If You Go Into the Woods Today

Long ago in Scotland, when there still use to be woods that one could
get lost in, there were many tales about the fairy folk. They would range
from tiny little forest sprites to towering giants. One of the most talked
about areas was the Forest of Dark Mirth located about 20 km S.W. of the
Isle of Sky on the mainland. The people of that area had hundreds of stories
past from one generation to the next. There are rumors for example that
during the witching hour one can still hear high almost child like giggling
from the woods and whispers to join them (who ever them is). There have been
men who disappear into the woods for good and women who come back days later
unable to speak, they just stare straight ahead smiling a big silly grin.
When one would attempt to physically make contact with these catatonic
idividuals they would collapse onto the ground and touch themselves
inappropriately while laughing hysterically until tears streamed down their
faces, of course that hasn't happened for a very long time.
In recent times such stories are disregarded as old wives tales, for,
ever since the majority of trees were cut down in that area it has been
quiet. During the last few hundred years it was commonly believed that there
was a demon or perhaps witches in the woods causing the people of that area
their misfortune. Looking back to the time before Christianity was
introduced to Scotland, when druids, pagan beliefs, and fairy folk were
common in that country, we find the only known first hand account of what
happens in Dark Mirth Forest. Whether it is myth or fact is impossible to
know in this day and age.
This is how the story goes. Old MacDonald had a farm and on that farm
he had 30 cattle, 50 sheep, hundreds of acres, 150 clans men, and most
relavent to us 3 bonny young daughters of 17, 18, and 19 years of age. The
youngest was Keelee who, though easily of age (at that time) to take a
husband, was very shy, despite her obviously good looks. She had bright red
hair which came down to her handful sized breasts (handful for an NBA
basketball player that is). She had long slender legs, shapely hips a flat
tummy, and (according to ancient legend) an ass that just wouldn't quit. The
oldest Glenda was considered an old maid, but sure as hell didn't look it.
Glenda was a head strong woman who didn't like to be told what to do and
consiquently did not get along with any of the men in the land romantically
for more that a few weeks. Glenda liked manly things. She would hunt, fight,
help out in the fields, and argue profusely about anything and everything.
Glenda could afford to do these things, not to say she was an amazon but
most of the men (even her ex's) went out of their way to be nice to her. She
had breasts as large and firm as coconuts, muscles large enough that you
knew they were there without them making her look women's weight liftingly
freakish, and silky black hair. The remaining daughter was Meadow (or
whatever meadow would be in Gaelic) which is interesting because that's
where she had most of her sex. Yes Meadow had developed middle child
syndrome, which means since she was not the baby of the family or the first
born she had to seek attention from other sources. Meadow was also a free
spirit and a strong believer in the, "ask forgiveness not permission,"
philosophy. Her breasts were, for lack of a better word, perfect, with
nipples that, had bras existed then, could still never have consealed them.
She had the kind of curves that remind God why he got into the business of
creation in the first place. Unlike Keelee her red hair was dark and firey .
One spring day these three very close sisters were swimming in a
creek near Dark Mirth Forest, unaware their naked bodies were being admired
from a distance. "What about Daniel McCormick then?" said Meadow.
"Oh, I donn'a think Daniel's interested in me. I . . ." said Keelee
in her normal voice, which was very near a whisper and made it very easy for
Meadow to cut her off.
"Whadda ye mean not interested. I've seen Daniel lookin' at ye at times
when he could have bin lookin' at me. The only possible reason for that is
he loves ye." Responded Meadow with what was both vain and completely
accurate logic. Keelee put her hand up to her mouth to help supress her
giggles of embarassment. "And why do ye always do that, ye always cover
ye're mouth when smile and ye have a such a beautiful smile." Keelee
automatically put her hand to her mouth again.
Just then something grabbed Keelee's and Meadow's ankle. Despite the
suprise this caused, both Meadow and Keelee let out a high pitched squeal
and giggle before being pulled under water. Glenda surfaced a second later
and three or four seconds later Keelee and Meadow came up sputtering water.
