Shirley Wins a Free Trip
By Dr. Gass
"Win a free trip", she thought. What a scam. Nothing's for free. But Shirley still filled out the card. She had nothing to lose, right?
And yet, here she was on flight 4031, seat 47C, on her way to Kualabi Island. "Where ever the hell that is", she thought. And when she told her friends where she was going they said, "where ever the hell that is" too. She had a difficult time finding it in the atlas and couldn't find any meaningful information on it. But that was the hook, the ultimate reason she decided to go for it. Someplace new, a little bit of an adventure, someplace none of her friends had been. It was a small island off the coast of Malaysia, and the site of a new upscale singles resort. At least that was the story they told her. Why was it free? "Well, it's brand new. We're running this as a promotional campaign to introduce Kualabi to the public." Shirley waited for the catch. Free except for the lodging, free except for the airfare, free except for some small print charge that made the whole experience anything but free? No, she was told, all covered. When she got her tickets she was all prepared. If she got over there and things weren't working out, she'd hop a boat to the mainland and explore the peninsula.
Shirley loved Asia, and the people of Asia. She spent 3 months trekking in Indonesia, two week long business trips to Japan and a package tour of China. She thought the women of Asia were particularly delightful. Open, friendly and down to earth in a way western women no longer were. She also found a strange mild erotic attraction to the delicate feminine women of that part of the world that was perversely titillating, though she knew she'd never act on those impulses. Still, she liked the feeling she got when she thought about it.
Trekking was the best. While in Java Shirley learned enough Bahasa Indonesian that she mixed effortlessly with the local population. Luckily for her, Bahasa was common in Malaysia too.As Shirley looked around the plane, two things bothered her. First, all of the 20 or 30 passengers sparsely scattered in her section of the plane were women. The odds of that weren't good. Was this the scam? To try to equalize the inevitable over abundance of men at a singles resort by giving women a free ride? That must be it, she thought and groaned to herself. Once the plane landed she'd make her way to Melaka and skip the circus at the new resort. If she got there. The other thing that bothered Shirley was the flight attendants. Asian airlines always managed to find tall Asian women to work as flight attendants, which wasn't an easy thing to do, and those women were always painfully professional. These flight attendants, while very beautiful, were short, and surprisingly playful. They laughed and joked with each other and the passengers. Shirley was shocked to hear them as they talked to each other in Bahasa discuss the physical attributes of the passengers: which had a pretty smile, which had shapely legs or full breasts. Which women they'd like to take panties off of . It was a charter flight. If these women obviously weren't professional flight attendants, what about the pilots?
Two hours into the flight, Shirley was nervous, and she carefully listened to the giggling banter of the stewardesses. They were well over the Pacific when she saw them start to scurry around and one yelled in Bahasa "hurry, 3 minutes until they start the happy air!" Shirley checked her watch. Three minutes until what? She couldn't have heard that correctly. One of the flight attendants told Shirley to put her seat belt on and checked to make sure it was tight, smiled, and hurried on to the next passenger.
In exactly three minutes the plane lurched and the oxygen bags dropped. The pilot got on the speaker, talked frantically about a pressure problem, and told everyone to put on there masks immediately. This can't be right, Shirley thought. The pressure is fine. The attendants aren't putting on their masks, and they're running around putting them on the passengers. What the hell is going on? Shirley looked behind her to the woman in row 48. She was fumbling frantically with the mask before she successfully put it on. Her terrified eyes met with Shirley's. And as she breathed quick rapid terrified breaths, her eyes started to relax, and her breathing because progressively slower and deeper. Shirley thought she heard the woman started to hum to herself, and then giggled a little.
"Are you all right?" Shirley asked.
"Heeheehee um, teeheeheehee of course! Hahaahaa everything's okay haahaahaa everything's heehahahaha wonderful..."
"Oh no" Shirley thought. She glanced back at several other women, all looked relaxed and the sound of soft laugher drifted through the plane. Ahead the attendants where working their way down the aisle, talking to passengers, adjusting masks, putting on headphones, and doing goodness knows what. Shirley decided to hide in the back of the plane. The only problem was she couldn't get the belt off.
"Damn!" she snarled as she pulled at the buckle latch, prying it, beating on it. She'd had it off before. Could the last attendant have jammed or locked it? I've got to get out of here!
One of the attendants made an announcement over the speakers "Welcome to the entertainment portion of flight 4031. Please enjoy your complementary nitrous pleasures while a flight attendant will be with you shortly to further stimulate you in your helpless, happy condition!"
Shirley looked up in panic and caught the eye of one of the attendants in the front of the plane. The girl hurried back and angrily told her to put on the mask. Shirley told her to fuck off and the attendant yelled "trouble in 47C!" Shirley saw the heads of three other attendants pop up and watched their eyes all trace down the rows to her lone unmasked face.
They were on her in seconds. "Please don't be difficult", she was told, "it's very nice. I promise you, you will like it very, very much!"
"There always has to be a difficult one", said another "hold her hands".
They were small, but tough. Crawling over her they pinned her hands down. Shirley saw the two little hands reach from behind her head to take the mask and stretch the elastic band over her head. One set of hands quickly unbuttoned her blouse, worked their way down her sides and started to gently tickle her ribs as she struggled. "Breath deep and enjoy a good laugh!"
Shirley didn't want to, but did against her will. She soon forgot why she was struggling so much. "Breath deep" they kept telling her and smiling. Shirley smiled back under the yellow plastic cup.
"Ohhhhhhhheeeheeheehee, why are you haahahahaha doing this hahahahaha"?
"You're not going to cause any more trouble, are you?" one attendant asked her. "You like being entertained. You like being happy with laughing gas! You forgot to thank us for making you feel so much joy!"
