"Kat Woman and Sparrow" By Slave-ish Lorraine.

Sparrow sat still in her car, her hyper-accelorated sense of hearing
scanning the wavelengths. Her hated nemesis, Kat Woman, was near. She could
sense it...

Kat Woman was a fiend. Dressed in black from head to toe, short dark hair,
black tipped nose and eye-pencil whiskeres, the evil woman made a habit of
kidnapping the beautiful daughters of wealthy politicians. Each MO was the
same: the girl would vanish, and a day later a videotape would be delivered
to the family-the kidnapped girl bound somehow, tickle tortured, cheeks
flushed and eyes crying...
The families always paid. But Sparrow would put an end to this perverted
Her head snapped up, cocke to one side, birdlike. She heard a heartbeat,
close...very close...behind her!
She spun around, and gasped! Sitting there in the backseat all the time
was Kat Woman! A spat of white powder hit her in the face! She inhailed, fell
back, and funbled with her seatbelt! She had to free herself to fight! Her
fingers scrabbled at the belt release, when suddenly a fit of laughter hit
her! She doubled over, giggling, and then it stopped. She got up, tried to
get te belt undone when another spasm of laughter went tghrough her, and
another! Her voiced echoed loudly in the small car, her laughter

"What...what..heee hee hee..what...have you d-done to me-he-heee hee hee haa
ha HA HA HA"
"Laughing gas, Sparrow," Kat Woman grinned and leered." Enough to keep you
helpless while I wrap you up and take you home! MEEEEOOWWWW!"
Kat Woman tied Sparrows hands behind her back, then her ankles and knees,
the placed the helpless superheroine in a hogtie in the back seat. A rag was
stuffed into her mouth, and a bandana tied around it to keep it tight!
Dammit, she couldnt concentrate enough to use her powers! Her strength,
speed, resistance, all gone! Al because she couldnt keep a thought in her
head because of the laughing gas!!!

Kat Woman removed her mask and sat at the wheel, her helpless victim
goggling in the backseat. No one heard her, no one saw her, and no could
trace the missing superheroine.
"We're going back to my place, birdie, and Kitty cat is going to make you

The small car drove down the street,unseen, the woman at the wheel happily
ppurring to herself as she drove off with her catch.
Cats love to play with their food before killing them, and she had never
tickled anyone to death before...