The Quest for the Mirth Monster

Episode 1 - Graduation Day

"Three cheers to us!"

"Yes! One for each of us!"

"For glory is ours today!"

The three long time friends clanged their tankards of ale together, held high
above their heads, then sat back down in their wooden chairs around a
small table of similar material. They toasted in celebration, like most of the
young men and women in the tavern today. The surrounding air was filled
with the music of the tamborine, the drum, the lyre, and the sounds of
laughter and cheerful chatter. The six years they have spent training in
their various fields and arts at The Academy have finally paid off for them.

David had successfully completed his study of mystical arts and had been
qualified by The Academy to enter His Majesty's service as an apprentice
wizard. His trainers had commented that David's ability to come up with
new and different types of magics, through his ability to do thorough
research, was unrivaled in any graduate in many years. Indeed, David did
do much research, since he knew that he would be required to take on a
personal expedition at some point in his future in order to enter the higher
circles of His Majesty's court wizards. David didn't want to be doing simple
magic tricks for the court for the remainder of his days in service. He
wanted to sit along with the King and Queen, as one of thier trusted
advisors. And David was determined to have it.

Anne Marie's course of study had taken her down a very difficult road at The
Academy. Today, she was finally qualified to enter service as one of The
Court's Paladins. All the more important since very few women were ever
allowed to enter service in the ranks of Paladin. The Academy had
commented that her piety and physical strength rivaled the men she
graduated with. Anne Marie wasn't a fool, however. She knew that her long,
flowing red hair, her attractive hourglass figure, her large emerald eyes and
her soft-spoken voice all contributed to her success in classes. They did
little good on the battlefield, but she was more apt others to lead based on
her appearence. Most men would do almost anything for her. Combined
with Anne Marie's uncanny ability to surprise opponents, and Anne Marie
was destined for success in her future. Like David, she too had an
expedition that she would look forward to, however, she was expected to
lead her expedition when the time came.

Elizabeth was probably the least successful of the friends. While she was
just as strong, if not more so, than Anne Marie, Elizabeth wasn't as wise
or intelligent. Elizabeth wasn't a complete idiot, but her brash attitude
usually put off her instructors and collegues both on the battlefield and in
the classroom. The Academy commented that she had a temper, and while
she was more than willing to carry out the laws of the land, and see that
justice be done, Elizabeth tended to be quite vicious towards her opponents,
and never allowed for surrender. While Elizabeth's appearence also rivaled
Anne Marie, most of the people around her had difficulty meeting her
expectations. That assumed that Elizabeth would even give orders, instead
of running off and completing the task on her own. She gave up her long
blonde hair after two years at The Academy, but her sparkling blue eyes
and similarly gorgeous frame remained. She felt her hair got in the way at
times, and anything that gets in the way of Elizabeth was eliminated. The
Academy stated that she was best qualified as an ordinary soldier, but that
she may have a future in covert operations, because of her near singularity.
The only people she seemed to be able to get along with was David and
Anne Marie.

Elizabeth's cordiality towards her friends could be expected however. The
three of them came from the same small village of Helcurry, about 100
kilometers south and east from Arnden City, the country's capital where
they now trained. Helcurry used to be a small fishing village until The
Crown decided to make use of it as a port for exploration. Now Helcurry
had become a growing city, trying desperately to keep it's village like

David's family was one of the first new people to arrive from across the
ocean to Helcurry. David's parents found a difficult time fitting in, since
the dark brown coloration of their skin was in stark contrast to most of
Helcurry's paler citizenry. David's father couldn't find consistent work,
and his mother was shunned, openly at times, by the village women. The
family found themselves more acceptable when David's father single-
handedly assisted in the delivery of three children, born on the same day
and time. It was only destiny that David, Anne Marie, and Elizabeth would
be together...they had been bound since birth.

The three grew up among the increasingly more busy streets of the village.
They attending a small village classroom that David's mother started, and
would play a game they made up called "Mirth Monster". Based on a story
that was supposed to be used to keep children of the village "in line", the
three of them would each take turns being the Mirth Monster, chasing each
other through the streets and tickling the captured "victims" until the victim
surrendered and became the new Mirth Monster.

