Nervous beyond words, Jamie gingerly ascended the three short steps that
led her to the stage. Dressed meticulously in a very reserved, three piece suit,
her high heels made a staccato clicking sound as she crossed the proscenium and
took up her position behind the podium.

As she arranged her notes before her, she glanced apprehensively at the
assembled faces that looked expectantly in her direction. The Dean of Women gave
her a cross look; still seething over Jamie's failure to dismiss those two
students, she would have no compunction against voting down the English Comp
professor's study proposal.

Nervously, Jamie fingered her tight bun of hair and resettled her glasses
upon her nose before beginning. Thirstily, she sipped at the ready glass of water
to clear her throat for speaking.

Smiling wickedly to herself, Trish, her business rival, waited in gleeful anticipation for the
presentation to begin. She was sure that her many preparations for today's event
would result in the demise of Jamie's proposal. "Drink deeply, my dear" she
thought, "I'm sure you'll thoroughly enjoy yourself".

As the lights began to dim for the brunette's slide presentation, Trish
fondly fingered the small remote control she held beneath the table. With her
vast knowledge of science it hadn't been hard to rig the podium with the devices
she had built. Now, to see if they worked. Delicately, Trish pushed the first of
a series of small buttons on her control.

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I am Jamie Standley, Professor of
English Composition..." Jamie began as the lights lowered. "My proposal deals
with the effects of world events on the creation of masterpieces in the literary

A brief touch of wooziness flashed through Jamie's brain, followed by an
even briefer flush of dizziness. Unbeknownst to her, strong alcohol derivatives
raced through her blood stream at an alarming rate. Bonded cleverly to their
molecular structure, a genetically engineered aphrodisiac was carried throughout
the blood and deposited in specifically targeted areas of her anatomy.

As she recited the prelude to her presentation, Jamie did not hear nor
detect the faint hissing sound of escaping gas; gas that emanated from the front
of the podium and dispersed very conveniently below her nose. Nor did she smell
anything unusual as she took in a very deep breath to begin her next sentence.

Three minutes into her selected slides, Jamie began to feel light- headed
again and somewhat giddy. And wasn't it a bit warm in here ? A deep warm glow
encased her entire body from the tip of her toes to her scalp. She felt small
beads of perspiration collecting on her forehead as she tugged at her now
somewhat damp ensemble.

In the dim light, Trish could see Jamie nervously tugging at the collar of
her blouse. She grinned wickedly to herself as she released the button that had
signalled one of her devices to emit a faint mist of additional chemicals;
chemicals that had a decidedly deleterious effect on the molecular bonding of the
textile fibers in cotton.

Jamie slowly plowed through her presentation. She felt very giddy right
now, almost to the point of silliness. Her mind strayed from her presentation and
she thought distractedly that it just wouldn't do for her to giggle right now,
yet that was exactly what she felt like doing. And her skin tingled all over as
if a thousand ants were racing up and down her body underneath her clothing. Hot
flashes rushed through her, uncomfortably but pleasantly stimulating her most
sensitive areas.

Trish waited patiently as she heard Jamie stumble and slur over a few
words and stray from the presentation outline. "Any time now..." she grinned
evilly "...the nitrous oxide should be taking over and all sorts of things will
be falling into place". Or more accurately, falling off !

Bravely, Jamie tried to keep her mind on what she was saying but she
drifted farther afield with every passing minute. Veering into day-dreams,
sensuous images of the entire Board clothed only in their underwear sprang to her
dulled and confused mind. Just as she was to begin her next sentence, a timorous
"TEE-HEE" of a giggle escaped her lips!

In her mind she was horrified ! She could hear the restless stirrings and
murmurings of the Board of Regents as she tried desperately to get back on track.
Frantically trying to find her place in her notes, she had the wildest vision of
the Board of Regents laughing uproariously at her presentation. Perversely, her
body twanged like a taut bowstring with a vibrant eroticism.

