Ms. Perkins was a classic neighborhood busy-body. She was always snooping around into other people's business, then passing the gossip around the neighborhood. Worse, as we became teenagers, she would rat on us to our parents and generally get us in big trouble.

I never found out why she was this way. She wasn't an ugly old battleaxe; she was barely 35 and a very good looking woman. She tended to dress conservatively and had a killer figure with a large bosom and wide, flaring hips. My girlfriends were just about 18 when Ms. Perkins got her comeuppance.

She had gotten all of us grounded at one time or another so the three of us, me Steph and Julie all had good reason to want to get her back. If nothing else, just getting her to quit her snooping would be a big plus.

We had always hung out in Stephanie's basement, smoking, drinking beer and the like and were always very careful that Ms. Perkins couldn't peek in and see or hear us. Steph's basement had those short little windows that were right at ground level and if you knelt on the ground you could hear plenty and if you leaned in a little you could see into the basement.

We had scored some beer and pot the night before and were kinda leery about drinking and smoking where Ms. Perkins might catch us. It was a good thing we hid everything at Julie's place. We had just gotten back to Steph's house when we heard some thrashing around at the back. You can imagine our surprise when we turned the corner and saw Ms. Perkins futilely thrashing her legs. The snoop had tried to peek in the basement window and was now quite securely stuck ! As I said, she had a big set of boobs on her and wide hips and those basement windows were really tiny !

We were just about ready to try and pull her out of there when I came up with an idea. Ms. Perkins couldn't see back outside as her hips and butt had the window blocked. I whispered to Steph and Julie and they giggled with delight at my scheme.

We gathered around the struggling woman and each of us plucked a long frondy weed. Her grunting and cursing turned to a gasp of surprise when I first tickled the back of her knee with that weed ! We darted our little fronds in an around the backs of her knees and was rewarded with giggling chuckles of "Oh MYYY !!" and "OOOOOOOOheheheheeeeeee !!!"

I don't know if she knew someone was tickling her right then; she may have thought it was just some wind blown grass. But I saw my chance when her wriggling movements kicked her one pump free. I immediately snatched it away and danced my weed around the sole of her stockinged foot !

I figured she knew someone was tickling her now so Julie plucked away her other shoe and started in on that sole !

"NOOOOOOOOO DOOONNNNHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!" she squealed. Evidently Ms. Perkins was VERY ticklish and now we had her at our mercy.

As we continued to tickle her thrashing feet and legs I whispered to Steph who nodded in eager anticipation. She ran around to enter the house while Julie and I tickled Ms. Perkins into an uncontrollable fit of squealing laughter. By now her skirt had ridden up on her hips and you could see the white skin of her thighs above the tops of her nylons.

The conversation we heard as we tickled the helpless woman was priceless ! Steph had entered the basement, saw Ms. Perkins hanging from the window flailing her arms, and demanded "WHAT'S GOING ON HERE ???? AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING TRYING TO BREAK INTO MY HOUSE !!!?????"


"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ???" Steph asked angrily, "...MAKE WHO STOP WHAT ???"



Ms. Perkins could only squeal in hysterical laughter as we dropped the fronds in favor of our long nails against her wrinkly nylon clad soles.


"Not talking huh ? Well, maybe I'll do a little tickling of my own to get some answers from you !!!"

Steph got a chair and started working over Ms. Perkins soft ribs ! The triple tickling was driving her absolutely NUTS ! I could tell from the higher pitched, squealing laughter that Steph was working over her tummy right about then so I reached up and unhooked the snaps on her garter belt. It was easy for me to peel down her stocking until I had a soft little bare foot right there in front of me ! I scribbled my nails all over her bare sole while Julie made short work of her other stocking. Finally, both bare feet were getting the tickle-torture treatment.

Stephanie, meanwhile had Ms. Perkins crying with laughter and as she tickled the woman's tummy she began undoing the buttons on her blouse ! When she had it completely open she left the cuffs buttoned around Ms. Perkins wrists and pulled the blouse down over her head. She used it like a rope to trap the woman's flailing arms and tied it off to a water pipe.

"Now am I going to get some answers or do we have to get serious here ?" Steph demanded.

Ms. Perkins was long past any rational speech as she had the softest most ticklish feet I'd ever seen and Julie and I were working them over BUT GOOD !!!

"Still not talking huh ?? Okay, fine !!" Steph rummaged around on the workbench and brandished an artist's brush in front of the woman's tear filled eyes. They widened briefly in shock and quickly clamped shut as our foot tickling continued.

"Let's see if those underarms of yours are ticklish, shall we ???" Steph taunted and started dabbling the bristles up and down her soft smooth underarms. I was surprised the woman hadn't passed out by this stage. Although her laughter had changed to the silent gut wrenching type, we still tickled her like crazy!

Steph had unsnapped the woman's bra, freeing her enormous boobs which jiggled with each spasm of helpless laughter ! Steph told me later that's when she found out Ms. Perkins was getting turned on ! She said her nipples were rock hard and when Steph tickled them with the brush you could hear Ms. Perkins moaning and grunting in between the belly laughs.

Julie unsapped and unzipped her skirt and in between bare foot tickling, we peeled it off the laughing woman. Her garter belt and panties followed until we had stripped her completely naked ! While Julie kept busy with her bare feet, I ran my nails up and down her quivering thighs and danced them across her jiggling butt ! I could tell by the dewey drops of moisture on her brown curls that she was indeed getting off on this !

