The Dentist – by Victor

That’s odd, they’ve never done that before, ringing me at work, and asking if they could change the time of my appointment, apparently there’s some problem and they’re running a couple of hours late.

It actually doesn’t bother me, putting it back to six O’clock, saves me having to leave work early, and I suppose it’s better that he rang me, rather than turning up, and having to wait in the surgery for ages.

I did suggest cancelling the appointment, but he was quite persuasive, and as long as I wasn’t in a hurry, or have anything I needed to do, which as usual I didn’t.

But the more I think of it, the more it bothers me, I wished I’d been quicker, thought of a reason not to go. I’ve never liked going to a dentist at the best of times, and this new guy – I don’t know. I’ve been going to the same surgery now for almost ten years, but Mrs Parks retired last year and now I’m seeing Mr Drake. This will only be the third time I’ve seen him, but I’m seriously thinking of changing practices, there’s something odd about him.

I leave work at five thirty, a little later than usual, most of the other staff have already left, looking forward to the weekend.

The surgery’s on the outskirts of town, and it’s a twenty-minute drive in the late evening traffic.

Eventually arriving, I turn into the quiet private road, the surgery’s an old converted Victorian House set back from the road, as I pull into the small car park I notice there’s only one other car, I suppose that’s not surprising, I must be the last appointment.

I go in through the front door, the surgery’s situated at the back of the house, a corridor running between it and the waiting room and toilets that are at the front. A notice hanging from a set of stairs which leads upstairs, “Private – No Admission”.

The waiting room’s deserted. Usually Helen, or one of the other receptionists is on the desk, but I suppose as it’s so late most of them must have probably left by now.

There’s a table by the window covered in old copies of Readers Digest, Gardening Magazines, Glossy Supplements from Sunday Papers. I pick up an old copy of ‘Hello’, and try to take my mind off things.

Flipping through the magazine, suddenly aware of the high pitched whine from a drill running in the background. I’ve always hated that sound, it makes the little hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

I don’t know why, but I’m feeling more nervous than usual. I hate the waiting room almost as much as the surgery itself. It’s always brightly lit, with pictures and posters, but somehow always feel cold, scary, knowing that in a few minutes you’ll be called into the surgery.

I glance at my watch, ten to six, for a moment I think about leaving, just walking out, this is only a check up, I could come back another time, but before I can decide I hear his voice over the intercom, Lisa Watt.

As I leave the reception room and walk down the corridor the surgery door opens. He’s standing there, in his white coat and trousers, a blue facemask around his neck.

“Thank-you for changing your appointment Lisa, I hope it hasn’t caused any difficulties”.

“No, it’s fine”.

He guides me across the room, and towards the chair. As I’m about to sit down I catch a glimpse of something in the corner of the room, it looks a bit like cylinders, gas tanks, lengths of black hose. I try to see past him, but he’s blocking my view.

“Please sit down”.

I hate being in this room more than anywhere else. I don’t know why, I rarely have any problems with my teeth, but all the stainless steel cabinets, instruments, little silver dishes, drills, x-ray machine. I notice that Helen still isn’t about, but then realise she’s probably only next door, with the last patient.

He’s sitting on a stool, slightly behind be, to my right. He leans forward and pushes a button, as he does the chair starts to extend and recline, more and more, forcing me to lay back.

Laying totally flat, he moves the headrest, and now reaching across me to adjust the light. I feel strangely uneasy, if I didn’t know better I’d say he’s staring at my chest. Instinctively I adjust my blouse, pulling it together, and fastening the top button, arranging my skirt, wishing I’d gone home first and changed into a sweatshirt and jeans

He’s still seems to be watching me, just standing there for a moment. Now he moves the light again, it’s dazzling, bright, almost hurting my eyes.

“Okay if you could just open wide for me”.

He has a mirror, and dental probe, he starts picking between my each tooth in turn. He stops for a moment, takes the mirror out and cleans it, before starting again.

Suddenly a sharp excruciating pain…… I flinch away.

He pulls back, “Oh I am sorry, that hurt didn’t it….”.

“No, that’s okay really”, I lie.

I open my mouth and he starts to probe my tooth again.


“You’ve obviously got a really nasty cavity. I’m afraid I’m going to have a lot closer look, I can give you a pain killing injection……….”.

