“Did you know if you tickle Michelle she’ll have an
orgasm?”. Traci giggled. Kelly laughed at the
thought as well, but the fraternity boys seemed

Rich stared at Kelly. The best way to describe her
was a 20 year-old Asian American who could easily pass
as Carmen Electra. Traci was a “hottie” as well,
greatly resembling the actress Traci Bingham.

“I know if we tickle Kelly she’ll pee!” Rich goosed
Kelly in her sides. Kelly was very ticklish there and
shrieked. Traci was thankful she was only ticklish on
her feet.

“No, seriously,” Traci said as she took another hit
off the bong, “Michelle is seriously ticklish. She
told me that if somebody tickles her breasts, she’ll

“You mean that big-titted…” Rich held out his arms as
far away from his chest as possible.

“Yes, that’s her!”. Kelly giggled. The marijuana
smoke rolled from her lips.

Rich was tremendously excited, but so were the other
fraternity boys. It was Michelle’s freshman year (she
was 19) and Michelle was quite the focus of most men
on the college campus. In the first place, Michelle
was beautiful. Her face looked like some kind of
Nordic goddess and her long blonde hair only enhanced
the image. In the second place, there was a
persistent rumor that she stood to inherit millions of
dollars at age 25. Some sort of trust fund from her

Then, there was her body. Michelle stood at 5’8”.
Her ribcage measured 36” in diameter, her waist 24”
and her hips 36”. Judging by her virtually ideal
measurements alone, she would have been quite
impressive. For better or worse, the “big-titted”
girl, as Rich had referred to her, was just that. Each
breast looked like a cross between a champion-caliber
watermelon and a beach-ball. Extending two feet in
front of her, a good five inches beyond the sides of
her armpits and easily 18” from bottom to top,
Michelle’s left and right breast each weighed about

“Where is she ticklish?”. Rich was dying to know.
Rich was quite impressed with Traci and Kelly, but he
thought Michelle was absolutely the sexiest person
he’d ever seen.

Traci and Kelly both laughed. “Everywhere! We were
just at this gig on a boat. These guys tickled her
everywhere. They made her have an orgasm just by
tickling her! Well they had some laughing gas too.
They were oral surgeons.”

Traci chuckled out more pot smoke as she expounded.
“She told me she was super-ticklish everywhere. I had
to try it, I tickled her boob! She just about died,
just from me scraping my fingernail on her!”

“Like you and your feet!” One of the semi-stoned frat
dudes grabbed Traci’s left foot and wiggled his
fingers against her sole. Traci was only ticklish on
her feet, but she was insanely sensitive there. The
second her foot got held and tickled, she screamed
with laughter. Her face betrayed the absolute panic
it must have caused her. There was a contagious
nature to the tickling, because Rich grabbed Kelly
around her middle and tickled her. This was a special
treat for Rich, because Kelly was certainly one of the
most beautiful and fit people on campus. .

Both women were tickled for several seconds. Kelly
protested afterwards. “Oh, you can’t tickle me! I’ll
pee all over the place!” A little more marijuana
didn’t enhance her resistance.

“Well, invite me over tomorrow to meet Michelle and I
won’t tickle you!”

That worked for Kelly.



Rich couldn’t explain how it happened, but he found
himself sitting on Michelle’s legs, tickling her
sides. He couldn’t believe how sensitive she was – or
how her giant breasts bounced fiercely as she twisted
and laughed. Her sides and belly felt so good to him.
Very, very lean and muscular. They provided good
resistance as he poked and squeezed.

Kelly introduced them, and he had tried to convince
Michelle to make an appearance for the fraternity
president’s 21st birthday party. It was a simple
plan: instead of popping out of a cake, she would
wear an “I Dream of Jeannie” costume, pop out of a
blow-up bottle and do a belly-dance. They would even
pay her from the fraternity fund. Michelle wanted
nothing to do with it. Rich begged, pleaded and even
offered more money, but Michelle was resolute. Then
Kelly made a comment.

“May as well give up, Rich. The only time I’ve ever
seen Michelle cave is when she’s tickled…”

Michelle protested, but as usual it didn’t do her any
good. She was being tickled silly. Rich kept
squeezing her robust sides. “Just nod when you agree
to do it!”, he said. Michelle’s face was blood-red.
Her mouth was so widely open that her eyes were shut
and teary. She writhed wildly to get away, but all it
did was send her weighty breasts into motion.
Michelle couldn’t breathe and thought she might pass
out. She couldn’t laugh anymore and the rapid
jiggling of her ponderous breasts was killing her.
Michelle nodded. $500 was pretty good money, anyway.

After Rich left the room, Michelle (still red-faced)
talked to Kelly. Her voice was hoarse from her
screaming laughter.

“Why did you tell him to tickle me? You know how much
I hate it!”

“I didn’t tell him to, I was trying to get him to
leave you alone! I’m ticklish too, you know. It
isn’t like I wanted to see you tortured”.

