The Quest for the Mirth Monster

Episode 3: Cast Out?

Jestinious stood to Rensolar's left in his normal place when advising the
king. He had been speaking with Rensolar now for almost an hour, as
they awaited David's arrival. Rebecca sat in the throne beside her
husband, staring intently at the doors at the end of the audience chamber.
Normally, she would be disinterested in the discussion between the two
mages. She felt they made far too many inquiries into matters that, for
her, had obvious answers. On this matter, however, she listened quietly
and intently, hearing out both sides.

"I don't see how a little laughter and a suggestion to tickle my wife is a
threat to the state, old friend," said Rensolar authoratatively.

"Your Majesty," said Jestininous. "It's not a matter of the actual
encounter from last night's competition. Consider for a moment that, at
any time, Mage David could enter a room, talking in a seemingly normal
fashion, and suddenly the entire hall is ablaze?"

"Not probable," said Rensolar. "In all the years the Academy has existed,
none have been turned against this kingdom. I don't have to tell you how
people have tried."

Jestinious caught a lump in his throat for a moment, then continued with
his argument. "Your Majesty, now that someone with such power
exists in our realm, and knowing how quickly word will spread, there is
no doubt that some will come and try again. In my encounter, I was aged,
and tried in the ways of our court. David is youthful. For him to wield so
much power so quickly is unheard of. That power could cause him to be

Rensolar had been shaking his head in disagreement for some time, but
allowed his friend to finish. "I'm not particularly worried when his known
companions are a Paladin and a court assassin. If one doesn't keep
David in line, the other most certainly will."

"They have traveled together many years, your Majesty," said Jestinious.
"It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that all three could be made
to turn at once."

Rensolar sighed in exasperation. He turned to his wife, who still looked
straight at the door. "What do you make of all this?"

Rebecca finally spoke after an hour in silence. "If David is so powerful
so quickly, then perhaps he should be sent on his court mission. It will do
one of several things. Either prove his loyalty to the court, show that he
can be turned away from this court, or, the unfortante result that he does
not return."

Jestinious spoke up almost immediately. "In fact your Majesty, he has been
inquiring about doing that very thing. Her Majesty is right in that we
should send him on his quest immediately."

"What is it that he is looking to do?" asked Resolar. Jestinious smiled
widely at the question.

"He is looking to find an essence from a Mirth Monster." Rensolar and
Rebecca both jolted slightly at this statement. The two turned to each

"I was under the impression, " said Rensolar. "That Her Majesty and I had
destroyed the only one that ever existed."

"David seems to think others may exist," Jestinious answered. "According to
his research anyway. He seeks to improve the same spell he used in the
competition last night."

* * *

Anne Marie and Elizabeth showed up at the door to David's dorm room holding
the small parchment scrolls they had each received some moments earlier.
Each girl had been called away from their regular afternoon duties, and as
such were both out of the armor's they would have been wearing had they been
training. Both wore long dresses with the obvious signs of the corsets
beneath, pushing and pressing their endowments almost over the top of their
dresses. Anne Marie knocked on the door and they both heard David beckon
them to enter without the door opening. The girls thought that odd, but
they did as asked.

The girls were surprised to find that the room had been completely filled
with candles, in almost every empty space available. Tables, chairs, and
the four bedposts flickered in a soft, orange glow. The girls smiled with
the anticipation of what was to come.

"What's with the candles, sweetie?" asked Elizabeth.

"Simple," said David. "The court granted my request to start on my personal
quest!" The two girls each congradulated David, kissing him deeply on the
lips. Both girls also made an investigation as to where David's mind was at
the moment by brushing against his crotch in one way or another, finding
that he was fully aroused, and confirming the girls anticipation that they
would be treated to another dose of the tickling spell he had created.

David sensed the girls' anticipation. "Actually, this is a little different
version, ladies. I'm afraid we are to leave immediately." With that,
David gave a quick blow on a nearby candle. A strong gust blew through the
entire room, distracting David slightly as Anne Marie's dress blew upwards
and causing Elizabeth to think that such a result was purposeful, while
simultaneously extingishing all the candles. David stated a few magical
words, causing the rising smoky wisps to coalesce into the familiar, ghost-
like hands that the ladies were used to. Almost as soon as one formed, it
flew forward and disappeared into David's open palm. He went about the
room, absorbing the ticklers into his hand where they vanished without any
evidence of ever existing.

