Julie was furious ! She had been looking forward to her annual raise and was initially shocked to learn she wasn't going to get it. But after hacking into her Department Head's computer, she was livid when she discovered her boss had tanked her raise then taken credit for cutting costs in the department. She also found out that Cindy, her boss, had earned a bonus for it at her expense !

Sadly, Julie didn't hate her boss; in fact she was rather attracted to her - but she had to do something to settle this matter. It wouldn't be nearly so bad if her stuck up boss would unwind a bit - now and then.

Cindy, a tall buxom redhead, was constantly sought after by the men in the firm. Yet the shy, reticent department head never gave them the time of day. She was much too busy with her work to waste time with affairs of the heart. Despite her cool calm exterior demeanor, deep within her burned a longing, a yearning for fulfillment. Cindy Brown was one of the hardest working executives her company had ever found. Long hours meant nothing to her; and she expected nothing less of her employees. As such, it didn't surprise her to find Julie working late; well past her normal quitting time.

"Mind you, I've not authorized overtime for this extra work you're doing !" she cautioned Julie.

"Oh, I understand" Julie replied, "...I'm sure I'll get my rewards by and by."

Julie had laid out her plan well. She knew that everyone else would be gone from the building by 5:00 PM; which she confirmed after touring the building at 6:00 and making sure all the doors were locked. Cindy and Julie were the only two people left in the building. Humming happily to herself, the cute brunette went about her business; busily making coffee that only Cindy would drink. Deftly, she unstoppered a bottle labeled "G.B.H." and poured the contents into the coffee maker.

Julie was exceptionally careful to handle the bottle without spilling. When she had first gotten the designer drug she had inadvertently spilled some on her hand. For the following four hours, she couldn't keep her hands off herself. She found herself in an ecstasy of orgasmic delight that nothing seemed to satisfy. Finally, after uncountable orgasms, she fell into a fitful, exhausted sleep. She wouldn't have remembered what had happened had she not left the bottle of GBH on the kitchen counter.

With her usual efficiency, Julie placed a full cup of coffee on Cindy's desk and went back to her work in the next room.

Two more hours had gone by while Julie waited. Cindy, in the meantime, had consumed the entire pot of coffee and was beginning to feel the effects of the GBH. Her nipples throbbed achingly with each beat of her pulse and the most delicious spasms were wrenching her loins ! Crossing and uncrossing her nylon clad legs only worsened things as she became more and more excited with each instance.

"I must be coming down with something." Cindy thought, as tiny beads of sweat began to form on her brow.

Julie knew what kind of state Cindy would be in by this time and with an evil grin, she twisted the knob open on a green canister labeld "N2O'. The canister was connected by a long hose to the Ionic Air Purifier that Cindy had in her office. The redhead was a nut for clean air and the constant noise the air purifier made masked the slight wooshing noise of the nitrous oxide.

Cindy tried valiantly to keep her mind on her work, but every few seconds she would drift off and begin to giggle.

"Teeeheeheheheee"...she tittered "...Heheheheeeeee oh this will never do !" She was more worried about how she would appear to others than anything else. After all, her modesty and decorum accounted for everything in the business world.

But right now all Cindy could think about was the pulse-pounding fever that was beginning to drive her crazy ! She had the greatest desire to tweak her engorged nipples and flutter her fingers about. In a moment of wild fantasy, she envisioned herself nude in her office with her employee Julie looking on in wonder. Cindy burst out in uncontrolled laughter ! The very thought of Julie seeing her nude was suddenly quite hilarious.

Julie listened carefully at the door, and within minutes was rewarded by the soft sounds of Cindy's chuckling. After five minutes, Cindy was giggling like a little girl. Ten minutes had passed before Julie heard Cindy laughing and squealing as if someone were tickling her. Julie intended that very thing ! With great chagrin, she closed the valve on the NO2 tank and prepared to enter Cindy's office.

Bursting through the door, Julie exclaimed "Cindy, we need to talk about my raise !"

Cindy was an absolute mess ! Tears were streaming from her eyes and her hair was sweat-plastered about her face ! Her laughter was uncontrollable and she constantly fiddled with the buttons of her silk blouse.

"heheheheheeeeeeee !!! pleeeeeheheheeeeee !!!!! not nowwwhohohohoooooo!!!!!!!" Cindy giggled.

"Oh, so you think the subject of my salary is funny do you ?" Julie asked as she advanced towards Cindy's desk.

