By GreenfeatherBy Greenfeather
(With a nod and a wink to Daumantas)
Catherine Spencer is one of the partners and the top divorce lawyer in Lipkin
Duff and Spencer. A single woman of 30, she has no family and lives alone in a
smart Park Avenue apartment overlooking Central Park. Her business suits are by
Chanel, and if she's dining with clients she has a selection of specially
designed Versace's , all elegant and flowing in dark business colors. Tall and
blonde with a shapely figure she enjoys her work immensely and keeps her private
life to herself. She acts only for women and has made a lot of ex-wives very
happy, and a lot of ex-husbands very poor, and bitter. Her colleagues are
completely unaware that beneath her elegant and expensive suits she is totally
naked, never wearing any underwear save for a loose silk slip; and what her
colleagues naturally assume are tights are in fact the most expensive nylon
'hold-up' stockings. On the outside she is good taste personified, her flat slim
shoes and dark sensible business suits or her elegant dinner dresses and court
shoes hide a simmering cauldron of narcissistic passion below as her breasts and
shaved pussy slip and slide around beneath her silk slips, and no-one has ever
noticed how she sits looking out of the 54th story window across the financial
district with her legs slightly apart fingering her naked pussy.
Or perhaps not.
Harry the doorman took delivery of the mail as usual and when Miss Spencer came
home around 7pm he handed her mail and they chatted for a while before she took
the elevator to her apartment.
A small parcel had arrived for her and she looked at it curiously trying to
figure out what she had ordered that could be inside the flat plain packet. As a
rule she hardly ever ordered by mail. She slit open the paper wrapping and
opened the flat shiny box. Inside was a pair of the most exquisite white nylon
lace stockings, but who could have sent them? Maybe her regular supplier had a
promotion going and was sending to their regular clients. She looked in the box
and she noticed a soft fluffy white feather had been placed diagonally across
the bottom of the box, she picked up the feather and twirled it between her
fingers and noted the faintest aroma of ...what was it?...cinnamon!
It was Friday night and she was due to meet one of her old clients at a big
cocktail party so she put down the box with the nylons and the feather, bathed
and got dressed and went out for the evening, returning late and going straight
to bed.
In the morning she was booked in at La Finesse, an up market ladies salon for a
full body wax, a manicure, which was always enjoyable , a pedicure, which was a
necessary evil but she hated it because she was so ticklish she didn't like to
be seen squirming and giggling like a schoolgirl at her age but she couldn't
help it when the beauticians began working on her feet; and her latest pleasure,
a colonic irrigation, which left her feeling so clean and refreshed. (and
She returned to her apartment in the afternoon, undressed and took a short nap,
lying naked on the top of her silk sheets . It was getting dark by the time she
awoke and it was then that she remembered the parcel from the previous day .
She stood up and drank a small glass of water then took out the stockings from
the box and unfolded them , letting the light delicate nylon drift across her
freshly smooth legs, tickling lightly as they fell. She lifted one long leg and
slid her foot into one of the stockings, it slipped easily up over her foot, up
her ankle and over her knee. She stretched out her leg and pulled the gorgeous
white nylon lace stocking up so that the broad lacy support band hugged the soft
flesh of her upper thigh. It gave her a tingly tickly sensation and she giggled
slightly as she adjusted the seam on the back so that it was straight. Then she
took the other stocking and put it on her other leg. She stood up and admired
herself in the mirror and the erotic image of her standing totally naked except
for these pair of beautiful white lace nylons made her slip her finger over her
pussy lips as she felt her clit tingle in anticipation and her warmth increase.
What she did not know was that the insides of the stockings were coated with
Rhupidol the clear colorless odorless chemical which once absorbed into the body
renders the victim entirely open to suggestion as if they had been hypnotized,
only outwardly there is no direct evidence that the person is anything other
than entirely normal. The drug acts to allow the victim to let go of all
inhibitions in the same way as alcohol works but without the slurring of speech
or the nausea and drowsiness. When it wears off the victim can remember little
if anything that has happened. Other side effects in women include much
heightened sensitivity to touch and as well as causing primary erection of the
clitoris and of course making the victim incredibly horny..and ticklish.
