The Dentist
by JennTill

Dr. Bell was a unique dentist. Not because his practice had moved so many
times but mainly because he was one of the few dentists who used Nitrous
Oxide or laughing gas.

He advertised that it was for the patient's comfort but it was also was
perfect to practice his own perversions on those exceptionally beautiful
patients. He didn't really need to. He just enjoyed the thrill of it. Doc
Bell was a very handsome single guy and didn't have any problems getting
women. He just loved being able to dominate them in this way.

***Mary Beth***

Mary Beth was just coming out of dental assistant school and was looking
for a special doctor to work with. To the outward appearance, Mary was
very plain looking, almost nerdy. Although she had naturally curly red
hair with green eyes and an okay looking face, she preferred to downplay
her looks. She rarely used much makeup. And she didn't like to wear
clothes that were too revealing or provocative. But underneath, Mary was
hiding a near perfect body that no nurses uniform could adequately hide.

Mary was also hiding another secret.

When Mary was growing up, her step mother would take advantage of her
when she was asleep. This was most unusual and it took Mary years to
figure out what was happening to her in her sleep. Mary had no idea
that her step mother had such strong bi sexual urges but in her
subconscious state, she thoroughly enjoyed the erotic dreams that her
stepmother made her have. She simply thought that she had "odd" dreams or
that maybe she was gay and didn't realize it fully until she was older.
Other than her stepmother, her sexual experimentation growing up was very
limited. Boys fumbled with her a little but it was girls that held an
attraction for her. She had little opportunities growing up and, her
stepmother would never exploit her during waking hours so Mary grew up
somewhat confused sexually.

To compound it, Mary "hid" under a nerdy image because she never really
wanted boys to be attracted to her. She also poured herself into her
schoolwork and, as a result, became an exceptional student.

It was with this background that Mary Beth responded to the ad in the
paper for a dental assistant in a newly established office in town.


Fran was a 26 year old secretary with a local law firm. She hated
dentists and generally had a terrific fear of having her teeth worked
on. She was exhilarated to see an ad for a new dentist who advertised
"guaranteed painless dentistry" and that he used nitrous oxide.

She wasn't afraid of much. In fact, when it came to experimentation,
Fran was almost willing to try anything. She grew up with a large
circle of friends and expanded on that circle during her college years.

Many a frat or sorority party had Fran as one of the chief instigators
of frolic, fun, and general ribaldry. Fran just loved to "get something
going" and never hesitated to seize an opportunity. Fran's friends were
known as a "loose" group who partied hearty. A lot of her friends had
gotten pregnant and, as a result, had to quit school to "settle down".

***The Interview****

Ten a.m. sharp...."yup, I'm right on time," Mary thought to herself as
she entered the exterior door to the new plush office.

Hm, no receptionist yet.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Bell and you must be Mary Beth?" Mary jumped a little
as the doctor approached her from a side door.

"Yes." Mary quietly answered.

Mary was quite impressed with the latest state-of-the-art equipment
she passed as she was escorted to his private office. He gestured to
a chair and she sat down across from this handsome man.

The doctor took a few moments to review her application.

"So this would be your first dental job?" he asked taking in her
appearance head to toe.

"Yes. I guess it would be." Mary looked down in slight embarrassment
at the question.

"Well....we all gotta start somewhere don't we!?" Doc tried to
break the tension. His demeanor made her feel much more comfortable
as she nervously shifted and squirmed in her seat.

Although she was wearing a red suit for the interview, the skirt was
much shorter than she had remembered making her feel awkward (and more
nervous!). But this was the only red "professional" outfit she had and
she wanted to make a good first impression. She knew that red made her
green eyes stand out and her red hair not as obvious.

Dr. Bell tried to be subtle in scrutinizing her looks. He was sure she
had a body under that suit but it was very difficult to tell with what
she was wearing. Her legs looked pretty least when he was
able to catch a glimpse when she was walking.

Damn, he should have placed the interview chair in a better position that
would have afforded him a better view of her! He thought he had organized
the office perfectly.

Mary half listened as he explained about the job and what was expected of
her. He went on for only 10 or 15 minutes but it seemed like an hour.

".....and our main focus is that our patients are relaxed and comfortable
with their experience with us," he went on.

"........that's why I've chosen to utilize nitrous oxide with the majority
of our patients. Are you familiar with its use?" he asked.

"...well, sort of." Mary answered with reservation. She had taken an
introductory course but dropped it thinking she wouldn't need it as
badly as a conflicting class on preventative dental hygiene.

"Here, come with me, Mary, and let me show you around the office." Dr.
Bell got up and led Mary out his office door to the hallway and patient

Does this mean I have the job Mary thought to herself?

