Lisa's Fun House

Jenny stood off to the side in disbelief as the rental company set up the large inflatable fun house. Lisa had come up with the idea of a sleep over before the girls headed off to college, which sounded pretty lame at the time, but a party is a party and she finally agreed. Lisa said she’d organize things and invite a dozen of their friends if they could hold it at Jenny’s house. After all, they did have that great pool, Lisa pointed out. Still, it bothered Jenny a little. Lisa always seemed to get along a little too well with Jenny’s mom, so well that it made Jenny uncomfortable. There was nothing obviously wrong, just little things, like how Lisa watched Mrs. Fenner, stood too close, always commented on those tight outfits Mrs. Fenner wore. Those same tight outfits that embarrassed Jenny. Jenny would have liked to wear outfits like that too, but didn’t have her mother’s full ample curves or the cleavage that Mrs. Fenner seemed to display so readily after the divorce. Jenny hated the way men looked at her mom. And she couldn’t help but notice that Lisa had that same look.

Mrs. Fenner had no trouble saying no when Jenny asked if the party could be held at their house, but later reconsidered when Lisa asked. She said all of the right things, they’d clean up, no loud music, no boys. It would be a safe fun party with Mrs. Fenner to watch them. The date was set and the invitations went out.

But an inflatable fun house? Lisa never mentioned this to either Jenny or her mom. Jenny felt silly seeing it go up in the back yard, like she was some little kid having her tenth birthday party. Her mom just laughed “That’s Lisa for you. You never know what surprises she has up her sleeves.”

Lisa brought all of the food, drinks, and two large tanks of gas. “Let me guess”, Jenny asked “balloons to go with the fun house?” Lisa just smiled and told her to relax, it’s just a party.

As their friends arrived, everyone ate, played in the pool, and finally gathered around the fun house. Cindy wondered aloud what Lisa was thinking, how much she paid to rent something this ridiculous, and who would be dumb enough to play in it. But Lisa always knew how to get people to do what she wanted, and soon talked Nancy and Ruth into giving it a try. Nancy hitched up her bikini bottoms, and climbed in after Ruth. Lisa sealed the flap shut and waved to them through the clear plastic window.

Both looked out at the other girls, rolled their eyes and gave a few weak bounces. When Nancy lost her balance and fell, Ruth doubled over laughing. Soon both were bouncing drunkenly and laughing hysterically. One by one, Lisa encouraged the girls to go in to the house and try it out. Soon, only Lisa and Jenny remained outside.

“You’re the last one” Lisa said, “do you always have to be so sour when I suggest something? Just give it a try.” Jenny was tempted. Everyone inside the fun house was giggling and playing like little kids. And she didn’t want Lisa to believe that she harbored a little resentment towards her. So she also adjusted her bathing suit and climbed in.

Immediately she felt dizzy and strange. She reached for the wall to steady herself, but missed and fell on top of Ruth who was sprawled at her feet. She went to tell Ruth she was sorry, but started to giggle instead. She felt a wonderful silly glow mixed with the dreamy dizziness. Ruth sputtered out something about laughing gas, and Jenny felt the connection. She remembered her last trip to the dentist and the dreamy fog and its liberating pleasure was now delightfully familiar. Ruth’s soft flesh, cool and wet from the pool brushed against Jenny’s bare arms and legs. Jenny knew she had to reach the fresh air outside to regain her senses. She started to crawl on her hands and knees toward the door, but soon lost interest. It was wonderful, silly fun…why would she want to leave?

As Jenny struggled to free herself from Ruth, she noticed Ruth left hand tucked inside her bikini bottoms, slowly massaging her pussy. Jenny felt an electric pulse of excitement surge between her own legs as she watched Ruth’s uninhibited, giggly display of self-stimulation. The gas was making all of them horny and helpless to resist acting on it. “Try it Jenny heehehee!” Ruthie gasped “It feels even better when hahahaahaa you’re heehee high on the laughing gas!”

“Having fun, my little sour puss?” Jenny heard Lisa ask, as she filled her lungs with the sweet nitrous oxide mixture “I heeheehee, I got a dental assistant steal a few tanks for us, hahaahaahaaha! I knew everyone would like it!”

Lisa followed Jenny’s gaze to Ruthie’s happy fingers. “Little Ruthie knows how to have fun, heeheehaahaahaa, don’t you?” Lisa giggled into her ear. “Let me help!” With one smooth motion, Lisa hooked her index finger into the back waist band of Ruth’s bathing suit bottom and slid it down to her knees. Ruthie’s beautiful round bottom was pure pale white between her tan lines. Both Lisa and Jenny laughed helplessly as they watched Ruthie’s fingers playing in the dark brown, wet ringlets of her pubic hair. While Jenny was still trying to process the scene in front of her, Lisa firmly yanked her bikini bottom down too. Jenny fumbled to pull them back up while Lisa used one hand to try and free them from Jenny’s flailing, slender legs. With her other hand, Lisa found Jenny’s wet lips hiding behind damp tangle of blonde strands, and started to milk the growing excitement that Jenny cound not longer ignore.

“Stop!!! Heeheheehee! Not my pussy!! Haahaaheeheehee! Please Haahahahaha!! But as Jenny tried to remove Lisa’s hand she soon felt the liberating effects of the gas forcing her to give in. Jenny started to press Lisa’s fingers in harder against her clitoris. Changing the rhythm to match that of her pumping hips. Her laughter mixed with moans of delight.

She came quickly twice and was still hungry for more. When she looked at the jumble of fingers between her legs she realized for the first time that Ruthie was the one aiding her arousal, and Lisa had moved on to stimulate the other giggling helpless girls, freeing them of their swim wear as they lost all self control. Ruthie snuggled in closer, but upside down, until her mouth nestled into Jenny’s pleasure center between her legs. A slow tentative lick tasted Jenny’s juices and was followed by more aggressive tongue exploring, until Ruth finally sucked hard as Jenny’s toes curled and her pussy exploded. In a giggle filled afterglow, Jenny saw her mother enter the fun house.

“What the hell are you doing!”, she yelled “what the hell are you…are you…heeheehee…what’s happening hahahaha!” Mrs. Fenner’s fury dissipated as the laughing gas made her hungry for the sexual excitement that shocked her a few seconds ago. Jenny realized that this was Lisa’s goal and no one could stop her. Jenny was too happy to let anything interrupt Ruthie’s sweet kisses on her pussy. All the other girls were busy exploring themselves and each other under the liberating effects of the nitrous oxide. All the while, Lisa would be free to explore and taste every inch of Jenny’s mother’s body. But as Jenny filled her lungs again, she laughed and wondered why any of this should bother her? Everyone was just having too much fun to say no.