Samantha, a pretty, 20-something lady, drove up to a small, nondesript office building.
Several employees had recently gone missing, one of them being her sister.

The last place any of them were seen was inside the office. She wanted to know what was
going on.

After sizing up the building, Samantha managed to sneak in through an air vent, and
crawled her way into the basement.

"Dang...I wasn't expecitng it to be this dark. I didn't even bring a flashlight!"

Samantha felt around until her eyes adjusted to the darkness enough to see that she was
in a long hallway. She saw some light at one end of the hall, and started running
towards it.

Unfortunately, due to the low light, she didn't see the small, black, frisbee-shaped
object lying on the floor, and stepped right on it.

The mine promptly did it's work, and enclosed Samantha in a large, transparent, rubbery

"Wha...what is this?" Samatntha thought out loud as she found herself trapped. She
pushed with all her might, but the sphere did nothing but stretch a little bit.

As Samantha contemplated her predicament, she heard a hissing noise coming from the
object she was still standing on.

Her bubble-like prison began to fill with a strange, blue gas.

Samantha promptly held her breath, but she had already taken in a few lungfuls of the
before she had realized what was happening. Her eyes began to unfocus, and, strangest
all, she started to giggle.

"*Teehee* What's happening to me?"

Smantha despreately tried to find some way out of the sphere, but her giggling was
causing her to breathe in more of the gas.

"*Hahaha* No...I'm gonna get caught..."

Suddenly, Samantha remembered that she had a small Swiss Army knife on her. Fighting
desperately to hold her breath, she took the blade out and started hacking at the walls
of the bubble.

Unfortunately, the device wasn't about to let her escape so easily.

From the base of the trap, three long, mechanical tendris spring forth.

They quickly grabbed Samantha's arms and waist and pulled them downwards.

The shock of this made Samantha lose her footing, and slip to the bottom of the sphere.

The tendris quickly took advantage of this. One of them wrapped around her arms and
midsection, while another wrapped around her legs. The thrid tendril was doing
something rather strange. It was pulling off Samantha's shoes and socks.

"What is it trying to do?" Samantha thought while futilely struggling against the

She soon found out. The tendril began waving back and forth,gently rubbing against her
bare feet.

"Hey, that *haha* tickles!" Smantha yelled. Unfortunately, this caused her to breathe
in more of the gas, which quickly made her laugh even more.

The tendril continued tickling her feet, and she soon began to feel lightheaded.

"No...*hahaha* I can't fight it anymore..."

Soon, Samantha's giggles turned to full-blown laughter, and a sense of euphoria overtook
her mind so completely and utterly that she forgot what she had come for. All she could
think about was how good it felt to just laugh and laugh and laugh...


Samantha slowly awakened to find herself in what looked like a dentist's chair. Her
arms were held down by metal cylinders connected directly to the chair. She could still
move her legs, though she was still very tired.

An attractive looking woman in an evening dress was watching her.

"Hello, my sweet little captive. Did you have a nice nap?"

"Who the hell are you?" Samantha shouted.
The woman sighed, and spoke. "My name isn't important. Or at least it isn't right now.
What is important is who you are."

"And why the hell would I tell you that?"

The woman smiled, and replied calmly; "Because you really have no choice."

"And what the hell is that supposed to mean?"

The mysterious lady grabbed a remote control that seemed to be connected to the chair,
and pressed a button. Almost immediately, Samantha felt something poke her in the part
of her arm that was caught in the cylinder.

"Ow! What...what was that?"

The woman let out a calm, relaxed laugh. She was incredibly graceful. "Just a little
something to help you relax."

Samantha noticed that she was beginning to feel lightheaded.


The woman placed her hands on Samantha's head and began rubbing her temples. "There's no
point in fighting it, dear. Just relax, and soon we'll have a nice little chat."

Soon, Samantha was in a very relaxed, trance-like state.

"Now," the lady spoke, "Tell me your name."

"Sa...Samantha Andrews."

The woman smiled and sighed happily. "Good girl. Now, why did you feel compelled to
break into this building?"

Samantha knew she shouldn't say anything, but it felt so amazingly good to just relax and
answer the lady's questions. "I'm...I came here loooking for my sister, Alyssa."

The woman's eyes widened a little. "Alyssa?" "Hmm...interesting." "I think we need to
talk a little more. But first..."

The woman pushed another button on the remote. Samantha, still deep under the spell of
the truth serum, barely felt the needle poke into her other arm.

" need a little nap to clear your head."

Samantha's eyes fluttered and closed. The lady kindly stroked her cheek.

" will make a fine test subject..."

Samantha awoke on a comfortable mattress, in what looked to be a large master bedroom.
Her memory was extremely hazy. Soon, bits and pieces began to come back to her.

"Oh, no...I've been kidnapped!"

