A Night in the Locker Room
By Skytower

You'd think after a little more than 250 years of life I'd know how to managed
money. But you'd be wrong. I got upwards of 50 thousand dollars for each of the
12 Golden Girdles I stole from Wonder Woman. Most of the money went to pay off
the many loansharks I owed money to, a lot of it went to buy new stuff for the
lab, and the rest I put into a never-miss-can't-fail-once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity stock. I should have known
it was a bad decision when I found out what they made. No company has ever been
successful selling edible hats. Still, I don't really know Earth culture that
well, I mean the people on this planet bought edible underwear and the pet rock
Also I hadn't eaten yet that day. Oh well.
After realizing that my bank account was heading toward two figures once more I
stepped into my Buzz Lightyear suit and teleported up to the Justice league
Watchtower. I'd been doing this for a few months and selling what I learned
about the private lives of superheroines to the National Enquirer. The locker
room of the Watchtower is basically a gym/shower/hot tub area. In a corner is a
large box of toys and action figures. I teleport the regular Buzz out, teleport
myself in, and settle down to wait. I don't carry much besides emergency gear,
no tape recorder, no camera, so the alarms don't go off. It had been working
great for a while now. Superheroines, once they've had a workout and relax into
the hot tubs talk about everything and I mean EVERYTHING! Want to know who
doesn't go out on patrol at least once per month because she has trouble fitting
into the costume? (Actually I didn't, there are some things I just don't want to
know. And I REALLY REALLY didn't need to sit for two hours and listen to every
little detail!)
So there I was in the toy box. After a while Batgirl and Wonder Girl walked in,
had a sparing session which Batgirl won by bopping Wonder Girl on the back of
her head with a bat-a-rang. She did it a bit too hard and Wonder Girl went to
the medical unit for an ice pack. Batgirl had a quick shower and settled into
the tub.
Batgirl is really Babara Gordon, and her hair is black, not red. Not a bad
disguise really. She's got a good body, not great, but good. Her breasts are
right between SuperGirl's and WonderGirl's in size, and the nipples are brown
and pierced (not the result of a supervillain either, she told Wonder Girl that
the piercing was CatWomans idea! More on this later), her body is solid and,
(and I am not making this up), her pubic hair has been shaved into a little bat
shape! I'm not kidding, it's like someone shined the bat signal onto her vagina
and used it as an outline. In the center of a mass of black hair is a little
Well she's sitting there and I'm sitting there thinking the bat-shaped pussy
shaving might get me enough money to eat the next day, when the phone rings. (I
made a mental note to get the number, it was no doubt unlisted and those things
sell well as well, some villains like making crank calls.)
"JL Watchtower, Batgirl speaking." She said pushing the button to activate the
hands-free phone.
"And how is the hot tub tonight my little kitten?" asked a really sexy voice. It
was so low and sultry I think the water rose a few degrees.
"Fine Selina." Barbara said. "Wish you were here."
"Ah, but still no pardon for Catwoman is there?"
"It'll come." Barbara said. "I promise, just keep on the straight and narrow,
I've even convinced Batman."
"Really?" and the voice switched from hopeful to hopeful/lustful. "And how is
that dark brooding hunk of man?"
"He's fine." Barbara said smiling. "Robin is too."
"He's not that bad Selina."
"If you say so." Catwoman said.
"Look your not going to get anywhere with Batman if you keep dissing Robin."
Barbara scolded. I wasn't sure what shocked me more, the fact that Catwoman
wanted Batman or that Barbara actually said the word;"dissing".
"He's so annoying." Catwoman whined. Her voice switched to a high-pitched
parody. "Holy this, holy that..."
"You have to hear it in the right context." Barbara said. Catwoman's sniff of
scorn came right through the phone.
"Bottom line Selina." Barbara said her voice turning hard. "You're not going to
get Batman unless you get Robin too."
"I could handle that." Selina purred.
