It was a rainy night. I was sitting on a couch in my living room, with nothing to do, when suddenly the light went off. I remembered there were some candles in the basement, so I went down to get them. I opened the basement door, and as I was getting down the stairs, I began to feel a bit scared; I didn't know why; I never felt like this before in my house, but it wasn't an ordinary night.

When I finally arrived, all was dark; I couldn't see a thing. As I walked in the darkness, I foot touched something. It was like a big wooden crate or something. I used my lighter to get some light, and I saw a big chest; it was like a pirate treasure chest.

Suddenly, the light came out, so the basement was illuminated again. I began to inspect the chest more carefully. It looked old, very old. I opened it, and inside I found an antique mask and a pergamine. The pargamine said it was the mask of the NoSe god, the ancient Aztec god of laughter. With it, you can make everybody laugh against their will; from a funny giggling, to a wild laughter attack.

The pergamine was written by a Spanish priest in 1499, when Spanish colonized South America . They found the mask in a village, and the Aztecs used to use it to sacrificial purposes. They make laugh pretty girls to death, as a sacrifice to NoSe, the laughter god. In the pergamine, there was the explanation of how to use the mask.

I was shocked with this rare find. At first, I thought it was a joke or something, or maybe a stupid superstition, but now I know the mask it's real, and it works.


After I found the mask, somebody knocked at my door. I took the mask with me, and I headed up to the living room again; it was Sharon, my beautiful neighbour who knocked. She was a 25 year old blonde, with green eyes, a model-type body, and extremely beautiful and ticklish feet. She had a boyfriend, so I never had the chance to date her.

I opened the door, and I saw my neighbour goddess-loo-a-like in front of me. She was wet from head to toe, due to the rain.

-Hi Kurt, how's going? – she said. I forgot my keys, and Bobby is out tonight, can I stay at your home tonight? I can sleep in the couch

-Hi Sharon , come in, yes of course you can stay tonight, no problem.

I thought, at least I had the chance to touch her ticklish 5 size feet while she slept.

When she entered in the bathroom for a quick dry, I had the idea of scare her., so I put my new mask on, and I entered the bathroom, with a rush



-Hey, calm down, it's me. Do you like my new mask?

-No, of course not, and c'mon, get out of here, little pervert.

She was in her underwear, barefoot, with all her blonde hair messed up.

-C'mon, it's the laughter's god mask, don't you find it funny, HAHAHA, I said

-No, that mask it's horrible, and it's scaring me, get out of here!!! She shouted

-C'mon, Sharon , Laugh!!

When I said that, a sort of yellow dust, began to come out from the mask front, and it went straight to Sharon . I was shocked and I took my mask out.

-Sharon , r you ok, what happened? , I asked

There was no answer, just laughter. My neighbour, my pretty neighbour Sharon, was laughing hysterically in her underwear and kickin' her legs as a little girl in my bathroom floor.

-HAHAHAHAHAHA, Stan, it's sooo funyyyyyyyhehheheheeheh, please, more moooreee

-W..What? what do you mean??. I asked

-Whhhahhaaaat you said to meeehehehhe, t tell me moorreeeeeehahahha

- What do you mean, I only said laugh

One more time, more yellow powder came out from the mask, and affected more to Sharon .

-HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAHStaaaaaaaann, I can't stooop laughinggg, and I love iittttthehehehehehhehehe

-You love to laugh, let's see- I grabbed her right feet, and began to tickle her tender sole with my fingers


I felt like all my prayers were heard. I dunno why that mask was in my basement, or why it really worked. The only thing that interested me before I had the power to reduce any girl I wanted to a horny-giggle girl, addicted to laughter.

Suddenly, I realized what the pergamine said. “laughter ‘till they died” . I didn't want to kill my friend, only wanted to tickle her, so I shouted:


She suddenly stopped laughing. She was lying exhausted on the flood, gasping for breath, with all her hair messed up, and tears running down her face.

-What happened, Stan, why I'm lying here??

-Oh, you just fainted- I excused- maybe you're submitted to may stress at the office.

I couldn't believe, she didn't remember NOTHING AT ALL. I had the power of making laugh hysterically a girl, and make of her anything I wanted.

That's why I decided to use the mask many more times...........