(Jennifer went to a foreign country where the laws are more lax in search
of the most intensive sensory experience she could find, focusing on
tickling, but also she gave room for creativity as long as she did not
sustain any damage. THIS, is the experience that she had).

Jennifer was still strapped into the machine, having been test-tickled,
itching-powdered, and whipped. The tentacles relaxed and she stretched a
little but the restraints remained snug. Her torturers gave her some
water, and when Jennifer seemed satisfied the machine stretched her out
again, giving her a sense of dismay - Jennifer had forgotten: they hadn't
even tickled her yet!

The girls came towards her with all kinds of strange machinery. Oxygen
hoses were put down her nose, larger than they should be, but not
especially uncomfortable. She noted a valve where something could be ADDED
to the oxygen and was nervous with anticipation.

The PA system came on again. "They are putting air-hoses in your nose to
make sure you can't pass out."

Her abdomen seemed to have developed a tick. She had to concentrate to
keep it from twitching.

"We added a very small amount of laughing gas, just enough to be
noticeable. And don't worry - we'll be monitoring you the whole time.
We're using pure oxygen at nine liters a minute, and we can add smelling
salts to the line so you won't pass out."

Huh huh huh.

A few giggles escaped, brought on by the laughing gas.

What were they DOING? All this strange machinery being strapped on to her,
what was it all? One of the girls came up to her, said something in that
foreign tongue, then lowered Jennifer's jaw. She put a mouth piece over
the upper and lower sets of teeth, there was some kind of gel on it. The
gel hardened quickly. Then wires were plugged into the mouth pieces.

On went her video goggles again, 30 seconds on with a three-quarter
delayed view of what was happening to her, alternating with 30 seconds of

These devices were attached to her shins, over her elbows, on her ankles,
points on her skull, down her neck and spine cupping the tailbone, her hip
bones, gloves over her fingers, all of them slowly molded to a perfect fit
and sealed in place - what the Hell were they for?

She felt her toes being spread, small restraints held them.

Then she felt the machine, it's tentacles repositioning her body again.
She was held laying face-up this time, arms over her head and her legs
wide open.

She heard the girls scurrying around, picking up objects, and saw it in
her goggles, then they went dark. They were discussing something. From the
tone of voice they seemed to be deciding something. Her goggles came back
on, and she saw one girl pointing to specific girls around her body, then
her tone of voice changed again, and began pointing to others who were
also positioned around her. They nodded in understanding.

One of the girls had some sort of remote control. Then the goggles went
dark again. Then, something strange happened - those strange things that
were fitted to her body - fitted to the BONES of her body, began to feel
funny. Not vibrating exactly, but something was happening, and then her
eyes popped open and she realized what was going on:

Bone conduction - they were going to use sound waves to tickle her from
the inside!

Sure enough, her teeth, funny-bones, shins, spine, skull, hips, fingers -
everywhere began to buzz from within!

She didn't breathe for a moment, then let out a few quick pants, squirming
around, she let out a few confused UHs, as this was a sensation she'd
never felt before. Then suddenly, everything began resonating with
vibrating sound waves, inaudible, but definitely there. Each device began
randomly altering it's volume, pitch, frequency, and even turned on and
off for seconds at a time or several times a second.


She was going nuts! Her entire SKELETON was being tickled! She felt organs
vibrate and muscles twitch. Even the air hose in her nostrils began to
tickle as it both vibrated and let air out little holes in the sides of
the hose, holes that would open and close randomly.

Her goggles came on, but being tickled like that didn't allow her to
register all twenty-five girls approaching her with various tickling
implements. Her torturers just stood there, watching and enjoying
Jennifer's naked body writhe around listened to her beg for mercy.

After about fifteen minutes a light came on at the top of the remote -
their victim had reached a state where she was completely docile - the
struggling had become completely involuntary, her brain-waves irratic, and
her blood-oxygen level was slightly lower but nothing to worry about.

They shut off the sonic stimulators. Jennifer went limp immediately,
complete mush mentally and physically. Just before the goggles went dark
again, Jennifer saw the girl with the remote slowly lower her arm with an
extended finger towards a button. All Jennifer could do was utter a moan.

The goggles went dark, and three-quarters of a second later - nothing. She
had just been teasing her.

When the girl with the remote saw Jennifer relax, it had been a deliberate
show, the vibrations started up again.

Jennifer wasn't even struggling anymore, just twitching as if she had
Parkinsons. The randomness of the vibrating is what got her most - soft,
hard, patterned and then the pattern would change without warning.

