"Office Laughs"
originally a straight story by Jester (redited into a transsexual story)

Alyssa never gave much thought to the fact that she was the only shemale working for the small import/export company. Even though the office was very professional, everyone got along very well. It was a small company - only five people. While Alyssa might have had various fantasies about the women, she never did anything about them. Not that it was easy. Alyssa had a serious foot fetish and being surrounded by 4 attractive women all day didn't help. All the women were very fashion-forward and usually wore very sexy shoes. To make matters worse, they were always dangling them or slipping their lovely feet out of them. Alyssa usually found it difficult to concentrate, and today would be no different.

No one in the office knew what was in store for them when they showed up to work that bright spring morning. Sometime in the late morning, a group of masked thieves stormed into the office, brandishing guns. They demanded to be taken to the company safe. Not wanting them to hurt anyone, Jean, the head of the company, led two of the robbers to the safe and opened it for them. Once they had access to the safe, they rounded up all the employees.

The five employees were led at gunpoint to a rear storage area in the office. The masked criminals pushed them all inside and then locked the door from the outside. They were trapped. While the women tried to calm down, Alyssa immediately started to work on some kind of escape plan. Jean - a rather attractive woman in her early forties - sat her secretary Emma down at a desk by the door. Emma was the youngest person in the company. Only 22, Emma was the most shook up by the robbery. Jean did her best to calm Emma down as Liz and Sara comforted each other. Liz and Alyssa handled the company's finances and Sara was their secretary. Sara was a striking blond in her late 20's, while Liz was a very sophisticated brunette in her late 30's.

Alyssa searched the far side of the room, moving boxes, looking for any means of escape. After moving some more boxes, she noticed a large air vent, high on the back wall of the room - large enough for someone to crawl through to the neighboring office. Alyssa realized that her secretary, Sara was just small enough to crawl through the vent. She walked back to the women and explained her plan. "I'll hold Sara up on my shoulders so that she can reach up and unscrew the vent cover and crawl inside. Once inside, she can crawl over to the next office and get help."

The women agreed with her plan. They all moved to the back wall where Alyssa was to hoist Sara up to get to the vent. Sara was wearing a mini skirt and heels, but there was no time for modesty, they had to act. Sara slipped off her heels and Alyssa hoisted she up on her shoulders. Once Sara had her bare feet planted on her shoulders, Alyssa held her ankles to steady her. Sara immediately squirmed and giggled. "Sorry," she said, "It's just that I'm extremely ticklish." Alyssa promised to be more careful as she turned her head and faced one of her lovely feet. "Don't even think about that Alyssa," she thought to herself, "There's no time for that right now."

As Sara started to work on the vent cover, the phone in the storage room rang. Jean ran over and hit the speakerphone button. The lead burglar thanked them for their cooperation and told them that they got what they wanted and would be on their way. "Since you've been such good sports," she said, "We'd like to show a little gratitude. Since you're all going to be locked in that room for a while, we wanted to make sure you had some fun." She then hung up before Jean could ask any questions.

Emma sat back down at the desk as Jean and Liz tried to figure out what the burglar was talking about. "What did she mean by making sure we had fun?" asked Liz. "I have no idea," responded Jean, "but at least they're leaving, which means we're safe." None of them noticed a small hose being fed under the door or noticed the faint hissing sound of the gas flowing out of it.

Sara had a tough time unscrewing the vent cover. Without any tools, she had to use her fingers, which took forever. As she worked on the vent she moved around a little, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. Alyssa was trying her best to concentrate on the problem at hand and not on Sara's feet. As if that wasn't tough enough, Sara kept wiggling her toes. Alyssa closed her eyes. She tried to think of something else. If she popped a chub right now, it would be plain as day for all the other women to see. She had to hold onto Sara - it's not like she could just cover it up or sit down. Unfortunately, Alyssa couldn't take her mind off Sara's wiggling toes and felt her cock start to twitch.

