The Love War

Part 2: "The Japanese Art of Giggling Tickle-Gasm"

Twenty minutes had passed.
The shopgirls fingers had stopped working for mere moments in all that
time. Gina's feet, ankles and knees had been thoroughly tickled. The
shopgirl had not tickled or touched Gina anywhere above her knees. Gina's
cries for help andeland hoarse laughter had become quiet sighs and light 
spasmodic moans.


"Nice, isn't it." the shopgirl said as she worked, "To be tied down and
tickled. Of course, my profession does not allow me the luxury these

Gina's eyes found the shopgirls and all she could do, for the hundredth
time, was give a confused and quzzical look. The shopgirl frowned slightly
and stopped tickling.

"You poor dear. All of this must be so confusing. I don't know how they do
things where you come from. Perhaps a bribe here, a murdering there, a
torture now and then." she grimaced, "Such a distasteful, wild society."

Gina almost had her breath back, but not completely, "You... wh... what..."
she muttered.

"Shh." shopgirl cooed, "Get your strength back. I'll have a few questions
to ask you soon." she walked around to lightly caress, but not tickle, Gina's
feet again, "Such lovely feet." she said absently, "I almost hope that you
won't answer my questions." and she smiled into Gina's eyes, "But perhaps
you won't - on purpose, yes? Give me a chance to tickle those wonderful,
delectable thighs." she ran her fingertips up Gina's shin to her knee. She
tapped the restrained woman's knee once, "You might like that."

Gina's chest was rising and falling almost evenly now. Her cheeks were red
and the cleavage of her chest was cold with sweat. Her wrists and ankles
ached from pulling at her restraints. Her shoulder muscles and hips ached
with the involuntary heaving and thrashing they'd been subjected to. Her
nipples ached from rubbing against her bra and, between her legs, her
panties had become like damp tissue paper. Her blouse was stuck to her
abdomen and armpits.

The tickling had pushed her towards, through and beyond new experiences
that she did not know that she was capable of experiencing. It had 

started as an agonising, inescapable and inexplicable torment of forced
laughter and involuntary thrashing. But the shopgirl - whoever she really
was - was an expert in the art of tickling. The light caresses of her fingers
had kept Gina insensible, speechless and utterly helpless. And there had
been something else that Gina had been surprised and frightened to realise.
It had been erotic.

"I'm not permitted the privilege anymore." shopgirl said quietly, "Of
being tied and tickled, I mean. There's too much at stake and nobody
left to trust. I'm like you, my dear, you see. I'm very ticklish and I'm very
aware of how irresistable being tied and tickled is, how susceptible being
tied and tickled makes a person to interrogation. In my position, I can't trust
anyone." she breathed a long sigh, "Not anymore."

Gina at last could talk. She thought very carefully before she did. Somehow
she figured that her words were going to be very expensive whilst she was
in her current position.

"I'll answer any questions you want me to." she said, "I can't take any
more tickling. Just tell me what you want to know and..."

"Shhh" The shopgirl cupped her hand under Gina's right knee and 
touched her lightly there, "I don't need you to cooperate. As a matter of
fact, I'd prefer you didn't." she tickled Gina there for a few seconds.
Enough to make Gina shake her leg but not enough to make her lose
control. "I'm not tickling you until you break and answer my questions.

The method is much too refined to take chances like that. It would be quite
easy, my dear, for you to pretend to break and pretend to spill your naughty
little secrets. Thats why we have the process."

"I think you have me mistaken for someone else." said Gina quickly, "I'm
Gina Davies. I work for Iorcomm Electronics. I'm a personal assistant. I'm
not anyone special." Gina felt the backs of her knees being tickled again,
softly like the slightest silken touch of spiderwebs being dragged over her

"I know who you are." said shopgirl.
"Tell me... what you..." Gina grimaced and squeezed her eyes shut, "Tell
me what you want."

