The Quest for the Mirth Monster
Episode 5: The Summons

Jestinious glanced about his chamber nervously as he closed the door. He
listened at the door a bit, then, assured no one was in the hall, strode
quickly over to his large mirror, grabbing a small pouch of dust as he passed
his workdesk. Taking a pinch of dust, he spoke a few arcane words and blew
the dust from his hand into the mirror.

The mirror shimmered for a moment, then provided an unfocused image of his
contact's chamber. The voice echoed across the mirror and into the room.
Even in it's distorted tone, the voice was still sensuous and seductive, which
was usually not lost on Jestinious, but for the moment his mind wasn't on his
contact's femininity.

"What is it no, little boy?" said the voice, half-seductive, half-annoyed.

"Have you made any progress with the scroll I sent to you?" asked Jestinious.

"Considering I only got it a few hours ago," responded th voice, with a
short pause for effect. "No."

"I prefer not to be found out as binding devils into service," he started,
but was abruptly cut off.

"You aren't," said the woman. "Consider the finding of a true name a small
payment for my services."

"Services, I may add, that I have yet to actually receive," said Jestinious.
"Exactly how long is this to continue."

"Your apprentice and his two lady friends have the potential to cause me
a significant setback," the voice replied. "Once I have the out of my way,
we shall continue with the rituals you requested." Jestinious' face seemed
to fall off a bit, which didn't go unnoticed by the obscurred female image in
the mirror. "Worry not, my friend," she said. "If it makes you feel any
better, by the time I am done, David will most likely become the consort of
all the succubi in hell."

"And you're not the least bit worried about his paladin partner?"

"I'm more worried about your little assassin in training," responded the
mirror. "Your reports on her have me fearing her as a latent telepath."
Jestinious' mouth grew small with the voice's next words: "Or worse."

* * *

David, Anne Marie, and Elizabeth were slowly cleaning away their steel plates
of the remains of breakfast. David commented that rations were running low,
and the three of them may need to leave the path to hunt for food soon.

"Well," teased Elizabeth, kissing David's neck. "Laughing for so long does
inspire hunger."

Anne Marie chimed in on the chiding: "And I noticed you don't have a loss for
appetite, in *any* respect." Anne Marie kissed David's on his cheek while
David smiled at his two vixens. He gently rolled one nipple from each woman's
naked breast, then decided they were too delectible not to taste. He took
each woman's breast in turn, gently sucking on Anne Marie's, then Elizabeth's
breast, causing a moan of pleasure from each girl.

"Thank you Master," thought Elizabeth to herself.

"Thank you," said David out loud. "For being so willing for a few laughs."
Anne Marie wasn't exactly sure why he would need to thank them, but she didn't
care a moment later as David had been slowly moving his arms around the girls'
waists, and was now tickling them in earnest. The two naked beauties tried to
jerk away, but the tent afforded little room, and the three bodies fell to the
matted floor, with David on top of the two ticklish victims, his fingers
stroking their sides, ribs, and breasts. He placed one knee between each
of the squirming girls' thighs and positioned himself, as he continued to
tickle, so that their squirming caused the girls to rub their clits against

Laughter quickly mixed with light moans of pleasure, and soon the girls were
goading on their captor with their laughter and begging to be tickled. The
girls twisted and turned, purposefully against David's knees. David leaned in
to kiss each girls' quivering breast while his fingers continued to victimize
the girls tummies and upper thighs.

"We really ought to pack up and go," said David, without relenting on the

"Yes," shouted Elizabeth then descending into laughter again. David wasn't
certain if it was in agreement, or from his moving his knee to match her on a
particular twist she had made.

Anne Marie fought off her laughter, tittering through her quick comment, "In
a moment." She then exploded with laughter again, as David brought his
fingers into the hairless pits under the redhead's arms. Elizabeth was
already nearing another orgasm, as she realy had never come down from the ones
she had before breakfast. She wanted David to be in her mind, so he could
see how her orgasms felt, although she knew that to be impossible. For now,
all she could do was laugh helplessly while David's dark and nimble fingers
tickled her towards her climax.

