Karen's Ready For Play Time
By Dr. Gass

When I woke up I saw both of them watching me very carefully. I had no idea where I was, who they were or how I got there. Neither of them looked like they were in any mood to answer questions, but it was clear that I was the center of their attention. It took a second or two before I could speak. My throat was bone dry and my mouth tasted like a handful of old coins. My head felt miserable and worse if I tried to move it in any way.
They were both dressed like nurses, which made me wonder if I was in a hospital, but the room looked more like any generic hotel room. I was lying on my side on the bed. The hospital dressing grown was new and rough against my skin. My hands were tied behind my back. Neither of them acted like nurses.
"Where am I?"
"You work for Biomark?"
"Then you're in the right place."
At first, only the Asian girl spoke. Tall and slender, she had high cheekbones and a little too much makeup. When she smiled it wasn't sweet in any way. It was the type of smile that told you that she wasn't going to let you in on the joke. The other girl was African American, and she looked like she never smiled in her life. She was large and shapely but not in a soft way. She sat sprawled in her chair, bored and looking a little irritated. Her facial features were a little harsh. I don't know what she expected me to do, but she looked like she wasn't going to put up with any nonsense. Next to her was a cart with the equipment: vials, cotton balls, gas tanks and syringes.
"You're going to spend a few days here. You'll going to answer some of our questions and do a little work for us."
"Who are you?"
"We're your new friends. I'm Nurse Yuki and this is Nurse Yolanda. We want to make sure that your stay here is a happy one. We believe that the happier you are the better your work will be. We believe that happiness is the best motivator."
What they really wanted were passwords, file locations, encryption codes. Yuki knew project names, schedules and the type of data I could find for her. It didn't matter whether I thought I'd do what they wanted, because she knew I would. They just needed a little time to make me happy.
Nurse Yolanda went to an adjoining room as Yuki continued to watch me with that self-satisfied smile. After a few minutes she came back manhandling a dazed plump girl who she plopped down on the bed next to me. Like me, she was wearing a hospital gown, hands tied behind her back and looked very unsteady.
"Her name is Karen. She was a convenient girl who we made very happy last night. The two of you will enjoy each other's company. Last night Karen enjoyed our company." Yuki started to caress Karen's back through the gap in the back of the gown, smiling that evil little smile. Karen was clearly out of it.
Yolanda started to fill the syringe when Yuki stopped her. "No, no...I told you before, gas first and then the mesmerene serum. The gas keeps her conscious mind occupied." She then turned to me with her smile. "And serum opens your subconscious to the words and pretty music. You'll barely hear the words, but they'll find their own way to where they're supposed to be." She tapped her index finger on my forehead; as if that was the exact location her words would go.
"It's play time Karen." Yuki said softly. Karen's face softened and smiled. "Yes Nurse Yuki. I'm ready for play time."
Yolanda opened the valve on two of the tanks, one oxygen, the other nitrous oxide and played with the mixture. Yuki untied Karen's hands. Karen slipped out of the gown and placed the gas mask on herself. Her bottom was a little too fat, and her chest small, with perky little breasts with beautiful pink nipples. Her pussy was a little hairier than I like, but light brown, almost blond like her hair. She was definitely more attractive when she smiled. And as she started taking slow, deep breaths through the clear mask, you could see that she was going to smile alot. Yuki leaned over her and told her several old dirty jokes. It was all it took to start Karen's lovely little giggle.
"Nurse heeheeheehee Yolanda. Will you please...heehahaha...please make me happy again...hahahaha!!!"
Karen struggled to her elbows and knees, unsteady from the laughing gas. Yolanda and Yuki started to slowly finger her wet pussy between her two large round soft alabaster white flanks. The dark hands played gracefully over her tender pale bottom, finding the lips of her labia and waiting clitoris. The stimulation produced a slow bucking motion in her body, causing the fat bottom to dance in grateful appreciation.
"Heeheeheehahaha..you're naughty Nurse hahahahahaha Yuki heeheeheehee. You haahaahhaa know this gas makes meeteeheeheehee naughty too haawhaawheeheehaahaahaa..."
"Poor Karen. Last night's lesson left you so helpless to the effects of the laughing gas. Breath deeper and we'll reward you by satisfying your hungry little pussy." Yuki purred into her ear.