The tickling fingers moved upwards from Gina's knees to the backs of her
thighs. "I wish I could believe you would tell me the truth, but I can't."
smiled shopgirl, "Thats why we have to do things this way." her fingers
started to tickle the soft skin above Gina's knees.

"You'll appreciate this,eventually." She tickled under Gina's knees with a
sudden vigour, her trimmed nails only barely scratching the delicate soft
skin there as her fingertips lightly stroked and teased the light white skin

"You'll appreciate this a whole lot more than you'll ever imagine that
you could."

"Wh...wha...he haa..."

The shopgirls fingers were all round Gina's knees one moment and then
lightly running up her ankles and the soles of her feet the next. Gina
squirmed in tickle hell, her body tingling from head to toe and a strange
fire starting to burn between her legs.

"You like this."

"No I do..ho ho..ho ..nnnn..nn."

"Yes you do."

Gina's feet were tickled again, shopgirls fingers teasing and tickling
between her toes and around the arch which had withstood so much stress
in her 4 inch heels earlier that day. Then the tickling fingers were climbing
up Gina's ankles, a spiralling ascent which Gina's body could not resist
in her tied up state and which her mind was also beginning to have trouble

"My Go..God.dd." she exhaled sharply, astonished at her feelings, "Oh no
no.. he ho ho ho" she sighed quietly, "Oh no..."

The shopgirls fingers tickled under Gina's knees again.

"I think you'd like me to tickle your thighs now." smiled Shopgirl.

Tickling fingers all round the knees, tingling and teasing, wanting to go


"You know that you do."

Feet, soles ablaze with a delicious fire, tickled mercilessly. Toes red
and tired of struggling, bent back in helpless abandon. Tickling fingers
finding the soft skin between each digit, knowing where to touch and how
to touch. The feeling...irresistible.

"Would you like me to go higher?"

"No no no no ha ha ha ha" The shopgirls fingers were climbing Gina's 
ankles and the hot, crazy, ticklish sensations of confused erotic pleasure
and frustrated helplessness continued to grow and grow.

"I think you'd like me to, sweetie." Shopgirl soothed, "And you know you
only have to ask."

Her knees were the target of this erotic, elaborate and insane torment
oncemore. But the feeling was different now. The tickling was intense,
but it was not a shock to the system that it had been the first time. Her
body had expected the touch this time and, although it was too much, it was
not mindblowingly so. And a part of her now had the chance to realise that
this could actually feel very, very good. If only...

"Higher?" cooed Shopgirl.

The fingers danced circles round Gina's knees, from back to front of each
knee and unstopping in their gentle assault on her senses. Yes, it could
feel very good indeed. If only the feeling went...

"Higher?" the Shopgirl's voice was light, almost unheard, like the wind
catching on the branch of a tree in the forest at night.

"Higher." Gina said.

"Good girl." said the Shopgirl, "I knew you'd love this."

The fingers of her left hand tickled under Gina's inner right thigh and
the fingers of her right hand tickling Gina's inner left thigh, "I am sure
we'll be ready to talk in just no time at all."

Shopgirl caressed Gina's thighs as much as she tickled them. She loved the
soft smoothless of the innocent virgin white skin. It astonished her to
think that this girl had never been tickled before. She stepped up the
pace of her tickling, her professional side taking over as she reminded
herself of her goal. The interrogation could not begin until Gina had
succumbed willingly to her first tickle-gasm, and that was still some way
away. Shopgirl moved her fingers lightly round the edges of Gina's panties,
almost touching her there but just missing the target by mere millimetres.
Her tickle-victim shook the x frame with a renewed vigour, but just for a

"Oooh!" Gina exclaimed, "Stop tickling me there! I'm not a lesbian! Just
stop that right now!" she cried out. She struggled violently against her
bondage but it was useless. She was tightly strapped into her bindings.

"Welcome to stage two of the process." smiled the shopgirl. "This is a
real pleasure. You have the most delicious legs." she danced her fingertips
around Gina's thighs, making figure eights and gentle teasing circles an
inch from her pantyline, "But I'm sure you knew that already."