"You bitch (or rather the Gaelic equivalent of bitch)," said Meadow.
"Ah, what's wrong Meadow? Can't take a little water," mused Glenda.
Meadow gave a nod to Keelee and both lunged at her (is everyone keeping in
mind they're all naked right now, good). Meadow had wrapped herself around
one side of Glenda and Keelee the other and they proceeded to tickle thier
equally ticklish sister in ever nook and cranny they could find. "Sto ha ha
hap ye bloomin' hags, or I'll ho ho haa haa haa ha (gasp) hee hee hee hee."
Others knew that Keelee and Meadow were ticklish but only Keelee and Meadow
knew that Glenda was just as bad or worse. She couldn't move or think when
someone tickled her, she just collapsed into a ball and shook till the
person tickling her stopped. When Meadow and Keelee had had their fill they
stopped and held Glenda up until she regained her ability to support herself
in water.
It was at about that time that three girls saw three golden statues
floating in their direction (opposite to that of the current) towards the
Forest. Keelee was very nervous, Meadow was speechless with facination, and
Glenda was trying to make herself believe what she was seeing. As the
statues floated past them the girls became aware that the statues were of
them. Meadow began to swim after them, Glenda too. Keelee shouted," No their
bewitched, it's meybe a trap by the fairy folk."
"Don't be daft," said Meadow stopping only long enough to turn around
and shout," it probably is from the fairies, and if it so then it's probably
a gift."
"Look," said Glenda," if we can get t' them before they go into Dark
Mirth it won't matter if it's a trap or not." This satisfied Keelee and she
swam after the statues as well. Glenda was the strongest swimmer and was no
more than four feet from her statue, but she became aware that the area
around the statue had a flow of water pushing it the opposite direction to
the rest of the stream and it kept the statue just out of reach. By the time
Keelee had caught up to hers close enough to sense the unusual push of water
Glenda was only a hundred feet from the woods.
"O.K.," said Meadow," some thin's obviously wrong here. Meybe we
should call it off and go." The girls agreed, but as they stopped swimming
they became aware that it was no longer the water around the statues that
went the wrong way, the entire river had begun to flow the wrong way. Glenda
was about to say," What the bleedin' hell is happenin' here," but never got
the opportunity to. The water was flowing past them so fast that they
couldn't fight it. It swept the girls along into the forest and well beyond
the boarders.
When the water slowed down enough for the girls to climb out and fall
to the ground exhausted, they had no idea how far from home they were. The
girls decided to walk along the streams edge until they got back home. They
were only a little cold, despite their utter lack of clothing, but they knew
that would change when it got dark, and the sun was just beginning to set.
Half an hour later the sun had set and they were cold. Their nipples
were so hard they could put someones eyes out. In the distance they saw some
lights. Each of them felt an enormous relief, despite having to try and
explain to whomever it was why they were naked. As the lights got closer
though the girls had difficulty figuring out what it was causing the light.
It wasn't torches or lamps. "Oh," said Keelee a little disappointed," it's
just fire flies.
"Then why are they moving so organized . . . and towards us," asked
"Those aren't fire flies, THEIR FAIRIES!" concluded Glenda as she
turned to run the other way. Keelee and Meadow did the same but it was too
late the faries were upon them. The hundreds of glowing specks of light
swarmed around them giggling and brushed against the bodies of the terrified
young ladies. The fairies touch was so gental that it tickled immensly.
"AAAAAAEEEEE!" Squealed Keelee as she tried to run away but ran
striaght into the fairies that had lain in wait until the girls walked by to
spring forth. Half of the tiny supernatural (roughly two hundred) being had
taken hold of both her arms and legs. The other half swarmed around her
tickling her entire body. "Ha ha ha ha he he help mee hee hee." She tried to
say while attempting to pull her legs together to keep out the tiny invading
army. It didn't matter a whole hell of a lot though because the other girls
were no better off, "Weee hee ill you hoo hoo, AAAAH AH, it's in OOOOO hoo,
EEEEN NIPPLES Ha ha ha." Was the best sense that could be made of what
Glenda said. And lastly, "Uhhhh OhhhhoooooooaaaaaaAAAAAHHH! YESSSssssss!