"That's not what I meant." Barbara said though she smiled and her eyes lit up at
the notion too. "Look your almost home, we've settled the last outstanding case
against you, you haven't tried anything for a year, another few months and I can
petition the Justice League for redeemer status. Superman is open to the idea
and so's Wonder Woman. I just need to get Green Lantern and Hawkgirl on board
and Batman will go along, I know it."
Ok, now this was a story I could sell. Catwoman going straight because she
wanted to get Batman into bed, and maybe have a threesome with Robin, that my
editor would eat up. At least he would once I juiced it up with a little
creative writing. (I know, too much food talk, but I was hungry again)
"Alright, I'll wait." Selina said. "I didn't call about that anyway, I found out
something about the source of those tabloid articles you asked me about."
"Good, I've had a hard time keeping SuperGirl and WonderGirl from fighting, they
both think it's each other. SuperGirl wants WonderGirl to be strip searched for
bugs and WonderGirl wants to use her lasso to force SuperGirl to confess.
"Well according to the editor at the Enquirer it's no one on the current JL
roster." Catwoman said. "Infact he only knows his source as a blonde named
"He just accepts stories from an unknown source?"
"After the first few turned out to be true and he found out they were law-suit
proof, yes." Selina said. "Does WonderGirl still have that tatoo?"
"Yes, and her and Wonder Woman have at least one fight per week about it."
Selina chuckled and normally I would have made a note on that last bit,
sister/sister cat-fights were good stories. But I was worrying about just how
much danger I was in. Selina decided to put me out of my misery.
"Well I couldn't find Mrs.Smith anywhere, but I did some nosing around when I
heard some rumors in SHID."
"It's a supervillain hangout." Selina said. "Not the sort of place you'd ever go
unless you were nicely tied up. Seems that a gnome by the name of Skytower has
been telling stories in there, and selling Golden Venus Girdles."
DARN IT!!!!!!!
You have to understand something about me, I'm a coward. As one of my great
hero's once said "I'm not like other people, pain hurts me." Also I have a very
small ego, I don't want to be someone's arch-foe! Sure there are perks involved,
I mean I can't tell you how many times Cheeta has bragged about turning Wonder
Woman into a prostitute or Lex Luthor has bragged about banging SuperGirl, but
those are all short lived victories. Bottom line: Supervillains are loosers!
They spend long periods of time in prison, are beaten up on a regular basis, are
almost never invited to parties... most of them have bad breath... The only
upside I've ever seen to being a supervillain is that you get to loot, pillage
and rape cities and superheroines. The amazing thing is no matter how many times
they've been defeated it just doesn't sink in that they can't win! You'd think
after the 51rst time you've been beaten up and thrown in jail you'd start to
re-think your basic life choices, but not them. It's always a "Setback to my
plans" or "A minor set back to my plans" or the ever popular "Till we meet
Of course superheros are no better with this. If the supervillain is a looser
the superhero is a looser squared. They get caught, get tortured, escape and
then beat the supervillain, who then gets sent to a nice comfy jail for a few
months until he's let out and they can do it again.
I personally am convinced that superheros (and heroines especially) like it that
way. I think Wonder Woman and the rest love nothing better than to be chained up
and abused for a while.
Oh well, I'm getting off subject. My basic philosophy of villainy is "stay under
the radar". If they don't know you, they can't come looking for you.
But thanks to Catwoman Barbara now knew my name, and I could tell what her next
question would be.
"Who the hell is Skytower?" Barbara asked, just about ruining what was left of
my night.
"I've never met him." Catwoman said. "But I've traced a few of his activities
over the past few years. You remember some time ago a new crop of supervillains
turned up? Mr.Death, Mrs.Death, Mr.Pain, PainSon..."
"Losers." Barbara said. "They all had lame names and no idea how to be a
"But they all had wonderful weaponry." Catwoman said.