“No, that’s fine, I don’t like injections, I’d rather just get it over with”.

“Okay, if you’d like to lay back again, and if you feel any pain just raise your hand and I’ll stop”.

I’d waited almost three months for this opportunity, going over every detail, making sure I’ve minimised any risk……… fun in being caught now.

I’ve met four so far, four potential victims.

My first choice by far is Sue, Sue Sheppard, 24, single, long blonde hair, stunning figure, beautiful deep blue eyes, an almost perfect 10 out of 10. I’ve only seen her the once, during my first week in the practice, but I’m sure she’ll come back for a check up in a few months time, if not I can always get her address from the files.

Then there’s Mary Stevens 25, Pam wright 23, and Lisa, all 9’s, all single, not a lot to choose between them, it was just a case of waiting for the right opportunity.

Until now everything was working beautifully to plan.

I rang Lisa at two, and rearranged her appointment from four to six O’clock, and then told Helen that she’d rung and cancelled, and therefore she could finish at five tonight. The only small risk was if Lisa arrived very early, or Helen stayed late, but if that happened I’d just tell Helen I’d made a mistake, and bluff it out.

As it was Helen left by five-fifteen, and Lisa didn’t arrive until ten to six. I watched her arrive from the bedroom window, saw her car pull into the car park. Once she was in the waiting room I came downstairs, and returned to the surgery. I waited a few more minutes, moving around and running the drill to make it seem we were not alone, before calling her in.

It was easy to force loose a piece of good filling, to make it seem like there was a problem. I’d planned to give her an injection, but instead of Novocain it would be Ketamine, it would take a couple of minutes, but would knock her out for an hour or so, plenty of time for what I have planned.

But now she doesn’t want an injection, and Ketamine doesn’t work fast enough for me to try to overpower her, inject her, she’d scream the place down before losing consciousness.

I could always use the chloroform, but instead I decide to have a little fun with her first.

I force the probe deep into the root of the tooth, I can see the pain in her face, this must be hurting but the bitch but she obviously isn’t going to stop me, and ask for an injection, so I’ll have to try something else.

For a moment then I thought I was going to pass out, the pain so intense, but there’s absolutely no way I’m going to give in and have an injection. Now he stops, hopefully he won’t have to do any more.

Stopping for a moment, pulling back, “I’m afraid there’s quite a problem here”, this tooth has a very bad infection in the root, and will have to come out straight away.

“What do you mean……..come out?”

“Your left molar is very infected, in fact you’re very lucky we’ve caught it, it could easily infect another tooth and you may be looking at several extractions.”

“What we need to do is remove that tooth immediately, and put you on a course of antibiotics, and hopefully we can save the adjacent teeth.”

My mind’s spinning, what does he mean, I might have to have more than one tooth out, I only came here for a check-up.

“No I think I’d like to wait and see if it clears up, maybe you can just give me some antibiotics and I’ll make an appointment for next week”.

“Obviously it’s you decision, but my professional advice would be that your tooth needs extracting immediately. Unfortunately due to the level of infection the antibiotics won’t have any effect, and you risk the very real probability of loosing the adjacent teeth, and that would mean having to have a denture fitted”.

My tooth’s hurting like hell where he’s been probing, and the thought that possibly more teeth will need extracting, and I’d need a denture…….”

He’s looking at me waiting…….. “and I can do it immediately, get it over with”.

“I’m not having any injections!!”

For an awful moment then I thought she was going to try to leave. She wouldn’t have got very far, I locked the entrance while she was in the waiting room, and the chloroform and cloth are in the cabinet draw next to me. I’m sure I could overpower her, but know from experience that chloroforming someone whose struggling isn’t as easy as it’s portrayed on TV. But now she’s agreed to the extraction…...

I move to the back of my office and pull the gas equipment across to the chair, deliberately positioning it by her head, so she can’t see what I’m doing.

“That’s all right, I won’t need to give you an injection, just a few whiff’s of gas…”

He gets off his stool and moves to the back of the surgery, now wheeling a large trolley towards the chair, I can see two cylinders, some sort of mixer taps, a length of hose running to a black rubber mask.

“Where’s Helen”.

