Learning a lot

“Hurry up Seven.” Bellana said, not even bothering to turn around as she spoke. “The captain may have ordered me to take you along but I not goingf to have you slow me down.”
“I don’t see what the hurry is.” Seven said, in her usually void-of-emotion voice. “the catain gave us twelve hours to fix the holodeck.”
“And that’s the reason why we have to hurry.” Bellana said. She was tired of having to explain everything all the time to this ex-borg human woman. “You see, if the caption gives us twelve hours to do something, we do it in six. That way we get extra points.”
“And it’s good to get points?” Seven asked, walking slightly faster then her usual, casual pace.
“Yes, Seven.” Bellana exclaimed in exasperation. “It’s good to get points.”
“You seem…irritated.” Seven observed.
“Well, if I didn’t have to wait for you I wouldn’t be.” Bellana paused as she waited for a turbo lift.

Holodeck 5…

“So what is the problem anyway?” Seven asked as she walked through the gate of the holodeck, onto what seemed like a part of another ship.
“The program won’t exit.” Bellana said as she looked around.
“Where exactly are we?” Seven said as she tucked her arms around her back and observed her surroundings.
“We’re on one of the hall’s of a klingon bird of prey.” Bellana said, looking around. “One of the other Crew members enjoys klingon battles so they made this program.” Bellan picked up her tricorder. “The main consul should be this way.”
“Right.” Seven replied as she followed Bellana into a large white room with a glass window in the middle.
“Now just passed this next door. Just watch and stay out of my way. And stay close. Your going to learn a lot today.” Bellana said as she approached the door beside the window. She pressed the pad on the door to open it but nothing happened. “What the-“
“You are fool’s to stumble into this room.” Came a female Klingon voice. Bellana and Seven turned to see a voluptuous, or at least as voluptuous a Klingon female could be, string out the window at them. She was sitting behind a control console with a sadistic grin on her face.
“Did you intruders really think you could just walk around this ship?” The Klingon laughed. “I think I’ll have to teach you both a lesson in respect and humility.” She pressed a button and the door on the other side of the room slid shut with a bang. “Welcome to my L chamber.”
“Oh no.” Bellana gasped. She tried several time to open the door but to no avail. She could hear the Klingon woman tapping away at the console. “We have to get out of here!” Bellana said in a panicked voice.
“What is the L chamber?” Seven asked. She couldn’t understand what Bellana was getting so excited about.
“The L chamber is used to discipline unruly Klingon soldiers.” Bellana said pacing the room for a way out. “It’s not as bad as the Interigation chairs but it’s still pretty bad.”
“What do Klingon’s do for interrogation?” Seven asked.
“They have these reclining chairs they use and since Klingons are so used to pain they use other things, like,” Vellana paused. “Tickling. They have tools and nueral stimulators that can drive you insane with tickling.”
“What will they do in the L room?” Seven asked watching Bellana with interest. She had never seen her so…unnerved.
“You don’t want to know.” Bellana Said. She pressed her communicator with her hand. “Vellana to tranport room. We need an emergancy transport off Holodeck 5. Do you copy?” Vellana paused. “Transporter room, do you COPY?” She practically screamed into the communicator.
“Let’s begin shall we?” The female Klingon said with a smile. “First, let’s get rid of that clothing shall we?” A yellow light filled the room for several seconds then disappeared.
“Oh, great.” Vellana grumbled. She felt a sudden itch across her abdomen. As her hand went to scratch it, the cloth of her uniform split where she scratched. She knew she shouldn’t take off her clothing but the itching was unberable.
Seven also was beginning to feel the new sensation. She had felt this sensation before but never in this many places and at the same time. “What is this?” She asked as her hands began to scratch at her ample breasts.
“That light, ah, reacts to the clothing, making it itch! Ah ah.” Vellana said as she began to scratch wildly at her own chest, tearing the fabric away in the process. “It’s meant to shame the Klingon Warrior by giving in to ah ah ah, such a weak thing ah ah, as an itch.”
“This is…ah, rather unbearable.” Seven said as the itch grew in intensity. She began scratching more vigorously. “Is this how ah, they shame, ah ah, Klingons?”
“They make this come on every ah, com on the ship to ah humiliate the warrior.” Vellana said. The next several minutes consisted of an orgy of scratching as both woman scratched themselves silly untill they were both very nude. Seven was resting her back against the wall as she scratched the undersides of her breasts while Vellana was on her knee’s furiously scratching her well toned buns on the other side of the room.
“That was fun wasn’t it?” Asked the Klingon woman. She had been watching the whole show it it had been very interesting. And it was just warming up. “Let’s move on shall we?” She pressed a few more spots on the pad and a blue mist started to swirl into the room.
“What is that?” Asked seven, gently messaging the itch out of her nipples.
“Oh god, no. It’s laughing gas.” Bellana said in horror as the gas enveloped her. Bellana helled her breath.
“Laughing gas?” Seven said, not understanding the word. The mist began to surround her.
“Don’t breath it.” Vellana warned. While she wouldn’t mind seening Seven getting a major dose of laughing gas, she might need Seven’s help later to get out of here. “It’ll make you start laughing and you won’t be able to stop.”
“I don’t understand.” Seven said, raising a curious eyebrow.