"When it wasn't breaking down on them." Barbara laughed. "Remember the "Death
Ray" that Mr.Pain tried to use on me? It barely gave me a tan!"
Ok, so I don't sell the best stuff, I don't force anyone to buy it, and anyway
if they don't buy the extended service plan I don't have to care.
"Well it seems that this Skytower flooded the market with all sorts of discount
"Your saying he's behind the Enquirer stories?"
"I think so. His reputation, such as it is, is that of a good gadget man with an
annoying voyeuristic streak. Have you checked the WatchTower for bugs?"
"It was the first thing we all checked when the story came out." Barbara said.
"WonderGirl tore chunks out of the wall and had to be tied up with her own lasso
to keep from wrecking the place."
"Well I suggest you check again."
"I will, thanks. Do you know anything else about this creep?"
Now that was insulting, here she hadn't even met me yet. Well to be honest I was
a bit of a creep by her standards, but she could at least meet me first.
"Only that no one can agree on what he looks like or even what size he is. Some
of the villains in the bar tell me he's 12 inches tall, some of them swear he's
three feet, and one told me he was 24 feet tall."
I should have gotten out of there right then, but I needed to know what BatGirl
was going to do with the info.
"Sounds like an old Atom foe." Barbara said. "I'll check the WatchTower records.
Thanks Selina, I'll be in touch."
"Anytime my dear." Catwoman said and hung up.
"Watchtower Computer." Barbara ordered. "Do a name search on "Skytower".
Ok, here I felt I was on safe ground. I didn't come from this dimension, there
was no way they could have anything on me.
"Skytower T. Gnome." The computer responded after a minute. A 5 by 9 transparent
display snapped to life infront of Barbara. "Evil gadgets and torture devices,
custom made, will build to suit location, temperament and hero/heroine of
choice. Payment required in gold, silver or heroine's costume (intact only) or
blood sample (for those that have blood, android heroines can substitute spare
parts, brains preferred.). Anonymity assured. Call for more info/appointment."
Except of course what I'd listed on my own websight. Wonderful. But if you don't
advertise how is anyone going to find you?
"Trace the websight." Barbara said.
"Trace impossible, anonymous server used."
See, I wasn't completely dumb.
"Trace location of server."
Right there was when I made my big mistake. I panicked. You see I keep the
server in my place, downstairs from my room. So if she found that, she'd find
me, and I didn't want her finding me. So I triggered the remote self destruct to
the server. It'd mean cleaning up the mess when I got home, but I'm used to
things blowing up in my house.
"Trace interrupted." The computer said. "Server cut off."
"Really?" Barbara asked.
"Confirmed. No signal."
"Dial the number."
You guessed it, I had my phone on me. Some nights I just make a lot of mistakes.
It got three rings out before I cut shut it off. But those rings were enough.
Barbara got up and looked around. She looked carefully around. While she was
doing this I got a good look at her body, wet and dripping and I can tell you it
was a good sight. I can also tell you she has a tattoo of a Joker on her butt.
Wrapping the towel around her body Barbara padded over to the toy box and
started picking up toys. I was sort of hoping she'd pick up the wrong toy, and
infact she did the first three times. But after looking at the Green Lantern,
Wonder Woman and Sailor Moon dolls, she picked up Buzz Lightyear.
Now I didn't panic, I just stayed doll like. When I started using the Buzz armor
I put a lot of work into it. Short of tearing the arms or legs off of it there
was no way she was going to know it wasn't a doll.
"Computer, scan the doll I have in my hand." Barbara ordered. "Is there anything
unusual about it?"
"Scan complete." The computer reported after a moment. "Nothing found."
Barbara looked at me closely, turning me this way and that, shaking me and
holding me close to her ear. She didn't find anything.
Puzzled she stood up and carried me back over to the hot tub. Reaching it she
pushed me under water and held me there until the suit seemed to fill up.
"Hey Babs." WonderGirl said stepping into the tub. She was naked and being under
water I got to see a view of her pussy that few have seen. "What are you doing?"

