It had started almost a year ago now. Dani had been in University, her first year wasn't going well, classes were hard and money was tight. She had tried working at restaurants but those hours were awful, so she had to quit. Facing eviction from her tiny one- room apartment, the ad caught her eye.


Border Needed. Couple seeking motivated,

Well-kept border. Will pay for cleaning and



It was a place to live and cash, so she answered. When she first met the couple, they seemed so nice. Dr. Marty was a scientist who was working on oxygen gas blends or something, and Alex his wife was just a “lady of leisure'. Considerable leisure, thought Dani, judging by her tan, jewelry and gravity defying body. And the house- wow. A penthouse apartment right downtown, its windows were massive and the deck was beautiful. Not to mention the fact that Dani's whole apartment could fit in what would be her room. And not to mention the money!


From their point of view, Dani was exactly what Marty and Alex wanted. Exotic and dark, Dani was definetly a looker, and judging by the way her clothes hugged her hips, breasts and stomach she was in fantastic shape too. It looked like their search and ended.

For the first few weeks it was a very normal life. Then Dani started to hear noises at night. The sex was obvious, but there was something else- laughter. Girlish giggling, out of control guffaws and sputtering. It really was strange.

One Friday after school Dani came home to a note asking her to straighten up the master bedroom. She opened the door and started to pick things up. Putting things on the bookshelf she noticed a button. “How odd,” she thought. Biting her lower lip, she pressed it. The bookshelf revolved and Dani peered into the new room.

It was set up like a playroom, with beanbag chairs, furry blankets and even disco balls. A stripper's pole stood in the corner and a round bed was to the side. Next to the far wall was what looked like a dentist's chair, with furry loops on the armrests. Dani walked in slowly, transfixed. The chair was amazing, she ran her hand up and down the smooth leather and licked her lips. Behind the chair was a canister, a breathing mask slung over it. Dani picked it up, actually trembling. The dentists chair had always been her secret little fantasy, but she never had had the courage to act on it. She checked her watch, it was still early. Nervously, Dani lifted the mask and settled into the chair, loving the cool leather on her legs. She looked at the canister and turned the dial. The hiss was so quiet, Dani wasn't sure if it was even on, but when she raised the mask to her face, she felt the cool air. “Just one or two huffs,” she said to herself, breathing deeply.

It took a second, but Dani felt it. Around her the room seemed to brighten then blur, yet at the same time its colours became more vivid, almost like a cartoon. The disco balls shimmered and glinted, and the whole room made her smile. With her last bit of coherent thought, Dani turned off the gas, then lay there, enjoying the high. Her giggles were low but with each one she felt twinges of pleasure shoot throughout her body. Her chest transfixed her, and she stared at her breasts bouncing up and down. She lifted an arm and it seemed to stretch and then melt. When it fell limply to the arm rest she moaned. Everything was so amazing. She had only had a little gas, so soon Dani was able to get up and stagger out of the room. She closed the door behind her and stumbled back to her own bed, where she fell, giggling and moaning. In the secret room, the motion- activated camera switched off.

Later that night Alex and Marty watched with delight as Dani's video flickered on the screen. “She seemed to enjoy that.” smiled. Alex, who had had her own dose of gas, was grinning from ear to ear. Tomorrow night was going to be great.

The next night after dinner, Dr. Marty asked Dani to join them in the living room. Dani had been looking for a clean bra (all of them seemed to be missing ) but did. The couple looked very serious. “Dani, when you started working for us, we asked you to respect our privacy, as we do yours.”, began Dr. Marty, handing a glass of liquid to Dani. “Um okay, Dr. Marty” answered Dani, taking a nervous gulp, and for a second noticing the odd taste. “So could you please explain this?” With that Dr. Marty clicked on the big screen tv, and there was Dani, writhing around in the chair.

“Oh, uh- that is uh….” Dani struggled to answer, she was normally very quick witted but for some reason nothing came to her head. “That'll be enough Dani,” frowned Dr. Marty. “Why don't you get packed up.” Dani stood up, how could she have blown this? “Wait” Dani turned. Alex was smiling. “Marty dear, don't you think we're being a little harsh on poor Dani here? The way I see it, she's just being curious. Maybe we should be a little nicer to her.”

“Whatever do you mean dear?” asked Marty, fighting to keep from smiling.

“Well, maybe Dani would like to make us a little deal.”

Dani felt odd, standing there as the couple discussed her. Her head was foggy, she had a low tolerance level for alcohol, but to feel like this after only two sips? That didn't seem right. She looked down., the ground seemed so far away. “Hmm, I have cute feet” thought Dani, wiggling her toes and half smiling.

“So what do you think dear?”

Dani turned to Alex, she hadn't heard the whole thing. “Well, would you like to keep your job?”

“Oh god yes,” Looking up had caused the room to lurch, not unpleasantly, and Dani's face broke out into a wide grin.