She did not remember how long she had been standing in front of the mirror when
she heard a soft knock on the door but she had been absentmindedly masturbating
in front of the mirror and her hands and thighs were noticeably sticky and wet .
The Rhudipol on the stockings had acted in the same way as a nicotine patch,
being absorbed into the blood through the skin and she was having difficulty
deciding where she was or what she wanted to do.
The knock came again and she went over to the door still entirely naked except
for her nylons and opened the door. A man was outside smiling at her and she
smiled back
"Hi Catherine " he said " I'm coming in.." and he walked in to her apartment
"yes" she said dreamily "come in..."
"You can call me Jack"
"hello Jack come on in I 've been waiting for you."
Momentarily she looked confused as she was not certain why she'd said that or
whether she even knew Jack.
"You look really pretty Catherine" said the man calling himself Jack ".. and I
see you've got on the stockings I sent you.."
"Yes they're really pretty.." said Catherine
" I want you to put these on for me Catherine .." and he held out a pair of
lurid pink patent leather stilettos with 6 inch heels that she would not have
been seen dead in an hour ago.
"yes they're really lovely.." she said as she bent down and slipped her new
shoes on.
"From now on I'm going to call you Cindy because that's your Cindy?"
"yes" breathed Catherine, the man sat down in an armchair " I want you to stand
in front of me here and masturbate for me while I watch."
So Cindy tottered over to Jack on her high heels dressed only in her white nylon
lacy hold up stockings and fingered her hairless lips till she came which a jerk
and a groan and juice dribbled down her legs.
"That was nice Cindy wasn't it?" said the man and she could hear herself saying
"Now we're going for a ride because you want to go to the Dungeon..."
"Oh yes" she heard herself say " please take me to the dungeon I want to go to
the dungeon..."
"Now you need to have something in your pussy for the journey Cindy "said Jack "
I want you to put this little silver dildo inside you and you must hold it up
there until we get to the dungeon."
"Oh yes put something inside me please I need that in me" Jack handed her a
small heavy silver dildo shaped like two balls connected together but where one
ball had been elongated into more of a long shape and the other ball acted as a
clasp holding a bunch of pure white downy feathers. Cindy squatted slightly and
parted her pussy lips with one hand and popped the long end of the dildo into
her vagina. The other ball and its feathers were left outside making it look
like she had pure white downy feathers for pubic hair.
"And you will need this one up your ass." said Jack and he handed her another
silver dildo and feathers which she promptly slipped up her rectum leaving a
bunch of feathers sticking out of her ass when she bent over.
She giggled " they tickle Jack and you know I'm so ticklish.."she squealed and
wriggled as the feathers stroked and tickled her sensitive places as she moved
"They're supposed to my dear "said Jack
"you look really pretty "said Jack smiling, but I would like you to put up your
" Yes I should have my hair up" so she tottered off into the bathroom to find
her brushes and combs and hairclips. She returned with her blond hair held up
and out at the back in a loose fluffy sort of pony tail, with small strands and
wisps of blond hair pulled down the side of her face. She looked cute.
"now Cindy I think you should be tied up before we go"
"Oh yes, of course I need to be tied before we go to the dungeon Jack.." she
"well put your hands behind you back and put on these fluffy white handcuffs
first" said Jack and he produced a pair of silver handcuffs which were trimmed
with white down. Cindy put her hands behind her back and Jack locked them in
"Now you should put on this cloak, and he draped a large white crepe silk cloak
over her shoulders fastening it with a silver clasp at the front. This
effectively hid her nakedness and her bondage for the trip to the car.
"Come on Cindy lets go to the party"
Cindy giggled " Oh yes Jack lets go to the party"
They took the elevator down to the lobby. Harry the doorman looked up as
Catherine and Jack walked past and Catherine clicked her way across the marble
lobby in her pink high heels and white lacy stockings, her white crepe cloak
only just covering her buttocks. "Goodnight Harry" said Catherine smiling
sweetly at him "we're going to a party".