"There's something strange about this doll." Barbara said sitting on the edge of
the tub as she brought me out of the water.
"Strange how?" Drusilla asked taking me from her. She shook me a bit.
"I don't know." Barbara said. "And don't call me "Bab's" that's what the Joker
calls me when he catches me and I hate it."
"Sorry. So what's so strange about this doll?"
"I think it has something to do with the Enquirer articles." Barbara said. "But
the computer scan comes up negative for bugs."
"Well we'll just tear it apart and see." Dru said taking hold of each of my
Ok, now this had gone too far. The armor was good, but it wasn't that good. If I
had built it that good I never would have gotten it past the WatchTower's alarm
"Don't do that!" I shouted.
The shout had the effect I wanted, it froze the two of them for a moment. While
they were frozen I shunted the suits power to the outer shell and discharged the
capacitors with enough current to fry an egg. The two heroines were lit up for a
moment and then the collapsed and Drusilla dropped me into the water.
I popped the suit open and swam out to the surface. Climbing on Drusilla's body
I looked at them. They were both alive, their chests were rising up and down
anyway. Their hair was a mess, but electricity will do that. Batgirl was on the
floor splayed out in that way that heroines' have when they are knocked out.
Legs spread, one arm laying just under her breast while they other was above her
head. Dru was half in/half out of the water, legs spread, arms to either side.
I had a serious problem here. Triggering my watch I grew to my normal 3 foot 3
inch height and trotted over to the wall where Dru had hung her Wonder Girl
costume. The golden lasso could solve half my problem. With it I could make both
of them forget I was ever here, but the computer records were tamper proof.
Sooner or later someone would re-call them and they'd find me.
Or they'd find someone.
One of the great things about operating as I do is that if something really bad
happens because of me someone else usually takes the blame. That could happen
now. First I had to set up some things. I dressed Barbara and Wonder Girl in
their costumes. It was actually as fun as taking the costumes off, it took me a
few minutes to get Barbara's costume on because I was playing around with her
breast. They are not as big as Dru's but they are as flexible. As for Wonder
Girl, well that had its moments too.
Once I got them dressed I put the lasso around Batgirl.
"Ok, you're asleep but that means nothing to this." I said. "So answer me, what
is your name."
"Barbara Prudence Gordon." She said in a slurred voice.
She had a middle name? Amazing.
"Ok, now I want you to tell the computer that the call you asked it to make was
traced to 1444 Samuel street in Gotham City. Make the record permanent."
"Computer, record change, call just made was traced to 1444 Samuel street in
Gotham city. Alter records, authorization Barbara Gordon, password is
Catwomans's Boobs Are Big."
"Confirmed." The computer said.
"Ok. Now when you wake your going to remember finding a small transmitter in the
Buzz Lightyear suit and you and Wonder Girl are going to go to the warehouse to
check it out. But when you got there you triggered a trap and got caught."
I repeated the instructions to Drusilla and then dragged both of them to the
JL's teleporter and took them to an elevator in the warehouse.
One of the good things about traveling in the circles I do is that you hear
things. I don't just spy on superheroines you know. So I knew where the Joker
and Harley Quinn lived. Once In the elevator I triggered the sleeping gas trap
and then teleported myself out of there. From the rafters I watched as the Joker
and Harley were delighted with their find. After a few nights of fun with J&Q
Barbara and Dru would most likely have forgotten all about me. I decided to
spread the word they were captured, maybe make a bet on when they'd escape. Then
I teleported myself back to my place. I fixed up a spare Buzz Lightyear with a
little bug and sent it back up to the Watchtower while bringing my own suit
All in all it was a good solution to the problem. But it had been a stressful
night. I decided to get some air and a few drinks.
Like I said, some nights I just make a lot of mistakes.
I was just about to go it the SHID bar when someone grabbed me by the throat and
hauled me into the alley.
