Maya Andrews lived the perfect life. She had married a plastic surgeon, lived in a huge house, drove a Lexus and spent her days working out, shopping and tanning by her pool. On top of that, this weekend her husband was going camping with the kids and his buddy and his kids, leaving Maya with a whole weekend to herself. Before she started her weekend at the spa, Maya figured she better clean up the house, starting with her sixteen-year old son’s room. The place was a disaster, and as Maya picked through the mess, her heart stopped. In David’s schoolbag, Maya found a huge bag of marijuana, complete with pipes and rolling papers. Maya sat down, shocked. She had smoked her share (or more than her share) of pot when she was a teenager, but this was different. She took the bag and called her husband immediately.
“Tom, it’s me Maya. We have a problem. I was cleaning David’s room and I found a bag of weed!”
Tom wasn’t so concerned. “Maya relax, come on, you smoked more dope than anyone in college and look how you turned out!”
“But nothing. Look, here’s what I think. Smoke it. Smoke it all. David will think you just junked it, so smoke it and enjoy.”
“Yeah, just do me a favor, set the video camera up and tape yourself, I’d love to see get all giggly and dumb.”
Maya thought for a second. She hadn’t smoked a joint in ages, and the idea certainly appealed to her. Why not, it’d be fun.
“Okay Tom.”
“Good. I’ll call you later. Have fun.”
“I will. Love you.”

Maya took the bag to the kitchen and sat at the table. Her hands trembled as she rolled all the weed into thick joints. Then she got the camera, sat it on the counter and pressed record.
“Okay Tom”, she started, looking at the camera “prepare for takeoff!”
The first drag was tough, and Maya coughed. But the next filled her lungs nicely, and she held it in. The weed was strong, and it crackled as she toked. “Tom”, started Maya “baby’s gonna get fucked up.” She smiled stupidly at the flashing red light, and then stared at it, almost hypnotized by it. Slowly Maya got to her feet to get a drink. Along the way she saw the clock. Ten in the morning, and she was getting stoned. Just like old times. Maya felt her hips sway side to side as she walked, and knew that the camera was focused on it. Her tiny cotton shorts hardly covered her perky ass, and when she bent to get a bottle of water they rode up. Still with the joint in her mouth, Maya straightened up, and felt the room lurch. “Whoa” she giggled. Before she turned, she stopped.”Why not” she figured, and picked up the bottle of champagne.

Maya stumbled her way to the living room with the camera, champagne and weed. The phone rang. “Hello”
“Hey baby, enjoying youself?’
“Yeah” giggled Maya.
“Where are you?”
“’N the livin’ room” sighed Maya “Honey tha’s some strong weed. ‘M rilly high.”
“Why don’t you watch some cartoons? You used to do that a lot. Remember I’d come home from class and you’d be a mess on my floor? Go put the camera on the tv and watch some Bugs Bunny.”
“Yeah , I wanna do that.”
Maya clicked on the tv, and sat the camera on top, then she slumped in the massage chair.
“Breathe deep. Hold it in. Good. Now exhale.”
Maya did as she was told, Tom’s voice sending her off to a dreamworld, where her eyes only focused on the tv.”
“Hee hee” She giggled.
“What is it?”
“Bugs ‘s funny” giggled Maya, her chest shaking under the t-shirt.
“Your’e getting stupid aren’t you?” cooed Tom.
“Uh- huh” laughed Maya, sliding down in the chair. ”My arms ‘r all heavy” she sputtered.

Just then the doorbell rang.
“Oh shit, someone’s here!” Maya sat up and tried to shake the haze out of her head.
“I know. It’s Ming. I told Marty to tell her to pop by.”
The bell rang again. Maya hung up and struggled to her feet. Her legs were like rubber as she floated through the house. In spite of herself she giggled as the walls seemed to bend and move. She moved her hand and saw waves of light behind it, then shook her head and opened the door.”Hi Ming”

As hot as Maya was, Ming was even hotter. A true trophy wife, Tom’s business partner had married her on a trip to Thailand. She was in her early twenties, and Marty kept her dressed in the tiniest, sexiest outfits, and Ming loved it. Maya liked Ming fine, but in her state she was worried.

