I was the only person left in Dr. Gigelstein's waiting room for

the day, and had already leafed through last month's People magazine

three times. I was nervous enough as it was, since this was my first

appointment after newly moving out on my own. But, it was time for my

checkup, and after looking over the phone book listings for all the area

dentists, I settled upon Dr. Jill Gigelstein, D.D.S. She was the only

female dentist in the area, and ever since my previous male dentist had

tried to put the make on me, I just didn't trust male doctors.

The office door opened, and a petite, 5 foot lady with short dark

hair stepped in and looked about. The tag on her blouse identified her

only as "Karen".

"Doctor Gigelstein will see you now, Suzanne," Karen announced,

smiling warmly. I put down the worn magazine, stood up to smooth out my

white cotton skirt, and followed Karen into an office with a reclining

dentist's chair and myriad dental apparati.

Karen gestured toward the reclining patient chair. "Please have a

seat and I'll tell the doctor you're ready for her."

I eased my body into the full length chair, and made another vain

attempt at smoothing my skirt, which was riding up my thighs because of

the angle that the chair reclined. Noticing my minor difficulty, Karen

came back to the chair, gingerly grasped the hem of my skirt, and pulled

it down over my knees. "I wouldn't be too worried about that happening,

if I were you," she advised me cheerfully. "Our staff is

is all women, and we know what it's like to be where you are right

now." With a friendly pat on the thigh, she exited the room, leaving me

to look up into the oversized elbow-jointed lamp which hung over my

chair. In a reclining position, my neck was very confined by the collar

of my blouse. Comfortable that I was in a man-free environment, I undid

the top two buttons, making it easier for me to breathe and swallow.

The door opened again, and a tall blonde woman walked in. Her

hair was neat, but let down, and came down to the small of her back.

"Hi, Suzanne, I'm Dr. Gigelstein. You're here for a checkup,

right?" She had a very pleasant manner about her, and while I answered

her question, she was busy retrieving all the instruments she would

need. She obviously knew where each piece of equipment was without

looking, because she maintained eye contact with me the entire time

throughout our small talk. She then began the examination, had me open

my mouth, and took a perfunctory look around at my teeth.

When she finished, she began retrieving even more equipment.

"Suzanne," she said, "your teeth look to be in excellent condition, but

you do have a small cavity that I'd like to take care of right now."

She must have seen me wince when I thought of getting a

filling, because she gently placed one hand on my shoulder, and the other

on my thigh. "Don't worry about a thing, Suzanne," she reassured me. "I

specialize in painless dentistry. In fact, I don't even use needles."

She walked behind me and retrieved a small plastic mask attached

to the wall by a long hose. She then placed the mask over my nose and

mouth, securely fastening the mask's straps behind my head, making sure

the clasp did not catch and snag any strands of my brown hair.

She then came beside me and fumbled with the right armrest. A padded,

curved cuff produced itself, which was hinged to the underside of the

armrest. This was fitted around my right wrist and locked into place,

effectively pinning my arm to the chair before I realized what was


"What are you doing," I asked frightenedly, my voice echoing

inside the little plastic cup of my mask. I was preparing to get up and

walk out, but the grip on my right arm, while comfortable, was


Dr. Gigelstein placed both hands on my shoulders, gently forcing

me back into the chair. "Suzanne, we're going to be administering

nitrous oxide, she explained. "Some patients lose control of some motor

skills under its influence. Now I'm going to be out for a few minutes

while it is taking effect, and during that time, I wouldn't want you to

fall out of the chair. The arm restraints are for your protection." All

the while she was saying this, she had managed to fold out and clasp the

left arm restraint, pinning my other arm to the chair with a similar

cushioned sleeve. She walked down to the foot of the chair and folded

out two more long padded sleeves, clearly intended to go over my calves.

"These are for my protection as well as yours," she continued.

"You wouldn't want me to get accidentally kicked while I'm working in
your mouth."

Both arched restraints fit comfortably over each leg, a few inches above

ankle, constraining each leg to what was obviously two individual leg

rests on the chair. She turned a knob on the wall, and I heard a small

hissing sound; a peculiar smell began to enter the mask.

"I'm going to elevate your feet also, to increase the blood flow

to your head," she explained. "That will help the gas take effect

faster." As I heard the chair's motor whirr elevating my legs higher, I

could feel my damned skirt begin to ride up my thighs even further.

