Luna Crush

Twenty year old Luna Crush crested the hill as she finished the last quarter
mile of her morning run. Her long black hair was held tightly behind her head

and her ponytail was swinging with rhythm back and forth as she made her

pounding decent down the long steep hill. It had been a seven mile run in just a

little over thirty minutes as Luna took the last few steps before beginning to

walk the final few hundred feet. Her beauty was undeniably unique. She had a

very well endowed womanaly physique with an innocent face and soft skin. What

most people didn't realize about Luna was that she was not like most other

twenty year old girls. Beneath her long black hair and hidden behind her sharp

green eyes was one of the world's greatest secret weapons. She was Beautiful yet

deadly, innocent and remarkably gifted, young and tenacious. From before her

birth she was the project of a secret group of scientist contracted by the

United States government to researched and eventually developed a genetically

engineered human. Although Luna had a biological mother and father, at the time

of her conception her genes and chromosomes were manipulated in a way that the

scientist hoped would create a superior being. At first it appeared that the

experiment had failed, as Luna did not demonstrated any "exceptional" abilities.

However, shortly after her fourteenth birthday she felt herself beginning to

change. Physically she began to blossom, just as many young girls do at that

age, but along with her movement into womanhood she began to realize that she

was somehow different. She quickly grew stronger than most adults and at times

she was able to manipulate the thoughts of others with her mind. Needless to

say, it didn't take long for the government to get involved and Luna was

subjected to intense study and training. By the time she was eighteen years old

she had taken her place as one of the governments most secret and protected

jewels. Participating in secret operations all over the world in situations

where her youth, strength, and beauty would best serve her makers. By the time

she was twenty years old she had been involved in countless missions and had

become a respected and courageous member of the intelligence community.

The cold morning air stemmed off of Luna's breath as she briskly ran up the

stairs to her apartment building. Hanging like a necklace around her neck was

the keycard that gained her access. With a snap, she opened the door and

continued to walk down the hallway to her apartment. Scattered about the inside

of the apartment was modern and very comfortable looking pillow like furniture,

clothes, and shoes. A modest television set sat in the corner of the room and

was tuned into an infomercial about hair loss. Luna' s white, fluffy cat, named

Mirage, was sitting on the couch in front of the TV watching intently, not even

noticing Luna's entrance into the room. Sliding off her tennis shoes and shaking

out her ponytail she made her way to the kitchen. "Hummm" Young Luna gestured as

she saw that there were two messages on her answering machine. In almost a

single movement, Luna pressed the play button on the machine and opened up her

refrigerator. "You have two messages", her machine grunted out in a mechanical

voice as she reached for a container of orange juice. "Message one". Luna began

pouring a glass of pulpy orange juice. "Hey loon!" came a female voice from the

machine. "Last night was hilarious. I don't know why you get all the attention

since you are a perpetual tease! I thought Jason's eyes were going to pop out of

his head. How do you do that??. Oh well..don't forget about the Halloween party

tonight. It might be your big chance with the J man". The machine beeped and

Luna nearly spilled orange juice onto her chin as she smiled remembering the

night before. A long beep blasted from the machine and then the mechanical voice

spoke again "message two". Luna had finished the glass of orange juice and began

removing her sweat drenched tee-shirt and shorts. "Good morning Luna." Came a

man's voice from the answering machine. "Meow" the white cat said as if it

recognized the voice and was somehow displeased about the call. "This is Mr.

Terwiliger from the center. We have a situation in Bolder Colorado and we need

you to go there today. Pack the usual things and come to the office as soon as

you can." The machine beeped and came to a stop as Luna tossed her tee-shirt and

shorts half way across the room into the dirty clothes bin. Happy Halloween, she

thought to herself as she walked across the room in nothing more than her gray

underwear and bra, making her way to the shower.

The Center was a heavily guarded building. It was an offspring of the CIA with

federal jurisdiction. It's members and agents were mostly ex-military. A long

driveway stretched from a parking area to the edge of the fenced in perimeter of

the compound where an entrance gate was located. Standing at the gate were two

heavily armed marines. One marine smiled dumbfoundedly and said, "She's coming".

"Dang dude!" The other marine gasped as if he were jealous about the advance

physic warning his partner had received from Luna regarding her arrival. Maybe

15 seconds passed and a red jeep came speeding around the corner. It was Luna.