Dr. Bell wasn't quite ready to hire this girl although she seemed the most
qualified of the applicants he had so far. Frankly, he was hoping for more
of a beauty since they seemed to divert the patients (male and female) from
the treatment.

"Is this the new chairs they just came out with?" Mary asked him.

"Why yes....this chair can assume many different positions so we can access
the patient easier and make them more comfortable too."

Mary was impressed! This chair alone was about $50,000. She saw them
advertised in the dental publications that came to her school.

"Here, have a seat."

As Mary sat down on the couch-like lounge she secretly scolded herself for
wearing the mini skirted outfit. She really had to tug at the hem to keep
the skirt from riding up her thighs.

When she laid back in the comfortable lounger her eyes took in all the
extra appointments the examining room had. Everything was done in
modern art decco and looking straight ahead, she noticed a great looking
neon clock that read 10:25.

Doc Bell now had an opportunity to notice her legs better but it was
between them that he was interested in seeing. And, if he played this
just right, he would be seeing that and more.

They chatted about all the various equipment and how it differed from
the old stuff she had to learn on at school. Once again, the subject
of the nitrous oxide came up.

"So have you been 'gassed' before, Mary?"

"Why, no...I...ah....I didn't get to try it in school."

"Well it is most important that you become totally familiar with its
effects on a patient and you will be sent to school, at my expense, of
course, to learn all about it. Meanwhile, let's give you just a little

Before she could protest, he had the mask over her and had flipped the
handle to start the flow of the gas that would soon render her silly,
helpless, and finally unconscious.

"There, what do you think of that?" He made sure he only gave her
enough to allow him to control the situation but he didn't want her
to panic.

"Oh...[hee hee]'s kinda....[giggle]....well, I....don't know
what to say!" Mary was definitely feeling like she was "out there" a
little but she didn't feel intimidated. In fact, she felt quite the
opposite! She was very relaxed and giddy.

"Let me give you a little bit more so you know what the second stage
feels like." Doc Bell was pleased with himself. He could already see
her completely relax to the point that her short skirt was showing a
nice expanse of firm thigh. He could nearly see the crotch of her
panties. His cock twitched in his pants at this sight. It always
did when he knew he was about to overcome a patient's will and have
his way with them. He was totally prepared for this scenario. He
always was.

Mary Beth couldn't protest the addition of more gas if she wanted to.
She was soooo relaxed and Doc Bell was just the dreamiest. He couldn't
have been much more than 30 and she noticed he wasn't wearing a wedding
ring......and......she.......suddenly nodded off in complete relaxing

"There...that oughta do it!" Doc removed and replaced the mask and
stepped back to check out his handywork and his "patient". He just
loved this interview process and now it was time to see what the real
Mary Beth looked like.

He carefully lifted her leg to remove the high heeled shoe on her
right foot. As he did so, he lovingly stroked both her foot and her
leg and marveled at how beautiful this girl's legs were. As he did
so, Mary let out a soft moan but was very much in a deep sleep.

Doc lifted her leg slightly and teased himself with a sneak look at
what was under the tight mini skirt. He only lifted it enough to peak
at the crotch of her panties. Ahhh, white ones. I knew they would be
white ones. Was he imagining or was that her moistening crease showing
through the delicate fabric?

He reached up and flicked on the examing light above and tilted it to
highlight the covered pussy he was trying to see. He loved teasing him-
self this way! He now had a full on raging hard on that he would soon
relieve. He then removed her other shoe and gently rubbed from her foot
up her legs. He looked up at her deep breathing chest and decided it was
time to part the buttoned up jacket she was wearing. His fingers shook
slightly as he labored to undo each of the 5 buttons. Underneath the
red jacket was a white blouse and bra that failed to hide the size of
her firm breasts. He stole a quick look at her face. The glasses had
to go he decided. He removed Mary Beth's eyeglasses and laid them on
the instrument tray.

"My god, she's really quite pretty without these. A little more makeup
and she could be a knockout." He then couldn't resist feeling the globes
that were revealed when he unbuttoned her jacket.

"MMMmmmm............." Mary Beth was already having a most marvelous

Wow, are they ever firm, he thought to himself. I can feel her nipples
through the blouse and the bra both. He was fairly certain she was
responding rather than fighting it. Enough or he wouldn't have time
without administering more gas. He began to unbutton the blouse and,
as he did, he noticed how her tits bulged out above her bra.

"These babies are the real thing too." He could tell implants from real
ones and Mary Beth didn't seem like the type who would want implants

Now he unzipped the side zipper to the red matching mini-skirt and began
to pull it down her thighs and legs. Mary inadvertently helped him along
by rolling from side to side.