Meanwhile the 3 other women were starting to feel a little light-headed. Each just figured it was the stress of the situation that was the cause. "Are you feeling better Emma?" asked Jean. "A little bit," answered Emma with a grin. "I feel a lot better now that they're gone," said Liz with a grin on her face as well. Jean agreed. Now that there were gone, she felt a whole lot better too. Suddenly, the whole situation wasn't that bad. In fact, the situation was kind of funny. Young Emma let loose a giggle and looked at Liz, who followed with a giggle of her own. "So I guess we're trapped in here for a while," giggled Liz. "Yep," responded Emma in a flood of titters. The laughter proved to be too contagious, and Jean soon gave into the urge to join them. Pretty soon the three women were laughing and giggling at a joke only they knew.

The sound of their laughter snapped Alyssa out of her efforts to get Sara's feet off her mind. She looked over to the door and saw the three women laughing as if they were having a grand old time. Alyssa immediately knew something wasn't right. They were acting a little too silly - almost as if they were drunk, or on something. That's when Alyssa noticed the hose sticking out from underneath the door. My god, she thought to herself, they must be pumping the room full of laughing gas! That's why the three ladies were acting so silly. "Hurry up Sara," Alyssa said, "We need to get you into that vent." Alyssa realized that once the gas reached the back of the room, they'd be reduced to a group of giggling fools and wouldn't be able to get the vent open.

Sara stopped and turned her head around to see what all the commotion was about. "What's going on?" she asked. "They're pumping laughing gas into the room. Once it reaches us we won't feel like doing anything except laughing. So we gotta move it. Just keep holding your breath over and over again. At least that will slow down the effect of the gas. If we keep holding our breaths, we might be able to buy enough time for you to get out." Sara agreed and sucked in a large breath. She held it as she went back to working on the screws. Alyssa did the same as she watched the other 3 women fall further victim to the gas' giggly spell.

As Liz giggled harder, she felt the most delicious tingling sensation over her entire body. Little did she know that Jean and Emma were feeling the exact same thing. This tingling was stimulating them all. "Hhehhee this is the most fun I've ever had at a robbery," laughed Liz. All three of them laughed harder. "Hahaha well this is the funniest robbery I've ever witnessed!" cried Jean as she dissolved into further laughter. This caused the three women to laugh even harder. Liz laughed so hard she fell onto Emma's lap. Emma, who was starting to lose all inhibitions, took the opportunity to lightly tickle Liz's sides. As soon as Emma's fingers made contact, Liz jumped and screamed in laughter. Emma danced her fingers up and down Liz's sides loving the reaction she was getting. Liz was helpless to fight off the tickles as she laughed and squirmed. "Heheh looks like we have a ticklish little girl here!" laughed Jean as she joined in on the fun. Jean unbuttoned Liz's blouse and started to tickle her breasts through her bra. Liz gasped then dissolved into sweet giggles as Jean's nails traced over Liz's sensitive breasts and now hard nipples. Jean licked her lips as she lovingly teased those engorged nipples.

Alyssa tried her best to hold her breath but wasn't doing too good a job. She kept having to take in new breaths. The gas was slowly starting to affect her too. She started to feel a little lightheaded as tried to concentrate on keeping Sara perched on her shoulders. Of course, this job was made tougher by the scene unfolding before her. Alyssa watched as Jean and Emma tickled the shit out of Liz. Needless to say, the sight was quite erotic, especially now that Jean had undone Liz's blouse and was tickling her ample breasts. Alyssa immediately felt that familiar stirring in her pants as her cock began to twitch. Her resolve was beginning to weaken due to the laughing gas. Between Sara's gorgeous feet to either side of her face and the sexy tickle fight evolving in front of her, Alyssa tried her best to hang on and concentrate. In contrast, Sara was in much better shape and was able to hold her breath for longer periods of time. This meant that the gas wasn't really effecting her all that much as she continued working on the vent screws.

