I had the canister ready when I got out of my car. I knew she
was home alone, and would be for the whole night. She was a
friend of mine, actually my friends wife, but I knew her well enough.
I had been planning this for a while, and finally got the oppurtunity.
I hid it in my coat, and went up and knocked on the door.
She answered "Hi, what are you out doing."
"I came by to see what Steve was up to," I lied.
"Oh, he's not home."
"Well, I guess I'll go then...Do you mind if I use the restroom
real quick"
"No, problem, come on in"
It was early evening, and she was wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and had
white canvas shoes on with no socks. I went into the bathroom, got
the canister out and put it under the sink, turned it on and closed the
door of the cabinet. The gas I turned on was a special kind of nitrous
oxide, that would just make the person giggle in low consentrations.
I came out and told Nikki that the toilet overflowed. She went in
to look at it, and I closed the door behind her, putting a rope around
the door knob and connecting it to the other door so she couldn't get out.
"Hey, what's going on!! What are you doing, open the door, let
me out!! Open the door, this isn't funny." She said.
"Oh, it will be Nikki, it will be"
"What are you talking about, the door." I could hear
her back away from the door. " What are these fumes?!? Get me
out of here, I mean it...", her voiced changed a little,.."I'm serious,
get...hehe...get me..hehe..get me outa here(giggle), what's going
"You don't sound too serious, Nikki"
"Heeheehee...I don't know(giggle...giggle)....what your doing...hee
hee...but I don' it...haa haa haa..."
I figured it was just enough gas so she couldn't fight me, so
I opened the door. She was leaning against the wall, giggling
softly to herself. I held my breath and turned off the gas for now.
I led Nikki out of the room and took her to the living room, her
giggling all the way. I sat her almost limp body in the lazy-boy chair,
and tied her arms behind her back.
"heee heee...what are you me...(giggle,giggle)...What
was that stuff...heeeeheeee...that stuff you made me inhale..haahaahaha"
"It's called laughing gas Nikki, and your going to learn to like it alot."
"No...I don't like....heeeheeeheeeheee...", she giggled uncontrollably.
"It sure sounds like you like it. Here, let my get you some more" I
picked up the canister, put a gas mask on it, and put it over
her face. "Now breath normally"
"But I shouldn't...heeeheee...I can't be doing this....heeehee"
"Yes you can, now breathe it in, Nikki...breathe it in." She was
inhaling sharply, so I turned the gas on. She started to giggle
harder, and it finally turned into full laughter. She continued to
breathe in the gas, laughing harder and harder to herself. I took off
both of her white canvas shoes, and looked at her beautiful feet. I had
always wanted to feel these feet, they looked so soft when I saw them
before. I didn't want to over do the gas, so I turned it off and took the
mask away from her face.
"HEEE HEEE....I....I...heeeheee....can't sto-haaaahaaaa-p heeehee
Tears of laughter were flowing down her face. She looked as if she was
having the time of her life.
"Now Nikki, I turned off the gas. All you have to do now is enjoy it.
That won't be hard. Do you like to have your feet massaged, Nikki?"
The effects of the gas were slowing down some, but she would still
feel happy the rest of the night.
I lifted her bare feet and put them on the foot rest. I stared at her heel
as it wrinkled slighty from resting there. I took my finger and slowly
ran it up the wrinkles, past her arch, and finally off the soft skin
right before her toes. She laughted hysterically from my doing that. Her
feet must be very ticklish. Just then, I heard a car door close outside.
I ran to the window, and saw one off her friends walking up the driveway.
I had to think quick. I moved Nikki's giggling body to her bedroom, layed
her on the bed and closed the door behind. I ran and hid in the closet in
the hallway carrying the canister of nitrous oxide. Just as I went in, I
heard her friend knock on the door.