Jenny Mccarthy

The dentist's office was sterile and impersonal, just like every other one she'd been in. She never liked coming to the dentist. The idea of someone probing around in her mouth did not appeal to her, nor did the discomfort common to the various instruments that dentists typically used. However, dentists were a necessary evil.

Jenny McCarthy had heard about this dentist from a female guest on "Singled Out", the MTV show that made Jenny famous. Jenny never understood the gleam in the girl's eye as she recommended him. Jenny just blew it off as some remnant excitement from the show. Jenny had made her first appointment for last week. Rachel, the doctor's assistant, had discovered a cavity in one of her molars. This was the reason for this visit.

The doctor was preparing equipment. Considering Jenny's discomfort, he suggested the use of nitrous oxide -- laughing gas. He thought it might help her to relax.

The filling went well. The doctor and Rachel worked together with fluidity. As he was cleaning up, he made what seemed like a casual comment.

"You've been giggling during most of the procedure, Ms. McCarthy." he said.

"Please," she interrupted, "Call me Jenny."

"Thank you, Jenny. You have a very pretty laugh," he said with a smile.

"Oh...well, thank you," said Jenny, not sure how to take this particular compliment.

He offered no further explanation and continued cleaning his already pristine office.

Jenny didn't notice the evil grin that had crept onto his lips. She did however, notice she was very tired. She figured she had just been working too hard.

"Well, we better take you off of that gas," he said, and adjusted the knobs behind the chair.

Jenny just seemed to get sleepier and sleepier. Before she realized it, she had drifted off to sleep.

She hadn't noticed that the doctor had turned the gas up instead of down.