Meanwhile Jean and Emma was having a blast tickling Liz. After several minutes of nonstop torture they stopped to give Liz a breather. Of course, this didn't end any of the giggling and laughter. Jean then noticed Alyssa and Sara at the back of the room. "Aww look," she giggled, "Alyssa and Sara look so serious. They're not having any fun at all." The other two women looked over and agreed. "They did tell us to have some fun," reasoned Emma. "Alyssa's always so serious and work-minded," giggled Liz. "And foot-minded," added Emma. All three giggled. Despite what Alyssa may have thought, her foot fetish was no secret at the office. All of her foot staring did not go unnoticed by the women. In fact, they all made a point to regularly tease her by playing with their shoes, sliding their feet in and out. "Maybe she just needs someone to show her how to have a good time," said Jean. The other women agreed and all three slowly got up and made their way over to Alyssa and Sara.

As Alyssa watched the three giggly women walk over, she knew she was in trouble. "How come you and Sara aren't having any fun, like us?" asked Jean. Alyssa didn't answer. She knew that if she started talking, she would start taking in more gas and would soon end up like the other women. "I think she's giving us the silent treatment," giggled Emma. "Alyssa, you're always so serious," said Liz in between little titters, "You need to loosen up a bit." Alyssa responded by taking in another lung's full of breath and holding it. "Oh look, she's gonna hold her breath until she's blue in the face," laughed Jean. "That's not the only thing that's blue," giggle Emma nodding to her crotch. By this time, Alyssa’s cock has started to become a little stiff and was noticeably pressing out on her pants. "Oh my, what do we have here?" giggled Liz as she moved forward and started to tug on Alyssa's fly. Alyssa tried her best to move away, but almost caused Sara to fall. Alyssa then tried to swat her hand away with her own, but immediately returned it to Sara's ankle when she started to wobble. She was trapped - there was nothing she could do to stop them. Liz was able to open her fly all the way, allowing her half swollen cock to peek out from the slit in her panties and now out her open fly.

"Look who's come out to play," giggled Emma. "I hope all this 'hard' work isn't turning you on too much Alyssa," added Jean. Liz, not satisfied with her conquest of Alyssa's fly now started to undo her pants. She unbuttoned the pants and let them drop. "Uh, oh Alyssa, looks like your pants fell down," laughed Liz. Then Liz and Jean stood on either side of her and started to tug on her boxes, alternating tugging turns. Alyssa just closed her eyes and hoped Sara was close to getting that vent cover off. Sara, well aware of what was going on below her, continued to work on the remaining screws. If Alyssa could just hold out for a few minutes more, she's be in the vent and on her way.

After a few tugs, Liz and Jean had managed to pull Alyssa's panties all the way down, freeing her half-swollen cock. As the gas slowly affected her more and more, Alyssa's resolve slowly faded. Still, she tried her best to hang on. Then Jean slowly ran her finger along the length of her cock, from the base to the head. Alyssa gasped and squirmed as her cock immediately swelled to full attention. The three women giggled in sheer glee. "Looks like someone's a little ticklish," said Emma. Jean smiled devilishly and ran her finger back down her shaft. Alyssa tried to hold her breath as she squirmed. Jean didn't stop when she reached the base of her cock. She continued to run her finger up and down her cock. Alyssa gasped loudly and nearly jumped. Sara had to steady herself again as she started working on the final screw. With that last big gasp, Alyssa took in another lungful of gas. She felt the delicious tingling consume her body.

"C'mon Alyssa," cooed Jean in between giggles, "laugh for me." Alyssa chocked back a giggle as she desperately tried to hang on. Jean then started to lightly run her long nails over Alyssa's sensitive cock. Alyssa's face turned red has she used all her might to hold back the laughter. Her cock was extremely ticklish and the tickling only made her cock harder. "Tickle tickle tickle," giggled Liz. Alyssa's head was about to explode. Jean's nails were wreaking havoc on her ticklish cock as the 3 women's giggling egged her on. "Maybe we should just take off our shoes," giggled Emma. That was it. The thought of these women showing their feet was too much. Alyssa let out a long string of laughter as Jean continued to tickle her cock. This caused the women to laugh along with her. "That's it Alyssa, let it all out - give us a good giggle," laughed Jean.