She was dreaming of being undressed and she knew what was going to come
soon. A soft tongue on her pussy and then SHE would come! This was the
same scenario that played out time and again as she was growing up!
The same dream!

Doc purposely left her white frilly panties on. But he could now tell
in the light that she definitely was getting wet. He leaned over her
middle just above her panties and inhaled her heavenly scent.

"AHHH, he thought. The smell of fresh pussy!"

Now he wanted to see her tits and was thankful that she wore a bra with
the clasp in front. As he undid it, her breasts burst out with hardened
pink nipples just begging to be sucked. He rubbed and fondled each breast
relieving them of the tension that the bra had placed on encasing them.

Again, Mary let out a soft, purring moan assuring Doc it was okay to
proceed. He bent down and gently sucked in her right nipple and rolled
it around his tongue.

"Oh.......wha............are..........." Mary was out of it but feeling
wonderful feelings.

Doc watched in fascination as her left hand came up from the side of the
lounge and began fondling her own pussy. ".....mmmmmm", escaped her lips
as she made contact with her own nub.

Doc's cock was straining at his pants to get out and he began to do just
that. He continued watching her touching herself as he undid his buckle
and let his pants and underwear drop to the recently installed tile floor.
His hardened cock wavered as it sprung free and a drop of fluid had already
formed on the end of it.

Doc then proceeded to remove Mary Beth's last obstacle to his lust by
pulling her white panties down. He was thrilled to see that Mary Beth's
silky pubic hair matched the red hair on her head. Although matted down
from the moisture, he could still make out her inflamed pussy lips and
marveled at their contrasting pink color next to her white skin and the
red pubes.

He grasped his cock in anticipation and gently began squeezing and
pulling on it. Then he had an idea. With her left hand still trying
to manipulate her pussy, he put his hard dick in her right hand and
squeezed it around the hardened member.

Mary Beth didn't react so he decided to give her a little thrill.
He couldn't resist the sight of her pink pussy lips neatly framed by
her red hairs.

After spreading her legs, he dropped his head to her slit and began to
gently lick where her fingers had just been. "OOOOOOhhhhh......" Mary
was still in a trance but giggled a little at the contact. She was
dreaming of that soft tongue and here it was! In a matter of seconds,
her pussy spasmed in orgasm that made Doc swoon with delight.

He could even feel her lips clenching on his tongue as he speared her
and revelled in her delicious juices that sprang forth. Ah...he felt
like he was truly drinking from the fountain of youth!

Her taste was both sweet and very slightly a fine wine
ready to be imbibed! His cock could wait no longer.

He positioned the head at the entrance to her slippery wet pussy lips
and nudged it against her clit.

She shuddered in a small aftershock of her tongue induced climax. He
held his cock to the entrance and continued to work it all around her
opening enjoying the power and control while watching her face for

Finally, and with no more warning, he slipped about half the length
in her and Mary Beth moaned audibly.

He pulled back slightly...afraid that he would "shock" her awake but
she smiled at the plundering of her sex. He moved in again and gave
her a little more length as a chill hit him as a prequel to the cum
he knew he was going to have in moments. He could feel his full balls
gearing up to unload in her but wanted it to last just a little longer.

Stroke......Stroke.......stroke..........He was barely able to fuck her
more than a minute or two when he couldn't hold back the excitement of
the moment.

"AAAAARRRRRRRGHGGGGh!" His juice shot of his dick into her like something
had been jammed up his ass. Surely she would be shocked at the amount of
fluid that was being pumped into her. But Mary Beth was oblivious to the

Doc cleaned both himself and Mary Beth up as best he could and carefully
replaced all her clothing.

Then, his next little trick was to move the clock back 10 minutes.
He knew from experience that she would soon awaken from the
N.O. and probably wouldn't remember anything. She might wonder why
her pussy tingled but, hopefully, nothing else would alert her.
The clock was a guarantee that she had only been out a short few minutes.

Ten or fifteen minutes later, Mary groggily awoke from the gassing and
Doc said, "now that wasn't so bad was it?" Mary actually had been out
nearly 45 minutes.

Still in a fog, Mary had to get her bearings and remembered that she
was in the Doctor's office. She looked at the clock again and noticed
she had only laid down just a few minutes earlier but it sure seemed

"Well, I would say that we work out a few details such as your wages
and benefits package and if you want the job, it yours."

Mary was elated! She felt so wonderful and knew that this was exactly
what she had been looking for.

*****Fran's Appointment*****

Fran had intentionally made her appointment late in the day so she could
go after work. So as she entered the office and announced herself to Dr.
Bell's newly hired receptionist, she wasn't surprised when the front door
was locked behind her.

"Last one of the day!" Mary Beth announced before looking up from the
chart to see Fran seated demurely before her.

