Professor Feel Good

Dr. Kai Li was one of the University's premier mind. She had won countless awards and was one of the most popular profs on campus. Part of this was due to her work, and part of it was due to her. She was absolutely drop- dead gorgeous. Her Asian features and bright eyes combined with her very tanned skin to give her a very exotic- and sexy- look. That, combined with a gym routine that left her with a deliciously curvy body made her every one of her male students' fantasies. Dr. Li was blessed with a pair of C- cup breasts that were as spectacular as the rest of her, and as if all that wasn't enough she loved to tease and tempt the men- and some of the women- on campus- with outfits that although not slutty, certainly highlighted her considerable assets.


By being such an effective ambassador for the university, Dr. Li had received some flexibility in her research, and in her lab frequently spent time creating some powerful and very enjoyable narcotics, many of which she shared with members of the faculty. Ads in the campus newspaper looking for volunteers to test her drugs were always answered in overwhelming amounts.


One Friday evening Dr. Li had sent her assistants home and was alone in her lab. Rather than face another night at the gym, she opened the cupboard at the back of the room where she kept some of her most potent creations. “Time for a little self medication!” she smiled, as she prepared the video and audio equipment. This particular gas she had nicknamed ‘the giggler' for its effects on students. Tonight Dr. Li wanted a turn. She clicked on the microphone and turned on the gas, immediately raising the mask to her smiling lips.


[Hiss of gas] The time is 9:36. I have taken my first inhale of the gas. No effects yet.


[Hiss] 9:38. The first …dose has started to take effect. I am experiencing mild lightheadedness.


[Hiss] 9:50 MMM….the ..gas is taking effect. ‘M having [Hiss] …difficultly, difficully –giggle- esspr- esspressin' m'self


[On the video, Dr. Li slumps back in her chair. Her right arm hangs limply by her side, her left raises the mask to her face again. As she inhales, her chest swells, straining the t-shirt. Her lab coat slips off her shoulders.]


[Hiss] giggle [Hiss] hee- hee. M' feelin' rilly good. M' han' ‘s all….all….all….allllllll –hee- hee- loooooooooooong.


[Dr Li slowly moves her fingers in front of her face. Her lips are spread into a wide, stupid grin. She appears to have difficulty focusing on her hand, and is actually swaying in a circle as she watches her hand]


[Hisssssss…Hissssss] Oh shit. M (giggle) so fucked. I can't even focus on the wall. M seein' double. Ver' enj…enj…I can' talk! Hee hee hee! Whoopsie!


[Dr Li has fallen off her stool. On her back she is giggling uncontrollably, and as she does, her chest bounces. The mask has fallen from her hand, yet gas still flows into the room. Dr Li does not care, she has lost all control.]


Wooo boy! The –giggle-hee heee- whole rooms spinnin' roun' n' roun'. I gotta get up, hey I cant –wheeee!


[Dr. Li tries her best to get up. She struggles to her hands and knees, yet her arms give out, and she is left with her face on the floor and her ass up in the air. Her denim miniskirt has hiked up over her ass up, and her white thong is clearly visible.]


Gott..hee hee..get..up… gotta..


[Dr. li has climbed up to the lab table, leaning on it]


Ooooh, giggle, more gas!MMMMmmmmmmmm


[Dr. Li has replaced the mask over her mouth. After inhaling a steady stream of gas for almost a minute, she straightens up and wobbles across the room, giggling to herself. The constant laughing has caused her to sweat, and her shirt clings to her breasts.]


Mus'…giggle! I dunno, M' so fucked! I cant walk bu' my titties feel all tingly, dingly, fingly blingly. I got tittie hard ons! Hee hee, Looka them bounsh!


[Stumbling cross the room, Dr Li is entranced by her own breasts. She squeezes them as she walks, and when she tweaks her nipples her legs give out, and she moans loudly. After she gathers herself, she staggers to the desk, which she mounts, her crotch pressing on the desk's rounded corner.]


H'lo miser desk! Giigle- Yer sucha nice des' yer suchs….sucha..oh…ahhh..susha…….su..uh..uhhh…oh…ohhh..ahhh Ahhh…AAAHHHH OOOOOHHHHHHH.


[Dr. Li is now straddling the desk, and is grinding her clit against it. Her black hair clings to her neck and back. Her face is a mask of ecstasy. She is completely lost in the feelings of rubbing herself on the desk, and with her left hands she squeezes her breasts, pulling on the cotton shirt so hard it tears off. Her nipple exposed, she cups her tit and licks her nipple, and immediately grinds against the desk even harder. Her legs thrash about, and her head is thrown back. She is silent for a moment, than she climaxes with an explosion. She screams and tosses her head back, opening her mouth wide, and orgasms violently. Panting softly now, she lays down on the desk, her hair matted to her forehead, a satisfied grin on her face]