She woke gradually. She came completely awake when she realized
what had happened while she was asleep. She was stripped down to her bra
and panties. She had been bound to the dentist's chair. Her hands were
raised up above her head and tied securely to the back of the headrest. Her
bare feet were fastened to the chair at the ankles by ropes connected to hoods
near the ends of the cushion. These hoods weren't a standard feature of
dentist's chairs. Her feet dangled off the end of the chair.
"What the fuck?!" Jenny exclaimed.
"Ah...I see you're awake," said the dentist.
"What the hell in going on here! Let me go you asshole!" Jenny was
more indignant that afraid, but some fear was evident in her voice.
"Relax, Jenny. You're in no danger. You won't be harmed," he said,
reassuring some of her fears.
"Who do you think you are? What do you want from me?" she asked,
her apprehension growing by the second.
"Patients, patience! So many questions! While you were under the
gas, I noticed you had one of the most beautiful laughs I have ever heard. I
am collector, of sorts. So, I gave you enough nitrous to knock you out for a
while so I could collect a specimen. It saves a lot of energy and effort. You
were a lot easier to tie that way."
"What?? A specimen of what?" she said. The tension in her voice was
noticeable to even the most ignorant observer.
"Why...a specimen of your laughter, of coarse."
Jenny was stunned by the response. a bewildered "What?" was the
only word to escape her lips.
Suddenly, panic hit Jenny. She started yelling for help.
"HELP!!! HELP!!! Get me away from this LUNATIC!" She had a
strong voice and her screams were just the right pitch. This was going to be
"Lunatic? Your words wound me. However, you're right. We will
need some help. RACHEL!?"
"Ah..thank God," Jenny thought. She wasn't alone with this pervert.
Rachel would help her. No woman as nice as Rachel would stand for her
boss tying a half naked woman to a dentist's chair.
But to Jenny's astonishment, rachel entered carrying a video camera
and several stands. Jenny stared wide eyed in stunned silence as Rachel and
the doctor set up 2 microphone stands and the camera.
"Look, you two, if this is a joke, I'm not laughing!" Jenny said.
The doctor and Rachel laughed out loud. They just couldn't contain it.
But Jenny did not yet understand the irony of what she had said.
After making the necessary adjustments and tests, Rachel took position
behind the camera and the doctor returned to his stool.
"Are we ready to begin?" the doctor asked.
"What are you going to do to me?" Jenny asked. Every hint of bravery
was gone from her voice. Only fear and apprehension remained.
"Just relax and enjoy, Jenny," said the doctor. "Let's see, where
should I start?"
The doctor touched Jenny's left arm, which was above her head,
fastened to the back of the chair's headrest. Starting just below the elbow, he
used his index finger to trace a straight line down Jenny's arm, pressing just
hard enough to make contact.
"What the....stop that!" Jenny said, unable to suppress the smile. She
let out a yelp and jerked away when the doctor's finger reached her armpit.
The doctor used his fingers to probe Jenny's right armpit.
"Stop that, damn it!" ordered Jenny, but the giggles that escaped her
lips gave a comical tone to her command.
The doctor used both hands to torment both of Jenny's pits. His
fingers explored her upper body, going along her sides from her armpits
down past her rib cage to her belly. The doctor sometimes paused to trace a
lazy finger around Jenny's breasts.
Jenny tried so hard to remain stoic. She refused to let him win, since
this was obviously what he wanted. She closed her eyes, bit her lip, clenched
her fists, and tried to concentrate on anything other than the tickling. It
worked for a minute or so, but as the doctors fingers approached her lower
ribs, the sensation was impossible to ignore. Fits of giggles leaked out of her
mouth between her attempts to suppress them.
During the early stages of Jenny's "contribution", Rachel operated the
videocamera and adjusted the microphones around the char. Occasionally,
she had to move to one side or the other to get the best shot of Jenny
McCarthy's suffering. She would pan from Jenny's toes to her face, taking
in every inch of the sexy celebrity in all her beauty. Then, she would zoom in
for closeups of whatever area the doctor was tickling, then switch to a face
shot to get Jenny's predictable reactions.
Jenny's struggles to stay stoic vanished completely as the doctor took
both index fingers and poked them into Jenny's sides just below her rib cage.
A shriek was followed by a violent lurch, but Jenny's bonds held fast.
"Ahhhhhh.....Please....Stop it! Please sto.....ha..ha.ha..p!" Jenny yelled
as she laughed with reckless abandon. The doctor continued her torment by
tickling her ribs and stomach. He also discovered that Jenny's belly button
was especially tender.
After what seemed like an eternity of torture to Jenny, which was only
about 10 more minutes, the doctor stopped his relentless probing of Jenny's
ribs. He gave Jenny a minute or two to catch her breath. He didn't want her
passing out - at least not yet. He had too much in store for the sexy celebrity
for any such delays.
After the pause, which was filled with new pleas, offers of money, and
other ploys from Jenny, the doctor and Rachel planed their next assault. The
doctor could not resist it any more. He had to get to what had fascinated him
for a very long time.
When the doctor sat down again, he wasted no time with pleasantries.
He moved his swivel chair to the foot of the chair. Jenny's beautiful feet
hung helplessly in front of him.
"Oh no!" Jenny said with realization. "Please no! Not there! I'll do
anything you want! I'll give you money. Anything! Just don't tickle my feet!
The doctor started with his index finger at Jenny's heel and traced a
straight line up her instep to her toes. Jenny squealed. He repeated the
procedure, but used the other hand on Jenny's other foot.
"OH GOD!!" where the only English words that could be understood.
The doctor then launched into a full assault on Jenny's bare soles. He
used all five fingers on her feet, tickling her with no mercy. Laughter mixed
with screams, squeals, garbled pleas, and other semi-human sounds. Jenny
was like a wild bull. She bucked and thrashed. Rachel even looked up from
the camera to make sure the chair wasn't coming loose from the floor.
Jenny's hilarious reaction faded and she slumped forward in the chair.
She had lost consciousness. She was fine. She just passed out due to lack of
sufficient oxygen. She just needed a few minutes to replenish her system.
The break gave Rachel time to load a new tape and recelebrate the
audio equipment. The doctor, meanwhile, prepared the next phase.