Yes! Um hmmmmmmm haa ha ha HEEEEE, to the left heh heh HEEE
YaAAAHAHAHAHAHEEEEEEEE UUUUUUHHHH!'" was Meadow's two sense worth.
Then the girls were lifted up sightly and carried away into the air,
allowing them to writhe and twist and shake while being suspended by the
arms, with a few supporting the body and keeping the legs apart, while the
rest continued tickling every inch of them. Keelee looked almost like she
was dancing, which wasn't suprising because she was experiencing (along with
a tickling that had gone on longer than she had ever endured before) her
first orgasm . . . and her second orgasm . . . and her . . . well you get
the picture. She twisted in the wind her legs alternating between trying to
close to stop the tickling, fighting against closing because she had never
known anything could feel this good before, and the occasional bucking that
came with yet another orgasm. This caused her hair to fly back and forth
while her head did the same, throwing it back in fits of laughter. Keelee
had a wide grin on her face while also having the wide shame filled eyes of
someone who's loving something that they know they shouldn't be.
Glenda, always the warrior, resisted the extreme pleasure that was
building and did not cum, but unfortunately could do very little else as she
had tightened her body up as much as the lower load barring fairys would
allow and could not move. She actually had achieved a leg tuck for about
thirty seconds before the stain of the tickling, combined with the effort of
keeping her legs up with thirty fairies pulling them down, became to great.
Then she tried to keep her legs closed for a little bit after that but
through in the previously mentioned factors, combined with the consentration
they gave to tickling about her inner thighs when she tried closing, and all
she could do in the end was hang down ridgid, with every muscle tense but
unable to affect any movement more than a few inches. Glenda's face was
tense too, with her smile going ear to ear and her eyes tightly shut
occasionally producing tears.
Meadow did very little to resist. When her first quick attempts to
break free failed she recognized she was out matched and decide to enjoy the
tickling as best she could (and her best was quite a lot). Once she overcame
her need to break free she really got into it. Her whole body was warm but
cool as the fairies slowly moved them to where ever they were going. The
fairies responded nicely to this and gave special attention to all her
erogenous zone (even the sides of her neck and the backs of her knees, which
incidently (so legend goes) whenever a man was kissing one while tickling
the other would cause Meadow to cry, "The sheep are in the glen Danny Boy!"
(Which has no relevance to the story but isn't that weird)) Meadow was in
such a state of ecstacy when they set her down she that it's hard to say who
had more orgasms her or Keelee. In any case none of the girls knew which
direction they had gone in, or where they where.
The girls were lowered onto somewhat slimey beds of swamp weeds and
lily pads, still being tickles and still being restained as needed. Meadow
felt a sweep of bliss pass through her and became quite giddy, more so than
when she was just been tickled. With every breath she took she forgot more
and more about the fear that had been in her mind since this whole thing
began. She was going from feeling the greatest sensation she'd ever had in
her life to an "Oh my Goodness, I think I just saw God" greatest sensation
of her life
She looked over at her little sister Keelee. The fairies had
obviously let her go because she was rolling back, forth gasping with
pleasure and amusement, and touching herself wherever she saw fit at the
time. It didn't seem to matter where she touched herself, the fairies no
longer restraining her had joined in the assault on her tickle and pleasure
centres, which by the way had more or less become one. Keelee, giggling as
loud as one can with it still being classified as a giggle, ran her right
hand down her wobbling left breast, over her contracting and uncontraction
stomach muscles, around the outside of her continually tensing thigh, and in
between her legs as they pressed firmly together and relaxed. Her left hand
stayed firmly in her stawberry blond pubic haired pussy, allowing a
combination of her own stimulation and more room for more fairies to tickle
in there. The look of shame was completely gone, doused by overwhelming
pleasure the fairies were providing and the mystical swamp gas that causes
humans to lose everything about themselves but their pleasure.