Rather than settle her down, that thought evoked a string of giggling that
she tried desperately to muffle with her hand ! At that very moment, she felt
the snaps on her garter belt give way. She quickly tried to snatch her nylons
before they slithered down her legs but the jerky movement only caused the clasp
on the garter belt to pop and she felt a distinct loosening around her waist.

Trish saw the confused brunette's attempts to continue and figured she was
just about ready. Depressing a third button on her remote, she activated the
special insoles she had placed within Jamie's shoes the night before. Tiny
electric currents designed to stimulate sensitive nerve endings began to dance
and coruscate across the altered surface of the insoles.

The laughing gas already had Jamie giggling like a little school girl but
suddenly she felt something tickling her unbearably sensitive feet, forcing
titters of squealing laughter to escape from her lips !

The lights began to come back up and some of the Board of Regents sat forward
in their chairs with clear displeasure. Was this a college professor or a
drunken, silly school girl up there laughing and giggling so foolishly ?

Jamie began to laugh hysterically and could do nothing to stop it !
Something was tickling the soles of her feet and every inch of her skin felt as
if someone was teasing it with a thousand feathers ! Mincing around ridiculously
in an attempt to stop the tickling, she was only vaguely aware that her stockings
had completely disintegrated and now lay in filmy wisps upon the floor !

Trish hid a huge smile behind one hand as the Board of Regents began to
whisper and complain between themselves. In stunned silence they watched as
Jamie's skirt separated into ragged remnants and fell to the stage behind her;
leaving her dancing around in laughter; dressed in a suit coat, blouse, panties
and high heels!

Jamie was laughing helplessly now as her soles continued to tickle and her
nipples swelled into hard nubbins from the teasing tickling they were feeling.
Tears welled up in her eyes and she was so disoriented she merely danced from one
side of the stage to the other ! Her body fairly thrummed with increased sexual

Staring in shocked disbelief the Board watched as pieces of Jamie's suit
coat began to detach themselves and fall in little lumps of cloth upon the stage
! Pieces of her blouse soon followed and left the buxom brunette parading around
in a laugh filled burlesque clad only in her bra, panties, and heels !

Jamie was at this moment unaware of her surroundings as she feebly tried
to grab at her disintegrating garments, dance away from whoever was tickling her
feet, and stem the rising tide of erotic euphoria that made her nipples ache
deliciously and her love button throb with pre-orgasmic delight ! Her bra
separated at the same moment her panties split down one side ! Trying to clutch
at her bra only brought her fingers into contact with the blood engorged nubbins
her nipples had become and waves of pleasure thrummed through her tummy and
centered on her loins !

The faces around the table bore many varied expressions. Some were filled
with lust watching the buxom brunette prance around the stage nude while others
were aghast ! The Dean of Women had a tempered smile which revealed how much she
was enjoying Jamie's predicament. Trish was almost laughing out loud at the
ludicrous display.

Jamie slumped to the floor of the stage; her nude body writhing in
helpless laughter. Each little electric tingle that tickled her very sensitive
bare soles was accompanied by a wave of lustful euphoria that set her muscles
quivering. Soon she was openly massaging her achingly hard nipples and
fluttering her other hand around her steaming love triangle.

Delightedly, Trish pressed the final button on her remote and amplified the
electric impulses coursing through the insoles of Jamie's shoes.

Jamie began squealing in helplessly delighted laughter upon the stage floor. She was laughing so hard her nipples began to lactate.It felt as though a thousand fingernails were raking across every inch of her
incredibly ticklish feet ! As always,the helpless tickling soon set in motion
the chain reaction her body always experienced when she was tickled; wave after
wave of delicious spasms began to shake her frame. Her breasts jiggled
seductively as she writhed in unabashed passion on the floor and she began to
squeal, giggle, and moan loud enough for all to hear !

Finally, in one massive heave, her body began shuddering and jerking in an
erotic and unbelievable display of heavenly orgasmic delight ! She squealed her
pleasure for all to hear and voluptuously caressed her body for all to see.