David leaned over and blew out the candles that were used to light the
interior of the tent for breakfast, and quickly spoke the enchantment he had
become known for. The wispy hands sprung forth quickly from the candle smoke
and immediately went towards Elizabeth and Anne Marie's faces. They tickled
under the girls' chins, and disappeared into their mouths and noses as they
inhaled for another bout of laughter caused by David's fingers. The girls
were finding it more difficult to move, effected from the spell, and they
groaned their disapproval, having been so close to climax. But even after
David's fingers stopped, the girls howled with laughter, immobile from David's

David leaned his lips between Elizabeth's thighs, and his tongue began to
work it's magic on her engourged clit. Her groans begging David not to stop
immediately turned to cackled statements of approval. The gaseous fingers
continued to tickle Elizabeth's face, neck, and breasts. Combined with
David's expert skills between her thighs, Elizabeth took a deep breath and
screamed out in orgasm just before passing out.

David then turned his attention to the redhead, chanting a few words. The
fingers that tickled Elizabeth's helpless frame now took towards the equally
paralyzed and howling Anne Marie, just as David's tongue took to her equally
defenseless pussy. Tears of pleasure streamed down her laughter contorted
cheeks while tears of her fluids leaked onto David's teasing and stroking
tongue. Within moments, as Elizabeth did before her, She laughed herself into
an orgasm that caused her to immediately pass out.

* * *

The room Elizabeth stood in was filled with high columns and shelves of books.
All she could remember was that David asked her to meet him here for some
reason. She figured that maybe this would be a time when David would tickle
her body and let loose his magics on her...a little one-on-one time. Maybe
David wasn't obsessed with Anne Marie, and that it was all in her head, and
now David was going to prove it.

She walked the halls of the books, and they all seemed to envelope her. She
didn't like libraries, because they always intimidated her. Elizabeth felt
the books were secretly and silently laughing at her for her inability to
comprehend some of the materials they presented.

She finally saw a large desk in the middle of the shelves, and decided to
approach it. Sitting behind the desk was a woman with black hair and a very
round face. It seemed to have a slightly red tint to it, which was made all
the more prominent by the sudden smell of burning. Elizabeth's voice
echoed in the halls as she approached the desk and spoke.

"Excuse me. Have you seen David?"

"Oh certainly," the woman replied. "He's mine now. Not yours, not Ami's.
Mine." The woman behind the counter turned slightly, allowing Elizabeth to
see over her shoulder. David's body was on a stone slab of some type. He
was barely recognizeable, as his body had been burned nearly coal colored,
with a wide grin etched onto his face. Elizabeth wanted to scream in horror,
but the nightmare didn't stop there.

The woman at the desk turned to face Elizabeth full face again. As she did,
large, bat-like wings rose wide open from her back. The woman hissed, baring
vampire-like teeth, and lips that were painted not with rouge, but with what
Elizabeth was certain was David's blood.


* * *

The succubus found herself in a glass like cage. Inscribed in her own blood
on the walls of the glass were several sigils that kept the devil at bay.
She couldn't see beyond the glass, it was pitch black outside the glass.

"Who DARES mishandle me in this manner?" screamed the succubus, her voice
reverberating her anger. "I, who have consorted with Asmodeus, Baazelabub,
and Geryon. I, one of the sole succubi to survive such an encounter!"

"What matters most," said the female voice. "Is that you will not only obey
my commands, but probably be paid well by each of those Archdevil's for your
services." The succubus was about to object, but a small light shimmered
inside the circle nearby. In moments, a small jug and a scroll lay beside
the devil. "Open the scroll and read it."

The way the succubus had been bound to the earthly plane, she could only obey
at the moment. Her face turned to pure shock as she read the parchment, and
she began to tear the document to shreads with her razor-like claws. The
parchment merely faded away as the succubus started.

"Do you think I'd really let you have the original?" the female voice cooed,
almost seductively.

"What service do you demand of me?" said the hell-spawned seductress, defeated
and subdued.