Long black hair flying in all directions and black sunglasses were the first

things that the marines saw. Luna jolted to a stop at the gate. "Good morning

Miss Crush" the first marine said as he eyed her shapely black tank top from

behind his mirrored sunglasses. "Hi are you?" Luna spoke Cooley from

behind her sunglasses. "I am good, thanks for asking Luna. So are you off to

save the world again?" he asked as the second marine made a quick inspection of

the vehicle.

"Of course" answered Luna in a confident cocky voice "why else would I be up

this early". The second marine finished his inspection of the vehicle about the

same time that Jimmy finished his inspection of Luna, admiring her tight

fitting, low cut jeans and black boots. The gate raised up and Luna hit the gas

pedal of her jeep and sped into the parking area of the center. The conference

room was dark and cold with a large video screen hanging on the far wall. Seated

around the table were two well dressed official looking people. At the head of

the table was Carrie Talberg, the militant commander of special operations. To

her left was Mark Terwiliger, director from the advisors office. Mark was also

Luna's immediate superior. As Mark and Carrie were talking, the door to the

conference room swung open and in walked Luna Crush. "Good morning Luna" spoke

Mark as if seeing Luna was the highlight of his day. "Hi Mark" Luna replied as

she closed the conference room door behind her and took another bite from a

banana she was eating. "So how can I help the world on this lovely Halloween

day?" Luna asked in a somewhat sarcastic voice. The look on Carrie's already

irritated face got worse as she spoke, "You can start by taking off your sun

glasses and sitting down!" Luna made a big "O" with her mouth as she silently

said "ok" to herself. It was clear from the minute that Luna walked in the room

that there was tension between the 40 year old Carrie and Luna. Carrie's respect

for Luna was low and she was not afraid to express it. Luna knew that Carrie was

incredibly jealous of her powers and of her looks and she usually ignored her.

Sitting down next to mark, Luna looked at Carrie and asked, "So.what's up?"

"Several months ago" Carrie replied "one of our agents on an assignment in the

middle east was found by a military recon team wandering around the desert. His

memory was completely gone and an examination revealed a strange substance in

his blood. At first we thought it might be some kind of residue from a chemical

weapon but later it became apparent that it was a drug used during his

integration." Luna leaned back in her chair, downed the last bite of her banana

and asked, "and this ruins my Halloween..why?" as she cocked her head off to one

side giving a sarcastic, inquisitive look. Mark clinched his teeth and closed

his eyes in anticipation of Carrie's response. "Look you self centered bitch.."

Carrie started. Luna tilted her head down and looked at Carrie with a piercing

cold stair as if she were going to throw a thought or two into Carries mind.

"You wouldn't dare" Carrie insisted as she looked back at Luna equally defiant.

"No.I wouldn't want to corrupt my own mind with the likes of yours.if you know

what I mean." Luna spoke as if she knew something that Carrie didn't. A

frustrated Mark finally cut through the tension with a calm voice and said, "Can

we continue?" Carrie clinched her teeth, took a deep breath and continued. "We

recreated the compound that was found in the agents blood stream. After some

laboratory testing we discovered that it has some unbelievable mind controlling

properties. If mass quantities get into the wrong hands, it could be a disaster

on a global scale. Additionally, we have reason to believe that it is coming

from a lab at the university in Boulder." Luna's attention to the problem began

to grow as she put her elbows onto the conference table and replied, "Where do I

come in?" Mark continued for Carrie "Intelligence reports indicate that there

may be a secret, advanced development lab hidden someplace in the university. If

we send in a search team, were going to scare off the people that we are trying

to catch. Our plan is to send you up there and have you use

your.special.abilities to see what you can learn. Infiltrate the distribution,

find the lab, and call in the cavalry." Luna took a moment to look over some

papers that summarized the structure of the drug and it's effects. Part of her

mind was still trying to decide if this was more important than the Halloween

party she was going to miss. Carrie managed to break the comfortable silence as

she looked at Luna and began to rant "Luna, lately you have been a bit.for lack

of a better word.buggy...are you sure your up for this?" Luna looked at Carrie

as if she had no idea what she was talking about "what do you mean by buggy!

Buggy.what does that I some kind of computer program or something?"

