Jan was easily watching TV in his big house, with his
wife, Samantha and they were watching "The Apprentice"
on NBC. When Jan's phone rang, Sam answered and spoke.
It was Jan's boss:



"Yes it is"

"I know that your husband is retired and all that, but
we need to get him back, because something awful is

"What is it"

"In the far east, around china and vietnam, there is
an oriental ruby that was stolen from the chinese
museum, and the only person that can handle the stuff
is Jan"

"Ok, I'll tell him about it, thank u!"

Jan was now being told about the situation and told
Samantha that he was now ashamed of his retirement
because he has so many adventures to encounter. Jan
quickly got dressed and told Samantha to take care of
the house and gave her a kiss. Jan went to the garage,
where his tiny private plane was and turned it on. He
picked up some clothes for the staying in Asia and
some food for the sky road. The agent underwent
endless day and night flights and stoppages at Europe
for gas. Jan Wright finally made it to Asia, in an
abandoned runway, then he got a car and went to a
hotel nearby. Jan quickly called his chief and told

"Boss, I am now in Asia, have you located the exact
place where the ruby is?"

"Yes, it is a big base in which you have to
infiltrate, take the ruby and go away"


It was now night and Jan went to the base, in his
white shirt and beige pants. He took his camera with
him and finally found the base. It was gray on the
outside, with 4 floors and 2 searchlights surrounding
the gate. Jan then picked up a wrench and broke one
part of the high fence and snook in. Jan found an air
shaft on the back of the base, near the sand and
bushes. Jan opened the shaft and crawled the way in.
When the shaft way ended, he entered a small hallway.
There were many doors and a steel floor. Jan then
heard a guard coming and hid behind a gold statue that
was on the middle of the hallway. Jan continued his
path and opened a big door. He was now in a small room
with a white paper. The paper was written with the
plot that the responsible person used for stealing the
ruby. Jan photographed the plot and went outside the
room. The spy went to another door and opened it. In
the middle of the new room, was the oriental ruby! Jan
then used stealth tactics to avoid the laser sensors
and picked up the ruby, but automatically, the alarm
turned on and beeped in the whole base. Jan escaped
the room, but the hallway was filled with some sort of
gas and Jan was caught on it, falling to the floor

"Take him to my room" a feminine oriental voice was
heard by Jan before getting unconscious.

Jan awoke, he knew that he was trapped and couldn't
see anything. He tried to reach his watch, but he felt
his hands stretched and trapped too. Suddenly, a hand
was like unwrapping something behind Jan. The
unwrapping continued and Jan now could see. He was
fondled with plastic band all over his body and that
was making Jan unable to see anything. Now Jan saw his
surroundings, He was in a pink colored room, with a
light on the middle and guards on the door. Also, he
was tightly bound to a steel table and his hands were
stretched taut. His white shirt was now gone and he
was feeling the coldness of the room. Jan saw the door
open and a tall, 5'9 female was entering the room. The
oriental female had gorgeous, black hair, white skin,
red and yellow chinese dress, 7 inch long nails and
BIG eyebrow lashes that made her look more evil. The
only thing was that the lady was fat. Finally the
trapped agent talked:

"Hey! who are you?"

"First of all, I am the one who asks the questions!
Who ARE you?"

"That is none of your business! You stole the ruby, I
know it"

"Me? (chuckles evily) you're such a wise boy, aren't

"Leave me out, you crazy psycho!"

"Not until you tell me some important details"

The evil chinese woman picked up a chair and sat
besides Jan's upperbody
and continued talking:

"I'll reveal you my name...I am Kim Chen, now, who are
you and who do you work for?"

"I'm not going to reveal you anything!"

"Well, you're being such a bad boy. You know? I have a
special way to make you talk, baby."

"Do your worst!"

Kim Chen showed her long nails and told Jan:

"These are going to make you laugh and suffer"

The woman slowly directed her left hand's long 7"
nails to Jan's exposed armpit and began to slowly make
continuous circles around the smooth and vulnerable
hollow. Jan was now twitching, trying to hold on:

"I'm not ticklish"

"No? Then why are you twitching darling? kootchie
kootchie kooo"

Jan tried to avoid the nails, but was tied so hard
that he couldn't even move.

"You can't hold on too much, soon you will surrender!"
Kim said wickedly

The wicked female put her nails on Jan's belly and
scribbled all over, rippling and gliding her nails
over the spy's helpless body.


"I knew that you couldn't hold forever! Now the cute
boy will tell me the truth, kootchy koo!"