"No cause for disappointment, ladies," said David, trying to sound upbeat
as possible. "I have been allowed to bring the two of you with me." The
two girls looked at each other, let out a giddy chirp, and hugged, jumping
in each others arms.

* * *

Soon, the trio were walking the halls of the castle church, after picking up
a few things for Anne Marie. The heavy doors were opened by one of the
young acolytes, and the high priest placed a necklace with a small charm on
it around Anne Marie's neck.

"This symbol will protect you and empower you on your journey," he said.
Anne Marie smiled.

"Thank you, my lord," she said. "I shall do my best to honor this symbol
on my road." The high priest took Anne Marie off to the side a bit and
lowered his voice so only Anne Marie could hear.

"Remember, dear girl," he said. "If there is any question or doubt, it is
you that should take the responsibility of decision-making for this journey.
The other two are destined to be followers and obeyers of orders...ones that
you will be giving soon enough."

Anne Marie knew better than to take too much command away from David on this
trip, and also knew full well that he would tell the court and the High
Priest anything they needed to hear in order for Anne Marie to hold her
position as a paladin. "I hear and will remember, my lord," she replied.
She then took a short embrace from each acolyte, as each one offered a small

* * *

And that was that. Three days later, the trio were inside a small tent,
trying to keep warm from the cold, driving winds just outside, as well as
trying to protect the candlelight from being extinguished by the water that
dripped down through the completely soaked burlap. They huddled closely
together and shivered slightly. Each wondered why it was exactly that they
were so anxious to get going on this expedition anyway. The two girls had
little clue where they were going, other than south. Truth be known, David
knew very little either, and decided that he would head to a city called
Calstinowitz, where there was rumored to be the largest library outside of
the castle's walls.

The next morning was a muddy, humid mess, but at the very least the rain
had stopped. Anne Marie found her plate armor quite unforgiving with each
step she took. The metal boots would sink slightly into the mud, causing
her to make a slightly strained effort just to walk. She was slightly
jealous of Elizabeth and David, who would never know the strength sapping
abilities of roadway mud, given Elizabeth's lighter weight leather and
David's robes. Silently she prayed for a bit of strength.

This day started as the three previous. They would walk along the road and
slightly off the road, seeking wild berries, nuts, or the occassional small
wild animal for breakfast. To this point, it hadn't been difficult to
capture enough food for the entire day, saving the trio from using their
ration packets. All three knew that the road south, however, would thin
out quickly on the dark borders of the Draken Forest. Rumor was the region
had ben dying out for quite some time, and that the only life inside the
region were barbaric orcs, or orcish like creatures of some kind, as well
as whispers of haunted spirits. The trio would arrive on the forest's
edge in about a week's walk, and they knew they'd have to stock up on
supplies long before entering that forest.

As the sun began to reach its highest point, and the trio decided to have a
small break for food, they smelled the distinct scent of burning wood. The
three eagerly walked forward, hoping they would come across another
traveller or two, in order to gather some information regarding Draken
Forest. Unfortunately, they didn't get what they had asked for. Instead
the three were confronted by a group of five of the pig-nosed deformaties
rumored to dwell in the forest. Their dark green and brown skin glistened
with some substance, and they howled with laughter, shaking their fists at
the skies. Two of the orcs held torches, which were probably used to set
the small hut they stood near ablaze.

The two girls immediately charged forth, drawing their swords and screaming
for justice. While the two women were skilled fighters, and David did what
he could with what little magic he had been able to memorize, the girls
found themselves nearly surrounded, and definately outnumbered.

"Any time you want to add to this, feel free!" shouted Elizabeth, as she
used a dagger to slash at one of the orcs' faces. She scored a hit, cutting
the creature's ear off, and causing it to scream in pain and back away for
a bit.

"I've only got one spell left," shouted David. "It's an area spell, so you
two need to get back over by me." Both ladies heard the command, and
employed a few of their training techniques to trip the orcs up, with the
assistance of the roadway mud. The creatures fell backwards and slid a
little ways, knocking down two more like bowling pins. The girls ran
towards David, who was already gesturing and speaking words that only mages
seem to know.

