Beautiful Margaret J. had been kidnapped from her familys mansion two days
ago. the police, FBI, private security, and the J. family waited by the phone
for the kidnappers to call.
A call finally camee, with instructions. The police went to the location
designated-a small phone booth on the other side of town-and collected a
video tape that was there.

"It isnt pretty, Mr J. Its your right to view the tape as immediate
family, but I wouldnt reccomend it, and it wouldnt help anything," explained
the Dectedtive in charge of the case.
"Thats alright, detective," said Mr J, "I want to see it." The detective
popped the tape in the machine and left the man alone in the evidnce room.
The tape came on: There was a struggling girl, perhaps twenty, tied with
her hands behind her back. her feet were in a "stocks", and what looked like
alarge plastic ball was attack=hed to the struggling girls head! Her mouth
was gagged with tape, but her eyes grew wide with fright and looked off
screen. Thats when a masked woman was seen. She removed the top half of the
plastic bubble and ungagged the poor girl.
"Mother! Father! Please do what he says, pay him the money!!! You dont
know what she plans to do to meeeeeeeeee!" with that said a large balled up
bit of white cloth was dropped into the bubble, and the top resealed. The
masked man sart at the girls feet, and wrote on a pad. He held it up o the
camera- "Tickle Gas-2 Million or she dies laughing" And with that he started
to touch the girls feet. Her face exploded with laughter, a huge grin broke
out, and she laughed! Her feet were hypersensative, each caress was like a
lightning rid of tickling through her!
It went on, and the look of fear and horror on the laughing girls face
only got worse and worse. her feet twitched and turned and tried to get away
from her tormentors ever present fingers. Her wrists pulled at the rope, her
fingers reacjed for the knots, but her body was racked with laughter! She was
close to going to the bathroom, couldnt catch her breath! She felt a spasm of
pain in her side, and tried to keep still, but she coudnt! Her small feet
were tormented, the masked man now laughing ar his victim, who was taking in
great gasps of air in between laughing fits. Loud "Ah Ha Ha's" echoed from
the viewer. Her face was red, sweat ran freely, her eyes teared up and her
body quivvered with restrinted contortions.
Finally, FINALLY she stopped! Her laughter wore down, her body relaxed, and
she could breath again! The air felt cool against her feet, and her eyes
nbegged him for mercy! The laughing gas, whatever it was, was TOO MUCH!
The masked woman took a toe in one hand and gave it a wiggle, and the tied
woman squeeled, laughed, and begged "no more, no more, please no more" over
and over. The masked womans fingers hovered over the bound feet, and she
waited until her victim made eye contact with her, and then the torture began
again! The gas worked to perfection, and the helpless kidnapped girls face
broke out into a wide grin, her laughter filling the room as once again her
fingers try to free her bonds, lungs aching for breath...until the tape went

"Pay her whatever she wants," he whispered, and removed the tape.