Looking down as best I could, I saw that my hem was well above mid

thigh, fully exposing the crotch of my white cotton bikini briefs. Dr.

Gigelstein noticed this and gave me a smile.

"Skirt problems, huh? Don't worry, I know how that is."

unlike Karen, she did not attempt to adjust my skirt for me as she left
the room,

leaving it in the position it had finally come to rest in, furled up on
my belly.

I could feel the cool air from an air conditioning vent waft across my

inner thighs. Involuntarily, my crotch began to moisten, a result of the

embarrassment of my undignified exposure, the air currents from the vent

which must have been directly under the chair, and of the gas, too, no

doubt, as I was beginning to feel a little light headed.

After a few minutes, I was feeling particularly buzzed.

My panties were now undoubtedly wet, and my breath was coming out in

uncontrollable little girlish giggles and titters. After what seemed

hours (although I knew it could only have been a few minutes), the door

opened, and a dark-haired dental assistant walked in. She seemed amused

at my predicament, skirt hiked up, bound to a chair, and (with the help

of the nitrous) giving every appearance that I was immensely enjoying

myself. "Karen, could you come in here for a moment," she called.

Right away, Karen appeared in the doorway and entered. "Oh, I see

you've met Suzanne," she said with a half smile. She cocked her head at

me and said, "Suzanne, this is our assistant, Michelle." I tried to give

a response, but I was unable to form words through all of my 'tee-hees'.

"We've got quite a little gigglebox on our hands tonight,"

Michelle said to Karen with a grin. Both girls walked around me to the

foot of the chair. Karen nodded at my skirt. "I told you that would

probably happen again," she said. But she did not make any attempt to

fix it for me either.

Michelle was a good deal taller than Karen, standing about 5 and a

half feet. Her hair was the same dark color, but was fuller, and permed

spirally. Both women just watched me for a minute until Karen pointed at

my feet and spoke up.

"Oh Suzanne, you're about to lose your shoes here." I didn't think

my giggling had caused me to shake my pumps off; and I was right - it

hadn't. Then I realized that Karen wasn't giving a cautionary warning:

she was making a statement, as she gently grabbed my right shoe and

pulled it from my foot. Michelle followed suit, removing the left one.

In my giddiness, I wiggled my freed toes just a bit.

"Oh, what cute little toes, she has," Michelle exclaimed. She

gingerly grasped my middle toe between her thumb and forefinger. This

added stimulus provoked louder laughing, and I involuntarily tried to

pull my toes away from her. But the restraints held my feet firm in

their currently vulnerable position.

"She's not only a gigglebox," said Karen, "but I do believe she's

ticklish, too." With a mischevous grin, she made a single slow curving

downward stroke on the sole of my right foot with one of her

fingernails. The spasming of my foot and my explosion of hysteria

confirmed what I could have told her. I had always been extremely

ticklish, but I had never been in a situation where I could be tickled

for more than a second before I could pull myself away. The clamps on

the chair insured that I would not be able to extricate myself from

this, very literally, ticklish situation.

Karen smiled at Michelle."I was right," she said. Then each girl

bent down by each of my feet, planted a kiss on the sole of each one,

and began rapidly kitchie-kooing the soles of my feet with as many

fingertips as they could. I was laughing so hard I was in tears. Soon

Michelle took over both feet, and Karen stepped out of sight for a

moment. (My sight was very limited at the time, because I was laughing

so hard that my eyes were watering). Michelle stopped the tickling after

a few more seconds, and I was able to catch my breath. She had a

playful look in her eyes as she appeared to be studying every inch of my

body. She made a few quick swipes of my foot every few seconds, just to

keep me off balance, but for the most part I was able to rest tickle-


Then Karen came back in, and straight away began a slow meticulous

tickling of my right foot, while Michelle stepped out. "Puh-hee-hee-

please, sto-ha-ha-hap," I begged through my tickling torture. Looking

down, I was shocked to see that Karen had removed all of her clothes,

and was now tickling my foot with her left hand, while massaging her

pubic hair and inner thighs with her right. Against my will, my panties

grew damper from an increased horniness that I had not ever felt. Then

Michelle came back in, also undressed, and resumed the tickling of my

left foot with one hand while her other hand began a fingertip massage

of Karen's buttocks. This caused a jump and a giggle from Karen, who was

obviously not expecting this touch, and who was apparently as ticklish

as I was, if not more so. However, although Karen was unrestrained, and

although she gave little jumps and giggles, she made no overt attempt to

get away from Michelle's tiny strokes and gooses.