Just as the orcs had regained their balances, and began to move towards
the trio's position, David's spell began to take affect. The smoky hands
that David had absorbed a few days earlier were now flying forward towards
the creatures, rapidly coming from David's hand one after the other. The
results were immediate, as the hands began to tickle the monstrosities,
causing them to double over with laughter, fall to the ground, and
spasmatically jerk and jump, trying to rid themselves of the ticklers
attacking them. David had unleashed so many of the Ticklers, that many of
them just floated and darted about in the air, while each orc had to contend
with the tickle torture of ten of the ghastly hands.

David was about to warn the girls not to go forward, but when Elizabeth
realized the immobilized state of the monsters, she again charged at them,
screaming and cursing them. With the orcs in their tortured stated, they
ended up with wide grins, or gapping mouths contorted with laughter as
Elizabeth slashed her sword and dagger mightly, beheading each orc she
crossed. Unfortunately, with about fifty or so hands waiting to tickle
anything nearby, Elizabeth came under attack from the Ticklers. She fought
to compose herself, but all the years of being tickled and turned on by
her friends were now about to betray her. Even though she knew she was in
combat, she felt nothing but the urge to laugh, all the while her sexual
arousal increasing sharply.

Elizabeth ended up rolling on the ground, tickled and screaming with
laughter, right beside the last orc, who was also in the same state of
affairs. David and Anne Marie looked at each other.

"Disperse them, David!" Anne Marie said, almost shouting because of her
fear that, somehow, the last orc would find a way to kill Elizabeth.

"It's not that simple," David replied, with the same type of anxiety. "I
don't have the same control over this spell as I do in the bedroom. It's
purely designed to attack anyone by myself in the area."

"Great!" snapped Anne Marie. "So, what now? Wait till it wears off? Hope
that the orc doesn't get the strength or wherewithall to not cut Beth's
throat open?" David shrugged, then nodded slowly. That wasn't the reaction
Anne Marie had hoped for. She knew full well that, even though David could
walk through that area and not get touched by one single hand, David didn't
have the strength to either kill the orc, or drag Elizabeth out of the area.

Anne Marie decided she would have to enter the region and do something. She
was far more easily affected by getting tickled than Elizabeth, so Anne
Marie wouldn't have time to pull her friend from the region. Anne Marie
drew out her sword again, and charged into the area. She squealed as the
hands found their way into the crevaces of her armor, and began tickling
her relentlessly all over her body. She found she had enough strength left
to run her blade through the last laughing orc, before falling down on top
of her friend, in the same state or cackling ecstacy as Elizabeth.

David finally realized why so many more Ticklers were present than he
anticipated. Extra tickling hands were forming from the smoke rising off
the hut as it completely burned to the ground, and these hands went right
after the two laughing ladies. David couldn't think of how to help his
friends, and couldn't even begin to guess at how long it would be before
the hands were dispersed. He guessed it would be some time, however,
since the smoldering rubble was adding to the girls' delight. David watched
as each woman trembled through one tickle tortured orgasm after another.
David knew he had a part to blame, since it was he that had trained these
girls' bodies to *love* getting tickled.

* * *

David was becoming more dispondant as the hours went on. The smoke had
long since stopped rising off the house, and there were still about
a hundred of the hands fondling and tickling the two girls. He counted that
the two had probably orgasmed about ten times each, and he could hear the
girls on the verge of passing out from their ordeal. There was nothing he
could do. Every trick he had to get rid of the hands was either used, or
not memorized prior to leaving the castle.

Just as David was about to give up, he saw a few of the hands ticking
Elizabeth's neck. One was moving near her mouth as she inhaled, and it
disappeared inside her. David immediately got an idea.

"Inhale them!" he shouted at his friends. Elizabeth blindly did exactly
as she was told. She was quite exhausted, and, while she loved getting
tickle tortured, she didn't think she could survive her thirteenth orgasm.
As one hand passed by her lips or nose, Elizabeth would take all her energy
to inhale, capturing the tickling hand inside of her. It didn't help to
relieve the situation, she found, because she started to become light-
headed with each inhale.

Anne Marie saw Elizabeth doing as she was told. While the paladin didn't
see how it would help, she eventually began to do the same. Within minutes,
the hands had completely disappeared, leaving the two girls laughing just
as hard on the ground from the gaseous properties of the spell.

It would only be a matter of time, however, before the gaseous effects wore
off, and then David would have to answer the ladies as to why he didn't
better prepare to disperse the cloud he had created.

Or, at the very least, why hadn't he taken the opportunity to get in a few
orgasms of his own.

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