Crystal was turning 18, she was the last of her two best friends to reach that age.
This was significant to her friend Melissa because it meant they could now all go to the
bars together. It was significant to Alice because turning 18 was supposed to be very
spiritual and empowering. It was understood that the girls had to plan something very
remarkable for this event. Melissa wanted a party, with as much alcohol and drugs as they
could possibly get. Alice wanted a ceremony to mark the occasion. Crystal was up for a
party but knowing how much Alice wanted this event to be more than that she agreed to a
meaningful ceremony for her coming of age. It became clear to Melissa she would either
have to give up on her idea or firgure out someway to incorperate Alice's (Melissa didn't
like giving up easily once she set her mind on something).
She spent a week in the library researching the customs of every culture who used
hallucinogens in their ceremonies. She eventually found one that really excited her but
unfortunately it was for a fertility ceremony, and it was only to be practised by an
experienced female shaman. Melissa was tired of searching so she decided to use her usual
short cut . . . she'd lie. The Ceremony involved a cave not too far from town and
involved a mushroom she had never heard of before that the shaman would ingest. Itcause
the most intense visions and pleasent sensations. O.K. it was a little vague but she was
sold. The shaman would go into the cave where a stone door would be closed and remain
that way for 24 hours while she fasted. Just as well she thought, your not supposed to
eat anything on mushrooms anyway. The book listed the chant that was to be preformed to
call the God of the cave to them. Alice decide she should probably stick as closely as
she could to the original ritual, that way she could tell them she had just made a little
mistake if they ever found out it wasn't a coming of age ceremony.
Step two was to find the shrooms which proved remarkably easy, one of the guys she
took classes with was a quarter Indian and not only had his grandmother been a shaman but
she had left all her possessions to her daughter when she died. His mother would never
have given them to him but she never touched her dead mothers spiritual items anyways, so
it was easy enough for him to steal. All he wanted out of it was a little action which
Melissa was happy to provide.
Alice loved the idea of a navtive american ceremony to celebrate Crystal's coming
of age, and Crystal seemed pretty happy about it as well. So on the weekend of Crystal's
birthday Crystal, Alice, Melissa, and their two friends Betty and Tanya drove up to the
location of the ceremonial cave.
Crystal and Tanya were blond, Crystal was a C cup at least, with smooth skin, long
legs, tight little butt, and an almost musical laugh. Tanya was certainly not fat but
neither did she have that "break if you touch her" utral thin super model look. She was a
voluptuous blue eyed beauty whose face almost always gave away exactly what she was
thinking. Melissa's red head was almost as firey as her. Her first tattoo ever was on her
squeazable ass, it was a bullseye. Second were the eyes she had put on her breasts which
turned her nipples into pupils (she claimed that if men were going to stare at her
breasts instead of her eyes she'd just bring her eyes to there's). She had gotten several
others in various spots since then. Alice was a curly haired brunette, she was brainy,
wore glasses, and had a very decent figure (of course you couldn't tell since she didn't
believe it and always wore baggy clothing). Betty could have been part indian. She had
shining black hair and fluid gracefulness that came naturally, one never knew what she
was thinking, her grey eyes were nothing short of fascinating.
The girls parked and hid the car in a nice out of the way spot. Then they gathered
their electric lanterns, the mushrooms, the body paint (another extra addition to the
ceremony, courtesy of Melissa), and the water. The girls went into the cave and checked
it out. They went down a short tunnel and came into a cavern twenty five feet long by
twenty feet wide and about 10 feet high.There were colourful drawings on the walls and a
half burnt bits of wood in the corner. The girls took the shrooms and while waiting for
them to kick in they lit the fire, turned on the lamps, and said the opening chants. Then
they rolled the stone infront of the door. It moved easily enough into place so the girls
weren't too concerned, until they tried to move it back . . . it wouldn't budge. All five
girls tired at once and it still didn't move, but before real panic set in the shrooms
began to take effect.
Crystal and Tanya were hit first, they looked up to each other in terror and then
suddenly couldn't keep a straight face and cracked up. "Will you two please focus," said
Alice crossly, "We're pfff in so ho ho much trouble ha ha ha ha."
"The drugs are kicking in hee hee hee." Betty observed.