Meanwhile Sara was unable to loosen the final screw. By this time the gas was affecting her as well. She too felt the tingles all over her body and an urge to join the others in their laughter. When she heard Alyssa break down in laughter she knew they were in trouble. Fighting back the giggles, Sara pressed on, and started to finally unscrew the final screw. She had done it!

As the women delighted in the torment of Alyssa, Emma said, "Hey, I wonder if Sara's ticklish too?" When Sara heard this, her blood ran cold. She was terribly ticklish. If they started to tickle her, she would fall for sure. She frantically pulled out the last screw and yanked off the vent cover as she started to giggle. By this time Alyssa had totally succumbed to the gas and was enjoying its giggly pleasures with the other women. Without thinking twice, she then turned to Sara's left foot, let go of her ankle and started to lightly run her fingers over the top of her foot.

Sara screamed and laughed as she tried to hoist herself into the vent. Alyssa danced her fingers around the side of her foot, by her arch. Sara squirmed and laughed as desperately tried to pull herself up, but all the laughing was making her weak. As soon as Alyssa's tickling fingers made contact with her arch, all hell broke loose. That was too much for Sara. She lost her balance and came crashing down on top of Alyssa in a pile of laughter.

Jean, Liz and Emma laughed uproariously as they enjoyed their "victory." Alyssa and Sara sat up, looked up at the open vent and then back at each other. The two then burst out in laughter. "I almost made it!" giggled Sara. "Too bad," laughed Alyssa. "If it weren't for this silly laughing gas, I would've made it" she giggled. "What laughing gas?" asked Liz. "They don't even realize it!" laughed Alyssa. This proved to be too hilarious and Alyssa and Sara leaned into another laughing uproariously. "They filled the room with some very naughty laughing gas!" laughed Sara "And it made you all do some very naughty things!" The three other women just looked at one another and burst out in more laughter. "Alyssa, that was very naughty of you to tickle my footsie," taunted Sara in a little girl's voice. "I told you that I'm very, very ticklish - especially on my little feetsies." "I couldn't resist it," laughed Alyssa. "We all know you can't resist feet Alyssa," giggled Liz.

"But they tickled me first," laughed Alyssa. "Like this?" giggled Sara as she leaned over and tickled Alyssa's cock. Alyssa squirmed wildly and released a new round of insane laughter. "So you like to tickle feet, eh Alyssa?" giggled Sara, "well I like to tickle cock!" Liz, Jean and Emma looked on in a state of giggly lust. The sight of Alyssa's raging hard on only added to wonderful tingling they were feeling in their pussies. Sara also felt her lust grow as she lovingly ran her nails over Alyssa's quivering testicles. As Alyssa squirmed in ticklish delight, she reached out and grabbed Liz's leg, bringing her giggly body crashing down over her. Alyssa immediately started to tickle her way down Liz's bare legs as she reached for her feet. Liz joined Alyssa in crazy laughter. Alyssa was like a man possessed. She reached for Liz's feet and yanked off her expensive Italian loafers, exposing her lusciously soft feet. Alyssa danced her fingers up and down her soles as Liz exploded into a flailing laughter.