A few buttons on the remote were pressed, and her whole body felt the SAME
randomly changing pattern - somehow this was worse. Although easier
psychologically, not having moments of rest in one part of the body,
concentration always yanked away, physically her WHOLE skeleton was now
being fully tickled all at once.

This went on for another ten minutes. Then, instead of stopping, the
intensity was decreased until it was just tickling her enough to be
annoying. She wasn't laughing, but random gasps could be heard. Although
taxing her mind, the lower intensity did allow her to get some of her wits

When her brain-waves were more orderly, the girls gathered around their
victim and positioned themselves to the part of her body they had chosen.
They had soft brushes, hard bristled ones, hair-brushes, stiff feathers,
tooth-brushes, press-on nails, back-scratchers, gloves covered in prickly
plastic spikes - every sensory tool imaginable.

She saw this through her goggles, and just before they went dark, this
time for good, she saw the girl who had it press a red button, and then
place the remote off to the side.

Jennifer heard three beeps from above.
Then two.
Then one.........was nothing more going to happen?

Then the buzzing in her bones began again, but it was constant and caused
gentle laughter. Then, unbeknownst to Jennifer, lights in the ceiling
began to flash, the girls would tickle until the lights flashed again,
following a sequence they had made up.

Jennifer screamed out in laughter as hard as her body would allow. The
pure oxygen kept her muscles from becoming fatigued.

When the girls went through their entire cycle a few times they would
rotate positions, putting a different girl, with a different style of
tickling, in a different spot, with a different toy.

Some were soft, others hard, still others quick, and others maddeningly
slow. She laughed and tried to struggle, but became weak quickly as she
was reduced to giggling mush.

The buzzing increased to maximum intensity, and at the same time all the
girls began to tickle as fast and as hard as they could. Jennifer thought;
grand finale!

She laughed the hardest now, unable to resist even to the smallest degree
the onslaught of tickling.

Then they ALL tickled slow and light and the buzzing reduced. THEN
SUDDENLY IT ALL SPED UP AGAIN! The pattern was totally random! She
couldn't stand it! She would go insane! She peed herself without realizing
it, the vibrations loosening her up.

One girl, who was monitoring the equipment, stepped forwards, opened the
valve in the air-hose, broke the smelling salts, and placed them in the
compartment. Jennifer's sudden lucidness made her feel the cold air giving
her goose-bumps again, making her more ticklish, and laughed harder as the
sensations doubled in intensity.

The buzzing, poking, scratching, scraping, stroking, kneeding, squeezing
and BUZZING was all she knew. She had no thoughts of escape, no thoughts
of ANY kind - this WAS all that there was in existence.

Then all the tickling slowed down and stopped. The equipment came off and
the restraints loosened and she was layed gently on a mattress under her.
All the girls working to free her at once.

They ALL began kissing her whole body. Stroking and folding. She looked at
her nipples and didn't recognize them - they were more than an inch long
they were so erect. And when both were stimulated at the same time she
moaned out loudly with such lust that she had never felt before. Suddenly
she noticed her pussy swollen and her clit stiffened with burning desire.
The girls all held her down with their hands, legs, or sat on her.

She burned hot with lust as her ears were licked, her neck kissed, her
toes sucked, her anus tickled, her thighs stroked, the peach fuzz on her
body grazed ever so slightly. For half an hour she was made to lust, but
she was so tightly held that there was nothing she could do for relief -
and she was happy about that because it felt so good.

Then, her clit got hot as it was being stroked by the softest feather.
Quickly her body stiffened more and more until she was so close to the
brink. A tiny finger was slowly slid into her pussy, and gently massaged
the g-spot. She was going to cum. So close. Oh, so close.

And as she was right at the pinnacle, her clit was suddenly ignored. The
gentle massage of the g-spot kept her right on the edge, and her muscles
hardened even more as she couldn't stand it to be so close. She had never
been so close in her LIFE and not there.

Then, slowly, over the edge she went, her muscles relaxed as a slow waves
or orgasm came over her, and she grunted and tensed again with each Earth
shattering wave. Relaxing and tensing each time, the cruelly slow finger
circling her g-spot, rubbing, pulsating, scratching. With each waves of
orgasm the girls would stimulate her frantically and then stop at once
until the next wave came in two or three seconds to wash over her.

Finally, she had cum five or six times this way. The girls layed with her,
keeping her warm with their own bodies. Not a single thought entered her
mind for the next two hours, she was just there. And when she did began to
have thoughts again, she knew - she was addicted.