"Nooohohohohhooooo.....eeheheheheheheeeeeeeee !!!!!" Cindy giggled as she weakly waved her hand in Julie's direction.

Julie was excited to see the noticeably hard nubbins that protruded through Cindy's silk blouse. Evidently the GBH was working its wonders throughout Cindy's bloodstream.

"I'm glad you think I didn't get a raise because of you is so funny !" Julie said, "...I bet you're just tickled pink !" With that statement, Julie rounded Cindy's desk and danced her fingernails up and down the redhead's ribs.

Cindy exploded in a gales of uncontrollable laughter as Julie tickled her ! Her arms flailed weakly about and her leg kicking only served to send her high heels sailing across the room !

Julie was ecstatic ! She had her boss exactly where she wanted her. With devilish efficiency Julie tickled Cindy's tummy until the redhead slid from her chair and lay in laughing ecstasy on the floor. Julie was delighted to notice that Cindy wore garters and nylons instead of panty hose. That would make her task that much easier !

With evil efficiency Julie tickled Cindy senseless ! All the while she plucked at the buttons on Cindy's blouse; methodically working at removing Cindy's clothing. In minutes she had tugged Cindy's silk blouse from her and tossed it into the corner. With more bare skin to tickle, Julie kept Cindy in a hilarious fit of laughter as she tugged at the thin straps of the redhead's bra.

Julie delighted in the sight of Cindy's enormous breasts. The huge globes swam across the redhead's chest as she laughed and laughed; and her nipples looked like huge pencil erasers that seemed to grow with every moment.

But Cindy's bra was not tossed aside as her blouse was. Rather, Julie used the undergarment to bind her bosses' wrists together. With devilish efficiency, she tied the redhead's wrists to the legs of her desk. With her hands firmly bound, the already weakened redhead was putty in the hands of her employee. Julie viciously began tickling Cindy's soft armpits and dug her fingernails in the redhead's ribcage. Apoplectic, Cindy could not even draw enough breath to laugh out loud.

Fearing that Cindy might pass out from lack of oxygen, Julie relented on her ribcage attack. But her nimble fingers flew quickly across Cindy's skirt; neatly unzipping the garment and sending it to join her blouse in the corner. While she danced her fingernails across Cindy's heaving tummy, Julie popped the snaps on Cindy's garter belt and plucked it free.

The more Cindy laughed, and she could do nothing but, the easier it was for Julie to peel down her silky nylons. Julie licked her lips in anticipation as she gazed upon Cindy's very long legs. But it was her incredibly soft bare feet that sent Julie's head spinning. It appeared as though Cindy had never even walked upon these gorgeous peds !

And were they TICKLISH !!

As soon as Julie danced her fingernails across Cindy's bare sole the redhead squealed louder than ever before ! Feebly, she tried to pull her feet from Julie's grasp but it was all in vain. But Julie was just beginning.

After completely stripping Cindy of her clothing, Julie used the poor redhead's nylons to tie her ankles to the coffee table. She delighted in spreading Cindy's legs until they were very wide apart. Cindy was still laughing hysterically so Julie went back to her office.

Cranking open the valve on the giggle gas tank, Julie retrieved a mask which she strapped over Cindy's face. The hose from the air recycler fit neatly onto the front of the mask and within seconds, Julie was pumping great amounts of nitrous oxide into her helpless boss. She wickedly ran her long fingernails up and down Cindy's bare soles making the redhead squeal in delighted laughter. The harder she laughed, the more laughing gas she inhaled which made her laugh all the more. And her poor tender feet were receiving a torturous tickling assault from Julie's fingers.

Julie realized she had Cindy just on the verge of madness. From her purse she removed a soft makeup brush. Not that Cindy needed it, but Julie decided to "make-up" her nipples ! The soft bristles made Cindy squeal and moan at the same time; her hips grinding sensuously into the carpet. Julie was becoming terribly excited herself ! When she traveled the make up brush down Cindy's tummy to her moist red curls, Julie thought she would have an orgasm right along with the redhead.

Julie danced the brush against Cindy's incredibly hard little nubbin and the redhead lost it ! She groaned and grunted her pleasure between her giggling gales of laughter ! But she went completely over the edge when Julie shifted position a little and started noshing on her very ticklish toes!

Julie kept tickle-torturing the helpless Cindy for two more hours ! Finally, completely exhausted after 26 orgasms, Cindy mercifully passed out. With a huge smile of her own, Julie played with Cindy's bare feet, patiently waiting for the redhead to wake up - so she could start it all over again !