Even though I had always liked boys, I found myself growing

increasingly horny from this lesbian bondage that I had been forced to

endure. Finally, between hysteria so intense that my hips were bucking

free myself from the chair, I managed to get out a squeal for help. But

because I was so tickled, it came out "He-hee-he-eeelllp!"

My plea for help did not go unanswered. Immediately, Dr.

Gigelstein rushed into the room. She gasped in apparent amazement at

the activities going on in the room.

"My God, what are you doing in here," she asked sternly. Both

girls continued their activities, but did slow down enough for me to

breathe more easily. "Oh, we're in trouble for being naughty again,"

Michelle said to Karen. "I hope we get the "do-unto-others" punishment",

Karen said with a childlike naughtiness. I was now totally sitting on my

skirt from all the bucking I had been doing. I was still tittering from

the slow tickling my feet were receiving, but my body movements had

lulled to wiggling. I noticed that in my turmoil, I had also managed to

pop about three more buttons on my blouse, fully exposing my bra to the

outside air.

Dr. Gigelstein quickly approached the chair and, from behind my

head, released a catch beneath each armrest. I thought that she had

freed my arms from their restraints, but I found that I was still

secured. "I can't believe the two of you are in here taking advantage of

this poor girl's ticklish feet," she admonished. The armrests swung

away from the chair by a hinge under my shoulders, and locked in place

at almost ninety degree angles.

"You should have realized," Dr. Gigelstein continued, "that

Suzanne's armpits are probably just as ticklish as the rest of her

body." With that she stuck both hands in the front opening of my blouse,

and deftly found both of my armpits. Immediately, my renewed tickling

had me flopping in the chair like a landed fish. Her warm, soft hands

gently kneaded the flesh of my armpits, and began a progressive tickling

past my bra strap and around my ribs. She stopped long enough to untuck

my blouse from my skirt waistband, and undo the few remaining buttons

left attached. My blouse fell open on both sides of the chair. A few

seconds later, and she had undone the front snap on my brassiere. Since

I don't wear the kind with shoulder straps, my bra fell wide open and my

breasts were fully exposed. My nipples grew hard from the cool air in

the room.

It was then I realized that the tickling of my feet had stopped,

and the little giggling I was currently doing was from the nitrous. Dr.

Gigelstein must have noticed this too, and we both managed to look down

towards my toes. Karen was now in a squatting position, fully

masturbating and having intermittent little gigglefits as Michelle

playfully tickled her buttocks and the sideswells of her breasts.

Dr. Gigelstein sighed and shook her head. She opened a lower

cabinet door, and removed what looked like a beach ball, only solid pink

and with a stub on one side. She then removed from another drawer what

looked like a dildo, except that it had a second, more slender rubber

rod coming out and up from the base of it. She attached this to the nub

on the ball, and tightened it into place. Then, she took a tube off of

the counter, and smeared a clear gel over both of the rods.

"Now, Michelle," she said admonishingly, "don't think you can get

away with taking advantage of Karen like you did Suzanne, either." She

placed the ball on the floor behind Michelle, and instructed her to

lower herself onto it. Michelle removed her hands from Karen, and

spread her labia to allow the larger dildo to slide up her vagina as she

squatted onto the ball. From behind, Dr. Gigelstein held Michelle's ass

cheeks open with one hand, while the other maneuvered the smaller dildo

to penetrate her sphincter. Once it was clear that Michelle was fully

penetrated in both holes, Michelle reached out again to caress and

tickle Karen, who immediately let out with a "Yes!" which had both

elements of hysterical laughter and an explosive orgasm. Dr. Gigelstein

clicked a switch at the base of Michelle's dildo device, and I heard a

slight hum as a glazed look came into Michelle's eyes. Before she walked

away, Dr. Gigelstein reached around Michelle from behind and tickled her

underarms and ribs. Michelle nearly fell off her ball with her tickle-

spasms, but Dr. Gigelstein held her fast too it. "Get off of that ball

before your done with Karen, and I'll see you in the chair all night

later," she warned Michelle, and continued tickling her. "Now keep

tickling Karen," she commanded.