A voice suddenly came over what was apparently a P.A. system.

"Yes, I'm afraid I can't allow you to leave just yet..."

Samantha recognized it as the woman from before. Her sweet, melodic voice continued:

"Please, don't panic. I assure you, you aren't in any danger."

Samantha shouted back: "What have you done with my sister?"

The woman laughed. "Relax. You'll see her soon. But first, I'd like to take that walk
with you."

Samantha shouted back, but there was no answer. She tried to find a way out of her room,
but there were no doors or windows. Defeated, she sat on a chair in her room and waited.

Soon, a panel in the wall slid open, and the woman in the evening dress stepped in.

"Are you ready?", the lady asked.

Samantha sighed, "I really don't have much of a choice, do I?"

The woman laughed. "That's the spirit. Come now, there are some thing I need to explain
to you."

The two women walked down a hallway, into a white room with two chairs. One of the
chairs was a small, wheeled office chair, which the mystery woman promptly sat on.
Samantha took the other chair, a very comfortable looking blue recliner.

Samantha decided now was the time to start asking questions. "What is all this?"

The woman apparently decided that now was the time to start answering questions. "This
is a private laboratory me and run."

"What is it for?"

The woman smiled. "I'm glad you asked." She then pressed a button on the chair she was
sitting on.

Before Samantha could react, she was restrained by leather straps that strapped
themselves around her arms, legs, and chest. The seat then reclined, leaving Samantha in
a horizontal position. Samantha noticed for the first time that her feet were still bare.

The lady walked over to a large metal cabinet, and produced a gas mask and cylinder.
Samantha began to panic.

"Since you wont remember any of this, I may as well tell you the whole story.You see,
this organization has a very specific goal. To put the entire world under my control.

And, despite my charming personality, it's still far easier to simply remove people's
will to resist than to sway them with words and kind acts."

Samantha was too stunned to speak. The lady kept on speaking.

"This laboratory is attempting to create a drug that lowers the victm's resistance to
hypnotic commands."

"Is that what's in the tank?"

The woman laughed again. "Sadly, this is only a prototype. It makes the victim sleepy
and obedient, but it has a rather interesting side effect: it makes them extremely

Samantha tried to respond, but was muffled by the woman placing the gas mask over her
face and strapping it to her face.

The lady laughed to herself as she turned the gas canister on.

Samantha felt the gas start to press against her mouth. She held her breath.

After a little while, the mystery woman became aware of what was happening.

"Sigh...I assumed you'd try holding your breath. Can't have that now, can we?"

The woman pressed another button on her chair. The strap around Smantha's chest began to
constrict, draining all the oxygen from her lungs. After a little while, it released
it's grip, but the damage had been done.

Samantha desperately tried to resist, but her air supply was gone. She had no choice but
to take one quick breath and try to fight the gas.

The lady watched all this with a mockingly concerned look on her face. "Shouldn't be
long now..."

Samantha was beginning to feel lightheaded, and worse, she was running out of air again.

As she struggled to avoid breathing, the mystery lady begin stroking one of Samantha's
feet with her index finger.

Samantha giggled a little bit, to her shock and horror.

Samantha began to think. "Shit, this stuff is getting to me! Gotta fight it..."

Then she felt another tickling sensation in her foot, and she giggled again, breathing in
more of the gas in the process.

Samantha was now feeling very sluggish, and couldn't think straight. The only thing she
could feel was the woman's gloved hand stroking her feet. She began to laugh, quietly
at first, then fully and loudly.

The woman was quite pleased. The gas had taken full control of her captive's mind, and
soon she would be completely open to suggestion.

She continued tickiling the now totally helpless Samantha, as her laughter filled the

Soon, a deep sense of euphoria claimed Samantha's mind. She was only vaugely aware that
she was being tickled, and even less aware when it stopped.

The lady turned off the gas, removed the gas mask from Samantha's face, and began lightly
stroking her cheek. She began speaking to Samantha softly, almost lovingly:

"That felt very good, didn't it?"

Samantha was so far gone that she couldn't even open her eyes to see who was speaking to
her, but she answered nonetheless: "Yes, it felt very good."

The woman smiled. "Of course it did. Now, I have some things I need you to do for

The woman began whispering in Samantha's ear. She was completely entranced and accepted
every word as if they were her own thoughts.

"Do you understand what I want you to do?", the woman said.

"Yes, I understand", Samantha replied in a soft, monotone voice.

"Good," the woman said. "Now, when I snap my fingers, you are going to go to sleep, and
when you wake up, you will not remember any of this, do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand.", said Samantha.

"Good. Sweet Dreams." The lady snapped, and Samantha's eyes closed.

The woman pulled out a cell phone and hit a speeddial button.

"Hello. I need you to take one more back to our base. I'm not quite finished with her