Kianna's Big Day

Kianna knew they looked. The men stared at her long legs, muscled but not bulky. They stared at her shoulders and brown back when she wore the little spaghetti- strap dresses, and they definetly stared at her tits. Yeah they were fake, but so what? She loved them and the reaction they got. They also loved her auburn hair, and the way it fell over her face, that tanned, sexy face. Kianna knew they stared and she loved it.
The kilt she wore today drew an especially high amount of attention, primarily because it barely covered her ass and she had paired it with a set of heels that were probably too slutty. At any rate she was having a great day. She had already had a margarita and was feeling not tipsy, but happy. Then she entered the Dentist's office. Dr. Matthews had scheduled her last as always, and she waved at the secretary as she left. "Have fun!" the perky blond sang.

"Well hello Kianna" smiled Dr. Matthews, "are we all set?"

"Damn" he thought to himself, "We are going to have some fun today!"
As Kianna settled into the chair, the good doctor excused himself and picked up the phone in the other room "Tim, she's here, and you do not want to miss this!"

"Dr. am I going to get gas again today?" asked Kianna, eying the equipment and hoping that she would. "Oh yes, I'm afraid so, now lets just get this set and there.... How's that?"

"Perrrrrfect" smiled Kianna closing her eyes, "I love this, just love it....."

Slowly Kianna felt her body rise up out of the chair. Something was different this time, she was tingling. She opened her eyes to look at her hands, and they seemed to stretch and bend. The fingers left traces behind them. "Cool.." she giggled "My fingies 'r like.." She couldn't finish the sentence, and instead started giggling stupidly. Then there was a knock at the door, and Dr. Stevens came in.

"You weren't kidding Larry," he leered "she is something else." Kianna suppressed her giggling to look up at the men "Holy shit what is this shit..." "You like it?" smiled Dr. Matthews, stroking Kianna's brow, which was now moist from laughing so much. "Oh yeah.....oh...yeah....oh-"

"Well then have some more!" Kianna writhed around in the chair. Her neck and back arched and her toes curled. "Uhnnnnnnnnn"

"Kianna..Kianna..." smiled Dr. Matthews we have to do some work. "Okie dokey dokey okie.." Kianna sputtered, her tits bouncing.

"Now lets get this nasty shirt off shall we?" began Dr. Stevens. Kianna offered no resistance as the men worked her arms out of her light blouse, and left her in a tiny tank top that barely contained her massive, round tits. "Hey" she protested feebly.

"I think it's time for more gas!" interrupted Dr. Stevens, giving Kianna another dose of gas. As he did he ran his hand down her cheek and neck, and Kianna turned her head, reaching for the dentist's forarm with her tongue. "Look at her Larry, she's already saying ahh for us!"
"Sorry Tim, I'm kinda busy!" answered the other man, slipping Kianna's heels off."Wow what what nice feet you have!" Kianna squealed with uncontrollable laughter as Dr. Matthews trailed his pen along the soles of her feet, but in her state every time she moved she rubbed against the vinyl of the chair, and the way her skin felt that rubbing sent her into ecstasy.

Dr. Stevens worked his way down Kianna's neck to the swell of her breasts, and as soon as he did, she moaned loudly."Oh you like that?" "Uh- huh." "You want more" "Yeah" "Yes what?" "Yes please!" begged Kianna, thrusting her tits up, trying desperately to shove them into Dr. Stevens' hands.

Tim worked Kianna up into a frenzy, but she couldn't get up, and instead just moaned. As he did, the other man reached into his lab coat and took out a camera, "Say cheese Kianna!" The camera flash seemed to wake Kianna up. "No!" she shouted, and rolled out of the chair. The two dentists stood back as Kianna tried to stand, but her legs felt like noodles. "She looks like a giraffe standing up for the first time!" Laughed Dr. Stevens. Kianna was up now and leaning against the wall. She heard the joke and started to giggle again in spite of herself."Fuck off..." she slurred, pushing her hair out of her eyes." 'M really fucked up." "Come on Kianna, let's take a picture together, smiled Tim, sliding behind Kianna "Have a bit more gas and smile." Kianna couldn't say no, and let the dentist reattach the gas tubes, and again she felt herself floating up, and giggled "Where's m'shirt?" she slurred "You weren't wearing one." "I wasn't" No" Kianna grinned from ear to ear " 'M such a fuckin' slut!" She pushed away from Tim and started stumbling around the office, until she fell back onto the chair. "Suck my tits please." She moaned, pulling down her top, and the men attacked them, licking and biting. The gas made the feeling incredibly intense, and Kianna screamed out loud as she fingered herself and sucked her fingers until he came.

After she came, she lay there panting, her brown skin moist. The kilt was all the way up now, and her pussy was dripping. Larry leaned in. "Now Kianna it's our turn, we're going to flip this coin, and if it's heads, you're gonna get fucked by me and suck Dr. Matthews' cock, and if it's tails then he gets to fuck you, and you suck my dick, got it?"

Kianna let it all sink in, then realized she didn't get it at all and had been looking at the pretty flowers on the wall the whole time. "Hee hee....Nope."

"Say ahhh" Dr Matthews slid his cock into Kianna's wet mouth, and at the same time Dr. Stevens opened his labcoat, spread Kianna's thighs and fucked her. Kianna loved it, and when they came she exploded too.

The dentists left the room, and when they returned Kianna was fast asleep, snoring happily.

"Turn off the videocamera Larry," said Dr. Stevens "let's save some tape for the next one".