"I require several services," said the voice. "One is an experiment. The
other is a seduction. The seduction is simple enough. You are to go to the
city of Calstinowitz and seduce a mage, David du Destron, and take his soul
with you to hell as payment for your services. You should be careful,
however, as he walks with two females, a paladin and a latent telepath."

The succubus smiled at the thought of this situation. She had been in one
previously, and it was more that too easy to overcome. She would simply turn
the women on each other, and while they fought, seduce the man and take his
soul. As if in response to her smile, the female continued.

"Do no think this seduction to be easy, my little hell-spawned whore," the
voice said. "David can only be seduced away from the two women, both of whom
you should consider to be his wives for all intents and purposes, in one
manner." The succubus' smile did soften, as it was always harder to seduce a
man away from his wife...let alone two wives.

"Do I get to know this method?" the devil asked.

"Certainly, the voice said. "That is part of the other task. Beside of you
is a small jug. Open it." The devil didn't move.

"You certainly should know," said the devil. "That I am have a type of
immunity from enchantments. Asking me to open a Jug of Jokes and Jests isn't
going to illicit so much as a giggle from me."

"That is no ordinary Jug, devil-whore," said the voice. "Now open it!"

The succubus did as commanded, wary of the consequence should the woman have
a real version of the illusory scroll read moments before. She easily opened
the jug's cork, which immediately caused the green gas inside to spill into
the glass prison the devil was in. Almost immediately the unthinkable
happened to the succubus...she giggled.

"The cursed jug is actually going to work on me?!" the devil shouted in her
mind. She would have said more, but within seconds of opening the cork, the
busty seductress was beset with a steady stream of giggling.

"The reason it works is because I saved some of the droplets of blood I took
from our little battle just now." The devil was so bemused at the situation
that she exploded into laughter. She sat in the circle on her haunches, with
her palms lightly slapping on her knees. Her laughter increased as she
inhaled more of the jugs contents. She did her best to keep her torso up,
but found that her spasms of laughter would weaken her and force her to lean
forward from the exhaustion. She would catch herself from time to time, and
right herself, spreading her bat-like wings, pointing her face to the top
of the glass prison, and laughing loudly through her gaped mouth.

"She will do quite nicely," thought the woman, as she turned and left the

The devil couldn't see the woman before, but as the glass prison filled with
the green gas, she could see even less now. Usually a spellcaster with the
ability to summon a demon was haughty and often revealed their identities
immediately. This woman had not, however. The devil heard the echo of a door
closing, and hoped her captor had left. She closed her wings and fell onto
her back, screaming with laughter. Her shapely body jiggled in rhythm to
the rising and falling of her abdomen and tummy from her laughter. The
succubus could barely think of thoughts of revenge against the sorceress that
did this to her. She would certainly be considered weak if she was seen
laughing in hell, and she prayed that the names she had used previously didn't
attract any undo attention from the seventh, eighth, or ninth planes of Hell,
for they would certainly think far less of her now that she was helplessly
laughing at the hands of a mortal. The only consolation that the succubus
could see from all of this was the opportunity to seduce a male of pure heart
into the depths of hell.

* * *

When she returned, the succubus was already laying spread eagle and bound to
the slab by fetters with the same blood created sigils inscribed. The devil
slowly awoke from her laughing ordeal. She looked down at the shapely
devil, making detailed mental notes regarding the succubus' body. A perfect
hourglass figure, the succubus could certainly create any illusion to make
herself a desireable human of any type. Hopefully, the blood red tint of
the devil's skin would be hidden well.

"Otherwise," thought the woman. "Jestinious is going to have to cast some
more magics to cover it up."

The devil slowly awoke, and suddenly screamed in horror at her position. She
turned her head and saw the raven-haired mage she just battled, lost, and was
gassed by. She began to plea.