Luna asked defensively. "Well, its common knowledge that your minstrel cycle

distracts your powers on occasion" "WHAT!" replied Luna "My minstrel cycle is

common knowledge?! So what if.I....its not like I loose my powers." "Well"

Carrie replied "we still have a lot to learn about how your powers are effected

by stress on your body. It does seem like your pubescent state has some major

effects on your abilities. There is a lot we still don't know." "Argh" barked

Luna as she took to her feet "My powers are fine. They don't go away..ok!?" Mark

once again broke the uncomfortable tension as he jumped in "There really is no

one better suited for this mission. Luna will fit right in with the student

population and we need someone who can do that, and take care of themselves

without weapons." Mark, Carrie, and Luna sat quietly for a moment and then

Carrie said "Alright Luna, go to boulder but if you start to feel Glitchey, you

need to get out. The last thing we need is for you to fall into the wrong

hands." Luna just looked at Carrie and said "Glitchey.glitchey! Trust me..I

don't into any ones hands. I'll find your lab." Luna shook her head and left the

room. Mark drove Luna to the airport as she silently sat and read through the

CIA reports and maps of the Boulder area. The documentation only half had her

attention. She could not stop thinking about Carrie's comments about being

"buggy". She knew that in some ways Carrie was right. Luna's period did seem to

have a mild "dampening" effect on all of her powers. And there was something

else to. She never reported that once while being very intimate with someone,

she lost all of her super powers for nearly a day. There was still so much to

learn about herself and the effects of her life on her powers. Under her very

cool exterior her only fear was losing the exceptional powers that she had

become accustom to having.

The flight to Boulder was short and it didn't take long for Luna to unpack and

eagerly jump into her Halloween costume. Luna stepped out of her door and began

the half-mile walk to the night-club that she thought would be a good place to

draw some attention to herself and start mingling with the students. The night

air was very cold and Luna began to wonder if she had chosen the right Halloween

clothing for this climate. Silver metallic boots reached from their 3 inch heals

all the way up her long, shapely legs to an inch or so above her knees. At her

waist hung a short matching silver skirt. Snugly fitting her upper body was a

skin tight, glittery silver halter that left most of her soft stomach exposed

and clung tightly to the shapely top half of her body. On her wrist were wide,

metal, bands that matched her boots. Her black hair was fluffed out to give that

wild look and her lips were in their perpetual pout. Luna walked effortlessly on

the elevated heals as if she had perfect coordination. However, even her super

body could not protect her from the cold as she quickened her pace in an effort

to get to the club and out of the night air. Nearing the club, Luna turned a

corner and found herself walking up a dark alley where there were three

approaching frat boys dressed like army men for Halloween. Luna smiled thinking

"how cute" and continued walking. "Hey look!" One of the guys said as they

approached Luna "What are you sopost to be?" a clearly drunken frat boy asked.

"I am the real super woman" a confident Luna replied as she gave him a wink.

"How bout getting super on this baby" one of the other frat boys drunkenly said

as he grabbed at his balls. Luna disgustingly rolled her eyes and said "Ya..You

wish" as she began walking away from the boys. All three frat boys said

"Ohhhhhhh" as if to mock Luna. Before Luna took even two steps the first frat

boy put his hand on Luna's shoulder and turned her around to face them "Where ya

going babe?" he asked as he looked hungrily at her. "Not here" the much shorter

Luna said as she once again tried to turn and walk away. Before she could take

another step, the frat boy once again grabbed her by the shoulder but this time

he pushed her against the alley wall. "How bout giving up a little honey.honey".

Luna's eyes opened wide as she yelled "Honey! Honey! I cant believe this. Excuse looser.but no means NO". The rather large frat boy questionably said

"No?" as he began to try to kiss Luna's face. "Get away from me you ape!" Luna

yelled "Do you have any idea what I can do to you? You do not want to mess with

me!". The frat boy continued to try to kiss her and began groping near the top

of her chest. Unwilling to tolerate even another second of this, she sent her

knee slamming into his balls. With hardly a sound the boy dropped to the ground

grabbing between his legs. All of his friends nearly fell to the floor laughing.

