The Pendulum


Two down and one to go, thought the Gasser as he set off to his final task. But what a one that remains. The first two members of the Triple Threat were nothing compared to the Pendulum. She possessed the brains and the powers to take down this entire operation. However, he thought, that's why we take precautions before entering dangerous situations. "As we speak," he reassured himself, "my henchmen work to fill the room with my famous giggle gas, which will render her helpless and allow me to deal the final blow. That's why I handled those other brats first. She should now be having the time of her life in there."


He approached the door of what he liked to refer to as the "Crib Room" and entered the chamber. Well now, he thought, everything seems to be in order. Looking around the room, there's the cutest pink wallpaper decorating the entire area and an adult sized crib off to his right. All of the items that he requested for the room are on a large table near the crib, but something was wrong. "I don't hear laughing..." the Gasser started to say.


This realization came too late, as the Pendulum, still quite sober and aware of his presence, uses her amazing hypotonic powers to take over his mind. He feels her enter his thoughts, and before the Gasser has any time to react, the most pleasant sensation comes over him as if all anxiety is drawn from his mind. He immediately feels completely relaxed, and his mind tunes into her every word. "That's it, just RELAX," she commands, "I think that you made a mistake coming in here like this." "Yes..." he begins to answer, to which she quickly responds, "SHUT UP YOU LITTLE BITCH. DID I ASK YOU TO SPEAK?" "No", he answers, not really caring that his moral enemy could speak to him in such a way. "You will speak to me with respect and call me mistress, understand?” she continues, "Now, you will speak only when I ask you a question, can you tiny brain understand that?" Again, he replied, this time with the commanded respect, "Yes, mistress."


"Good," the Pendulum continued. She then proceeded to ask him what happened to her friends; tales that he willingly went into full details to her shock and horror. What a sick asshole, she thought. He had so wronged her friends, and she was going to make him pay. "But still", she pondered, "Something was wrong". From his story, he matisculy executed his plans with great care, but he came in here so willingly, what was up his sleeves. "How did I come to capture you so quickly?" she asked her new slave. "Well mistress," he replied, "I had planned on having my henchmen give you a re-dose of laughing gas before I came in, but apparently they were delinquent in their duties."


"Well, that's a tough break for you," she responded. "And what were your plans for me?" Again he willingly replied, "I have these gas capsules that contain my latest invention, Baby Gas'. They're designed to cloud your mind and thoughts to that of a 2-year old. I planned to give you a whiff of some of this stuff and then put you so nicely in the crib. I thought that it a fitting end for the super-intelligent Pendulum." My god, she thought, this man is a sick bastard. But turn-about is fair play. "Well," she said, "I don't think that is going to happen. In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing you crawling around on all fours after what you've done. "Why don't you..." she started, but then stopped when she heard a distinct hissing sound, followed immediately by the familiar green mist quickly filling the room. "What's going on", she asked not really to anyone in particular, as the gas continued to fill only her portion of the chamber.


"Apparently, Mistress, my guys finally got their head out of their asses. You see, the air jets in the room are designed to keep the gas on your side, and now you will start laughing quite helplessly. I recommend that you hold your breath and come over to this side of the room." This was going to work out just fine, she thought. The Gasser was going to help her right out of his trap. "Okay, hahaha" she said as she started over to the Gasser. Wow, the gas was strong, she thought. So much gas released in so short of an area was pretty concentrated, and the few milliseconds that she spend breathing the gas before holding her breath was a pretty strong dose. Her walking was staggered, and she did feel a little silly, so much in fact that she didn't even realize that the Gasser was partially released from her control. By the time that she made it to fresh air she was giggling uncontrollably.


