Tickle Fantasy Slave

by The Frog Prince


I am a manager of a local supermarket, and I have a very large staff working
for me. Most of them are young people, mostly collage students, and some
female. And some of the females are very pretty, and to my suprise, on in
particular is very ticklish.

I discovered this one night upstairs in the storage office. The girl, I will
call her Jessica, was helping me carry some files. I opened the door for her
and she walked in, and I followed. She suddenly stopped for some reason, and
the files were kind of heavy, so I poked her in the side gently with my finger
to get her to move.
"YOOOOOWWPPPPP!!!!" she creamed, and dropped the file, and hopped a few feet
"I am soooo sorry Mr.P," she said when she saw the files. "I am so ticklish,
you do NOT understand," she explained.
"Oh, dont I?" I thought.
She bent over to pick the files up. She is a pretty girl, twenty, with long
red hair and red lips, a sweet ass, and always wore tight clothes.
Pretty, and ticklish....

It was a few weeks later, and kidnapping her was no problem. I got her
adress from her file, and went to her home, and when the time was right I just
drove up.
"Hi Jess," I said as I pulled up. "Hop in."
She did, without even wondering why I was in her part of the city.
"Whats up, Mr. P?" she asked with a smile.
"This,"I said, and hit a switch under my seat, and an electric jolt went
thru her from the plate under her cute behind. It hit her quick, and she
sluimped over, and I drove away.

That was about three days ago. Lets go downstairs to the dungeon room that I
dug out of the very rock under my home on my property and see how she is

I click the light on, and I can see her thru the one-way mirror. She is
dressed as I left her, in a black leotard, black hose, and her heels strapped
tightly around her ankles.
She sat in a dentish chair, buckled in very tight at the ankles, knees,
thighs, waits, arms, and neck. Her wrists were cuffed to the chair's arms. A
ball gag was still in her mouth.
I hit the inner lights and she flinched, blinked her eyes, and I heard her
scream a muffled scream over the speakers.
I went to the door, opened it, and stepped inside.

Poor Jess, she had a frantic look on her face. Her hair was partially matted
to the side of her head from sweat, and the rest was in disarray, but still
looked and smelled attractive. Her face was red, streaked with tears, and her
eyes were bloodshot from the make up that had streamed into them. A bit of
drool ran down her chin, which was both gross and somehow exciting at the same
"Mneeeeemneeeemneeeeeegh!" she gurgled at me.
"Ready for some more?" I asked with a smile.
"UnnnnnUnnnn, UnnnUnnnnnn!" she said and shook her head "no".
"Aw, come on, surev you are," I teased.
"Preeeeeezeshh," she said and her eyes welled up with clear fluid.
"Come on, Jess, it isnt that bad," I said and pulled up a stool. Her fingers
clinched and I saw her body tense. I let the suspense linger, then I started to
unbuckle her shoe atrps. She started to cry, and turned her head away. I
slipped one shoe off, tyen the other, and let them drop to the floor. She was
already trying to cover one foot with the other.
"Tickle tickle,"I said and waved my fingers in front of her where she could
see them.
""Gnnnooooooo! Preeze! PREEEZE!" she screamed, and her teeth clinched the
ball gag as she tried to make herself clear.
"Here we goooooo," I said and moved my right hand foward. I watched as her
eyes bugged out, as she watched me. I held my hand over her foot, and it darted
back and forth, trying to escape me. I smiled, it was all so exciting! I
grabbed her foot and held it in my hand as she wiggled it like a fish out of
water and screamed. But this was no fish, this was a warm, smooth, silky, nylon
clad womans foot, a ticklish womans foot...
One finger went up her sole, and she clinched her toes, and I heard a
"Gah-hshshshshshshshsh!" as she laughed tghru the gag.
She was ready. I got up and removed the gag, and sat back at her feet.
"Oh my God, No more! Please, please, pleeeeaaase, Mister P, dont do this!
Please dont do this!"
Her eyes were wide and she was breathless.
"Tickle tickle," I said again and this time I let my fingers run up and down
her foot, frantically moving them over her feet and ankles.
"AH-Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! *GASP: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
"Tickle tickle!"
"Please,please,hahahahaha, no more, no..no..no mo-ho-ho ho ho ho hee hee hee
ha ah ahaaahahahahahahahahahahahahah! STOP! STO-Ah-A HA HA HA HA HA HA!"
She shook her head and her eyes bugged out wide and she had the biggest
smile! I could see her teeth all the way back, her face was almost cntorted
with that smile! She lauigh hard and loud, until finally she had no breath left
to laugh with! I saw her try to get gasps of air as I tickled her, and she
finally just looked at me, convulsing and heaving in the chair, a huge happy
smile on her panic stricken face that said "Cant you see I CANY BREATH?!?"
I stopped, and let her get her breath.
"Aha..ha ha..plee..plee..please...please..huh huh..please, no more
tick...tick..tickling,no more,please no more..." her eyes closed and she tried
to rest. I waited until her mumblings stopped and she was almost relax...or
exhausted. It had been many hours since she last slept.

I decided to give her one more bit or torture then let her sleep.
"See this?" I asked, and held the gas mask over her face. Her eyes widened.
"Yes, laughing gas. Lets see how much you can really take," and I leaned
over, slowly, to place it on her face. She struggled even more.
"You bastard! Stop it, get off me! No, no, NOOOOOOOO!" I could almost hear
her tonsils vinrate as I secuirted the mask around her face, then strapped her
head still.
I let my hand liner over the valve releasing the gas...and turned it on,
slowly, allowing enough air to mix with the gas to allow a constant flow.
I saw her face blot away with her breath, then get visable again as she
watched me. She was strangly quiet, but her eyes were wide and frightened.
I sat at her feet, and rabbed them both, and held them still.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" she csramed, and I started to let my fingers work
on her. The feeling of those stockings on her feet, the way they twitched with
ticklish delight, her helplessness, it was all very intoxicating.
She laughed, more and more. She giggled, and she started to lose her words to
lauighter. Finally she was reduced to stuttering "no no no please no" in gasps
in between laughing. her ankles and toes got some attention, and the balls of
her feet espcially. I saw red lines where her flesh met the cuffs, and the poor
dear was really in peril. Her face was a mask of fogged air, gasps for breath,
and shrill laughter that melted away to silence...it was amazing that a woman
could have such a big grin, eyes shut so tight, face covered with sweat and
STILL not make a sound.
And thne quite suddenly she went limp. Her left foot still twicthed at my
touch, but she was passed out. I removed the mask and let her breath room air.
In her sleep she gasped between dying laughter, and I smiled.

This was the beginning of a whole new relationship.