"What have you been up to?" Catwoman asked in that super cold voice she uses to
scare people.
I didn't answer. Not because I wasn't scared, but because I wasn't breathing.
She's got a good grip. While she held my throat the thief zipped through my jump
suit and removed nearly all of the 159 gadgets and weapons that I carry as a
matter of routine. She even thought to take my size-controlling watch. While she
was doing this I just stared at her. Catwoman is a beautiful tall slim woman.
Except for her breasts. Not to be personal here, but she had to have gotten
implants. That slim a body just doesn't have breasts that big naturally. So with
nothing else to do I kept staring at them, something that was made easier by the
fact that her costume is sort of spray painted on and she doesn't wear a bra.
"I asked you a question." She said loosening up on her grip.
"Yea but you were choking me at the time." I said. "I need to breath to talk you
"So talk." She ordered.
"Well I've been working for the Joker, putting bugs in the JL Watchtower so he
can sell the articles to the Enquirer."
"So Harley was Mrs.Smith." Catwoman said.
"Yep." I lied. It was almost all a lie, but it was a good one. She'd never
believe me if I told the truth. There's an element of pride to a lot of
heroines, even close-to-being heroines like Catwoman. It's one thing to be
hoodwinked by the Joker, he's got a rep. Its another to be taken by me. There
was no way that Catwoman would believe that I could defeat both BatGirl and
WonderGirl. So as long as the Joker was front and center I was in the clear. In
fact I was more than that.
"He's got BatGirl and WonderGirl at his place now." I said. "Caught them after
they found the bug."
"Where?" She demanded.
"1444 Samuel street."
"You're lying."
Actually I wasn't, not that I expected her to believe me. But if what I was
planning was going to work she needed to know I was lying and the best way for
her to know that was for me to tell the truth. It's crazy I know, but lets face
it, people who wear skimpy costumes and get tied up on a regular basis aren't
really fully functional.
"No I'm not." I said.
"Yes you are." She said.
"No I'm not." I said.
"Yes... Take me there or I'll kill you."
Drat, I was hoping for more of: "No I'm not. Yes you are." oh well.
An hour later we stood outside the warehouse in one of Gotham cities many
dangerous districts.(for a city with so many superheros you'd think they'd have
more high rent places, but these warehouses abound) She'd tied my arms and legs
and carried me over her shoulder. Not a bad way to travel really. Now she dumped
me on the ground and glared at me.
"I don't like where you mouth was." Catwoman said rubbing her chest.
I didn't say anything since there wasn't a lot I could say to that.
"How do we get in without being seen?" Catwoman demanded getting a hand on my
throat again.
"Well we could use my teleporter if my hands were free." I said.
"You try anything I'll gut you." She threatened. Turning me over she cut the
ropes around my wrist. The ones around my ankles she left alone.
"Why are you types always so threatening." I asked sitting up. "Don't you ever
use words like; 'please' or 'thank you'? What's wrong with diplomacy?"
"Just get me in there." Catwoman said using that cold tone of voice again. Well
you can't be nice to some people I guess.
My teleporter is a little gadget that's clipped onto my belt. Actually it's the
whole belt but I don't tell people that. The little unit that looks like a cell
phone is just one of the many ways I can control it. I unclipped it and made a
big show of setting the co-ordinates.
"Ready?" I asked.
"No tricks." She warned.
I took that as a yes and zapped us into the warehouse.
True to my word, not that I'd given it but it had been implied, I tried no
tricks teleporting into the place. I put us on a roof beam above the main room.
It took Catwoman and myself a moment to get our balance and then we looked down.
She gasped and I must admit to being a bit surprised myself.
