T's Interrogation

A ticklish tale of naughty interrogation!

Theresa smoothed her golden-highlighted brunette hair and sat down at her
desk. It was 6PM and her evening shift was just starting. As the Research
Integrator for Glasgow Pharmaceuticals, she couldn't do her job until the
daytime researchers had finished theirs. As competitive as this industry
was, each researcher worked on only a small portion of the new drugs they
were developing and it was Theresa's job to collate each smidgen of
research and upload it to the protected folders on the server.

Some would think this a boring job, but it suited Theresa just fine. She
was a rather shy person who put forth that same persona; insisting that
everyone call her "T". But that was only to mask the smoldering sexual
cauldron that bubbled within her. This persona was also reflected in her
dress – white silk blouse, sensible black skirt, stockings and flats.
However, if one was to peek beneath, they'd find high-fashion nylons and
garters, skimpy Victoria's Secret panties and a frilly push-up bra. It
titillated her that the skimpy bra let her tease her nipples when her silk
blouse rubbed against them. Many was a night she would daydream while her
jobs were running, then giggle with a deep blush when she could see her
hardened nipples poking defiantly against her very expensive blouse.

T had to watch her sensuous daydreams now, however, as the company had
recently hired a new Night Maintenance Technician. His name was Joe and T
was enamored with the somewhat older gentleman. He always wore a neat pair
of jump-suit coveralls and always brought T a cup of hot cocoa every
night. Her heart would thump when he leaned over the desk and she had to
fight to control her emotions. As he'd leave, she would bite her lower lip
as she gazed lustfully at his tall chiseled features and firm, tight buns.
It certainly wouldn't do to let him see her hard nipples clearly outlined
against the sheer silk.

She loved her job more and more now as her daydreams grew longer and
steamier, always including Joe, until she was in such a state that she was
quivering with unrequited sexual tension. They were the only two in the
building at night, so for eight hours she could dream of him being so near

One recent evening, she was coquettishly teasing Joe (the only person she
had ever revealed her playful side to) and he reached down playfully and
stroked his finger up her side. She squealed in surprise and nearly jumped
out of her seat! T was incredibly ticklish and no one, absolutely no one
knew what being tickled did to her! Joe merely gave her a knowing smile
and a deep, sexy wink as he left. T's hard nipples could have been seen
across the office! Anytime anyone gently touched her super-soft skin it
sent shocks of electric delight twiggling down towards her almost bald

Joe had a secret persona of his own that remained hidden beneath his quiet
professional attitude. Oh, he was quite the professional, indeed! One
month after starting work at Glasgow, Joe made an early morning call from
a pay phone.

"I'm ready" was all he said.

"Any anticipated problems?" came the reply.

"None" was the terse reply as he quickly hung up.

Joe was known to his employers as "Gentle Joe". He was a gatherer of
information – an industrial espionage expert – but his caring demeanor
prevented him from using the more painful methods of getting this
information. As he worked for a major drug firm himself, and had a PHD in
biochemistry, he had subtler ways of getting the information he was sent
to steal. His own formulation, intended specifically for his female
targets, worked as an aphrodisiacal form of 'laughing gas' and broke down
his target's defenses without bringing them harm.

He thought fondly of the cute T as he stirred her cocoa. Her soft brown
eyes always stirred him and he planned to make this information extraction
even more pleasurable for her as it was for him.

After placing her cocoa on the desk, Joe gave T a deep wink and a smile,
then walked calmly from her office. T gulped at her cocoa as she watched
Joe leave. "Did that jumpsuit look tighter tonight ?" she thought
naughtily to herself.

About an hour later her daydreams started to run rampant... Joe holding
her... Joe's soft fingers caressing her delicate skin.... Joe without that

"Ooooommmmmm!!!!!" she gasped as her eyes flew wide open and a THRUM of
excitement vibrated between her thighs! "Oooooo heheheheeeeeee!!!!" she
giggled uncontrollably as she shamelessly caressed her pulsing nipples.

"oooo heheheheeeeeee!!!" she continued to giggle, "....heeeehehehe why am
I sooo giddyeeeheheheheheeeee!!!!" she asked herself. Each giggle sent
another thrum of sexual excitement down between her thighs and all she
could do was dream of images of Joe coming near her.

Through bleary eyes she saw Joe come into the office and lock her door...
not sure if it was reality or her daydream. Joe smiled lovingly at her and
opened the attache case he had brought with him.

T continued to giggle and was squirming in her chair as she saw Joe
setting up a laptop and plugging it into the network.

"Whaaaahahahaeeeeeee are you dooooohoooooeheheheheeee ing?" she sputtered
giddily. She tried to sort her mind out but she couldn't stop giggling nor
could she stop the smoldering fire that had her squirming in her seat.

Joe came over and rolled her chair back against the wall; all the time
gazing into T's luscious brown eyes. His cologne was ambrosia to T yet all
she could do was giggle like a silly little girl while the object of her
fantasies was only inches from her face.