"That must be me," Fran said as she nearly was unable to get up when
she saw the vision of red headed Mary Beth before her. And those green
eyes! Wow!

It was often that Fran appreciated another woman's looks but one that
"got her going" was entirely another story.

Fran hadn't had sex with another female and, of late, had been fan-
tasizing ferociously about getting it on with another girl.

As for Mary Beth, she too, was struck by Fran's tailored looks. She was
wearing a stark white buttoned up skirt and jacket set with a black silk
blouse that didn't hide her voluminous breasts beneath.

When Fran brushed past Mary Beth the electricity was more real than
imagined. Mary Beth noticed the swing of Fran's ass as she strolled
down the hallway to room #3. Doc was busy finishing up a patient in
room #2 so he missed the sight of Fran's glorious entrance.

"..And you can have a seat right here Ms...ah....."

"Oh, it's Fran, you will never be able to pronounce my last name," Fran
said lightly and with her best smile. As she sat down and stretched out
on the lounge, Mary Beth suggested she may want to undo a couple of
buttons from the bottom of her long skirt so she would be more
comfortable. She offered to do it for her and began without waiting
for Fran's response.

What the hell was this perfume she was wearing thought Mary Beth
as her fingers nearly shook trying to undo the big buttons.
"Do you mind me asking...what kind of perfume is that? Mary tried to
be not too interested.

"'s that new know with the phermones, do you like
it?" Fran answered.

My God! It was driving her crazy!

"Phermones?" Mary asked

"Yes, you's that new one that they tested on animals to
.....ah......attract one another. When I wear it at the office, the
attornies go wild."

"So it's for women AND men?" Mary naively asked.

"Well let's just say that the attractant works with both sexes but
not ALL sexes," Fran stated proudly.

"Here....." Fran reached over to her purse on the floor and as she
did so her skirt rode up showing a considerable amount of thigh
that were encased in the sheerest nylons and connected to a
garter belt.

Mary Beth was nearly knocked over when she caught a glimpse
of Fran's sexy underwear. It didn't hardly look like office attire to

Fran held the bottle of perfume up for Mary's inspection and
quickly dabbed a little on both sides of Mary's neck.

"Whew...that has some KICK to it doesn't it." Mary said a little

"I notice that it smells different on different people...but the effect
is the same," Fran informed.

After Mary Beth leaned over to affix the chained napkin around
Fran's neck, Fran noticed that the white uniform Mary Beth was
wearing didn't do much to conceal her firm jutting breasts. Although
not as big as Fran's, she could tell the girl had ample bosoms.

"Well, what do we have here.....last of the day?" Doc Bell was
standing in the doorway and was being as cheerful as if it was
his first patient.

"Dr. Bell, this is Fran....."

"Draczkvecki", Fran finished for Mary.

"Thank you!" Mary interjected.

"Nice to meet you, Ms.......Fran," Doc extended his gloved hand.

"What are we doing for you today." Doc took the chart.

"I might have a cavity and I hate drills and I hate pain." Fran
wasn't too shy to say.

"Well then you'll love us!" Doc said cheerfully as he explained how
comfort was his number one priority with his patients and went thru
the steps for N.O. At the same time, Mary Beth noticed him taking
in her exposed legs and the sexy way her skirt was buttoned only so
high nearly exposing her panties to him from a low angle.

Doc moved his stool to a cabinet where some of his tools were kept
and, backing the drawer out, looked up at Mary Beth, "We'll need this
set here, Mary." Although he was looking at Mary, he could also see
right up Fran's skirt and almost immediately got a bone from the sexy
garters and panties he glimpsed.

"Goodnight Doctor Bell, Mary Beth"

Jesus, he almost got busted by Janice the receptionist.

"Goodnight, Janice."

Now there was just the 3 of them left in the office.

"Mary, let's go ahead and prep Fran for some nitro so she has her
wish," Doc Bell instructed after taking X-rays. He then left the room
to view the affected area.

"Now just relax, shouldn't feel a thing and if I see that
you are starting to come out of it, I'll administer more," Mary Beth
was reassuring.

Fran was out before she knew it and as she went under deeper,
her legs involuntarily draped over the side of the lounge. As it did,
the lowest button on her skirt gave way from the weight it had to
bear. Pop! And then. Pop! The next to the last popped off.
Mary was caught off guard and didn't expect this to happen!

Here was the patient laying there with her legs splayed open
with her panty covered pussy exposed!

Mary stood frozen looking at Fran. She knew she had to restore
her dignity but was simply awstruck by the circumstances and
the beauty of her long legs.

Her eyes went right to Fran's crotch and noticed a slight discoloration
there. She didn't know what it was from but was drawn to it like a
target area.

Continued in part 2...