As they entered their adolescent years, however, the three came to an
agreement. Even though he was physically the weakest of the group,
David took a permanent role as the Mirth Monster. It seemed right to the
girls, and they promised never to use their full strength in trying to get
away from David. Shortly after this agreement was reached, the girls just
stopped running away from David. The three would find secluded corners
or abandoned houses in the bustling village. The girls would then lay back
and surrender themselves to the Mirth Monster, while David eagerly took to
the task of fully and thoroughly tickling them. The girls loved David's soft,
gentle touch as it spread across their growing bodies.

They loved the feelings he aroused in them. During one such session,
David had slipped under Elizabeth's dress to tickle her underarms. He had
slipped in a little too far, and had actually started tickling her breasts.
She very quickly had her first orgasm. Anne Marie immediately wanted the
same "mistake", after seeing the pure pleasure on Elizabeth's face. When
David complied, and started tickling Anne Marie's breasts, she had her
first of what would be many very powerful orgasms to come.

The Mirth Monster game was one they never gave up, even though they
were now considered adults for having passed their studies at The
Academy. They would get together often, on a nightly basis towards the
end of their studies, and the girls would surrender to David. They would
go to one or the other's dorm room and David would tickle the girls. The
girls would, in return, fondle, tease, and stroke on David until the three of
them were sexually gratified.

So it was no surprise, now that the celebration was winding down, and
first report to His Majesty would be tomorrow, that David, Anne Marie, and
Elizabeth were all thinking about playing another round of Mirth Monster.
The desire was all the more strong since David had promised a new
element to the game. When pressed for more information, David's only
reply was that some of his personal research had reaped a few benefits,
and the girls would know more later. Each girl tried to seduce the
information out of him, first one at a time, and then as a tag team. David
found a way to resist they sexy advances, however, and kept the surprise
until now.

"So," said Anne Marie. "What's the new element?" She was already
unbuttoning the top of her dress as Elizabeth closed the door to the room
the three of them had rented. David placed the room key into a nearby
nightstand and turned the chair to face the large bed that the ladies would
be laying on shortly.

"In a few moments," said David, with a wry smile. "Just get down to your

"How are you going to be the Mirth Monster way over there, sweety,"
Elizabeth commented. She was always the faster at stripping than Anne
Marie, but David thought that Anne Marie was teasing while she undressed.
Anne Marie almost always was leaning forward a bit when her buttons
moved past her cleavage, and almost always turned her back to David
when her dress fell to the floor, so he could view her shapely ass that was
in the special panties that The Academy required swordswomen of all types
to wear. Instead of covering all the skin on the buttocks, these covered
almost none. Only a thin strip of cloth was visible, disappearing into the
women's asscheeks. The idea was that it offered much less hindrance
during combat, with every ounce of free movement was required. Of course,
David loved the look of these panties when that was all the girls were

When the girls layed back on the bed, with their arms over their heads,
cooing about how they freely gave thier bodies to the Mirth Monster,
David's time had come. He blew out the nearby candle and started
mumbling something to himself. The trail of smoke from the candle began
to grow in size, and seemed to take the shape of two grey-colored hands.
The smoky wisps made their way from the across the room where David
sat and began to lightly stroke and caress the girl's faces. The women
noticed a pleasant scent to the wispy fingers across their faces and relaxed
from the discomfort of having a magic spell cast on them. Their relaxation
continued to grow, and the ladies began to forget about their day to come,
or the day that passed.

Surprisingly, one of the two girls giggled. It was Elizabeth, and Anne Marie
looked over at her, slightly startled, but too relaxed to jump or move
quickly in any fashion. Elizabeth was also taken aback by her giggle. Yet,
another giggle came from her. And then another. Anne Marie found
Elizabeth's giggle to be funny, and joined her with a giggle of her own.
Soon, the two ladies were giggling at each other's giggling. David observed
the two women with a knowing smile. His research had payed off.

"What is this stuff?" asked Elizabeth, through her uncontrolled giggles.

"It's a new spell I've created," replied David. "Based on some research I
have been doing recently." The two girls looked at each other and their
giggling turned to laughter. The gaseous fingers continued to caress their
faces, concentrating near the girls' noses and mouths so that with each
breath they took, parts of the mists would disappear into their bodies. The
longer they inhaled, the louder and harder they laughed.