WonderGirl had been stripped nude and put into some sort of harness. It
consisted of four bars attached to her wrist and legs in such a way that she
couldn't stand up. She had to move about on her hands and knees. A bit gag was
in her mouth with her own golden lasso serving as reins for Harley Quinn. Harley
was sitting on a small saddle on Dru's back. It was a variation of the old "pony
girl" theme and I must say (from a professional torturer's point of view) that
it was well done. There was enough of the golden lasso left over from the bridle
for Harley to use as a whip against WonderGirl's butt.
"Hi-oh Big Boobs away!" Harley shouted urging WonderGirl on as she guided the
helpless heroine through an obstacle course of mirrors. Every way WonderGirl
turned she saw herself.
BatGirl had been stripped as well, except for her mask. She was lying on her
stomach on a short bench. Her arms were tied behind her wrist to elbows causing
her breast to stand out more. Her breast were each encased in plastic cones that
had tubes leading out of them to a milking machine that shuddered slightly. Her
legs had been pulled apart as far as they could go (which was nearly all the
way, heroines are a flexible group) and the Joker sat between them in a flowered
shirt. A latin drum beat was playing on a tape player and he was following it
well using BatGirl's ass as a pair of drums. She was laughing hysterically due
to a tube running across her nose feeding her laughing gas.
I'd seen better torments but not by much. Catwoman was pretty shocked by it all.
She just knelt there mouth open. So she was competely unprepared when I gave her
a push off the beam.
As soon as she was off I turned on my invisibility field. Catwoman had been
thorough when she searched me, but unless your willing to strip me naked (and
for some reason very few heroines want to do that) I still have some basic
Give her this, Catwoman landed on her feet. For a few seconds everyone on the
floor looked at her.
"Company!" Harley Quinn shouted hitting Drusilla on the back of the head.
Drusilla went down and Harley launched herself at Catwoman. It was quite a
fight. They both used the same kung-fu style of combat. Harley was shorter than
Catwoman with a lithe figure that was well revealed by the short-shorts and
t-shirt she was wearing. She didn't believe in bra's either. While they were
slugging it out the Joker walked calmly over to Drusilla. She was starting to
rise so he took a rubber (at least I think it was rubber) duck out of his pants
and used its legs to choke her until she passed out. Then he pulled the golden
lasso off of her and looked at the fight again.
By this time both Catwoman and Harley was running out of steam. Harley's t-shirt
was torn as was Catwoman's costume. They were lying on the floor holding each
other in the same wrestling hold. Harley had Catwomans' ankle and was twisting
it and Catwoman had Harley's ankle and was twisting it. There was a look of fury
in Catwoman's eyes and I think she had forgotten all about the Joker.
At least until he dropped the golden lasso over her head and tightened it around
her neck.
"Now, now girls, that's enough fighting." He said. "Catwoman let go of Harley."
She did but Harley wasn't about to let go of Catwoman. She swung her body around
and twisted the ankle even more.
"Now." The Joker said ignoring the fact that Harley was breaking Catwoman's
ankle. "What are you doing here?"
"I came to rescue BatGirl and WonderGirl." Catwoman said.
"Rescue!" the Joker laughed that insane clown laugh of his and Harley joined in.
"Well you're doing a bang up job so far!"
"Hey Mr.J," Harley asked. "How come a thief is trying to steal our playmates?"
"Good question Har." The Joker said. "Why is that Catwoman?"
"Batgirl is my friend." Catwoman said, stuttering slightly.
"Since when?"
"She saved me from Dr.L." Catwoman said.
"Dr.L you say?"
"Well who was Dr.L and why the hell did he want you?"
"He thought that milk from my breasts would turn a person evil." Catwoman said.
"He caught me and gave me drugs so my breast would get bigger, then he milked me
and forced Batgirl to drink the milk."
"Well that's just lame." Harley said. I agreed with her, even if I had sold the
guy the drugs and the milking machine.
"Tut-tut Harley." The Joker said wagging his finger at her. "After all not
everyone can be as artistic as me."
"Us." Harley said. With a quick twist she broke Catwoman's ankle and even the
lasso didn't stop her from screaming in pain.