“Hi Maya, Marty said to come by and see- is that a joint?”
Maya looked down. She was still holding the half smoked dube. “Oh wow, let me hit it?” Ming took a really long drag right there on the porch. Maya couldn’t help staring at the Asian’s huge tits lift as Ming’s lungs filled with smoke. “Wow, that’s really good.” Without thinking Maya took a hit, and then passed it to Ming. Ming felt her eyes get lidded. “You got more?”

On the way back to the living room, Maya started to lean against the wall, and Ming had to take her by the arm and lead her to the couch. “Ming ‘m so high….’m flying….whee”
Ming lit another joint, took a puff and then held it for Maya. Maya was transfixed by the smoke as she exhaled. Then she lifted her hand up and stared at her fingers, giggling stupidly. Ming took a couple of hits. She had always thought Maya was sexy, and seeing her like this, her tits popping out of her little t-shirt made her pussy tingle. “ I like your bra” said Ming, pointing at Maya’s strap. “ Can I see it?” “Sure” giggled Maya, and she slipped the bra off and passed it to Ming. Ming didn’t even notice, she was just staring at Maya’s tits, the shirt was old and almost see through, and Maya’s nipples strained against the thin white cotton. Maya didn’t notice anything. Her eyes were closed and she squirmed around on the chair. Every move felt good, every sound was so clear. Ming saw the champagne. “I’m thirsty.” She popped the bottle and let the foam spill onto Maya “Eeek!” squealed Maya, sitting up .” Hey can I have some?” Ming held the bottle as Maya drank from it. Champagne dribbled down the sides of Maya’s mouth.
“I am so fucked up!” laughed Maya. “Try standing up.” Suggested Ming, licking her lips. Maya struggled to stand, and when she did she couldn’t keep her balance. “Spin around five times” giggled Ming, the weed getting to her now too. Maya did “Wheeee” she laughed, but when she stopped her legs gave out and she fell the ground in a laughing mess. Ming stood up to see Maya, but her legs gave out too. “Whoops!” she sputtered as she fell to the ground. “’M legs don’ work!” “’S cuz yer high…high, high, lie, pie Ha ha ha ha !” Ming crawled towards Maya, transfixed by her tits, jiggling from side to side. Ming sat next to Maya, and blew more smoke in her face. “MMMMMMMMM..Ahhhh..I…feel…so….good…!”
Ming leaned close to Maya’s face , and as she did she stroked her tanned thigh.
“Unnhhhh!” Groaned Maya, arching her back. Ming moved her hand up to Maya’s exposed ribs, lightly tickling them. This sent Maya into convulsions of uncontrollable laughter, but she couldn’t move her arms. “’M STUCK” she shrieked as Ming tickled . Watching Maya’s face and body shake and tremble, combined with the giggling and the weed made Ming’s pussy burning hot, and as she stroked Maya she slid one finger into her own clit, which by now was very wet. The wave of pleasure washed over her, and she gasped and fell back. “Hey…why’d you st….oh” Maya got up onto her hands and knees and crawled towards Ming who was in a world of her own. Maya licked her lips as she got closer to the petite Asian. She saw the joint, picked it up and held it to Ming’s lips. Ming’s eyes widened as she struggled to push Maya off, but she couldn’t, and after a second of struggle, she relaxed and accepted the smoke, her eyes closing “Goo’ girl” giggled Maya, stroking Ming’s black hair off her forehead. Now it was Maya’s turn, and she went for it. She leaned forward and licked Ming’s lips while squeezing her tits. Ming’s back arched as Maya tweaked her nipples, and she gasped when Maya’s fingers joined Ming’s own inside her pussy. Ming grabbed onto Maya’s thigh, and then sipped inside the shorts. Maya’s pussy was as hot as her own, and Ming slid two fingers in easily. The women kissed fervently now, while they fingered each other. The harder they fingered the harder they were fingered. Suddenly they each stopped kissing and opened their mouths, screaming as orgasms rocked their bodies. Then they slumped on top of each other, sweating and panting

On the tv the camera’s light still flashed, and the phone rang.

To be continued?