"Good God in heaven," muttered Harry ""Now I've seen it all" and he sat back in
his chair and took off his hat.
Outside a black chauffeur driven limousine was waiting for them and Jack opened
the door for Cindy who wriggled inside.
The car pulled away and Jack took out of his jacket pocket a small syringe.
"Now Cindy you want some of this special tickle serum don't you" and he gave her
a shot in her neck.
Catherine woke with a start. "Where am I?" she shouted. It was pitch black and
she was completely unable to remember what had happened, or where she was now.
She tried to move but realized quickly that she was held by something. Her
wrists were pulled over her head and she felt the soft fur linings of the tight
leather cuffs on her wrists as she tried to pull her wrists and hands out but
couldn't. Her feet also seemed to be held by the ankles. She was standing
upright but her legs were fastened by similar cuffs quite far apart. She blinked
in the darkness, frightened and disoriented.
"Help" was all she could think to say but somehow it sounded feeble and the room
seemed to deaden all sound.
Suddenly a bright light flashed on and she shut her eyes as it shone directly
into her face. She screwed up her face and eyes and tried to shift away from the
light but to no avail.
She could now see something of the room and of her predicament. She was stark
naked except for a pair of white lace nylon hold up stockings which set off her
golden naked skin. She was stretched out quite tightly, spread-eagled in the
centre of the room, roped to the ceiling and the floor. She looked down and saw
that she had a small bunch of white down feathers sticking out from her pussy
and she could feel the warm metal of the dildo holding it in place along with
the sense that there was also something up her ass. And she was wearing pink
stilettos! what madness was this. She thought it must be a dream.
"Hello Cindy " said a voice form behind the lamp.
"Hello hello " she said desperately "who is that I'm not Cindy my name is
Catherine Spencer and if you don't let me out of this now I'm calling the police
and what's more I'll sue your as......."
"QUIET Cindy" shouted the voice "You won't be doing anything or going
anywhere.not now that your here in the dungeon...don't you remember? you asked
to come here...don't you recall "
Catherine was frightened now but she started to speak..but was silenced again.
A man stepped out from behind the light and walked round behind Catherine "tell
me my dear ...are you ticklish?"
She shuddered but said nothing but her whole body began to quiver at the mere
mention of tickling. She had spent many miserable years at one of NY States
finest girls schools where she had been the victim of many tickle torture
sessions when the less able girls took their frustrations out on the cleverer
girls and she hated it, she couldn't bear to be tickled and this man had her
naked and spread...
Suddenly and without warning the man brushed his cool fingers down her sides and
she screamed and laughed and jerked in her bonds trying to get away.
"NOOooo not that pleeeasse don't tickle me No I just can't deal with it ..."
But it was too late the man began to tickle her sides and she thrashed and
screamed from side to side. Her skin always had been sensitive but this she
couldn't bear, she was hypersensitive and she couldn't breathe as the tickling
took hold. He stopped momentarily then began running his fingers over the backs
of her stocking clad legs and she writhed and jerked trying to escape , she
couldn't even scream any more so powerful were the sensations. She lost control
of her vaginal and anal muscles and the two feather dildos fell out onto the
floor and she peed herself down one leg.
"Oh dear" said the man in mock severity "I wonder what we can put in there now?
Catherine managed to regain some composure "Where am I? why have you brought me
here? who are you? why are you doing this to me?" she gasped in between giggles
that continued to bubble up through her body, even the slightest disturbance or
draught seemed to be too much.
"So many questions...well let me see.. I'm Jack.. you won't remember me but I'm
the poor sap who was at the losing end of your case for my ex wife ... that
bitch Margaret Heller... I got her here last year and she's now a much wiser
woman having been tickled tortured into seeing things my way...But then I
thought she wouldn't have been able to destroy my life and steal all my fortune
without that bitch of a lawyer..erm..that's you my dear.. so I got a job as a
window cleaner and studied your movements, trying to find out all your little
secrets.. so I knew how to get you and that's what I've done. As for this place
well...some friends of mine run this place for their amusement, to tickle
torture girls who need 'training', particularly the ones who've been naughty
like you. And you'll find it amusing too.. well, you'll be laughing a lot
anyway. It's called the Dungeon and you'd better get used to it 'cos this is
where you'll be staying for a long time.. unfortunately for you I doubt if
you'll ever get used to the tickling 'cos that's what they do here, tickle,
tickle, tickle, it's pure torture for you and now I think I'll hand over to some
of the other girls you're going to get to know round here."
