Hi everyone!

Before I start I think I should tell you all a little about myself. My name's Marie, I'm 31, a Vietnamese- Canadian. To give you a visual, think a Tia- Carrera- type look. I'm sure many of you wont believe it, but it's true. A couple of years ago I had my boobs done, and I still love the effect they have!

I found this site through an ex- boyfriend. He and I loved talking about our dentist fantasies, me being gassed out in a chair, him having his way with me. We also loved the idea of me being drunk or high and letting all my ‘bad ideas' come out. Anyway, we broke up, but the fantasies remain. So what I'd like to do is share some of my ideas, fantasies and experiences with you, and hopefully you'll like them as much as I do. Now I'm a big fan of pot. I smoke it or eat it and my brain shrinks- I swear! I smoke with people and alone, and always have lots of fun when I do! I love getting really blazed and watching cartoons or looking at magazines. Invariably I end up smiling, then giggling, then laughing like an idiot, and pretty much always, masturbating. Anyway, I guess I better start at the beginning, with My First Time.

I was living in an apartment with a friend who was a big time pot head. She was always smoking a joint, and trying to get me to try too. I was always hesitant, and since I was in my mid- twenties, I felt even more uncomfortable. But Tammi was persistent, and finally I gave in. The night was set for a Saturday in July. I remember going through the day absentmindedly, fixated on the evening. Finally after a workout and some shopping, I opened the apartment door.

Tammi had set the place up and was grinning from ear to ear. “Go shower, and I'll spark it.”

I came out in a t-shirt and shorts, Tammi was already pulling on the joint. “Now take it”, she grinned, holding it out. “Take it and take a slow, little drag, then try and get it into your lungs.” My hand was actually trembling as I took the spliff, and of course, as I inhaled the pot, I coughed. “Ha ha, that happens,” she laughed, “now try again.” The next hit was easier, and I could feel the smoke in my lungs. “Okay, now let it out- slowly.” I watched the smoke spiral out of my mouth. “I don't feel anything.” I said, disappointed. “You won't at first, you'll have to smoke quite a bit, but this shit is strong, so when you do, it'll be a blast.” She handed the joint back to me. “Now make like a chimney and puff, puff, puff.” Just then the phone rang and Tammi answered it. “I'm going to take this in the kitchen, now when I get back I want that joint gone.” Tammi left the room and I was sitting alone on the couch. I looked at the joint, “Come on,” I pleaded, “get me high.” And away I went. Three tokes in I started to feel something. I blinked, and my eyes felt like they stayed closed a beat too long. “Weird” I thought, and took another hit. This time as I closed my eyes to inhale I really felt the smoke fill my lungs, and watched it billow out of my mouth in nice puffy clouds. I slouched down in the couch more, very aware of the smooth cool leather on my skin and the soft carpet on my feet. I rubbed my feet back and forth as I smoked, and started to feel fuzzy little tickles on my soles. I don't know how long I was there, puffing away happily, but when I heard Tammi's voice I looked up. “Oh my! Look at you!” grinned Tammi, “Someone's feeling good!” “Who?” I giggled, honestly not knowing who she was talking about. “Oh man, you're baked!” said Tammi, sitting across from me. “I am?” I asked, “Yes you are, try and stand up.” Tammi smiled at me as I clambered to my feet, a process which felt like it took about an hour. When I finally straightened up and got my balance, Tammi grinned and clapped “Yay! Good girl, you deserve a puff!” I moved forward. I say moved because I didn't feel like I was walking at all. Tammi held the joint out. “Now put your hands behind your back try and get it with your mouth.” She had me bend at the waist, trying to catch a joint with my lips. When she finally let me have it, the feel and taste of the smoke was like heaven. “Hold it now,” she cooed, “hold it…now slowly spin around….good…” Looking back, I can't imagine how this would have looked. Over the next few years Tammi and I took turns doing this to each other and together, and we would film or photograph it (I've always wondered if those pictures are out there somewhere on the web!). But that first time was so wild, so liberating, I must have looked like the happiest girl in the world. As I spun I closed my eyes, listening to Tammi count me to ten spins. At ten she had me stop and look at her. I fell. On the ground I was a mess, I remember the room still spinning slowly, almost like a merry- go- round, and laughter, uncontrollable, uninhibited laughter. I also remember wondering who it was. It was me of course. I opened my eyes again to see Tammi's face over mine, smiling. “Coochie- coo!” she giggled, tickling me under the chin with a finger under my chin. This of course sent me into more convulsions, and each spasm ran through my body causing a strange kind of tickling/ orgasmic laughter. Tammi put a hand over my face and wiggled the fingers, and again I giggled, feeling like a baby looking up at a mobile over her crib. “You are FUCKED!” laughed Tammi. “Touch my hand.” “I can't” I moaned, and I really couldn't. My arm was lying on the ground, but I couldn't lift it no matter how hard I tried, and the more I stared at it, the longer it seemed to stretch. Once Tammi started to run her fingers from my shoulders to my fingers, I was gone. “Tammi…” I moaned, trying to pull my arm away. “Shhh..” she soothed, “Here, be a good girl and take a little puff.” The taste of weed on my lips erased any inkling of moving my arm, and I drank in the smoke like a traveller drinks water in the desert.

Over the next two hours, I must have blanked out and come to three or four times. Every time I awoke, Tammi was smiling and looking at me. I remember her kissing my forehead and chin, and also feeling her mouth on my fingers and toes. The toes was odd, because I'm not sure if it was a dream or not, but I have images of her tongue sliding between my toes like a snake, and her lips, smiling at me. It was such a soothing feeling, so relaxing. I also remember feeling something slide from my heel to my toes, and how when the sensation (it must have been her tongue) squirmed its way to the middle of the sole of my foot, I felt a squirting orgasm and heard the laughter (my own!) again.

I also remember (and still do) what might have been dreams. My nipples were being sucked and licked, and my stomach kissed. I also remember – or think I remember!- coming, and feeling a mouth lapping at my pussy. I get shivers about it even now.

I loved that night, and realized then that having sex when high (or even just being high!) was the most amazing feeling I could imagine. Over the next two years, Tammi and I had lots of fun. We eventually were more up front with our sexuality, and enjoyed each other often. We also loved our pot. We had trips to Jamaica together, and loved experiencing as many things as we could in a marijuana- clouded haze. I hope you all enjoyed my first time, and if you'd like, I'd love to tell you more stories about me and my favourite plant.