“She’s next door, would you like me to get her before we continue?”

“If that’s not too much trouble”.

He gets up and walks across to the door which leads onto the reception area, pulling the door to behind him, I can hear his voice a few moments later he returns.

“She’ll be here in a moment, just dealing with Mrs Jackson.”

“Okay, if I just get this ready, we’re running very late already.”

He has some sort of rubber cradle device, straps.

“Lift your head slightly please.”

I look nervously at the door, but there’s still no sign of Helen.

As I do he places the straps behind my head.

“I’ll just try this for size and then see where Helen is.”

He places the mask over my nose and mouth, now attaching the straps. As I breathe, the strong odour of rubber fills my senses, again I look to the door.

Suddenly I hear a hissing noise, aware of sensation of gas running through the mask, blowing across my face.

“Now just take a few deep breaths.”

As I breathe the odour of rubber now mixed with the pungent smell of gas.

He’s no longer seated, instead almost leaning over me, watching as I breathe.

Another breath, the smell of the gas now much much stronger.

Again I look at the door, still no Helen, this isn’t right, I start to sit up, start to take the mask off my face.

Suddenly he’s on top of me, forcefully grabbing my wrists, pushing them down to my sides. For a moment I don’t understand what’s happening, then I see the look in his eyes….

Oh God……. I scream into the mask……….


Struggling, using all my strength trying to push him off, but he’s laying on top of me, forcing me down into the chair.

“To late now Lisa……..why don’t you be a good girl and breathe the gas”.

For a moment she threw me when she asked where Helen was, but I managed to bluff her by pretending she was still here, and that bought me enough time to get the mask secured over her face.

As soon as I turned on the gas I could see the look of fear in her eyes, and knew she was going to resist. As she tries to sit up, one hand going to the mask I’m on-top of her, gripping her wrists tightly, forcing them to her side, pinning her to the chair.

She’s struggling, her body twisting and writhing under mine, trying to get her hands free, but I have her held tightly.

Now screaming, but the sound muffled by the mask, and with each scream, she’s sucking in more and more gas.

Desperately I’m trying to get free, but I can’t get any leverage to push him off. Trying to get a hand free, a leg free.

I scream for help, the sound reverberating in the mask.

Suddenly aware of a pounding in my head, a feeling of nausea, the room swimming, the hiss of the gas in the mask, another breathe, darkness descending over me………

No longer screaming, no longer struggling, her breathing becoming more regular, slowly her eyes closing, going under.

For twenty, thirty seconds I just lay there, the only sound, the faint hiss of the gas in her mask.

I start to get off her, as I do I’m suddenly aware how hard I am. For a moment I think about having her right now, but no, it’ll be more fun to wait.

Her purse is on the floor by the chair, leaving the gas running I take out her car keys. It’s very unlikely that anyone will have seen, or remember her car pull into the surgery, but there’s no point leaving it in view longer than necessary.

It takes a couple of minutes to move it into my garage, tonight I’ll dump it miles from here, burn it out. I don’t expect anyone will know she even came here, but if the police do visit, I’ll tell them she rang and cancelled the appointment, Helen can corroborate that, and finding her car burnt out will help to throw them of my scent.

Returning, I turn off the gas and unstrap the mask, she’ll be out for about twenty minutes, which should be plenty of time.

I raise the chair back into a sitting position, supporting her shoulder as I do. I’m surprised how light she is as I man-handle her out of the chair and onto the floor. For a moment I think of trying to carry her upstairs, bit in the end decide it will be simpler just to drag her. Holding her by the wrists I pull her unconscious body from the surgery and up the stairs.

I bought the whole house when I took over the practice, it was perfect for what I had in mind. Of course I have to be careful, and ensure all the rooms are locked at all times, just in case Helen or one of the other dental nurses decides to snoop around.

Unlocking the door to the spare room, not quite perfect yet, but close. The floor and walls covered in heavy large white tiles, ceiling brilliant white. Two large stainless steel display cases against the far wall, a large steel framed Hospital bed to the right, a large stainless steely trolley opposite. I put up three pair of net curtains at the window and then boarded and soundproofed it, just in case the window cleaner was inquisitive. A large bank of neon lights hangs from the ceiling.