My own emotions were running the gamut. I was terribly afraid of

all that was going on, and also terribly, sexually excited (as well as

more than a little sexually frustrated). If I were free from the chair,

I would have had a great difficulty deciding whether to run away or

watch the ensuing tickle-orgy and begin frigging myself.

Music began playing through the overhead speaker. Dr. Gigelstein

must have pressed something to pipe in some sound. She walked around me

until she was in full view of me; then she began undulating her hips

slowly back and forth, causing her long blonde hair to sway around her

gently. When she knew I was watching her, she began to undo the buttons

of her white blouse. As she reached the last button, she turned her

back to me and slowly dropped her blouse, exposing the bare flesh of her

back. The absence of a bra strap told me that her breasts must have

been very firm for me not to have noticed she was braless when I first

met her. Turning to face me again, her hands covering her breasts, did

not hide the fact that my assumption was correct. With calculated

measure, her hands moved down her chest, fully exposing her tits, and

continued journeying down to the snap of her pants. One hand slid inside

her pants, while the other undid the clasp and zipper, revealing curly

tufts of dark blonde pubic hair. She wasn't wearing any panties,

either, which made her little strip show quick and expedient. Karen and

Michelle were paying little attention to the show, and indeed were now

sharing an embrace as they each trembled with the throes of their


Dr. Gigelstein, now nude, made her way down toward my feet where

the girls had just finished their unusual sex. I feared that she too

was going to make a tickle attack on my feet. I tensed as she reached

down toward the foot of the chair. But she reached under the chair,

past my feet, and released yet another lever on her chair. Instantly,

the leg rests of the chair fell away from each other, making a Y-shape,

and forcing my attached legs to do the same. Still keeping her sway in

time to the music, Dr. Gigelstein made her way between my separated

legs, and slightly stroked my mound through my panties. Reaching across

my leg to the countertop, she grabbed a sharp bladed instrument. I was

scared shitless now, fearing that she was going to cut me. I shut my

eyes, and waited, when with one quick stroke, she cut through the left

waistband of my panties. Then the right side went the same. I opened my

eyes, and saw all three of the ladies standing over me as Dr. Gigelstein

pulled my ruined panties away like she was unwrapping a Christmas

present. Then, she reached under the seat under my ass, and I felt my

butt sink. I felt air on my cheeks, and watched the doctor toss the

detachable seat to the floor beside me. My crotch and ass were now

fully exposed; I couldn't even shield myself using my thigh muscles with

my legs apart the way they were.

Dr. Gigelstein looked at Karen. "We'll need a rinse," she said.

"Right away," Karen replied. She walked over to the sink basin and

uncoiled a length of hose. "We'll also need suction," she told Michelle.

"I'm on it," said Michelle, and brought out another length of plastic


"Wh-Wha-ha-hat are you doing," I managed to giggle out.

"We're going to get you all cleaned up, dear," she said, and

squirted a spritz of water into the air from the hose Karen had handed

her. The stream landed between my breasts, and the cold made my nipples

stick out hard. Then she brought the hose down to my exposed pussy, and

started making circles around my clit and labia with the water. I had

never felt such a feeling before. It tickled tremendously, which caused

me to let out with more squeals of hysteria, but it also made my clit a

hard and excited little nubbin. To add to this, Karen and Michelle got

on opposite sides of me and each began sucking on a nipple while running

their fingers around my ribs, over my belly, and across my mound. The

cumulative effect was beyond my control. I was laughing and cumming,

being tickled through the most torrential orgasm I had ever felt as the

water jets pounded into my clit relentlessly.


Several hours later, I woke up on the floor, naked and sweaty and

worn out. Apparently, at some time I could not remember, they had

released me from the chair. The dentist and the two girls were also

passed out nude. I retrieved a pile of clothes, not sure if they were

mine or not. As I was about to sneak out, I glanced over at Dr

Gigelstein, lying nude in repose in her own chair, the one that had

served as my restraint through the most pleasurable torment I had ever

felt. As I began to moisten again remembering what I could about what

had transpired, a devilish idea came to mind. I put the clothes down,

and quietly, oh so quietly, began locking the restraints around Dr.

Gigelstein's wrists and ankles. I can't wait until she wakes up. I'm

sure she'll love what I have in mind for her for payback. In fact, I'm

betting she'll be plumb tickled.

The End