oh God! This is payback for what I did to Gretchen last year! That bitch! I’ll kill her when I get out of this, if I get out of this.)


I could see she had resigned herself to the facts that I could, I would, I should, and that I was going to tickle her , unmercifully.

I leaned over a bit and blew on the perspiration that had formed on her bare tummy. She let out a delicious squeal and flexed and shuddred.


I kinda scratched at her tummy with both my index fingers. She loved it. She was grinning from ear to ear.

“Hehehehahaha not there not there you fiend! Hhehehehehehahah”

I stopped for a second.
“Ok Jenny, I’ll tell you a joke, and you try not to laugh, ok?”

She just giggled and wiggled around.

“Why did the chicken cross the road? Give up? To get the other side!”

“Hehehehe not funny….nnnot ffffuuunhehehehehahaahah.”

“Then why are you laughing little girl?” I teased.

“Can’t…can’t ssstoophahahahahahehehe.”

“Aww poor baby” I said. I layed myself down on top of her and calmly swirled my finger around in her left armpit.


Wow! That sure got her. I kept swirling it and swirling it around. She was literally bouncing up and down like she was a vibrating guitar string. Thank god the floor was carpeted.


“Is Jenny ticklish? Is she a little ticklywicklywookysnooky? Yes she is. Oh yes she is. A tickle tickle tickle.” I teased her, and she lapped it up. She squealed, she chuckled, she guffawed, she swore, she begged.

(Oh my God Oh my God I can’t handle this I’m gonna pee this tickles so much sobody help me!)

I put my face right up against hers as I teased her with the baby talk. As I did this, I decided two was better than one, so I did the same slow, agonizing twirling motion with my index fingers in both armpits. The veins in her neck stood out as she tensed her body into an arch. I could see the cords of muscle in her neck. Her checks were pretty much soaked with tears. I could see all her pretty white teeth from her huge, silly grin. Her face muscles must have been killing her.


For the crowning touch, as I was tickling away in her pits, I put my mouth on her heaving tummy and ..





She tensed like she was going to die, and then she collapsed. I didn’t know it then, but I found out later from her friends that she came. Right there on the floor, with my fingers tickling her pits and my face in her belly. I figured now was as good a time as any to split, so I got up. Of course, I left the mask on her, and I left her still tied to the couch. She wouldn’t mind, a little relaxing giggling session would be a nice way to relax after the tickling I had given her. Her friends would be there soon. I smiled at the thought of the hell Jenny was going to give her friends when they untied her. I looked at her peaceful face with the big, silly grin still spread across it. “Well, maybe she won’t give them hell,” I thought, and walked out the door.