Gina squeezed her eyes shut. She fought the intense tickling sensations
and the strange tingling that had started to build between her legs. She
could feel herself getting loose down there, damp and hot. Her panties kept
brushing against her engorged clit, heightening her arousal. Then, just
once, the shopgirls finger brushed against her pantied pussy lips. Just
once and just lightly, like the tiniest ghost of a touch. But a touch

"Hey!" Gina glared at the shopgirl, "You keep your goddamned hands out
of there!" she was so shocked that the idiots grin was replaced with a stern
countenance. Shopgirl's fingers stopped moving. She looked almost

"Of course."

Gina drew her breath slowly. Her private parts still tingled with
anticipation and she was suddenly very uncomfortably aware of her erect
nipples, moist panties and sweating heaving chest. She felt embarassed in
her arousal and slightly stunned that she found herself almost hoping that
the shopgirl was going to torture her some more.

"I helped to write the system and yet I still forget the correct
procedures." she smiled shyly, "I'm sorry, Gina. You were very right to
bring me to a halt."

"Yes!" Gina snapped, "I'm finally getting through to you. Good." she
pulled at her wriststraps angrily, "Now kindly release my hands so I can
slap your goddamned face!"

It was clear then that Shopgirl had no intention of releasing Gina. She
was walking away from the x frame towards the pink wall. She stopped
and turned round before she walked through. Her eyes met Gina's.

"My colleagues will help you to the next stage. I will catch up with you
later sweetie." Before Gina could protest, Shopgirl exitted through the wall
which shimmered like jelly and then became solid once more.

"What the fuck is going on here." she muttered to herself. She hadn't
expected the shopgirl to stop tickling her ever. She hadn't expected
anything except an inevitable, inescapable nightmare of tickling. But why
had it suddenly stopped? It seemed that she'd said something to stop the
shopgirl. But what had she said? Shopgirl had said something about
procedures for interrogation. Yes, that was it. She was being interrogated
and there were procedures to be followed, procedures that the shopgirl had
almost broken. Gina had reminded the shopgirl of the procedure's course.
This surely meant that there was a step or steps in this strange procedure
still to follow.

"Oh God..." she pulled with all her might against the x-frame but it was a
complete waste of time. She kept at her struggling for a few long seconds
before giving up. She missed the two Japanese girls entering the room
through the walls. They were standing before her when she opened her

"Jesus Christ. Am I trapped in some kind of sick fucking cartoon or

The two Japanese girls were identical twins, each with shoulder length jet
black hair and each wearing an identical skimpy pink mini-skirted outfit
with a silver utility belt. Those were the most noticable features of the
girls as they sauntered lazily towards the x frame upon which Gina lay
spreadeagled and pink from a long bout of tickling. They both grinned at
each other cheekily as they came nearer. As they approached Gina could
make out their strong dark eye make-up and striking luminescent pink
lipstick. They had fishnet stockings and purple high-heeled shoes. The heels
were very high and the girls walked like they hadn't learned to walk in the
heels yet.

"My name is Miika. My friend is Luna." the Japanese accented voice was a
lilting song, "You very tickly girl, we can tell." they both giggled
together, sharing a naughty little joke "You very tickly girl with many
many secrets."

"My God." Gina leaned her head back as much as she could and she closed
her eyes in enraged frustration, "All I want to do is get out of here. Now
would you two goddamned idiots release me now before I..."

"You no call us idiots." Luna chided gently, "We experts in tickling
interrogation. We make you giggle. We make you come. We make you
ready for Mistress Anastasia. She ask you questions." they giggled together
again, "When next you see Mistress Anastasia you have very much to say I

A cold sweat ran up Gina's back. Had the Japanese girl said what it had
sounded like she'd said?

"You're going to do what?"

"You very sexy." hissed Miika. She had reached the x frame and walked
round to Gina's right side whilst Luna remained on her left. "You very sexy

Very powerful woman where you come from."

