The Happy Marine Chronicles
By Andreya Sedai


Lt. Aaron was known to be a cocky asshole. He hit on every woman he met, and in truth often scored big time. Perhaps it was his marine attitude that made him desirable; but I think he was simply a hot guy who knew it. It was in this context that I met Lt. Aaron one hot July evening in the Medical Building of Twenty-nine Palms in California.

So there I was, oops – perhaps I should share a little about me. My name is Nurse Andreya and I am what you might call the luckiest girl alive, for hot and cocky Aaron is finally mine. How did I do this you ask? Well check out this bit of trickery and treachery and ticklish fun.

Lt. Aaron stepped off the helicopter and rushed forward to avoid the wind and wingers of the whirlybird. He was hot, tired and ready to go home and perhaps call one of his many girls to see who might fulfill his manhood this hot July night. As the wind, died down Aaron stood erect and towered over most of his compatriots. At 6 foot, 3 inches, he was a towering figure. His close-cropped darker blonde hair, highlighted his solid and lean figure and hard tanned face. A goatee danced along his chin and fierce blue-gray eyes seemed to see into any girls’ heart. Often the women would melt under his manly gaze and sly smile. As he strutted his stuff towards the CO’s office, his mind began the weekly run through of the names in his black book. Heading off the tarmac and down into the long cement corridor towards his locker, Aaron was definitely feeling horny in his pants. Furthermore, he was tired and not in the mood for anyone’s shit. He cleaned out his locker and decided to stay in his fatigues throwing everything else into his large gym bag. His boots were now on his feet for nearly 24 hours and he was sure he needed a serious shower before getting some loving.

As he exited the locker room, a buddy called out, “ Hey Lt.! The CO wants to see you for a moment in his office. Said it was important!”

“What the fuck for?” Aaron demanded.

However, his friend could not answer, “ I am just delivering a message, sir” he responded glumly. “Sorry”

Furious at this new delay, the flight back to base had been three hours late, Aaron stormed off in the other direction to the office. His hard on was getting worse and he was ready to blow up in more ways than one. He knocked a bit to hard on the CO’s door, “Yes? Come in!”, the CO shouted from inside.

“ You wanted to see me sir?” Aaron asked in a harsh tone.

“You got a problem marine? What the hell was that knock – you think I am some kind of deaf bastard?, he asked loudly. “You may think you’re a tough SOB, but I am still your CO, got it!” Aaron responded, “Sir, yes sir!” with a fury in his eyes. This was fucking retarded. Nevertheless, the CO continued, not waiting for more comment.

“I need you to report to the nurse’s station pronto, some nurse says you need a test before I can send you out again. Get down there TONIGHT and have a signed paper from her saying your cleared for next weeks duty TONIGHT before you leave; and Lt., don’t give me any of your classic attitude or bullshit, I mean TONIGHT!

Aaron turned without saying a thing and stormed out, slamming the door behind him. He hated when the CO got this way and often found himself in hot water if he ever retorted. So with a face like a thunderhead, Aaron charged all the way across base to the stupid nurse’s station for some dumb ass test. He cussed out anyone he passed and nearly hit the base queer, or so he was called for his girly “ Hey there Lt.” and that faggy wave. Aaron promised himself that someday soon, the fag would be run over on accident. As the nurse’s station came into view, the sun was finally down, and Aaron pounded on the door. He was hot, sticky, dusty and royally pissed off as the door opened and he saw a small petite nurse all dressed in tight whites. “ Damn!” he said to himself. Her tiny figure was almost perfect. She looked like a teenage girl, a cheerleader he had dated five-years ago when he had been the star wide receiver and defensive halfback. Long blonde hair was tied in a bun on the nape of her neck, which was tan, and almost swam like in its poise. Her green eyes looked playful and Aaron nearly smiled, but his fury was too much. She was however, a little hottie for another day indeed.

“I am Lt. Aaron, I was ordered to this damn office for a stupid test. Who the hell are you?” He asked in the cocky and swaggering saunter he was famous for.

The pretty nurse smiled, “ I am Nurse Andreya and I have been expecting you. Thank you for coming so quickly Lt.” her smile was just too much for him to take. She was enjoying this.

“Look BABE, I need to get the hell home and I am in mood for flirting games, you got that. Now what the hell is this test and why is it so fucking important?”

“Grumpy, grumpy Lt. I was ordered to review all medical records of marines on base and I know you have come back from overseas recently and were never tested for lung infections from any WMD’s. I have been testing marines lungs for about week now, but you silly were out on assignment, so I need to get you checked out tonight to be sure your okay.” She smiled again and turned to head into the station.