"Help me!" was all Liz was able to squak out. Jean immediately knelt by Liz and asked, "So you want some help?" Jean then undid the front hook on Liz's bra, letting her breasts spill out. Jean started to tickle Liz's breasts again. "I think I'll help myself to your ticklish boobies!" giggled Jean as she teased her nails all around Liz's jingling breasts, making sure to give her swollen nipples some extra attention. Liz descended further into ticklish lust as her giggling and laughter mixed with moans. Meanwhile, Emma watched her boss kneeling by Liz and couldn't resist the opportunity. She danced around behind Jean and started to tickle her sides. Jean jumped and fell backwards into Emma. The two then fell onto Sara, pinning her down. Jean responded to Emma's tickle attack by tickling her back, squeezing the young woman's thighs. Emma screamed in ticklish surprise as she flailed wildly. Sara, stuck under Emma, didn't let the young woman's ticklish flailings stop her from tickling Alyssa's cock and cock. She used one hand to tease the underside of her cock, while the other danced up and down the length of her raging hard-on.

Liz turned her head to find Jean's feet right next to her. She immediately grabbed one foot and slipped off the shoe. Barely able to see straight, Liz started to tickle Jean's foot. Jean's recently pedicured feet proved to be even more ticklish than usual, as Liz laughingly ran her nails up and down the soft sole. Jean screamed in laughter as she used one hand to tickle Emma's thigh while the slowly snaking the other one up Emma's skirt. Emma screamed when she saw Jean's hand work its way up inside her skirt. She rolled over and pulled on Sara in an attempt to free herself from Jean's tickling fingers. Emma's grabbing at Sara's sides only brought more laughter as Sara jumped and squirmed. Emma's new position on her stomach allowed Jean to tickle Emma's rear. Emma howled in laughter again as she frantically grabbed at Sara who responded in further ticklish laughter. Jean just kept her tickling fingers higher and higher up Emma's skirt. "I'm gonna get you!" laughed Jean, "I'm gonna tickle that pussy of yours, you naughty little girl!" With that she started to tug on Emma's skirt, pulling it down. With a few mighty tugs she managed to pull it off, leaving Emma in her thong panties. Jean wasted no time and started to pull on Emma's panties. Once she yanked them a few inches down Jean slipped her hand in and teased Emma's slit with her fingers. Emma squealed then moaned loudly as Jean's fingers further explored her already moist snatch.

Alyssa was in a total state of tickle ecstasy. Sara's tickling had made her incredibly hard. Her deft touch caused her cock to dribble with pre-cum. As if that weren't enough, she had Liz's beautiful feet to play with. Satisfied with the tickling she had administered, Alyssa brought one of Liz's feet to her face and sucked her long toes into her mouth as she moaned. Liz gasped then moaned as she dissolved into sweet giggles again. Alyssa drew ever-closer to a climax as she nibbled and flicked her tongue all over Liz's toes. Liz was already quite wet from the breast tickling she received from Jean. As soon as she felt the warm wetness of Alyssa's mouth on her toes, she went into sexual orbit. Liz unzipped her skirt and slipped her hand into her panties. While she rubbed her pussy with one hand she used the other to pull Jean's foot closer. Following Alyssa's lead, Liz started to suck on Jean's toes. Jean was caught off guard by Liz's toe sucking and soon joined the others in loud moans. All the moaning made Sara even wetter. She immediately hiked her skirt up, slipped her panties to the side and started to work her fingers into her soaked pussy.

Liz flicked her tongue faster over Jean's foot as she nibbled her way up and down the sole. Jean drove her hand up her skirt, parted her panties and started working over her already wet pussy over. It wasnt long before she cried out in ecstasy as an orgasm washed over her body. Hearing Jean cum pushed Liz over the edge, making her cum. The ticklish orgasm dominoes started to fall. The sound of Liz and Jean's orgasmic rapture caused Alyssa to cry out as her cock exploded with thick ropes of hot cum shooting into the air. Sara followed close behind Alyssa, bringing herself to a thundering orgasm. As Jean started to regain her senses, she started to work her finger over Emma's clit, bringing the young woman to a huge orgasm as well.

As the co-workers basked in the giggly post-orgasmic glow, none of them gave any thought to getting out of the room - none of them cared. There was simply too much to giggle about...