"Sexy sexy." tittered Luna, agreeing with her colleague, "I like."

"We like." Miika laid her hand on Gina's hip, touching her lace panties.

"We want to make you feel very sexy now." Luna soothed quietly.

"So very sexy." her colleague said quietly.

Gina took a deep breath and she fixed Miika with her hardest and most
meaningful gaze.

"Listen to me very carefully." she snarled, "I want to know whats going on
and I want to know now. Who are you people? How are you able to walk
through the walls and..." her mind buzzed with questions, "How are you..."
she suddenly felt a little lightheaded, "How...he..." She noticed that Miika
was exchanging a mischievous glance with Luna. When she turned her
head to the see the other Japanese girl she noted the object in Luna's hand.
A silver cylinder no larger than an average mobile phone. A purple vapour
flowing from the cylinder and surrounding her face and shoulders, "Wha??
Oh no..."

Gina had time to say before she felt the extreme buzzed sensation flowing
over her. She was stoned in an instant and, in the next moment, she was a
gibbering wreck. "Muhhh.. whuu...mmmm" she couldn't talk anymore and
the two Japanese girls found this extremely entertaining. They nudged and
pushed each other playfully and exchanged mirthful, mischievous

"Luna's gas too strong for you." Miika laughed, "So sorry. We only want
you to relax and enjoy yourself. Yes?"

"Yes." Luna chimed in as Gina's eyes rolled in her head and she tried to
focus on the source of the voices, her head a yawning chasm of chaos,
"You breathe deep and soon you be back with us."

Gina could not make sense of the Japanese girls anymore. Breathing was all
that she could do now and, for the next five minutes, she lay there wasted
out of her mind. The two Japanese girls took the opportunity to snip away
Gina's sodden panties, her dishevelled and crumpled blouse and her worn
out bra. Gina was not even aware that this was happening and even when
she realised she was too stoned to be concerned. Holding the same chain of
thought was completely out of the question for another five minutes. Then,
even when she could, the giggling had started. She couldn't control it. It
was like someone had implanted a giggle-generating machine in her 

It was the gas's actual purpose and it worked very well. But the designers
of the gas had not designed it with human physiology in mind. It was too
strong for the frail human nervous system and had overloaded Gina
completely. But now the effect had worn off enough that the two Japanese
girls could begin their work.

"Ah we are coming back to Earth now." Miika smiled. Luna nodded in

Gina could only utter barely audible mewing titters which made the two
Japanese girls smile. Gina was aware that she had been undressed but the
euphoric effects of the overstrong giggle gas had made her not care about
such things. Her body had been sufficiently "warmed up" by the mysterious
Shopgirl who Gina now realised was called Anastasia and her nerve endings
were like electricity.

"I am so excited for you." whispered Luna as she put her lips close to
Gina's ear, "Your first tickle-gasm. We make it so so sweet for you."

"Yes." agreed Miika, closing in on Gina's other ear, "We make it so very

"Sexy nice."

"Yes. Like sweet naughty sexy nice."

And then Gina remembered or realised or became aware of what her fate
would be in her bound, naked and particularly giggly situation. She thought
about protesting but the very thought was so ludicrous that she laughed out
loud, uncontrollably. Everything was so goddamned hilarious!

"Ah.. ha ha ha ha yes yes" she found herself saying, "Yes ha ha ha ha."
The Japanese girls laughed along with her and reached their pink
fingernailed hands towards Gina's naked body, "We give you extra special
giggling tickle gasm, as it is your first." they tittered, "You will like
so much."

Gina was lost in the gas's euphoria. She couldn't think straight, let
alone protest or even respond besides muted whimpers and giggles.
The tickling fingers started on Gina's abdomen and, as the purple giggle
gas hazed around her, she renewed her laughter. Her eyes were streaming
salty tears of laughter as she felt one set of fingers climb over her stomach
towards her breasts whilst another dipped across her hip towards her
trimmed bush. She did not know which girl was tickling which part of her
body. She did not care. She felt fingers beneath her breasts. The gas was
making her insane with laughter and about as weak as a kitten.