"W-w-well we might as w-wah-ha-hell enjoy it now," stuttered Melissa. With that the
girls stumbled towards the light of the lamps and fire. The colours painted on the walls
seemed brilliant and radiant and the proportions of the room became harder to
distinguish. Tanya was shaking and jiggling like a bowl of jello in an earthquake, she
lost two buttons off her blouse which was two sizes too small anyways. Melissa was
leaning up against the cave wall, swaying a little, studying with facination the wall
paintings, breaking out into wild laughter every now and then, and then recovering to a
glazed big happy smile. Betty and Crystal were dancing around the room, Betty moving
gracefully and laughing almost to tears at Crystals attempts to keep upright while she
flopped and drunkenly stumbled about depleted of strength due to her non-stop gails of
laughter. Alice being the only one never to have taken drugs of any kind before was
wandering around the room talking and joking with no one in particular and hugging
everyone she did come in contact with.
"You hmmppphha ha ha guys are great hee hee hee!" sais Alice hugging Tanya in a
tight embrace. Being that Alice was a little shorter than Tanya her face was implanted
directly between Tanya's sizable breasts. Tanya couldn't help killing her self laughing
about the fact that clueless little Alice had her face in her boobs, or was she clueless.
Alice didn't know why but suddenly the smooth skin of Tanya's breast started to feel and
smell really good. Alice found this hilariously delightful and started nuzzling and
kissing Tanya's breasts. Tanya was finding the sensations just as nice and equally funny,
she moved her hand down to Alice's ass and gave it a good squeeze. "Eeeeeeeeeheeheeheehee
ha ha ha ha!" Squealled Alice in unrestrained joy who was not used to having her ass
touched. Tanya laughed uncontrollably as well and between the two of them they popped
Tanya's shrit right open, without even notacing. But Mellissa noticed.
Melissa had been staring at the wall when she could swear the paintings seemed to
be forming the shape of naked bodies covered in paint. She belted out laughter at this
when she noticed the exceptionally loud laughter of Alice with her face pressed right
into Tanya's now bare chest and Tanya with her hands on Alice's ass unable to get enough
air to make audiable laughter. "Tanyaahaaha, you look like your ready for body painting
This got the attention of Crystal and Betty. Betty had had to steady the stumbling
Crystal, who intun had been over come by the desire to start nibbling Betty's neck. Betty
had been gasping deeply whill letting out the occasional oooohooho and aaaaaaahaaahaaaaa
while gently digging and undigging her nails along Crystal's back. Upon hearing body
painting Crystal immediately got excited, "Yeah," she shouted and ripped her own shirt of
saying," paint me!" Crystal actually was wearing a bra but not after Betty grabber her
cups and pulled the bra staight down to Crystal's waist.
It took little more than 30 seconds for the girls to completely undress each
other, with the exception of Alice's Winnie the Pooh panties which were forcibly removed
by a combination of Melissa's hands, Tanya's tickling fingers, and Alice's crippling
laughter. Then they tossed Alice's underwear into the fire which all the girls found so
funny that they tossed their own clothes in as well.
The body paints came with their own ridiculousness. Each girl had grabbed her own
brush and though they started out body painting interesting designs the whole thing slow
fell apart into an all out tickle contest. The girls were giggling and chasing each other
around with paint brushes all over the place. Sometimes they'd lock into an embrace which
niether could stand but were also not willing to give up first, sometime lack of balance
caused them to collapse into a crawling tickling pile, sometimes they'd all join forces
on one girl. This is what happened to Alice just after she was heard saying, "Teehee hee
teeickle my bum agahehehain." Alice was lain face down leaving her butt fully exposed in
Crystal's lap as Melissa held and tickled Alice's feet from behind Crystal. Her arms were
held by Tanya who could easily hold both, while Betty tickled Alice's armpits and
breasts. When Alice's ass was tickled you would never have believed a girl that small had
pelvic muscle so strong, her butt reached all the way to Crystal's breasts, and when her
pussy came down to meet Crystal's she could feel the moisture. All the girls nipples were
hard now but Alice's had swollen up to twice thier normal size and when Betty squeezed
them Alice would let out different frequencies of squeals depending on how much pressure
was applied.