"What have I told you about breaking the toys!" the Joker shouted. In one motion
he was up and had slapped Harley so hard she fell back stunned. Then he turned
back to Catwoman. "She just gets carried away sometimes, no real harm done."
Catwoman moaned in pain.
By this time I had moved down from the roof rafter to the floor. It wasn't easy,
my suit can make me invisible or teleport, not both at once, but I can climb ok.
I made my way over to Drusilla who was still lying unconscious on the floor.
"Hey Puddin." Harley asked getting up. "What say we finish Dr.L's experiment, we
got the machine."
"Not a bad idea." The Joker said. Together they lifted Catwoman up and carried
her over to where BatGirl was still being milked. While they were doing that I
loosened the straps that were holding Drusilla to her harness.
"Hey look'it!" Harley shouted pointing at Catwomans' pussy. She had the same
bat-symbol shaving in her pubic hair that Batgirl did.
"Matching pussies!" The Joker exclaimed. "How did that happen?"
"The drugs that Dr.L gave me made me drunk." Catwoman explained. "When she drank
my milk Batgirl got drunk as well. Once we defeated him we were still under its
influence. After we made love we decided to seal the union with a laser."
Ok, now at this point I was almost laughing. The thought of a superheroine and a
supervillain making love and then going crazy with a laser... This would be
front page on the Enquirer for sure. The Joker and Harley thought it was funny
too. They laughed so hard they forgot all about Drusilla. Once I loosened the
straps I slapped a stimulant patch onto her butt. I don't carry many of them,
most of the time I want heroines asleep, not awake. Most of the time I use them
in the JL locker room when Mary Marvel talks about recipes and fashion. I'm
always afraid that if I fall asleep I'll snore.
Well Dru woke up after a few minutes and slipped out of the harness while the
Joker was strapping Catwoman into the machine and Harley was playing the bongo's
on her ass. They never saw Dru creep over to her costume and put on her belt of
strength. They never heard her run toward them. I heard their screams when she
caught them, but I didn't watch because I was busy doing something else. While
Dru was worming her way out of the harness I had snuck over to the gas supply to
Batgirl and Catwoman. Joker had put the tube into Catwomans' mouth and she was
starting to laugh. I adjusted the flow so that she and Batgirl would pass out.
They both did just about in the middle of Dru's attack. While she was busy with
them I picked up the golden lasso that still hung around Catwomans' neck.
"Catwoman, listen carefully, when you wake up you'll remember that I told you
where this place was, but not that I came with you. I vanished after I told you.
I told you that I planted bugs in the toilet of the JL locker room. Do you
"Yes." She mumbled.
I used the lasso to give BatGirl the same command, then waited until Dru was
finished with Harley and Joker and used it on her as well. By the time I left
the story was set. I teleported back to the alley behind the SHID bar. Once there I collected all
the stuff (at least the stuff that hadn't blown up) and raced back to my place.
I managed to build a convincing bug and put it into the toilet bowl on the JL
Watchtower just 2 minutes before SuperGirl came in and smashed the toilet bowl
to find it. All in all things turned out pretty good. The Joker and Harley were in traction
for a year, I waited until after Catwoman got her pardon to sell the story about
Dr.L and the pubic shavings to the Enquirer. Despite that Catwoman did get her
spot on the Justice Leaque, and (as I learned later in a late night hot tub
session between her and Barbara) got Batman as well. I wasn't going to sell that
story, the details were just too much. No one would believe me. Let me put it
this way, if you think Batman is weird fighting crime you have no idea what his
concept of sex is like. And truth to tell I wish I didn't.
Anyway Catwoman got Batman and Barbara did get Robin. And so did SuperGirl, or
at least so she said in a slightly drunken confession to WonderGirl. That story
I sold. Which could be why SuperGirl smashed all the toilets in the Watchtower again.
Me, I didn't care. Buzz Lightyear was safe and sound.