David allowed their laughter to increase until they were almost screaming.
Then, with a few mumbled words and a wave of his hands, the mist quickly
vanished. Anne Marie and Elizabeth continued to laugh heartily, however.
David also noticed the other, expected and anticipated effect: the ladies'
nipples had hardened visibly through their sheer bras. He moved over to
the bed and tweaked and teased the laughing ladies. He then reached to
each girl's exposed underarm and began to tickle them. Each girl tried to
pull her arm down, but found that their arms were almost lifeless. They
were absolutely helpless to even try to protect themselves from David's probing
fingers. All they could do was laugh harder and beg David to bring them some
form of release has he always had.

Just as with other times, the "promises" began. The promises of two helplessly
laughing ladies that were not only being tickled, but also exposed to some
strange, yet delightfully pleasant magic causing tears of arousal, laughter, and
a little frustration. Promises to help tickle the other girl. Promises of
extra sexual favors. Promises of assistance with laundry or whatever feminine
duty David needed performed if the woman in question could be given a break.
Only when David paused tickling one girl to tickle the other, the first girl's
laughter did not stop, the helplessness did not vanish, and the respite never

Finally, as if waiting for eternity for Anne Marie and Elizabeth, David's
talented tongue went into action. First he chose Anne Marie. He moved aside
her panties with his teeth and used his tongue to begin gratifying her.
Normally, David would stretch himself to insure that he was tickling Elizabeth
in this situation, but today David's fingers concentrated on Anne Marie's
lucious frame. His fingers tickled down her sides, around her hips, across her
tummy and then between her thighs. All the while Elizabeth laughed hysterically,
as if she was feeling David's torturous touch. What's more, she didn't care
that her laughter was induced by the gas she had inhaled, which must somehow be
tickling her inside out. She was thoroughly enjoying the wait for David to use
his tongue on her.

Anne Marie was even more estatic about her situation. The probing fingers,
David's tongue, and whatever he had whipped up in the library was having an
extraordinary effect on her. She enjoyed each second, and when she finally
orgasmed, it came in one long stream of repeated climaxes until she could not
make a sound from the combination of laughter, tickling, and sex.

It didn't take long for Elizabeth to be brought to the same, near silent
reaction. Her body barely quivered where she would normally be thrashing about,
however. The new reaction gave David more access to bring Elizabeth to her
dizzying climax.

The two girls quietly giggled themselves to sleep from exhaustion, promising to
deliver David the time of his life when they awoke. David, however, wasn't
really concerned with if they would keep their promise. He was more pleased
regarding the effect of the spell he created. He soon after drifted to sleep
between the bountiful bosom of his two special friends.

* * *

"So exactly what was that you did to us?" Anne Marie was already playing with
David's cock, stirring him from his sleep. He took her nipple into his mouth
as it was right near his lips already. He could hear Elizabeth murmuring on his
other side, and shortly afterwards, he felt her hands caressing his chest from

"Well," said David. "For lack of a better name, and to pay homage to the Queen
of Enchantments, I call it 'Tasha's Gaseous Ticklers'"

"Well," whispered Elizabeth into David's ear. "I suppose she will be please to
hear her name honored in such a way."

"I hope you are right," said David. He layed on his back and allowed one of
each of his hands to play lightly with the girl's bodies. He gave an
occassional tickle here or there, causing one or the other girl to jump and
giggle in response. "Of course," David continued. "The spell isn't even half
as strong as it could be, according to my research."

The girls sat up and payed closer attention. "You mean that spell can be
STRONGER?" asked Elizabeth.

"I'm not sure I could take it any stronger," commented Anne Marie. David sat up
on the edge of the bed between the two beauties.

"Well," David went on. "It turns out that a Mirth Monster is NOT a myth. The
creature exists, and if I can find an essence from a Mirth Monster, the spell I
just used would become extremely powerful. You'd still be laughing from it if
I had such an essence."

"Well, where do we find one?" Elizabeth jumped out of bed, obviously ready to
head out on the search.

"We don't tonight," commented David.

"We have first report tomorrow, remember," reminded the red head. Elizabeth sat
back on the bed, folded her arms and pouted.

"Fiddlesticks," she said.

"I will be seeing about what I need to do to go on my expedition as quickly as
possible," said David. "I am certain that I will need you two beautiful women
to escort me and be my strength on my search."

"I'm in!" said Elizabeth, a little too loudly.

"I'm coming with you as well," said Anne Marie.

"I'm happy to hear that," said David. He kissed one then the other girl deeply
on her lips. He then laid back on the bed and the two women began to fulfill
the promise they previously giggled out.