"I need...." he said softly as he deeply kissed her and smothered her
giggles, ".... to log onto your network..." as his kiss went deeper and
T's heart nearly thudded through her chest, "...and download some
information. I just need your logon and password, love."

T couldn't stop rotating her hips as her mind was rejecting logic and
reveling in the erotic pleasure room in which he'd placed her. But she

"Noooohehehahahaaaaa nooooommmmmmmm don't.... I heheheheeeeeee can't" she
sputtered as Joe caressed her neck.

T was beyond worrying what her nipples looked like but they pulsed with
each beat of her heart and did not go unnoticed by Joe.

"Perhaps.." he said as he blew softly into her ear, "...I can find a way
to persuade you!"

T nearly melted away and her bald mound was almost painfully throbbing as
Joe drew his fingers towards her soft, ticklish tummy.

"EEEEEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" T squealed as Joe danced his
fingers up and down and across her tummy! "Tickle, tickle, Little T" he
cooed into her ear as she wriggled violently on her chair and tried to
avoid his tickle-teasing. Flailing her arms did little good as she was
rapidly losing control of her muscles. And kicking her legs did little
more than rub her rapidly moistening lips together and exciting her even

Finally, her bucking motion scooted her off her chair and she slid to the
floor in uncontrolled laughter; her skirt scooting up to her waist and
revealing the soft milky-white skin of her upper thighs above her
high-fashion nylons.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" she screamed, and in desperation,
she tried crawling away across the carpet.

Joe was ready for this, though, and immediately sat down on her buns –
pinning her to the carpet as his nimble fingers sought her soft sides. His
deft fingers softly prodded T's tender sides and spent some time counting
her ribs.

she futiley kicked her legs against Joe's back.

Tickling until T's legs kicked at him only feebly, Joe let her grab her
breath and was delighted with the way his Ticklish T's buns were gyrating
and bumping between his thighs.

"A logon ID perhaps ?" he teasingly asked.

T shook her head "NO" sending her tightly coiffed bun into a miasma of
flying hair as she continued to laugh hysterically.

"You are SO stubborn!" Joe teased as he reached behind his back and snared
T's right ankle. Tucking it under his arm, he flicked away her shoe and
gazed with wicked intent at her nylon covered sole.

"Tickle... tickle... tickle!!!" he crooned as he slowly dragged the tip of
his finger up and down, from heel to toe!

"NYAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAEEEEEEEEEEE" T squealed and thrashed helplessly. Her
feet were one of her most ticklish spots and she was too weak to do
anything to stop him. She weakly tried kicking her other leg and feebly
tried beating her fists against the carpet but within a minute of having
her tender foot tickled she could only lay on the carpet and sob
hysterically... very near to silent laughter.

Joe knew he was slowly wearing her down and sighed with delight as he felt
himself growing hard; her soft buns bumping and wriggling against his
balls. Sniggling a finger in between her big toe, he snared her stocking
and ripped it away, revealing her very soft pink bare sole.

Now T did lapse into silent laughter as Joe used every ticklish maneuver
he knew on T's barely wriggling bare foot. Her toes may have flexed a
little wildly but most of her strength was channeled into her hips. Each
sob of silent laughter made her pound her hips to the carpet and each
barely grabbed breath pushed them up against Joe. Her physical condition
was weak, but her emotional condition was seething! She could feel the
flaming fire of her arousal and knew it wouldn't take much for Joe to push
her over the edge.

Another short break, and Joe snared her other ankle and stripped the
stocking from her foot. Nipping her toes playfully, he sent T into another
silent fit until he knew she was ready. Tickling her bare foot wickedly,
he started furiously sucking on her toes; one by one.

That was all it took to push T over the edge! A massive orgasm vibrated
her body as the most delicious feeling she had ever felt in her life took
complete control of her mind and body. Grunting shamelessly, she pounded
her hips up and down for nearly a minute until she fell limp and panting
to the carpet.

Joe slid back to her calves and scooted her skirt up over her buns. With
nimble fingers, he unsnapped the stays on her garters and peeled down what
was left of her expensive nylons.

T was still quivering with delight when Joe rolled her over and bound her
wrists to the leg of her desk with a nylon. Laying next to her, he kissed
the still giggly aroused brunette and asked "Logon ID?"

"Neeeeheheheheeeemmmmmmm noooommmmmmm!!!!!!" she whispered in denial.

Her mind was in complete turmoil – near to shattering and she could feel
every single inch of her sensitive skin tingling.

Joe knew how sensitive she'd be after her first orgasm and started to
tease her.

"Well, we'll just have to tickle somewhere else then.." he said softly as
he started unbuttoning her blouse. As each bit of bare skin was exposed,
Joe would stroke his soft fingertips lightly across it.

"NOOOHEHEHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" T giggled as she slowly thrashed her now
bare legs. Yanking at her arms did little good as they were so firmly tied
to her desk. All she could do was wiggle her body as Joe slowly
tickle-stripped her.