“Please, you can’t ever let anybody do that to me
again. You’ve got to help me next time, or just not
tell people. I’m just too ticklish, I’m helpless.
It’s the worst thing on earth. I would rather
somebody hit me in the face than tickle me. And you
know what happens if they get me…you know”


Michelle sat inside a large plastic prop, a makeshift
“Jeannie bottle”. A dry ice machine was hooked up to
it, giving the appearance of smoke rolling out.
Michelle didn’t know that laughing gas was being piped
into her enclosure.

She wore a true “I Dream of Jeannie” outfit. Of
course, on a woman like Michelle, the outfit was
outlandish. The silk top and jacket hardly supported
her magnificient mammaries. As Michelle sat in the
“bottle”, waiting for her cue (Arabian music would
start playing), she started to giggle. Michelle
wasn’t sure why she felt so light-headed, but the
longer the gas surrounded her, the less inhibited she

Michelle could see kind of a distorted reflection in
the plastic. She noticed her long, flowing hair, and
thought for a second it was unusually pretty tonight.
She stared at her own breasts, bulging out of her
silken top and jacket. As she chuckled, Michelle
noticed how her boobs jiggled and bounced. “No wonder
so many people stare – I’m hot!” she thought to
herself. She shook her torso, just enough to make her
boobs bobble.

The gas was really getting to Michelle, but she wasn’t
aware of the source of her giddiness. “Do I dare…”,
she thought. Michelle stroked her own breast once.
It tickled terribly, just more proof that a person can
tickle themselves. Then the music started.

Michelle popped out of the top of the bottle. Her
vision was slightly foggy from the gas she’d
unwittingly inhaled. She felt sexy, alive and the
center of attention. Normally, Michelle didn’t like
drawing attention to her body. Now, she felt great
about it.

The fraternity boys cheered when Michelle started to
dance. She moved slowly and seductively, but even
slow motion caused her bulbous, bulging breasts to
bounce crazily. Her silhouette was stunning.
Michelle’s long, braided blonde hair reached halfway
down her back. Her middle was incredibly slender and
toned, but her breasts were so round, large and jiggly
it was almost traumatizing. In her gassed,
uninhibited state, requests she would normally scoff
at seemed reasonable.

“Make you belly roll!”, one shouted. “Let’s see your

Michelle hoisted her own breasts into the air, a very
difficult task. She rolled her defined abdominal
muscles for the crowd.

“Bend over!”

Michelle bent backwards. Her bosom lifted into the
air and tremored and quivered.

“Jump up and down!”

Michelle jumped, and 100lbs of bosom knocked her so
off balance she fell onto Rich. Suddenly, he was
covered with by the busty girl. But, he knew a
secret. He gave her ribs a quick rub.

“Hey everybody! Guess what! Michelle’s ticklish!”


He didn’t give up. Rich massaged her belly. “Oh,
this’ll make you do a belly dance, ha ha ha!”

Michelle shrieked and slid to the floor. “NO PLEASE

“Grab her feet!”

NO! NO! AH!”

The sharp, shocking sensation of tickling wore through
the gas quite quickly. Michelle rolled on the ground.
The guys tickled her feet, while Rich goosed her
belly. Belly-tickling was terrible to Michelle. It
seemed to go through her entire being.


It really surprised the boys, the way she gyrated.
Nobody had ever seen anything like it. This girl, a
Nordic beauty, strong, sexy and bright was
tremendously helpless when tickled. And she was so
horribly sensitive. Then, her balloon-like breasts
rippled, quivered and shook everywhere. Rich couldn’t
help but wonder if the rumors Kelly and Traci said
were true.


Michelle shook violently, trying to escape the savage
tickling. She had on no bra. Her hefty breasts blew
through her top almost instantly. Rich and the boys
quit tickling her. They were afraid to cross this
line. Michelle’s face was umber, both from her
violent laughter and embarrassment. She wrapped her
arms around her jiggling bosom to control their
motion. Michelle started crying.

“Please let me go! Please! Don’t do this to me

“Get up and run!”

Michelle did get up. They chased her though the
fraternity house. Michelle screamed and cried, but
the boys enjoyed watching her full, wobbling breasts
quake and shake as she tried to run through the house.
Everywhere she turned, she got a poke to her sides, a
squeeze to her ribs or a jab in the belly. Finally,
Rich had to try it out. He squeezed her breast.
Michelle screamed and fell to the ground.

Traci and Kelly did not lie. Rich and the boys found
out just how unbearably ticklish Michelle’s breasts
were. Oh, and she did have an orgasm. And another,
and another and another. They found out one would
start once a nipple was stroked. They found out the
bottoms of her breasts were the worst. Over the next
half-hour, Michelle was caught in a nightmare of
ticklish suffering. Her bladder had long since
emptied, and the boys showed no signs of giving up.
Her beach-ball like breasts were bright red from
flushing. Unable to take anymore, Michelle eventually
passed into unconsciousness.

When she awoke, she saw Rich moving towards her. She
was tied onto a bed, and he held a feather-duster.

The End!