Deep within the Gasser's mind, the relaxed feeling had subsided slightly and he felt some control returning. He could think for himself again, but a few seconds in the oxygen would bring his foe back to life...he had to ask fast. "Mistress," he said respectively. "I thought hah hah," the Pendulum said thought some remaining titters, "that I told you to speak only when asked..ha...a question." "Beg pardon, my lady," he hurried, "but I thought that you would like to know that it's okay to go back over, the gas has dissipated." "That's a good boy, you're a loving slave" she responded not having gained full control of her senses. Before realizing what she was doing, she had walked right back into the green smoke, and had immediately surrendered to the highly concentrated gas. The Gasser was immediately freed from her spell as the Pendulum's laughter returned to full force.


"Oh no, hahahah" pleaded the extremely happy Pendulum. "I was so, hahaha, close to arresting you. You're not going to use that, hahaha, Baby Gas on me now are you?" The Gasser smiled at his helpless victim, "Don't worry my dear. It will make you feel so good, you won't have a care in the world." However, she already felt that way. So much that she didn't even realize that the gas release had halted or that its concentration started to dissipate. Before she could fully regain her composure, the Gasser threw his little capsules at her feet. The last thing that she could remember was the smell not unlike a box of Baby Wipes. What a lovely smell she thought, as she felt her intelligence pushed away by the lovely fragrance.


"It looks like it's working", cried the Gasser, as the super heroine looked at him in the most innocent way. "Hi little girl," he asked, "What's your name?" She looked down at the ground and did a little fidgety dance, "I'm Cindy Windy, and I'm two years old." Clapping his hands, the Gasser replied, "That excellent, and have I got a surprise for you." He went over to the table at the other end of the room and produced a bonnet, rattle, pacifier, and diapers. "Would you like me to dress you in these?" he asked. "Yea," replied Cindy Windy. He then took off her costume and proceeded to dress the Pendulum as a cutest little baby that he had ever seen. He laid her on the ground with her legs spread-eagled to put on her diaper, and then he tied the bonnet to her flowing blonde hair. When she stood again, the once all-powerful Pendulum looked quite foolish wearing only a baby's diaper. "Okay Cindy," he then said, "we're going to take you to your crib now", to which Cindy stamped her foot on the ground and replied, "but I'm not tired. I don't want to go to sleep."


"Cindy," commanded the Gasser, "you know what we do to bad girls that don't want to go to bed." He then produced a feather from the table and proceeded to tickle his new infantized toy. She laughed as the feather moved all over her body. It danced from her tummy to her armpits and all down her legs. He even used his free hand to join in the action. He couldn't resist the chance to tickle the Pendulum full and jiggling breasts. Cindy Windy completely enjoyed the entire episode and finally cried out, "all right...I go to bed." The Gasser helped Cindy to her feet and into the crib in the room. He then put the pacifier in her mouth and finally, gave the Pendulum a little sleep powder to induce the sleep quicker. Before she drifted off to sleep, he said to her, "I know that you're still in there. When you wake up, you'll be yourself again. Don't even think of coming after me. I have plenty more where this came from. Now good night, Cindy Windy." Before he left, he took one last look at the humiliated super heroine. She was once so tough and cocky, now look at her topless in a big diaper and pacifier in her mouth. "Oh look," he noticed, "she must have wet herself when I was tickling her. Good thing she was wearing that diaper." It was just as well, she could change herself when she wakes up.




After defeating the Triple Threat, the Gasser made his broadcast of each one's individual demise. He then made millions on the DVDs, selling them individually and the collection edition, "The Triple Threat Defeat Trilogy" featuring all three editions plus the "Making of the Triple Threat Demise" disk (with several extra deleted scenes of course).


As for the Triple Threat themselves, the Pendulum recovered the next day and picked up her friends from their chambers. The Inferno and the Sting's minds were too far-gone from the gasses, and she spent months reprogramming them back to their original selves. After coming to a consensus, they were not finished. Even though every time that are seen in the streets someone still laughs at them, they all have vowed revenge. They just needed to bide their time and come up with a plan. Perhaps someday, they will seek revenge against the dreaded Gasser.


Who knows…