"Your skin very very soft."

"We like."

"Very much" they both laughed.

The lower curve of her breasts was being tickling, both at the same time,
by Miika or Luna's fingertips. She squirmed in erotic abandon, gassed
senseless, as more fingertips lightly scratched around her abdomen, moving
lower towards her pubic triangle. Giggling and wriggling in a naked
helpless trance, Gina could do nothing but enjoy the ride as the cheek
Japanese girl played her body like a harp. They tittered and nudged one
another over Gina's torso as they tickle-teased their victim. Fingers lightly
caressed Gina's breasts now, moving from underneath to the sides and then
inwards to her painfully erect nipples. Another set of fingers moving through
the hair just below her abdomen.

"I... I..." Gina's eyes bugged out and she tried to protest again but the
gas had her in its velvet grip, "I ha ha hhee no you mustn't. Mnn he he."

"Ooh but we must." Luna was between Gina's legs now, her fingers so close
the Gina's moistness, "We think you must too!"

"Yes." Miika swept the palms of her hands over Gina's nipples, as light as
a feather.

"Ooooohhh ho noo nh hoheha hnnn." Gina shook her head from side to
side. Her nipples felt like they might explode. She had some of her senses
back now. Her rapid breathing had drawn enough oxygen to burn off the
worst of the giggle gas's effects. But she was still lost to it and, worse than
that, her body was lost to the attentions of the two tickling Japanese girls.
Miika swept her hands over Gina's nipples again and then underneath and
around the sides of her breasts.

"We welcome you to the ancient art of Japanese tickle-gasm." Miika
breathed into Gina's ear, "I hope you like."

Gina opened her mouth to speak.

Luna's fingers finally reached her pussy.


The outer lips of her pussy had swollen so much that there was a cute
valley between them for Luna to run her fingers along. As she did this Gina
knew that she would come. The orgasm started even as Luna brushed her
clit with the first stroke. But she fought it. A reflex action. She wasn't a
lesbian. She didn't want to succumb to...

"Japanese giggling tickle-gasm!" the two Japanese girls laughed in unison.
Gina's face was a mask of gassed laughing chaos, confused sexual release
and a strange fear of passing a threshold she never ever imagined that she
would. The tickling of her nipples and breasts continued as the other
Japanese tickled all round her pussy, from the puckered bud of her anus
right up to the tip of her clit. Luna's fingers wiggled round her swollen
labia and swirled round her tight clit. Gina's orgasm was catastrophic.

"Good clever girl." said Luna, "I love your tickly, tickly pussy."

Gina's eyes locked with Luna's as the fell crashing, thrashing and
screaming into giggling tickle-gasm. The laughing gas still had its hold on
her and she could not stop laughing even as her nervous system crashed,
rebooted and crashed again - and again. The tickling continued between her
legs; expert fingers prolonging her orgasm as she writhed and squirmed in
ecstatic abandon. She was aware of the fingers teasing, pulling, tickling,
stroking and caressing her nipples also and it felt like her whole body had
been made for this moment alone.

She did not remember passing out. But she opened her eyes to find shopgirl
Anastasia standing by the x-frame. The gas had worn off and she was
suddenly aware of her nakedness. But when she looked down at her body
she noted that her breasts were covered by a scarlet silk handkerchief.
Another covered her still tingling sex. Anastasia was smiling. In her hands
she was holding at least 6 different kinds of feathers. The Japanese girls had

"I brought these along for the next part of our procedure." Anastasia
said gently, "But I figured you might be ready to tell me your secrets now

Gina frowned. Her stern, defiant countenance became one of soft defeat.

"Yes. she whispered, "I'll tell you anything you want."

Anastasia kissed Gina's left cheek once.

"I know." she said, "Everybody does."

End of Part 2.