The fire light had just finished completely burning the last noticable article of
clothing when it began to fade. None of the girls really noticed at first (Alice was
incapable of noticing much of anything). The fire was almost gone before Betty said,
"Uh-oh ho ho I think the fire needs more wood,"
Crystal burst out laughing and was just barely able to utter the phrase, "You said
wood." At which point all the girls burst out laughing, and while they were the fire died
The girls were made even more aware of their other senses now especially touch
because the rushing air over their skin was comfortable but causing goosebumps and
tingling. "Aha ha ha ha ha someone should get the lightsssffff hhoooonnn again." laughed
out Tanya who was now so drained of strength that she couldn't get up under the weight of
her own breasts.
"The (giggle) fire stuffs against that wall heehee," said Melissa trying her
absolute best to gain some self control.
"HA HA Ha ha hawhich wall hhhmmmmpppfffff. I can't tell direction anymore."
Crystal stammered.
"I can't even find the wahahalls." Betty told them who was trying and failing to
gain self control as well. Alice who had taken advantage of the lights being out and the
others distracted had started playing ferociously with herself. Of course the patern of
her giggling and breathing hadn't fooled anyone and in a matter of seconds Tanya had
rolled over to her to help her out. Needless to say neither of them paying any attention
to the problem at hand or trying to gain self control.
The girls trying to find the lighting implaments were beginning to fell light,
not only light headed but like they were starting to float. Then the sensitivity of the
air increased ten fold until it felt like their entire bodies were being tickle all over
by hundreds of hands digging and probbing everywhere. Then they left the ground entirely.
"Whahahahahat'ssssssshahaha g-ohohohing on heeheeheeheere (snort) hahahaha." It had
become to difficult for Melissa to speak any more she was being tickled so much, as where
the other girls.
But their was no need for them to speak anymore becuse they all had the same
thought at the same time. The spirit of this cave was not happy that they have invaded
Indian ground never mind that none of them were even shaman. The spirit let them know
that it was he who was speaking directly to their minds, and that with in this space with
their minds on the mushroom they were now partially in the spirit world and he had
complete control of their bodies as well as their minds. None of the girls knew quite
what to say about all this and they really didn't have time to because at that moment the
ticklish sensation and erotic impulses were turned up so powerfully that none of the
girls could think straigh anyway.
Alice and Tanya were playing with each other all the way through this, even the
loss of the ground, but neither had cum yet and they were throughly caught between
frustration and the hilarity. The other girls all bumped into them from different
directions at the same time, there was no up or down or direction ingeneral. The other
girls all joined in with Alice and Tanya, sometimes playing with each other, or trying to
brush away the tickling fingers with no success, or sometimes tickling each other. No
matter how much they wanted to cum though none of them could. Even more of a problem then
the inability to release was when they realised this and tried to get away from the
stimulation for a second. They'd push away from the group in one direction and run into
them from another. They were in their own little universe which couldn't have been more
than 7 feet in diameter. The orgy continued or an indeterminate amount of time but to the
girls it was an eterniy of ticklish torment, sensual stimulous, and unquenchable lust. It
did end eventually, while all girls were dripping a constent stream of honey and nipple
so hard they could have been diamonds. All the girls just simultaneously came with
shuddering bodies, dry humping, moans, shrieks, laughing, crying, and in Melissa's case a
stream of the dirtiest sex talk you ever heard.
As the girls started to recover from the bliss they took note that the had a
ground again appeared and they were laying on it, and each other. They then found the
wall, which they all followed very slowly (they were pretty tired at this point) towards
the entance. The boulder moved quite easily now and they wandered naked into the sun
light of the empty desert and their car. They went back in with flashlights to see if
there was anything left of their clothes but no good. All they saw was their body paint
equiptment and the fire starting supplies. The walls and floor were free of any paint
that hadn't been their before, despite the fact the girls were all covered it now.
Melissa kept a few blankets in the back which they wrapped around themselves
before driving home. None of them said much on the trip back, they were all lost in their
own thoughts of the experience. Melissa wore a faint smile on her face, "Well," she
thought, "I don't think it would be wise or safe for me to ever try something like that
again . . . but my little sister will be turning 18 soon."

Story By Biggbiggred - This story has nothing to do with any Indian ritual or experience
I've ever heard of.