And with that he left the room and two big blond women came in.
One was carrying a pair of nylon stockings which she put on over her hands then
proceeded to stroke Catherine all over her body with her slippery nylon hands
causing her to writhe and scream as the tickling sensations burst through her
body like wires. As she ran her hand over her legs Catherine thought she would
die of tickling right there never had the sensations been so strong. The other
woman also had two stockings which she dipped in a jar of baby oil then folded
them up like a concertina until they were a small pad in her hands. She moved
over to the wriggling thrashing , laughing woman being tortured in the center of
the room and squatted down between Catherine's legs. She gently parted
Catherine's pussy lips and pushed the folded, oiled stocking up into her vagina
leaving only the toe just sticking out, then she did the same with her anus
pushing the oily folds up into her rectum with a slender finger. Then she took
the two heavy silver dildos that had fallen out of Catherine earlier and folded
back a small hook which she threaded through the tip of the stockings toe poking
out of her vagina. The feathery weight now dangled and jiggled between her legs
tickling her sensitive thighs, but also the oily stocking inside her began to
move very slowly and the most amazing tickling sensations began inside her
pussy. the material was being pulled across some of Catherine's most delicate
and sensitive internal skin as the weight slowly descended. She bucked and
writhed as the two women laughed softly as they tickled her ribs and breasts
then across her tummy till she ached with laughing, and all the while the oiled
stockings were slowly falling out of her body dragging across her sensitive skin
and making her orgasm like never before. The two women talked to each other
seemingly oblivious to the hysterics of the tickled girl. they had a job to do
and that was that. Their job was to tickle women and to tickle them as much as
they liked because these women were brought here to be tickled and tortured and
punished. It wasn't a bad job and sometimes they came themselves just watching
the other women tickling a girl as she begged and screamed for them to stop. It
was so horny.
After she had come a few times she began to sag in her ropes and two more women
in white mini coats came in. One said, " it's time to tickle her feet, can you
do it for an hour? then Melanie and Phoebe will come in and take over. Give her
some water as well would you so she doesn't pass out unnecessarily , great,
thanks" and with that she disappeared.
Her ropes were slackened and she was laid out spread-eagled onto a stainless
steel table which rose from the floor. Her stockinged feet were laid in leather
pads which closed tightly holding her feet and ankles firmly. Her knees were
strapped down also and her arms were pinned over her head and her elbows
fastened down . An oxygen mask was dropped over her nose and mouth and a mixture
of air and very small quantities of Nitrous Oxide, laughing gas, was pumped in
making her begin to giggle stupidly.
"Ok" said one of the women " we're going to tickle your feet now and you're not
going to like it at all because it's really ticklish. You can scream as much as
you like and don't worry if you pee the table, it's bound to happen 'cos we
tickle so good!" and with that the women smiled and both women began gently
tickling their fingers up and down her soles.
Catherine exploded into fits of laughter, begging them to stop, but they just
smiled at her and carried on . They sat on two stools at either side of her foot
and began a conversation about hair color while casually tickling their victims
feet as she tried to thrash about screaming and laughing whilst trying to find
space to breathe.
Up and down and side to side their fingers went across her soles and round the
edges their long nails explored between her toes , pushing the nylon into the
gap momentarily before wriggling back under her toes driving her mad with the
aching laughing torture of it.
Occasionally, one of the women would run her fingers up her legs , tickling her
inner thighs and stroking her aching pussy, or she would quickly tickle
Catherine's belly making her try to scrunch up then back to the feet for more
howls of ticklish hysterics. Catherine thrashed and squirmed , she lay in a pool
of sweat and her tears and drool soaked her face and hair. Every hour the women
would stop for a moment and make her take a long drink of water , then they
would start tickling her feet again until she peed it all out and they would
start again.
