Lady Death vs Purgatori
by MBison

        On a dark and stormy night, with the wind howling and
the rain pouring down in buckets, two old foes clashed
in synch with the crash of thunder and the cackling of
lightning.  Their war had raged on for centuries with
neither winning a significant amount of battles over
the other.  Most of them ended in draws.  Some of them
had other participants, others were just between them.
 Regardless of the number of participants, it was
always their fight.  They knew each other’s fighting
styles and tactics some times better than they knew
themselves.  Both women were lost in the moment as
their swords clashed again and again.  One lusted for
blood and the other lusted for a normal life.
However, right now, all they wanted was to vanquish
the other.  Like many battles before, it was currently
a draw, but it was all about to change as both
combatants were busy fighting each other in a very new
environment such as a medical lab with a diminutive
observer watching the darkness.
        “Why can’t you just die!” Purgatori snarled as her
sword missed Lady Death and slashed a pipe, sending
steam bursting out of the cut.
        “You first!” Lady Death snarled as her sword clashed
against another pipe while trying to take Purgatori’s
head off.
        “This is so lame,” the figure in the shadows muttered
to himself as he watched the scene before him. “There
are so many gadgets and chemicals here, you think that
someone would use them.  But no, all they do is fight
with those stupid swords.  I know, the steam from the
pipes,” he snickered as he snapped his fingers.
        Purgatori slashed her sword and Lady Death parried
the blow, making it slice another pipe in two.  The
small room was almost like a sauna as steam rose from
the floor.  Both women hadn’t noticed it, but the
steam was getting thicker and easier to see as it rose
toward the ceiling.  Although none of them noticed it,
the steam was making their eyes water, and before they
knew it, they were sobbing as they continued to strike
and deflect each other’s blows.  “Why can’t you just
die?” a frustrated Purgatori yelled after she took a
big breath of air to her lungs.  She felt her lungs
itch and her body shivered.  The woman then began to
sob like a little girl as she swung her sword about,
slicing even more pipes.
        “Stop crying like a little girl,” Lady Death spoke as
she wiped a tear from her eye.  The woman began to
chuckle as she saw the red woman drop her sword.
“Don’t cry little baby, I’ll only take your head off!”
Lady Death laughed in triumph as she too took a big
gulp off air.  The woman began to shake for a few
seconds as she began to cry as well.
        “What is happening?” Purgatori sobbed as she rubbed
her eyes again and again with her fingers as if she
were trying to gouge them out.
        “What did you do, you fiend?” Lady Death cried as she
too was rubbing her eyes.
        “Hmmm . . . two attractive beauties crying and
rubbing their eyes.  That’s so boring,” the figure
muttered to himself as he snapped his fingers again.
“That’s much better,” he uttered as he watched both
women hug each other as they cried.  He saw their
heaving bosoms pressed tightly against each other as
they hook their arms around each other for comfort.
        “What’s happening to us?” Lady Death wept.
        “This is all your fault!” Purgatori howled as she
pressed her face against Lady Death’s shoulder.  “You
did this to me somehow!”
        “I didn’t do anything, you stupid bitch!  It was you
and your sword!  You must have made the steam react
with some sort of chemical!” Lady Death bawled.
        “Then make it stop!” Purgatori wailed.
        “As much as I like watching both of them cry, I can’t
help feel that something is missing.  Such beautiful
specimens shouldn’t be crying, they should be
laughing!” the figure thought to himself as he snapped
his fingers again.
        A few seconds later, Purgatori, the woman that had
engulfed the most steam began to giggle.  “What’s so
funny?” Lady Death wailed as she sucked in more of the
        “I don’t know,” Purgatori giggled.
        “It . . . it’s contagious,” Lady Death laughed as she
undid her cape and allowed it to slowly fall to the
floor.  She even giggled when Purgatori became flushed
and moved behind her.  Lady Death could feel
Purgatori’s sharp fingernails grip the top of her
corset and began to pull it down.  Instead of stopping
her, Lady Death found her hands tugging on the side,
aiding her enemy in her new endeavor and laughing the
entire time as the corset dropped to the floor.
        “Nice tits,” Purgatori smiled as she saw her
adversary’s reflection on one of the clear vats.  She
could see the indent in the skin of the woman’s creamy
breasts.  However, since Purgatori didn’t have a
reflection, she couldn’t see her own hands, but was
instead treated to quite a sight as her hands squeezed
and groped Lady Death’s breasts like woman trying to
find a ripe tomato at the supermarket.
        “This isn’t right,” Lady Death laughed before
swooning as her hands reached behind her and wrapped
themselves around Purgatori’s neck while she felt the
woman’s tongue slide up and down her neck.  Even
though the woman was fearful of having her neck bit,
she still laughed as she felt her sex began to tingle
and moisten.
        Purgatori slid her tongue along Lady Death’s neck as
her hands ripped her own bra and thong off.  She
giggled as she rubbed her shaved sex along the woman’s
legs while her fingers tickled the skin around Lady
Death’s sex.  Purgatori heard the woman giggle as she
began to move her hips, trying to suck her fingers
into her dripping sex.  “This isn’t right,” Purgatori
        “No, this isn’t right,” Lady Death chuckled as she
fell to her knees.  Her hands began to grope her own
breasts as Purgatori pumped her fingers in and out of
the woman’s sex.  Lady Death flung her hair about as
she moaned and giggled at the same time.  She knew
that this was wrong and had to fight it, but she was
losing the battle.  After a few long seconds, the
woman slowly raised herself only to fall backward and
hit the wall.
        “Going somewhere,” Purgatori laughed as she knelt on
the floor and gripped the woman’s left leg.  Then with
her right hand, she began to pump it in and out of the
woman’s dripping sex.  She watched as her enemy cooed
and swooned while her fingers pumped her sex.  “We
shouldn’t fight each other, you should me instead,”
she cackled as she watched Lady Death collapse onto
the ground.
        “This isn’t right,” she tittered as Purgatori fell on
all fours and hovered over her.  The woman’s sex was
dripping honey all over her face as Purgatori buried
her face in between Lady Death’s thighs.  The woman
could feel the vampire’s tongue licking her labia as
her fingers parted her pussy lips.  She could even
hear the slurping noises above their own laughter.
There was no denying that her body was quite willing
to accept the attention even if Purgatori’s sex was
drowning Lady Death’s face and making an awful mess.
Thus, within seconds, Lady Death gripped Purgatori’s
thighs and rammed her face against the woman’s sex and
began to return the favor.
        The figure watched the two squirming bodies and
noticed that the steam had stopped for quite some time
now.  He continued to watch for a few more minutes as
both women screamed and broke some of the glass.  The
women fell onto the ground in a heap as they tried to
suppress their laughter.  However, as the laughter
died, both women began to search for their swords.  “I
guess the fun ends here.  Oh well.  Back to work.
Better check on those kids before they steal my cereal
again,” the small figure in green spoke as he

The End