The chinese temptress continued her assault, pinching
and poking Jan's ribs with her nails while making an
evil laugh

and scared

Kim Chen stopped and said:

"You WILL tell me your identity, won't you?"

"No! I won't tell you my details!"

"Well, I warned you, but I will TORTURE YOU!"

The evil Kim passed a single nail from Jan's chest to
his tummy repeatedly and then changed to his armpits.
Her wicked long nails attacked both armpits and Jan
shrieked and begged for help:


"I won't stop until you tell me what I want"


"Who sent you?"


"I'm getting tired of your excuses, Don't make this
worse for you!"

Kim scratched the smooth hollows of Jan's left armpits
with her nails and gently touched his upper ribs. She
placed her thumb's long nail and evily massaged the
skin of her helpless captive, but Jan's struggling and
twitching broke her nail and Kim went mad:

"Oh just look what you did! You broke my nail! Now
you're going to pay and NOW is when you're going to
pay and tell me"

Kim sighed and continued:

"I'm going to use my nails for something that you're
not going to like..."

The evil woman had laughing gas and put an anesthesia
mask on the vulnerable captive. Jan exploded into
laughter and was going nuts because of how powerful
the gas was.


"tell me your identity, you brat!"

Jan again refused and Kim grunted:

"Brace yourself!"

The gas continued to do its damage and Jan convulsed
helplessly. Jan was now panting and breathing heavily
for air.


Kim Chen said in a singsong voice:

If you don't tell me what I want, I won't stop
tickling you!"

Kim picked up soap and a sponge and began passing it
over Jan's soles and he went into hysterics:


"But why? I am just cleaning you (laughs again evily)"

Kim raised the foot and exposed it to her index long
nail. Kim began to pass her nail up and down his arch
and he was going fall into craziness

"Now that I have cleaned your feet, where was I? Oh
now I remember! Who are you?"

"For the last time hehehe I'm not to reveal heheh my

"Oh you will"

The sadistic Kim Chen resumed her hard scratching and


"Ok, I will stop scratching and poking you, but you
have to tell me the truth"

"Do your worst, bitch! hehehehe"

"WHAT! You just called me a bitch? I can't stand you
calling me a bitch! Now you're going to be tickled to

Kim wiggled her long nails and grinned at Jan, then
she drove the nails to his belly, gliding them up and


When Jan was about to lose his breath, the shaft from
the room broke open and Samantha, Jan's wife, entered
to the rescue, with her brown hair tied back on a
ponytail, sleeveless dark green shirt and cammo pants.
The guards that were at the door ran after her, but
she gave them kicks and punches and sent them to the
wall. Another guard grabbed her from behind, but she
kicked his balls and sent him down. Kim Chen noticed
and went after Samantha, grabbing her in a full nelson
hold. Sam felt the strong hands of the evil chinese
woman grabbing her, but Sam used all her might to slam
Kim to the wall. Kim got angry and threw 2 kicks at
Samantha, but Samantha avoided them and kicked Kim's
face, making her lower lip bleed. Sam continued
kicking, but Kim Chen grasped her leg and picked up a
knife. Samantha saw it and got her leg out of Kim's
grasp. Kim sliced the knife, trying to catch Samantha,
but Samantha avoided and jumped. When Sam tried to
kick Kim's body, the relentless Kim threw her to the
floor and pounced over her. Kim picked up her knife
and began a struggle with Sam in which the knife
slipped off Kim's hands and went onto the shaft. Sam
approached the distraction of Kim Chen and pushed her
off the way. Jan was watching and yelled at Samantha:
"Please Help!". Samantha put Jan's watch on his tied
hands, but he found it hard to find the laser button
to break the chains. Samantha was distracted and Kim
Chen opened the room's window and threw Samantha
through it. Samantha miraculously grasped the ledge
and saw a switch just above the window. Samantha made
an acrobatic move and held her hands grasping the
switch. She was hanging and Kim saw her armpits were
stretched and she began to glide her nails all over
the smooth skin of the lovely girl, to make her lose
her grip on the switch. Kim continued tickling Sam's
armpits relentlessly and Sam tried to hold on.
Samantha then used her legs to grab Kim by her
midsection and she threw Kim to the bushes at the
entrance of the room. Sam finally made the switch work
and a cell held with a string trapped Kim Chen and the
powerful laughing gas surrounded the villainess,
causing her to fall and tremble with laughter.


After the torturous gas prevented the wicked lady
from doing anything, the police came and arrested Kim
Chen. They took her to the town's jail and she never
tried to escap.....for now....


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