She did not know how long she had been tickled but it seemed like days before
the women stopped and untied her from the table. She was led to a room where the
two women fed her rich food with a spoon washed down by drugged water, after
which she was left to rest for an hour.
Later two more women entered to prepare her for bed, however this consisted of
her being washed over by soapy tickly hands as she struggled while the women
laughed. Then she was laid on a half bed and her legs pulled apart. More soft
silky nylons were slipped over her legs and her feet were fastened far apart. A
small machine with a huge pink ostrich feather was placed in between her legs
and switched on. The arm began to waft and stroke the ostrich feather up and
down her pussy slit making her squirm and giggle. They left it on all night and
by morning she was so horny she was begging the captors to let her stroke her
pussy to come, but they wouldn't. Instead she was tied and tickled for another
day by pairs of women who rotated on and off like nurses.
All day they simply tickled her nylon clad feet till she was insane with
All night her pussy was softly tickled by feathers.
One day she spent the whole day with women kissing and licking her armpits. The
next, a girl spent all day painting her bellybutton with baby oil using a Q Tip.
Another day she painted her clit all day with a soft pointed goose feather
dipped in baby oil.
Days turned to weeks as the Dungeon tickled its way through many girls either
there for a punishment from some cruel master or sent by the one of the owners
for amusement. It was during the tickle torture of one particular girl who was
so ticklish she was deafening the ticklers with her screams that Catherine was
able to get her break. She had been forced to stand and watch the girl being
tickled and during the current distraction she managed to slip into the small
office next to one of the cells in the main underground corridor of the dungeon.
There it was, a telephone. Catherine wore only her feathered dildo and her hands
were tied in front of her but , with her heart beating, she picked up the phone
and dialed 911, a voice answered " This is the emergency services , which
service please ?"
"Police..police .." Catherine whispered as loud as she dared." Trace this
number..I'm being held hostage...please trace this number and rescue me..."
"Please hold the line while we trace your call...yes we have it a patrol car is
on its way and I'll put you through to the police department please tell me your
Catherine crept back to the torture chamber where the tickled girl was begging
and screaming for them to stop tickling her hosed feet. She hardly dare believe
that she was about to be rescued and she thought of the trauma of a court
appearance but it would be worth it.
After twenty minutes during which the tickled girl had soaked the table in sweat
and pee, suddenly two armed policemen crashed through the door. The dungeon
staff scattered ..." Catherine Spencer? " said one of the officers, his peak
covering his upper face.
"Yes that's me ! shouted Catherine
"What's going on here?" said one of the officers, looking at the giggling wet
girl tied naked and spread to the torture table. " What have you been doing to
that girl ?" he said looking at Catherine
"I haven't been doing anything to her look I'm a victim too , I've just come
from the other room where they have been doing this to me " exclaimed Catherine,
slightly hazily as she had not expected to be confused in this way. She led the
policemen into the adjoining torture room. " Look !" she said pointing to the
table and the straps, "They had me tied to that and they've been tickling me for
"Tickling you ?" said one of the officers "How?"
Catherine jumped on the table and laid herself out on the rack as one of the
officers fumbled with the straps .."and these go on your wrists and feet like
this ?" as he secured Catherine to the table, " and they tickled you like
this?..." and he ran a finger up Catherine's sole making her shriek with
laughter. "sounds like fun to me.."
" don't tickle naaaaaa.! stop! what are you doing ." gasped
Then the officer took off his hat and it was Jack Heller smiling at her." oh
please trace this call.. oh officer help it's me " he mimicked and both men gave
out a laugh as the rest of the Dungeon staff came into the room laughing and
wiggling their fingers at Catherine.
"Great joke..gets em every time, they think we'd leave a phone in the dungeon !!
Catherine couldn't believe it but she didn't have time to discuss the cruel
trick played on her as everyone came in to give her a tickle. And there we leave
Catherine, trapped in the Dungeon, tickled beyond her wildest nightmares,
bucking and laughing and screaming as her nylon stocking feet are tickled by
merciless fingers of the 'emergency services'!.