I had no sooner started drawing my long nails up and around her curly fur, tickling her pussy like crazy, that Julie started sucking on her bare toes ! And Steph must have been playing with her nipples because she started bucking and writhing like crazy and you could hear her moans of ticklish pleasure !! We worked her through a mind-shattering orgasm which left her weakly exhausted and covered in sweat. At that point Julie and I started pushing her in through the window; her sweat covered hips now sliding in with ease.

Steph had moved the chair over just enough so that when Ms. Perkins popped through, she was kneeling on the chair with her hands still held captive by her blouse; straight over her head. She was still giggling hysterically and you could tell she hadn't stopped shuddering yet from her orgasm.

When Julie and I came to the basement I told Steph to go get the canister of nitrous we sometimes huffed. "Let's get old Ms. Perkins laughing it up but good !!"

Steph strapped the mask on her and cranked open the valve while Julie and I took turns tickling her bare feet ! She sucked in great lungsful of the stuff as she guffawed and laughed heartily from our ticklish torture!

We pumped her with gas for a good ten minutes and pulled the mask away. She was a giggling, simpering mess ! Her mascara left dark trails down her cheeks and she was laughing it up like crazy !

We got her down from the chair and took her blouse completely off. She was so weak we had to practically drag her over to the pool table, where, with the help of some clothesline, we tied her spread eagled.

Steph was right ! Her nipples were rigidly hard and very large !

She was still in the throes of laughter from the gas but could managed a few words.


"Well now Ms. Breaking-and-Entering, suppose you tell us why you broke in here ?" I asked.

Feebly she shook her head from side to side.

"Okay, then, here's the deal. I'm not going to ask you again for 10 minutes. In the meantime, I think Steph and Julie would like to show you some fingernail drawing on your tender little bare feet !"

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!! she yelled as they set in tickling her wriggling feet ! For 10 minutes they tickled her soles until she was reduced to silent laughter.

We let her catch her breath and she forced out the words "I WAS SPYING ON YOU !!!!"

"Well, girls. She was spying on us !!! You know what they do to spies, don't you Ms. Perkins ??"

She was begging and pleading with me not to let them tickle her anymore.

"Okay, then tell ya what. You answer my question and we'll let you go, okay ?"

She bit at her lower lip to stop the incessant giggles that bubbled up from her tummy and nodded.

"You really LIKE being tickled don't you ? I mean it really turns you on doesn't it ?"

She shook her head no, still chewing on her lower lip, struggling vainfully to keep from busting out in laughter.

"Well, well, well. A spy and a liar !"

Steph had stepped upstairs for a second and now returned with her palmcorder. She set it up on the bar and got it going.

I stood by Ms. Perkins heaving chest and Steph and Julie by her wriggling bare feet. "Ready girls ?" I asked. At their nod I said "LET'S TICKLE HER TILL SHE TELLS US THE TRUTH !!!!" Our nails flashed out; Steph and Julie tickling her feet while I used both hands on her heaving tummy.

"BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!" burst from her lips as she exploded in helpless laughter ! It only took us 15 seconds to reduce her to silent laughter; her body jerking and twisting as she tried to avoid the tickle torture. We kept at her till I was afraid she might pass out and we stopped to let her get some air.

I leaned over and started whispering; taunting her !

"You know what Ms. Perkins ? I KNOW this is turning you on ! And I'll bet you'd like nothing better than for me to tickle your little pussy right now so you can cum, wouldn't you ?

Well, I'll let you in on a little secret. Steph and Julie just think your little toes are darling ! In fact, they told me as soon as we got you tied up they were gonna suck on them like little lollipops while they tickled your feet !"

She was giggling and moaning now and I could tell by the jerking of her hips that she was very close to the edge of orgasm and that my taunting was just egging her on.

"And ya know, I think your boobs are just absolutely delicious looking ! I think while they're noshing on your toes and tickling your feet that I'll just tickle these rigid little soldiers of yours with my tongue !"

Her hips were gyrating faster now and she was mewling and begging me. Steph and Julie started nibbling on her toes and I started flicking my tongue all around her turgid nipples.

'MEEEEEEEEEEEEEHMMMFFFFFFF....EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMPHHFFFFFFF !!!!" she moaned and squealed as we drove her completely out of her mind !

Just at the right moment, I started tickling her pussy lips and she lost it ! Her back arched up a good foot off the pool table and she shuddered and bucked like a madwoman ! What little breath she had left was ripped from throat with each muscle wrenching spasm followed by a massive sob as she tried to get air. Her delicious agony lasted a good 10 minutes and I knew she'd be exhausted after this one !

We cleaned her up and gave her her clothes back, and as she weakly tried to dress herself I warned her. "Now this busy-body spying of yours ends as of right now ! And should you ever get the idea in your head about telling anyone about today, let me remind you of a few things. We've got a great little video tape of you playing the slut on the pool table. And, " I reminded her, "...we know right where you live and what to do with ticklish snoops who can't keep their mouths shut !"

She grinned at me meekly and assured me she would change her ways.

"Although," she said with a lascivious gleam in her eyes, "...I just might have to break in here again a time or two !!!!"