“Well then let's go”

Before she knew it, Dani was in the secret room again, this time there was music, low, smooth music. It was a little trippy and weird, but relaxing. Alex led Dani over to the chair, and Dani smiled. Through the fog in her head she remembered the chair, and grinned. “Oh look Marty, our girl remembers, don't you Dani?” cooed Alex, brushing a strand of hair away from Dani's eyes. Dani let out a giggle. “Dani my dear I believe you are a little tipsy!” Alex stepped back from Dani who held her arms out for balance. She was feeling pretty good. “Now you get in dear, “ Dani's lega stopped doing as she was told, and she crawled into the chair, Alex put her hand on Dani's tight brown ass to ‘steady' her, and Dani responded by pushing aginst the woman, enjoying the sensation on her rear. Dani oozed hersefl into the chair, smiling from ear to ear and her hand holding her forehead. “I feel kin'a funny” she giggled stupidly, Alex leaned in close, her lips inches away from Dani “Coochie coochie coo!” Dani burst into a fit of laughter, ‘Hhhaaa hhha heee heeee Msh. Alexsh yer funn'” “Oh Dr. Marty,” sang Alex, standing back “I think our patient is ready!” Dani turned and the room swam. There was Marty, dressed in a labcoat and holding the mask. “Now you remember this don't you Dani?” Dani's eyes, lidded by the drugs in the drink, lit up “Oh yes you do! Well you're going to take a deep breath and be good wont you?” Dani turned, next to her Alex was strapping her wrist into the furry loop, and raising the armrest over her head so she lay stretched out on the cool leather. Dani tried to lift it, but couldn't, and really didn't want to, but god Ms. Alex's hands felt good on her arm, she had such nice fingers. Dr. Marty held the mask over Dani's face, and turned the gas. The last dose was diluted, and he had left it in the canister just to entice the girl, but this was the full dose, the stuff he had been working on at the lab, the stuff Alex had been wanting to try for so long.

Dani felt nothing at first, but then she flew. Her eyes rolled around in her head and the room just changed. Everything felt warm, and she could feel the air pressing on her skin. All of the nerves in her body had been amplified, so the slightest touch sent her writhing. Alex watched Dani moaning on the chair, then trailed one fingernail up and down the inside of her forearm. Dani bucked against the straps, gasping, and as she did so more of the gas flooded her lungs, sending her higher and higher. Alex shivered watching what she was doing to the petite asiin girl, and loved knowing that with the slightest touch, Dani was being sent to heights of ecstasy her body had never known.

For his part, Marty just smiled. Then he pulled out the other mask. “Alex dear…” Alex looked over “Oh Marty, I don't know…what will it…”

“I've been working on this my dear, it will send endorphins and dopamine throughout your body, every touch, every movement will be pleasure, now come.” Alex did as she was told. She always did, and breathed deeply. Marty was right, she was in heaven. Just standing there, moving her arms, hugging herself, stroking her face, neck and arms. Lost in her ecstasy, Alex was snapped out of it by Marty.

“Alex honey, look at your little toy.” Alex looked down. Dani lay there smiling. Every bone, every cell in her body was begging to be touched. “I think she'd like a tickle.” Alex grinned, “tickle..yeah…” she giggled stupidly. Dani's breasts strained against the tank top, popping out the sides. Alex leaned in, closed her eyes and rubbed her face on them. Dani squealed girlishly, her pussy becoming wetter and wetter. Alex's tongue flicked along Dani's ribs, and she squealed and laughed and thrashed. “No ms…Alex….no more, pleshe no……OH” The struggling stopped when Alex's mouth found Dani's nipple. Dani's eyes opened wide, then glazed over again as Alex sucked and licked slowly. First the left, then the right, then back to the left. Dani's mind spun away, so many mouths, she wanted them all, sucking her, licking her. Alex's hands found their way to Dani again, in fact soon she was straddling her, rubbing herself up and down along Dani's torso. “Alex baby, you silly thing, you're still wearing all your clothes.” Alex stumbled back, and peeled of her sundress, still giggling, her tits bouncing up and down. Dani struggled to raise her head and grinned, wanting badly to have Alex's breasts in her mouth. Alex however had other ideas. She stepped towards Dani, rubbing her breasts the kneeled between Dani's spread legs. Then, slowly, Alex began to peel off Dani's socks. Dani's eyes opened wide, as Alex looked up at her and smiled, then started curling her tongue around her toes.

The laughter started inside Dani like a breeze, then it got louder, and as she laughed, the electric jolts of pleasure fired through her body. She twitched and bucked, droplets of sweat appearing all over her, giving her body a shine. Her tank top started to become moist, it clung to her curves, and was becoming more and more see through. And still Alex licked. “OOOOOHHH-hhee hee ohh ohh my..oh unh haha sputter ahhh…mmmm” Dani was truly on cloud nine. Nothing made sense, her eyes snapped open and shut, and soft lights played around her. Marty smiled, his cock straining against his pants. Her put a puppet on his hand and picked up the gas mask. “Hi there Dani” He said in a cartoony voice. For poor Dani, stoned out of her mind and the hallucionogenic gas, it seemed as thought the puppet was speaking to her. She giggled at it stupidly, cooing and gurgling like a baby at a mobile. Alex looked up, and with her last bit of coherent thought, timed the intensity of her tongue fickling Dani's toes with the helpless girl's inhale of more of the magic gas.

Alex's tongue traced up and down Dani's soles as Dani inhaled. Her hips arched of the chair, her mouth opened and more of the gas rushed into her lungs. And as Alex flicked her pink tongue faster and faster. Dani exploded, her Pussy dripping as she came in a shuddering, throbbing mess. Alex looked at Dani heaving on the chair. Her arms still over her head, taut brown stomach stippled with bead of sweat. Alex grinned ear to ear. For his part Marty smiled at his wife staring at their new playmate. Alex looked hungry, and Dani was the main course.

This new living arrangement was going to work out great.