“ I feel great babe okay, now what’s this about a paper I need you to sign? Let’s just have you sign it. Tomorrow night we can go out and I can make your interest in me a little more towards my liking, what do you say?” He followed her inside and put on his best flirteous behavior. He had to get this over with and soon, his body was ready to ignite! She was very hot in the short white skirt!

“ Well Lt. I need to test you to sign this paper, so if you would please stop talking and follow me to room 4, you can be out of here in minutes.” She was holding a paper in her hand and started immediately down the hallway. “ I have no need to know you more to your liking by the way, so cut the asshole attitude and let’s get you on your way okay then?” Andreya stated calmly.

“ Well Ms Snob, I guess your missing out, bitch!” He mumbled as he followed her down the hall.

Fuming, Aaron entered Room 4 as Nurse Andreya was rolling a large tank over to the table. The tank was a soft bluish gray and said nothing that he could see. “What the fuck is that bitchy nurse?” He queried.

“O2”, she responded, “To test your lungs, think you can handle that tough guy? Or will you whine about this too?” She smiled again much too wide for him to handle.

“You think this is funny you being able to order me around don’t you? Look Ms. Bitch I am outta here once we are done you got that and your missing out bitch.” He was loosing it!

“Whatever” she replied again in a cool voice that grated his fury even more. “Just sit down on the table please and remove your shirt so I can hear your lungs with my stethoscope – okay?”

“ You know you wanna see my chest bitch. Don’t touch me or you might be charged with harassment got it?”, he sneered back.

“You wish hard ass. Now just place this mask over your face. Take five or six good deep breathes for me while I listen to your lungs, then if I hear nothing this will be over, I will sign the paper and your gone, thank God!”

“Whatever”, Aaron relied in smart-ass tone. He grabbed the mask out of her hands and placed it fully over his face. Nurse Andreya turned a knob and a sweet smell began to flow into Aaron’s lungs.

Aaron took a full deep breathe and felt surprising very good. “ Wow! I feel great!” he said. “ Hee hee I feel real good, hee hee, he smiled.

A second breath Aaron took, and Andreya was standing behind him, but he felt nothing on his back. “ What are you hoohoo heehee, doing heheheh?, he laughed, “What’s so funny heheheheheheheh!”

Andreya smiled and asked, Are you okay Lt.” What’s so funny indeed?

“Hahahahah, hhehehehe”, Aaron laughed loudly after his third breath. “This shit hehehehe is great hahahehehehahah!

“ Really”, Andreya asked, “ How so?”

“ I hehehe cannot s s s s heheheheh stop hohohoho laughing hehehehehe… I feel hehehehehe great hahahahehehehehahahah what the fuck hahahahahahahah!

As Aaron was laughing and took his fourth and fifth breaths the tank rolled a little too the right and Aaron saw the words LAUGHING GAS on the tank. The problem was he no longer cared, the trap was sprung and he was toast.

“ Laughing hahahah gas hehehehehe this is so hohohoh funny heheheheheh! I love it heheheheh give me more heheheheheh,” he roared as Andreya placed her hands over the mask and held it tightly to his face.

“Oh my yes Lt. you will be laughing for a long time, she giggled evilly, “A very long time!”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHEHHEHEHEHEHEHEH, and Aaron laughed and laughed


Nurse Andreya attached the laughing gas mask to Aaron’s face as he roared with helpless laughter. She gently slide him down into a wheelchair and carefully placed the gas on the back to ease transporting her victim to the talk session.

“Hahahahahahahahahahhehehehehehehohohohohohohohhahahahahah!” Aaron laughed helplessly as she pushed him to her bedroom in the very back of the nurses quarters

He was so weak that she had to put forth a real effort to help him up from the wheel chair and plop him down on her bed. She did this while carefully moving the gas around his head and resting it next to the bed pillows. If she lost the gas, she was in trouble for he could quickly overpower her. If any of it got outside of the mask, she too would be laughing hysterically so she had to be extremely careful!

Gently making sure the mask was snug, Andreya lifted Aaron’s arms over his head and handcuffed the wrists to the bedposts. His bare chest would be a tempting target and exposed under arms as well.

Hahahahehehehe what hahahaha hh are you hohohoh doohohohing heheheheheheheh? This is soo hohohohohoho funnnyy heheheheheheheheheheh hahahahahahahahahah!” Aaron laughed on. I I I hihihihihihih cannot hohohahahahahah stoppppp hahahahahah laughing heheheheheheheheh! And I iii hihihihih like it sooo hohohohohohohoh much hahahahahahahehehehehehe.

Andreya slips off Aaron’s shoes, and undoes his belt and slides down his pants. Only his boxers remain when she finally removes his socks! As Aaron struggled in the handcuffs, he was laughing and could not muster any strength to get free. Andreya was undressing him and he just thought it was so funny. Somewhere in his soul, he knew he was doomed!


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