"I warned you, you idiot!" Luna said as she turned to walk away. "Get her!" the

injured frat boy grunted. Before Luna could even start running the other two

boys grabbed her and pinned her to the wall, nearly knocking her off of her

elevated boots. As if they had done this before, the two boys holding Luna held

her arms out to her side and used their feet to pull her legs apart and hold her

boots to the ground. Her heart began to pound in fury as the boy on the ground

rose to his feet and stood right in front of her. "Your all going to get very

hurt if you don't let go of me right now" she calmly protested. "Oh.a tough

girl! Lets see how tough you are." the frat boy said as he slowly started to

reach down towards the bottom of her skirt. Luna was reading his thoughts and

knew that he was about to rather abruptly grab between her legs. Although she

was concentrating on him she could also sense that the other two boys were

having some ideas of their own and given the minimal nature of her top, she

figured she had better do something quickly. "Hey!" Luna said to get the boys

attention. His eyes locked on hers for just a moment and in that moment Luna

used her telepathy to send a shock of fear thought his mind like nothing he had

ever seen before. His hand froze in mid air and his mouth dropped wide open but

no sound came out. In that instant he turned and ran away as fast as he could.

Luna cracked a cocky smile and turned and looked at the other two boys that were

holding her arms and legs against the wall. "Wanna play?" she asked in a

sarcastic yet seductive voice. The boys stood their silently as Luna swung both

of her arms together slamming both boys painfully together. A hop and a high

boot kick left one of them grounded and a sweeper kick landed the third on his

ass. She just turned and walked away with a smug and disgusted look on her face.

Silently standing at the end of the alley stood a man in a long black coat. He

watched as Luna walked away

Luna walked into the club and pushed her way through wall to wall coeds. The

place was amazing complete with loud music, a dance floor, bar, and pool tables.

Everyone seemed to be having a great time all dressed up in their costumes

running around with pitchers of beer. Luna found her way to the bar and took a

seat. It didn't take long before the bar tender noticed her and asked what she

would like to drink. "How about a long island" Luna yelled over the noise of the

crowd as she gave the bartender an innocent smile and an approving look with her

big brown eyes. She noticed he didn't take his eyes off of her cleavage for even

a moment. "Sure thing" he said as he turned and began mixing her drink. Luna

spun around on her bar stool and surveyed the room as she drank her long island.

She was trying to read the thoughts of the people in the room but it was hard.

Whenever people are so closely packed together it gets much harder to reach into

their thoughts and some people were just too hard to read anyway. Luna took her

time finishing her drink and had several boys come up and talk to her while she

sat at the bar. Off at the far end of the bar, the three frat boys that had

stopped Luna in the alley were talking to the bar tender telling him their

story. "DUDE! She's got powers.I swear" the one muscular frat boy was telling

the bartender. "Get serious! You guys are getting lamer all the time" "No

really, she threw all of us to the ground and she had some mind thing going on

too. I think she is a witch or something". The bartender looked at them like

they were crazy. "Listen" the frat boy said."we'll pay you double this

time.pleaseeeee..please.please". The bar tender rolled his eyes and reluctantly

said "alright". The frat boy handed the bartender some money and a small vile,

which he quickly put into his pocket. Luna did not notice the boys talking to

the bar tender as she continued to survey the room. After a few moments, Luna

turned back to the bar and asked for another Long Island. A very happy bar

tender gave her the drink and went about his business. What Luna did not realize

was that the bar tender had emptied the contents of the vile that the frat boys

had given him, into her drink. The three boys sat in the corner and watched Luna

as she finished her drink. "She downed it all dude!" One said to the other.

"Finger says this was the best batch yet. He said this one could knock out a

horse!" "Its going to need to.that bitch is damn strong". "Hopefully she wont be

able to do that mind shit either" "Well, she'll be feeling no pain, that's for

sure." The boys all laughed and headed for the door. Luna was feeling a little

buzzed and was enjoying the moment. "Excuse me" a waitress said as she tapped

Luna on the shoulder knocking her out of her buzzed trance. "There is someone

outside that wants to talk to you". "Ok..thank you." Luna replied. Luna walked

confidentially across the room. With each step her beautiful, strong legs only

slightly shuttered and her very short skirt left very little to the imagination.

She was truly the vision in the room, having the attention of many of the boys.

