Triple Threat

Part II – Love Strikes the Sting

She paces around the room, waiting for the next steps to happen. Brittany Quest, the lovely young blonde also known as the Silver Sting, had been separated from her friends now for what seems like forever. A gang of thugs successfully gassed her silly and threw her into this place. Now, the ticklish feeling that kept her giggling quite heartily for a short while had dissipated, leaving Brittany alone to ponder her fate.


“Alone to face the Gasser,” she whispers to herself, knowing that this was part of his plan after all. Separate the trio of super heroines in order to pick them apart one by one. “Well not me,” she continues, “do you hear me your bastard?” As if to address the whole of the Gasser’s henchmen and anything he could bring against her, “NOT me, you fuck…come and get me.”


She knew little of the similar brave words her comrade uttered just a short while ago, and where she stood now getting her bottom spanked by the Gasser’s niece while she begged for her life. Nevertheless, whatever the Gasser has in store for the Silver Sting, she would help save her comrades. Just then, she hears a click behind her.


At the far corner of the room, her nemesis enters the room, but he’s not alone. Slung over one shoulder, he lugs an unconscious person that Brittany can’t identify. He’s very muscular, with broad shoulders and sandy hair. She also notices that he wasn’t wearing anything except for a pair of blue boxer shorts. “This is Mark,” the Gasser says as he draws closer, holding a gun pointed right at her, “He’s another one who thought he could take me down.” As if to read her thoughts, he declares, “Not one step, my dear. If you even try one speedy step over here I’ll give both of you some of this.” Admittedly, nothing would please her more than to dash to her enemy and beat the shit out of him. Nevertheless, she doesn’t know what is in the gun chamber. She guessed that it’s not bullets, but rather another one of his exotic gasses. She would not be had by that stuff again.


“I’ll make this simple for you,” says the Gasser as he throws “Mark” down to the ground. “I’m going to leave through that door. It’s controlled by a number lock combination. If you can speed through the codes and get through the door, I’ll be waiting for you.” He then walks backwards towards the door, still pointing his gun at the pair. “And one more thing,” he adds, “I’ll be waiting without this.” As he finishes his sentence, he throws the gun on the ground near Brittany before closing the door behind him. Surprisingly, the firearm cracks upon hitting the floor and floods the room with a bright pink gas that engulfs Brittany and her newfound friend.


As the door slams shut, the Gasser’s voice prominently rings out over the room loudspeaker. “You better hurry up, my dear, I’m afraid that’s one slight detail I didn’t mentioned. I’m sure you’d LOVE to find out what it is, but that’s for me to know and you to find out.” Brittany gets to work. Immediately she starts on the combination to the door, using her blessed speed abilities to her advantages. The code to open the door is 4 numbers long, so there are about a thousand possible combinations. As she flies through the first several entries, she thinks about what the Gasser had said and about the pink gas that still lingers around the room. Apparently she has little time to figure out the combination and get through the door, or else something bad will happen to her. This is not a problem for her, she thinks, all she has to do is super punch in every possible combination to the door, and eventually she would be able to get to the other side and to that bastard Gasser. The one who had caused so much trouble for her and her friends.


“Do you smell something?” Mark interrupts, now awakening. She does detect a faint odor in the air, something to the effect of the most beautiful flowers she has ever smelled. Nevertheless, she continues working. Mark, however, is a little more interested in the scent. “What a lovely smell, don’t you think?”


Little did she know it, but Mark is feeling the affects of the Gasser’s surprise…he patented Love Gas. It works more quickly on men then women, but eventually it gets them all buzzing. And buzzing is at this moment what Mark is feeling right now. A slight stirring awakens in his pants for no explainable yet entirely welcome reason. As Mark continues breathing in the sweet fumes, Brittany continues speeding through the number lock. She takes occasional glances behind her to see what Mark is up to…although unknowing to her the glances are becoming more and more frequent. She too is taking in the sweet odor that engulfs the room, but is much slower at absorbing the effects. Just then, something happens that stops her in her efforts.


The sight of Brittany intoxicates Mark, falling ever more quickly under the effects of the sweet aroma. In spite of himself, he can no longer help but place the slight kiss on the neck of the super heroine. She stops in her efforts to unlock the door and turns around. “What is wrong with you?” she asks. “I’m need to get us out of here…are you ok?” Shaking his head, he replies, “Yeah, I just feel weird all of the sudden. Just a little funny.”