Jenny came around soon. After she was fully aware and alert, the
doctor began again. This time, he used the circular electric toothbrush that he
normally used to polish patient's teeth on Jenny's soles. It was hard to
believe that Jenny could thrash more violently in her bonds, but she did. The
brush had an especially intense effect on the sensitive skin between Jenny's
toes. The doctor concentrated his efforts between Jenny's suckable digits.
The thrashing and screaming in hilarity started again when the doctor
applied the waterpick jet to Jenny's feet. The solid stream of water was a
new, but equally maddening sensation that was not quite tickling, but
somehow worse.
The doctor explored every inch of her feet. Her feet were wonderfully
sensitive. She was the most ticklish girl he had had in this situation so far.
Michelle Pfeiffer, one last week's victims, was immensely ticklish, but her
laugh was too intense. She wouldn't last five minutes before she passed out.
No fun at all.
The doctor continued his work until he was interrupted by a voice
behind him.
"Doctor? Her panties are wet. Did she pee?" asked Rachel. Sure
enough, there was a dark, wet spot in the center of Jenny's panties.
"Well, Well! That doesn't look like pee. There would be a lot more of
it. Let's see what we have here"
Two quick snips made short work of Jenny's panties, revealing her
neatly trimmed bush. But upon closer inspection, he discovered the
substance's true identity.
"Rachel, she didn't pee. She's turned on! Put the camera on the
tripod and take over with her feet."
Jenny was turned on. She couldn't understand it, but she was very
turned on. If she wasn't red before, she turned as red as an apple with the
embarrassment and humiliation she now felt.
Rachel quickly moved to Jenny's feet and dove into them with her
fingers. Jenny's thrashing continued as the doctor used his fingers to tickle
Jenny's inner thighs. Her glistening wetness continued to flow. The sexual
tension was building and building.
The doctor then grabbed the waterpick and used it on Jenny's tender
lips, driving her wild. He intentionally kept the stream away from Jenny's
Rachel's fingers traveling all over her feet and the water's relentless
pressure on her most tender skin drove Jenny to a fever pitch.
"OHHH! SHIT!!! Please FINISH IT!" She yelled. The tension had
built to an unbearable level. She had to release. She didn't care who these
people were or what they wanted. She just HAD to come!
"PLEASE!!!!!!!!! LET ME COME!!!" These cries were the most earnest they had heard. The doctor glanced at Rachel and gave her a wink. Rachel's fingers were a blur on Jenny's soles. Then, the doctor centered the jet of water directly on Jenny's clitoris.
Not 30 seconds later, Jenny's thrashing suddenly stopped and her body
went as rigid as a board. Her eyes clamped shut and her mouth opened into a
silent scream. Her voice returned in a few seconds and she screamed,
squealed, and moaned in sexual ecstasy. She was rocked with the most
earth-shattering orgasm of her life. All of earth and reality faded into wave
after wave of unreal pleasure. Her screams only faded when she got hoarse.
It took her several minutes to come back down to earth. The doctor
and Rachel had cleaned up and put away their equipment. She found herself
laying spent on the chair. Her bonds had been removed and she was free.
Jenny didn't know what to say. She had no words. She had hated
them for imprisoning her and hated them even worse for the tickle torture
they inflicted, but she had never felt anything like that orgasm.
The doctor broke the silence. "That was wonderful. It seemed like
you liked it as well. You are free to go, now."
Jenny finally found words, though she sounded exhausted.
"I...I..I guess I did. What the hell happened to me!" She was
"As I said, Rachel and I are avid tickling fans. With some people,
ticklish spots, if played with for long enough, turn into erogenous zones.
Some people can come to orgasm just by having their feet tickled. The thing
is, people rarely allow themselves to be tickled long enough to find out. So,
they only think of tickling as torture, not pleasure."
"About an hour ago, I would have said you were a madman who
needed psychiatric help. But now, I can't argue." said Jenny, deep in
The doctor helped Jenny up from the chair. Her legs were still a little
weak. He escorted her to the front door.
"Rachel has already called a cab for you. You're in no condition to
"Doctor?" Jenny said hesitantly. "Well,.....thank you."
"You're welcome. Come again," he said.
Jenny made her way to the cab. Her mind was swimming. A whole
new realm had been opened up to her. She had discovered the eroticism of
tickling. She had much to learn and explore...