Karen did try to do as she was told, but her helpless giggles and laughter left her gasping quick breaths of gas whenever she could. Yuki was now pulsing her right index finger into Karen's silky wetness while working her left thumb in small circles on the tender clit. Karen responded with a higher pitched desperate giggle.
"Teeheeheehee Nurse Yuki heeheeheehee please kiss my pussy haahaahaahaa please I'll do anything haahaaheeheeheehaahaahaa I'll do anyheeheeheehee..."
"Give her the shot now." Yuki said. "And the headphones. You're ready for a new lesson Karen. Just listen to the music. The pretty music."
Yuki held her still while Yolanda gave Karen a quick sharp slap on her left ass cheek, and quickly followed it with the injection. The red slap mark stayed on that pretty white quivering cheek for a long time. Yuki slid the headphones on while Karen's laughter became deeper and more relaxed. She promised to listen carefully to the pretty music in return for Yuki's tongue in her vagina one more time.
"That's right little Karen. The laughing gas makes you want more pleasure. Breath deep and we'll make you happy all over again."
Yolanda spoke for the first time. "Dumb ass white girl. We're not going to keep her going all night long again, are we?"
"Don't be too hard on her. With the laughing gas and a shot of mesmerene, I could have you naked, spread eagle in Grand Central playing with your pussy and laughing like a school girl. As far as spending play time with her", Yuki tosses her head in my direction "that's his job, remember?"
Instantly I went from a terrible arousal to extreme panic. The whole show had me more than hard, but the last thing I wanted was a gas mask forced over my face. Yolanda looked at me and smiled an attractive smile that I didn't think she had in her. "This'll be fun to watch. Two pasty white folks laughing themselves silly and screwing like weasels."
She started working the valves on the second set of tanks. When she came to me with the mask I started jerking my head around to keep it off, even though my head hurt so bad I though my eyes were going to explode.
Yuki crawled between Karen's giggling, shaking body and mine. "There, there my little frightened boy" she said "we're not going to hurt you." Her hand snaked up under my hospital gown and stroked my shaft.
"Oh, you are a bad boy. Did you come watching Karen enjoy herself?" I felt the wet evidence of my climax on her hands as she continued to stoke me. Yolanda then clamped the mask on and held it there tightly. I bit my lip and held my breath.
"How long can you hold your breath?" that beautiful evil smile asked. "Can you hold it if I do this?"
One of her wet hands squeezed my balls slightly. That was all it took. My sharp startled breath was sweet and relaxing. Wonderfully relaxing. I took another. And another. Deeper and slower. Yuki's smile was now very sweet, as was Yolanda's. I felt like I was deeply in love with both of them.
"Untie him and help him up to his knees. Here, stoke him, but try not to make him come again."
"What? Make up your mind!"
"Just get him on his knees behind our little giggling girl."
Yuki brushed her lips against my ear "Are your balls ticklish?" she whispered and fingered me carefully as my sack tightened.
I wasn't, but for some reason it seemed funny. Very funny and silly. Soon I was laughing helplessly with Karen. She was so much more beautiful now and my whole body ached for her. I looked down as those two pair of hands, chocolate and golden, worked me into Karen's bucking giggling shaking body. Her fat soft ass was slapping against my loins. Her pussy was tight and frantic. I was breathing hard, dreamy, heavenly breaths of laughing gas in time with our pumping. Only in the corner of my eye did I see Yolanda filling the syringe.
I didn't feel the shot itself, only the effect of the drug. Everything was still silly as I laughed with Karen to a joke only we knew, and I was still burning with pleasure, but all of the sudden time dragged out into slow motion. I heard the gentle, rhythmic music through my headphones. Still pumping Karen's giggling pussy, I heard disjoint words. Words I didn't need to know until I heard "play time" or "work time".
The only thing the words told me that I understood was to come, relax and to get very sleepy....sleepy...sleepy...

Mendel called to tell me the news. Some Japanese pharmaceutical company beat us to the patent office with the new antibiotic. How they ended up on the same research path as us, well, we may never know. Without the drug, our company was worthless. Our IPO wasn't going to go through and we were never going to get another shot at funding. Mendel said the doors were locked.
I was out of work, but, strangely, the news didn't bother me. Karen wanted me to come down to the hot tub. She wanted laughing gas while we made love. It was "play time" she said.