I still want to get another dentist chair, maybe some old fashioned drills, some hooks for the ceiling…..but that’s for the future.

I’ve I’d already prepared the bed, a plain white sheet, white pillow, four pairs of steel cuffs. I lift her onto it, leaving her clothed, I quickly secure her arms and legs, gagging her with duct-tape.

Going back downstairs, I bring up the anaesthetic trolleys, although it’s on a sack-barrow, it’s still quite heavy, and it’s quite an effort to get it upstairs.

In the back of my mind, conscious that time’s passing, and I want to be there when she starts to come round.

Returning to the room, she hasn’t moved. I check her eyes, still out cold.

Now it’s just a question of waiting.

It takes maybe five minutes, all the time I’m fantasising over what’s to come, wondering how she’ll react, how scared will she be, how much will she fight, how much will she struggle, how long will she last, how will she compare to the others?

The gas beginning to ware off, she’s starting to come round.


I’m sitting on the end of the bed, masturbating myself through my trousers as I watch her come to.


Her breathing slightly more erratic, starting to move, twist, turn on the bed, her eyes still closed.



Now her eyes flicker open, blink and again, her head turns, she lets out a high pitched muffled scream through the tape.




Quickly she tries to sit up, I see the pain flash across her face as the steel cuffs bite into her wrists.


She’s looking above her head, at the cuff around her right wrist, pulling at it, trying to twist her wrist free, or to pull it off the bedframe.


Now the same with her left wrist, now back to the right, struggling twisting, tugging, screaming.


Jerking her legs, grimacing at the pain as the cuffs rub against her ankles.



Now breathing hard, the first initial fear subsiding, her first attempt at escape failed. Her fingers still feeling around the cuffs, but not wildly as before, now probing, trying to find a weakness, trying to find a way to get her wrist loose.



A pounding in my head, nauseous, dizzy, as I open my eyes dazzling bright light, painful on my eyes.

Blinking, trying to clear my head, the room quickly coming into focus.

Then seeing him, suddenly remembering everything, screaming.

Something over my mouth, sticky, like tape.

Desperately trying to work my jaw free, but can’t move the tape, but still able to make some noise, the tape not that effective.

Still screaming, he doesn’t move, he just sits there, watching…..enjoying it?

My wrists above my head, my legs spread, struggling, sharp pains, looking up I see steel cuffs around my wrists, secured to the bed. I can’t see, but from what I feel I assume there are more around my ankles.

Pulling frantically at the cuffs, already my wrists red as I struggle, still he just sits there.

Looking around the room, I’ve no idea where I am, some sort of hospital?

Why doesn’t he try to stop me screaming.



On the right, then the left, using my fingers I feel the cuff that’s secured to the bed.

Again looking around the room, suddenly aware there’s no window, the tiles on the floor, on the walls, then I realise, wherever I am, either still in the surgery, or somewhere, the room must be soundproof.

I’ve no idea how long I’ve been unconscious, but I’m still dressed – what does he want with me.


Still he doesn’t move, just watches as I struggle, helpless.

“Pllllss nno”




Her screaming stopped, for the moment, she trying to compose herself, starting to beg to be freed.

As I stand, she screams again.


The trolleys covered with a white sheet, she watches, screaming as I move it to the side of the bed. I’m aware it’s just lower than the bed, as I remove the sheet she can see the kidney bowls, scalpels, pliers, clamps, scissors, vibrators…...


Still screaming she watches as I go to one of the steel cupboards, returning I place a brown glass bottle on the trolley, with a white cotton handkerchief, turning the bottle so the label “Chloroform”, is visible.


Now I wheel the anaesthetic trolley into the room, positioning it to the other side of the bed, draping a mask over the frame.

The fear in her eyes, not knowing where to look, one side the trolley, covered in instruments, the other the gas mask hanging from the bed-head.

Just for fun I turn on the gas.

Her response as she hears the hiss from the tank, her eyes flare with terror, her screaming louder than ever.


Turning off the gas, moving towards the bed.

“I think we’re about ready, don’t you Lisa”.


I sit on the side of the bed, as I do she moves away as far as the cuffs allow. I lean over her, she tries to pull away further, but she’s helpless, totally helpless.


Slowly I start to unbutton her blouse………