"Thanheeheehee thank hahahaheeheehaaahaahaa you. So much teeheeheehheeheee fun!"
"She's okay now. Kimi, you stay here and give her special attention. Make sure she is prepped for the dream gas."
Kimi kissed Shirley on the cheek next to the hissing yellow laughing gas mask. She kept her face close for a few minutes testing the air for escaping gas. She caught a brief whiff of the sweet fragrance and Kimi felt herself growing wet thinking about it. But there was work to do first.
"Everything on this flight should make you feel good!" Kimi said as she took out a small L shaped key to pop open the hidden lock in the lap belt buckle. "I love your pretty little giggle. I'd like to give you happy air all day long so I can listen to you laugh. And I'd like to play with you too." Kimi lifted Shirley's skirt, keeping eye contact with Shirley the whole time.
"Whaaa haahaahaaaheeheeheehee are you haahaateheehee doing?" Shirley sputtered out between giggles. "Why heeheeheehee is all this going on heehaahaahawhawhaw!"
"I'll tell you a secret", Kimi whispered into her ear "they want you to come a few times." Kimi eased her fingers into Shirley's panties and found her pleasingly wet. "You know how warm and sleepy you feel after a few great climaxes? You get weak, vulnerable and your mind opens. Then they give you a different type of gas. It makes you dream. Sweet, soft happy dreams. They tell you what to dream, how to feel, how to feel when you wake up." Kimi took one of the other masked and took a deep breath, held it and giggled. "They make teeheeheehee us dream too, after heeheeheehaahaahaahaw the flight haahaaheeheehee". Kimi now started hitch up her own skirt and ride Shirley's left thigh in a flurry of tittering giggles.
Shirley loved the simultaneous pleasure of Kimi's finger on her clit while her wet, warm silk panty crotch worked hard against Shirley's soft upper leg. She loved Kimi's little golden body shaking with ecstatic thrilling laughter, as powerless as Shirley was to resist the drugged horniness the nitrous held them in. She felt free to totally enjoy the pleasure; a completely uninhibited joy ride while the giggle gas washed all her worries, and self-consciousness away. Kimi's beautiful almond shaped brown eyes, copper colored skin and full pink lips and most of all, her knowing devilish fingertips, brought Shirley's guilty sexual attraction to the surface. Who cared what Kimi was saying? All she wanted was to come again and again under the direction of her little Malaysian playmate's heavenly touching.
"They gave me teeeheeheheheeeheeehee your picture hawhahahahaheehee last night heehee before my dream." Kimi drew another breath from the mask. "I wanted to giggle haahawhawheeheehaha with you, the dream heehawhawhahaha told me naughty things to do heehaahaahaw with you." Kimi was teetering side to side. "Your dreams will make you want heehee make you hawhahahaheehee make you want to work at the resort. Teeheeheehee you won't want to leave!"
Shirley didn't care anymore. Anything Kimi told her was fine. Kimi finished satisfying herself and moved off of Shirley with her drugged smile, still unsteady from the gas, and took a small tube out of her pocket. "It's tingle cream. A little bit in the teheeheehee in the right place will finish you off with glorious fireworks."
Kimi put on a rubber glove and squeezed a short length of pink cream from the tube on to her index finger. Bending over close until Kimi was close enough for Shirley to feel her breath on her wet panties, Kimi pushed the crotch to one side, gave the hot pussy a slow sweet, open-mouthed kiss, and applied the cream.
Shirley's back arched as she threw her head back and let out a long moan sprinkled with high pitched giggles. The cream and Kimi's gentle circling finger sent a laser shot of pure ecstatic delight from her clitoris deep into the center of Shirley's brain, piercing the enslaving nitrous oxide fog as it headed for it's target.
"Yeeeessssssheeheeehaaahaahateeeheehee....oohhhhhhheeeheeheeeheee Kimi...don't heehaahaahaahaa don't aaaaaaaahhhheeheehee don't stop heeheehaahaahaahaa!!! Don't aaaaaaaaahhhhaahhhhehehehehaaaaaahhhhhh stop!"
Her body took over, automatically pushing her hips toward the source of the addictive, glowing pleasure. Pumping and jerking, trying to drain every last drop from her endorphin soaked climax.
"47C is ready for dream gas!" Kimi called down the aisle. The appropriate switches were thrown, and a new scent entered Shirley's mask. The sweet smell of laughing gas was replaced with a slight chalky odor. Stirring happily in her afterglow, Shirley drew in the new gas, and felt a new slower softer pleasure mix with her satisfaction. Kimi placed the headphones on Shirley, kissed her cheek once more and whispered "Helpless sleepy, dreamy happiness! Nighty night!"
A soothing voice guided Shirley down deep tunnels in her mind to the deepest most restful sleep she had ever experienced. Down deeper, with each dreamy relaxing breath she drew in from the mask. She trusted the voice, and associated it with all of her rewarding pleasures. She knew she would be rewarded again and again if she only obeyed the special voice. Obedience and trust. Deeper and deeper. Pleasure. Sleep. Dream...

Seeta and Lao-ping told her that she was wanted in the manager's office. Shirley loved to hear the manager talk. His voice sounded just like her dreams. He told her that her work was exceptional. The guests always gave her the highest marks in surveys. He wanted to know if she was interested in a promotion. Shirley didn't know what to say. She was happy to work in a position where she was needed at the resort. Sure. He told her that they needed help in the newly expanded aromatherapy room in the spa. Of all the services offered at the resort, aromatherapy was by far the most popular among the guests. They always came out feeling like new people. She remembered Lao-ping saying that guests almost always decide to become investors in the resort after an afternoon of the strange chalky fragrance and soft music over headphones. It was also the evening that Kimi was due for a week off. Shirley has been dreaming about it for days, and those dreams gave her many ideas for delicious fun.