“You ‘snort’ will!” Bellana said as she began to inhale the gas against her will. She didn’t want to but her lungs where screaming for air. The gas was especially designed for Klingon’s so it would affect her faster then it would Seven but in a few minutes Seven would be on the ground rolling in laughter, and that gave Bellana at least some comfort. Bellana began to laugh as the gas went to work. “Hahahaha.” She laughed , a smile forming on her face.
“I don’t understand why your laughing.” Seven said as she began to inhale the gas. Suddenly Seven began to feel strange. She suddenly had the strange desire to do something but she wasn’t sure what. She felt a smile beginning to spread across her lips. It wasn’t entirely a bad sensation, mearly a strange one.
Sudenly a burst of noise came from her lips. She wasn’t sure what it was but another came from Seven again a few seconds later. It took her a second to realise it was her own laughter. She had never heard herself laugh before, but no she couldn’t seem to help doing it. “AHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAH!” She cried out, watching as Bellana convulsed on the floor in forced histerics, holding her sides as tears streamed down her face. Seven was starting to find herself short of breath from all the laughing.
At first it had been pleasant but now she was beginning to see why Bellana was so afraid. No matter how hard she tried, Seven just couldn’t stop laughing. Seven dropped to her knee’s, her chest heaving with laughter. “AHAHAHAHAH SSSSTTTTAAAAAHHHHPPPPP!” She cried out.
“There not ahahaahahahah going to hahahaahah stop ahahaahahahah!” Bellana cried out laughing as if it was the most hilarious thing she ever heard.
“And the show’s only going to get better.” The Klingon woman said as she hit a switch causing two guns mounted from the ceiling to fire two darts, one at Bellana and one at Seven. The two officers suddenly felt a rush of heat through there bodies that quickly became centered in their breasts and in between their legs. As the darts fell away they left a small chip imprinted in the skin.
“OH GOD NOOOO ahahhahahaahahhh haahaaha!” Bellana screamed. She knew this feeling. The needles must have been filled with an Aphrodisiac. Her hands quickly left her sides and found their way to her breasts and swollen womanhood.
“Oh! Hahahahaha what is this?” Seven asked as she writhed in laughter, her face beet red. Since Seven had only been a, more or less, full human for a short while, she had never really felt genuine arousal. And at the moment it was so strong it felt like it was going to overwhelm her. She felt both her hands being instinctively being drawn to her inner thighs. She quickly found that touching the warm flesh in between her legs helped relieve the warmth, and she began caressing it rapidly.
Bellana was masterbating herself skillfully and feeling the beginning of a huge orgasm approaching. Just as she was starting to peak, something strange happened. Her sex went numb. She couldn’t feel it at all anymore. She was sure what was going on so Bellana just continued to stroke herself. After several seconds she regained feeling again, but to her horror found that she had somehow missed her orgasm. “Wha-hahhahat ha-ha-happened?” Cried Bellana as she shook with laughter, even though this didn’t amuse her at all.
“Ah, I see someone didn’t have an orgasm, hm?” The Klingon woman laughed behind the control’s. “Those little chips I left on your bodies makes it so you go numb just as you reach orgasm. The only way for you two to get off, is with each others help.” The klingon woman hand reached under her pants. “I told you it would be a good show.”
“Seven ahahaha come-come here.” Bellana shouted, as she crawled, still having deep belly laughs resonating through her body. Seven moved towards Bellana slowly, all her strength gone from the horrible laughing. Bellana finally reached Seven and pushed her over on her back. “I need heheehehe relief!” Bellana cried as she mounted Seven.
Seven didn’t fight Bellana. She wanted relief just as bad if not worse. Seven quickly rolled over, putting Bellana on her back and Seven laying on top. Seven began to rock her body back and forth causing the swolan and erect nipples of her breasts the flick against Bellana’s. They also began to grind there hips against each other. Seven gasp at the new feeling before being overtaken by her laughter once again. The two continued to grind for what seemed like forever until they both felt an incredible heat in between there legs. Bellana and Seven both screamed as they climaxed together.
Suddenly there was an explosion from the wall. Seven and Bellana turned to see Captain Janeway and several other crew members wearing gas masks and holding phaser rifles.
Some time later in the debirefing room…

“So how are you two feeling?” The captain asked looking at Seven and Bellana. Both were a little sore and tired from their ordeal, but other then that fine. They had received an injection to deal with the hormones.
“We’ll be alright captain, just a little embarrassed is all.” Bellana said. Seven kept quite. She herself didn’t really know what to think of the incident. “I just hope your going to leavbe this out of your report.”
“I will if you do.” Janeway said, smiling.
“Good.” Bellana said, relieved she wouldn’t suffer any further embarrassment. “Bye the way captain, how did you know me and Seven needed help? Did you get my message to the transporter room?”
“You don’t know?” The captain said, unsure of how to continue. “The way we knew you needed help was because what was happening to you was being broadcast through the whole ship. Every moniter and viewscreen had images of you and Seven.”
“Just like they do on a Klingon ship. They make the whole ship watch. The holodeck must have hacked the rest of the computers.” Bellana put her hands over her face. “I think I’m going to be sick.”
“Well, you where right about one thing Bellana.” Seven said smiling slightly. “I certainly did learn a lot today.”