Luna made her way out the front door where she found the three frat boys waiting

for her. "Hey..we wanted to apologize" one of them said. "SO" Luna replied. She

left them with a long pause then she continued, "You three are idiot pigs and

your lucky I didn't really mess you up". Luna felt a little light headed and

figured it must have been from the drinks. All three of the boys were quiet

intoxicated not only by alcohol but by Luna's fleshy and innocent appearance.

"How did you get so strong?" asked one of the boys. "That's for me to know" Luna

said as she shook her head no. Luna turned to walk back into the club but to her

surprise, her leg gave way and she nearly fell. One of the frat boys grabbed

her, keeping her from falling to the ground and she desperately struggled to

read his thoughts but for some reason it was taking more concentration than she

had expected. Through a cloudy vision, she saw the flask in his mind that had

been emptied out into her drink and she immediately knew that she had been

drugged. "WHAT have you done to me!" she screeched. "Just a little something to

make you feel good" he replied with an evil smile. Luna was furious and she

began to exert her mental powers in an effort to punish them all. Luna could do

nothing and she felt her vision begin to go dark. "Damn have no idea

what you just did. You don't understand.." She began to slur as her usually

powerful legs began to wobble beneath her body. "Don't worry honey!" one boy

said as the other spoke "Paybacks are a bitch". Luna's head began to hurt as she

raised her hands up to meet the pain. She could not believe that she had been

slipped a drug by vengeful frat boys. "Please" she pleaded as she held her head

in her hands stepping back into the wall, "you don't understand what you have

done, I .cant.umph, please don't." were the last words she spoke before her eyes

rolled back into her head and her legs gave out, dropping her to the ground

Luna's vision slowly started to return. "Welcome back to the living" Rich said

as his words brought Luna back from her unconscious state. She woke to find

herself lying on a bed in what appeared to be the sub basement of a frat house.

The walls were all cement and there were no windows. Luna had been stripped down

to her black underwear and bra while her boots, skirt, and top lay in a heap on

the floor. Her legs were uncomfortably tied together with what seemed like one

hundred feet of rope tightly wrapped from her ankles to just below her knees.

Her hands were secured above her head with rope to a steel loop in the wall.

With a very angry look on her face Luna began pulling with all of her might at

the ropes. The boys had anticipated her strength and tied her well. "let me go"

she demanded in a cold angry voice. Rich stepped over to the head of the bed and

replied "Not till we get our honey.honey". Luna cringed at the thought of being

touched by one of these animals. "So what is this..some kind of fraternity fuck

room or something?", Luna asked. Just then Rich reached over and grabbed some

kind of oxygen mask that was attached to a nitrous oxide tank that the boys had

"taken" from a local dentist office. Rich held the mask in his hand and looked

threateningly down at Luna. "Something like that" Rich replied. "Ready for a fun

time?" he asked. Luna's body was working off the effects from the tranquilizer

that they had given her and she felt her mind begin to clear. Still pulling at

her restraints she pleaded, "Look..please listen to me. I am not like other

girls. I don't react well to could kill or permanently damage me with

that stuff. Please don't do this." "Well babe, I think you may have permanently

damaged me with that knee of yours earlier tonight!" "You were attacking me you

buffoon! And I have truly had enough of this. Untie me right NOW or you will pay

more dearly than you can possibly imagine." Luna's defiant and strong attitude

was almost arousing to the boys as they laughed looking at her soft fleshy body

tied helplessly in front of them. Luna grew impatient and decided that her head

was finally clear enough to try some mind powers. Luna turned her head to the

left and looked at Rich as he stood above her with the gas mask in his hand.

Luna stared at him as he found himself frozen in a trance. "untie me" Luna said

in a soft hypnotic voice as she looked Rich straight in the eye. As if he was a

spectator to his own actions, Rich dropped the mask and began working at the

knot that tied Luna's hands to the wall. "No!" Nathan yelled "She is doing it to

you again!!" Luna did not take her eyes off of Rich as his shaky hands fought

between his will and hers. Nathan was not about to stand there and watch "Stop

it" he yelled as he ran over and shook his friend back into his mind. "She's

doing it to you again!" Luna, turning to Nathan said one word, "Pain". Nathan

took a step back and grabbed at his head as he felt an intense pain growing

behind his eyes. As Nathan dropped to his knees yelling, Luna turned back to

Rich and he once again entered a trans like state and began working on the knot

that tied her hands to the wall. Luna could feel both boys fighting her and she

found it continually more difficult to concentrate. Her primary focus was Rich

but he was fumbling with the knot and could not seem to loosen it. Nathan was

also fighting the pain making her attempts at keeping him immobilized more

difficult. "Stop it you bitch" Nathan yelled. "Untie me!" Luna said to Nathan as

she eased up on his pain just enough to let him concentrate on untying her legs.