Meadow took note of the fact that the fairies had released her and
of Keelee's improved attitude towards their situation. It struck her as odd
but she couldn't quite put her finger on what was wrong. Glenda on the other
hand had managed to put her finger (or fingers) on what she felt was right.
She had redoubled her efforts to fight off the fairies but again had been to
weak. Gradually her body lost all resistance and she began to enjoy the
sensation she was feeling from the swamp gas as well. Meadow had begun to
hallucinate bits of every sexual experience she had ever enjoyed. One moment
(along with the tickling and everything that was actually happening) she was
reliving the sensation of her toes being sucked on, then her ear lobes were
being nibbled, then ice cold mountain water was running over her breasts.
Naturally it was the swamp gas that induced the hallucinations and made them
so powerful. Suddenly a loud slapping noise brought Meadow half way back.
She looked over to find Glenda with her feet and head planted on the ground
while her butt was way up in the air, and she was slapping out some sort of
beat on her ass and appeared to be having the best time Meadow had ever seen
her have. Deducing that Keelee was way to pure to be rubbing swamp mud all
over herself and be laughing hysterically at it as it ran down her body, and
that Glenda had never even been able to move before when tickled and was now
enjoying and being very silly, Meadow decided something was seriously wrong.
Perhaps it was because Meadow, out of all of them, was the one most
experienced in sexual pleasures that allowed her to resist the fumes and the
tickling fairies, but resist she did. Knowing how fast the fairies moved
Meadow decided her only chance was to run for it and get help as soon as the
fairies let go. She almost lost consintration at one point when she
hallucinated the kissing of her neck while the backs of her knees where
being tickled, but when she couldn't stop laughing long enough to say, "The
sheep are in the glen Danny Boy!" she remembered where she was and what was
happening, and that's when they let go (hey, what do you know, it did have
something to do with the story).
Meadow sprang up, knocking over a couple hundered very suprised
fairies, stumbled towards the woods with a hazey mind, little balance, and
no idea which direction she was going in. For some reason she was finding a
great deal of humour in the whole thing. She continued to run but had been
exposed to the gas way to long. She would fall repeatedly laughing and have
to continually remind herself not to just sit down and release the built up
aching throb she was feeling below. She ran for nearly ten minutes without
even looking back. When she did she saw the bright lights behind her but a
little ways off. Meadow was so tired and horny that when she saw a hole in
the trunk of the tree nearest her that was large enough for her to fit, she
ducked in and tried to stay quiet. Not an easy task since the laughing fits
were still occuring. Meadow stuck a large pine cone in her mouth to muffle
the noise, relieved the tension, and past out.
When she opened her eyes it was light out and there were no signs of
fairies. Meadow spit the pine cone out with a giggle and noticed the fact
that she was still horny as hell. She made her way, and it didn't matter
which way since she was lost, to the edge of the Forest of Dark Mirth. She
had come out onto someones farm land. After molesting a couple of farm hands
and tittering a lot, Meadow explained what happened to her and her sisters.
News was sent to Old MacDonald and a search party went out that very day.
When they finally found them the girls were on the ground in a clearing, one
on top of the other and they were being . . . affectionate and loving it.
Glenda and Keelee remained in their own sexually charged highly
amusing little worlds for the rest of their lives. Daniel McCormick actually
did marry and take care of Keelee. Glenda got married one of her ex's that
she had never let win an arguement when she could talk. Meadow's symptoms of
exposure to the gas eventually subsided after a few days but there were
still times in the middle of the night when folks heard the child like
laughter and lights at the edge of the forest when she'd feel it all like it
was happening again and she was enjoying it. She would have to be woken up
and sometimes slapped to stop her from waking up the whole house with her
laughing and moaning.

The End