“Me too,” she admits, “Just a little.” Damn, Mark is cute, she thinks. “Just give me some more time, we have to get out of here,” she says and goes back to work. As she turns around, Mark takes the opportunity to look at the beautiful creature that stands in front of him. He longingly admires the outfit of the Silver Sting. The silver one-piece that clings to her shapely form, and the pure white stocking that stop about mid-thigh from her lovely legs. Man she has a nice ass, he thinks as he rounds out the size-up.


Brittany is almost through the possible combinations, why hasn’t she found the damn combination already, she thinks. She wonders if Mark would be interested in seeing her after all of this was through. Man, one night with him would be all she would need to convince him. Taking another of her many glances back at him, she notices that he is still standing right behind her. She also can’t help but notice the bulge that is standing out in his boxers. Admittingly, she too feels a little wet, but she has other things to worry about. After all, she didn’t even know this guy…but did that really matter, after all?


She gets even wetter when Mark goes for his second nibble at her soft neck. This time his actions are a little more welcome, as she takes her hands off of the console for a moment and closes her eyes. This is not right, she thinks. She can’t be doing this now. However, something is compelling her to enjoy the moment. “Marky dear,” she sweetly says, “I can’t do this right now.” Then when his hands start to go to work and cup her firm breasts, she snaps out of the spell she was under and quickly spins around. “MARK, WE CAN’T DO THIS RIGHT NOW, “she yells as he also temporarily wakes up from his fog. “Step back and let me finish this.”


Then, not even waiting for him to step back, and not really even wanting him too, she goes back to work. Her breathing has gotten heavy now, which causes her to take more of the gas in. Damn that felt good, she thought. Part of her wanted to apologize for her outburst and make it up to Mark…however she returns to her position at the console and continues to figure out the combination. She’s at 9003 and will be at the correct code very shortly now, assuming that the correct code was the last number, which it always was.


Suddenly, she feels the tiniest tickling sensation on her thighs. Mark apparently has decided not to listen to her and starts to tickle her behind the knee on her lovely stocking-clad legs. She chuckles a little, but instead of again reprimanding Mark, she playfully dangled her shoes off her toes, as if to tempt him to explore other areas. She knows that she should not do this right now, but she can no longer deny her feelings. The gas is really starting to guide her emotions and will soon have her entirely in its buzzing effect. Taking the invitation, Mark increases the intensity and works around all of her lower body. This, of course, does not help matters much for our super heroine. Brittany giggles loudly as the onslaught continues, and takes in enough of the gas to start really feeling the effects. Her panties underneath her tight wrap are drenched with her juices. Visions flash through her head, that of her hopping on Mark’s lap and riding it into oblivion. Wow how nice that would be, she thinks when suddenly a beep at the door grabs her attention. Looking at the console, it reads 9997 and the words, “unlocked” over the combination.


She has managed to open the door. However, Mark continues his tickling rampage on Brittany, now removing her footwear and speeding up his assault on her lovely tootsies. Desperate to clink to her original ideas to stop the Gasser, she reaches for the door handle, to open the door to freedom. Yet Mark refuses to let up, driving Brittany’s mind more and more away from the door, and more and more onto him. What should she do, save her friends…just a short while ago she couldn’t wait to help out her friends. But Mark is so cute, and she was sure that they would understand.


She takes one last deep breath of the pink gas, and exhales the rest of her willpower to fight her feelings. She removes her hand from the handle and gives in to the pink gas that now has her mad with thoughts of nothing by Mark. He playfully discovers all areas of her body with his tickling hands, and spares no thought at stopping at her moist pussy or her rock hard nipples. It’s time for her to give herself completely to the gas, and to Mark. He stops the tickling when she turns around with a look in her eye that would melt butter. Quickly she’s on him and starts to help him remove his clothing. Likewise, he is assisting her in removing every stitch of her outfit, kissing every patch of bare skin he can along the way.


Soon enough, they stand naked before each other when Brittany has one last lingering thought. There was something else she should be doing right now. She glanced around and sees the “unlocked” notice on the door, yet nothing could come to her mind. Mark quickly convinces her where her attention should be, as he sits up and starts to probe her sexuality with his tongue. Her thoughts quickly return to what Mark is up to, as her body explodes in the first of many orgasms that night.


Like her comrade before her, she too has fallen to the Gasser’s devices (and for Mark as well), not that it matters to her though. The cameras watch as she bounces up and down on Mark’s manhood for the remainder of the evening, film that the Gasser intends to use tomorrow in him homemade adult film, “Love Strikes the Sting.”