Nathan desperately began untying the enormous amount of rope that was used to

restrain her powerful legs. Like juggling two balls with one hand, Luna

concentrated hard to keep the boys working on the ropes. Something didn't feel

quiet right and she was trying as hard as she could to keep them under control.

Her hands finally free she reached down and helped a reluctant Nathan finish

with the lengthy untying of her lower body. Finally free of the bonds, she kept

both boys in a trans like state as she lent down to get her clothes. Just as she

bent down a sharp pain shot through her abdomen. As she expected, it was the

beginning of her very painful menstrual cycle. Luna closed her eyes for a moment

and put a hand on her stomach. "Ewwoo" she said as the pain ran through her

system. The pain was enough for her to loose her concentration and both boys

dropped out of trance. As Luna stood with her cloths in hand Rich slammed into

her with all of his force tackling her back on to the bed. With all of his might

he bear hugged her around her waist and arms so tight that she could barley

breath. A quick thinking Nathan grabbed the mask that was connected to the

nitrous oxide tank, turned up the valve to full, and grabbed the back of Luna's

head by the hair with one hand and pushed the mask against her nose and mouth

with the other. Luna was still struggling for her first breath as Rich's bear

hug was making it nearly impossible to breath and as she did gasp for air she

took a deep breath of the nitrous oxide and went limp as the drug entered her

lungs. As Rich released her from the bear hug, Luna fell limp. The bottom half

of her body laying on the bed and her head in Nathan's arms. Nathan spoke softly

to Luna as he continued to hold the mask over her mouth and nose, "slow deep

breaths girl". Luna's eyes fluttered and Nathan removed the mask from her face.

"How do you feel girl?" Nathan asked. Luna paused "I feel..week..but kinda good

too" she replied as she cracked a small smile, giggled, and twister her body

slightly on the bed pulling her feet together. "hummm..I feel good". Rich

gathered up the rope and began to tie Luna back on to the bed. "ewwww.kinky boys

are you" Luna said in a groggy drugged voice, "you better tie me up good, I am

really strong sometimes" she confessed with an innocent smile and a bite to her

lower lip. "What's your name girl?" Nathan asked as he began to tie Luna's hands

back up over her head. "Luna Crush, I am a very special person and you two are

in BIG trouble" she calmly replied as she giggled a little. Nathan continued to

give Luna occasional breaths of the gas while Rich tied Luna's limp legs to

opposite corners of the bed exposing her inner thighs and putting her in a

slightly more vulnerable position than before. The drug made her completely weak

and the mass of ropes were unnecessary but the boys didn't want to take any

chances. With her eyes closed, Luna giggled and twisted her body against the

ropes as she said to Nathan in a high singing voice "I know what your thinking

Nathan". "What am I thinking Luna?" Nathan asked. Almost a prideful smile

crossed her face as she continued, "You want to touch want want to

see my boobs". "That's right..I do." Nathan replied almost embarrassed at the

truth. "I have nice boobs", she giggled "but you can't touch them". Her eyes

were mostly open with an occasional flutter as her body fought against the gas.

Luna laid still with her mouth partly open and her upper lip looking pouty as if

it were trying to reach up away from her mouth. Nathan continued to stair at

Luna dwelling over her beautiful chest. "What is Rich thinking??" he asked. Luna

spoke slowly and more labored as if the last breath form the mask might have

been a little too much, "Rich is a little more, um, single minded than you. He

can't stop looking between my legs. He wants to pull down my underwear really,

really bad". With her eyes closed, Luna smiled and continued "but you better

not". Nathan started to think of all kinds of ideas. "Your very very strong

Luna, is there any way we can fight you? Control you? What are your weakness?"

he asked, not really expecting a usable answer. Part of Luna resisted but the

drug was too strong and she answered.