"Please, don't sacrifice me!" the devil begged. "You don't know what horrors
I will go through if you do!" The woman seemed a little surprised, but said
nothing. Instead, she pulled out a scabbard that still housed it's dagger.
The devil recognized the scabbard as a blade that indeed performed devil
sacrifices, and the succubus' eyes widened further, her voice became more

"I shall do better, I promise!" the devil screamed. The woman drew forth
from the scabbard, and the devil's eyes rested on what was expected to be a
blade. Instead, it was a feather. The succubus had no time to relax, even
though what she feared wasn't about to come to pass, because the woman
immeidately stroked the feather across the devil's bared tummy. The succubus
was once again forced into screams of laughter, as she tried to jerk herself
free of her enchanted bonds and protect herself from the red feather that
tickled like a thousand devils as they crawled across her body.

"This feather is also red from your blood," said the female. "I have taken
an entire vial of it, as it will assuredly serve many purposes in my future."
The woman was dragging the feather up the devil's side and into her underarm.
she then dragged it tip back down to where her wing met her back, and the
devil's scream echoed throughout the building she was in. Normally, laughter
from a devil has an evil quality about it, but this devil was not laughing in
victory, but rather in defeat. She wiggled and squirmed on the stone slab
like a greased pig in a wrestling match, but she couldn't escape the tickling
of the feather.

"The tickling will stop when you agree to obey my every command from this
point forward until I dismiss you." The succubus nodded in agreement, but
knew that wouldn't suffice. She tried to speak her agreement, but all that
came from her mouth was the laughter of her tickle torture.

"Furthermore," the woman continued. "You will never seek revenge against me
for being bound into this service, and instead, will take claim to a soul of
my choosing." The devil was begging in her mind. Begging that the feather
would stop twitching between her sensitive toes, dragging endlessly across
her perfectly arched feet, tickling her a thousand times over. She begged to
be allowed to comply with the witch's demands. Her mind was slowly
deteriorating, and all the devil could do now was beg. She begged for
anything and nothing. She had no clue how to make the sorceress stop tickling

The feather was now moving along the succubus' slim tail, and the mage was
tickling her up her tail to the outside of her thighs. The feather moved
acrossed the devil's thigh, tickling first under, then on top of her knee.
The feather was then allowed to tickle the inside of the devil's thigh,
causing more than just uncontrolled laughter, but now uncontrolled passion.
The devils and archdevils that she consorted with in hell were very fond of
the inner thigh, and she had been submitted to rituals several times a month
that made her inner thighs a weakness to control her with.

The succubus was now crying with both laughter and arousal. Again, the devil
wanted to beg for anything now. Even the word "beg" was being lost to her
mental facilities in her tickle tortured state. Her pussy swelled with
sexuality as she helplessly laughed as though insane. A torrent of passion
was swelling within the devil, interrupted only by the tickling feather that
tormented the devil as much as being arrested for sloth in Hell.

"Do you agree to my terms?" Somewhere the woman was echoing a question that
the devil heard only barely, but the timing was perfect. The devil could no
longer hold back what the woman had done to her body. With a scream of
"YES!", the succubus let go of all her orgasmic fluids. The juices splashed
from the slab and hit the floor as water released from a dam.

When the succubus finally was allowed to speak again, she asked her mistress'

"For starters," she said. "Do not call me mistress. I am Tasha. And while
you travel in this plane, you are Leilani."

* * *

David, Elizabeth, and Anne Marie arrived inside the gates Calstinowitz at
dusk, giving the three just enough time to obtain rooms from the town guard
for the evening. With Anne Marie's symbol, they were always capable of
finding lodging in their own lands, or the lands of their neighboring allies.
Calstinowitz was no different. Quickly they ate, all the while Elizabeth
deflected comments about what was troubling her as she had deflected them
all day.

The three changed into more suitable attire, as metal armor does horrors to
a woman's skin, and then headed off with David towards the library, as though
he were a child in a toystore. At times, Anne Marie quietly joked with
Elizabeth that they may need to tether David, as a child, to keep him from
running too far ahead. Anne Marie's jokes didn't little to alleviate
Elizabeth's obviously growing unease.

The three entered the library, and David led them through the halls and rows
of bookshelves to a main desk. Elizabeth gasped in horror when she saw the
buxom, black-haired librarian.

"Greetings, m'lord and ladies," she said. "My name is Leilani. How may I
serve you all."