Snagging her blouse up around her arms, he was delighted to see how hard
T's nipples where – fully exposed by her skimpy, lacy push-up bra.

"Mmmmm I bet these are ticklish too!!!" he teased as he slowly circled his
fingertips around and around her tender nipples.

"OOOOOOOMMMMMMMaheheheheheheeeee!!!!" T giggle-moaned as her hips started
her lewd dance once again.

Her bra cast aside and her cute breasts now defenseless, Joe started
kissy-nibbling her exposed armpits while tickle-fondling her giggly-jiggly

T had lost all control of her body – she was now nothing more than a
sex-crazed tickle toy for Joe. She flailed her legs and gyrated her hips
as lewdly as any high-paid stripper.

Joe nibbled his way down her tummy until his tongue found her soft
ticklish navel. Boring and wiggling deep within it sent T into another fit
of squealing hysterics.

"NAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" she screamed as she rocked fitfully from
side to side; making her sweet breasts jiggle like sexy jello-molds.

"That logon ID perhaps?" Joe queried as his deft hands unbuttoned and
unzipped T's skirt.

Too lost in ticklish apoplexy and brutal sexual arousal, T couldn't even
respond to his request.

He peeled down her skirt and panties and unsnapped her frilly garter belt
until he had exposed her lower tummy and hips. With delight he noticed the
sparse, curly patch of fur that barely peeked out from the top of her lacy

"I know an especially delicious tickle spot here my darling" he cooed as
he circled his tongue around and around the dimply hollows just above T's

legs shot straight out and her toes splayed widely. He was so close to her
seething mound and each tickling lick sent thunderous jolts pounding
between her thighs! Logic was gone from her mind – only erotic bliss and
desire remained. Once again she was nearing blissful destruction as this
evil man teased her most ticklish spots.

Joe knew she was very near to her second orgasm and skillfully peeled away
her skirt and panties. Now totally nude, Joe gazed with evil delight at
T's carefully shaved bald mound. A tiny tuft of curly brown fur sat atop a
pair of puffy, glistening lips – a testament to T's incredible arousal.

Retrieving a stiff feather from his briefcase, Joe settled in between T's
thighs and spread them quite wide.

"Logon?" he asked softly as he traced the tip of the feather around and
around the helpless brunette's very moist and obviously aroused bare

T was nearly barking like a dog in heat as she felt him tickling her
there! She was so close to cumming yet he kept her just at the very edge
of her blissful destruction.

"OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!" T shook uncontrollably as Joe
flicked the tip of the feather across her very hard exposed clit.

"Logon and I'll let you cum sweetling!" he teased with flick after flick
of the tip of the feather.

The sexual tickle-torture was too much for her, and T blurted out "BUTTON"
as she panted and writhed on the carpet.

She moaned in frustration as she fully expected Joe to let her cum, but
instead he rose to type in the logon on his laptop. Satisfied that the
logon was accurate, he returned to nestle between T's vibrating thighs.
"Very good my darling" he said softly, "...you've earned this" he crooned
as he expertly began to flick his tongue up and down T's maddeningly hard
love button.

"OOOGAWD!!!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!" T screamed as a muscle-wrenching
orgasm took hold of her body! She shamelessly pounded her hips against
Joe's wickedly questing tongue as he expertly milked her of every drop of
her sweet love honey. Stars flashing behind her eyes, T couldn't hold onto
consciousness as the most glorious orgasm she had ever experienced made
her pass out.

It could have been minutes or hours later when T giggled seductively and
her luscious brown eyes blinked open. What little sanity she possessed
realized she was completely nude and laying on her back on her desk; her
arms tightly bound above her by her high-fashion nylons. Her legs were
dangling off the desk as her cute buns were resting on the very edge.

But her eyes grew wide and her mouth opened in an "O" of surprise as she
saw a totally nude Joe walking towards her. His manhood was proudly erect
and was enormous! Towering over her, he kissed her tummy which set her to
giggling once again, and asked her for her password.

T could only giggle and wriggle like the totally aroused and silly little
girl she had become; shaking her head "NO" in response. She tried telling
him to behave but the only thing that came from her lips were giggly moans
of helpless arousal and laughter.

"Very well, we'll have to do this the HARD way!" he said with an evil
leer. He pulled T's legs up and trapped them with one arm until her pretty
bare feet were mere inches from his lips. Slowly, he pressed the head of
his hard cock against T's sopping wet lips and started dragging his tongue
from heel to toes on each bare sole.

"NEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" T squealed as she bucked her hips.
Then "OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM" as each bucking hump forced Joe's hard cock in
between her love starved pussy lips.

After a few minutes of kiss-tickling T's helpless bare feet, he was buried
deep within and T was delirious with ecstasy! Slowly, he pistoned his
shaft in and out while the helpless brunette matched each slow stroke with
a violent thrust meant to speed her delight.

But Joe would have none of that! He knew just when to wickedly slide
almost out of her until she whimpered for more of his hugeness. Only then
would he slowly plunge back in to find the very depths of her hot

T was approaching insanity as her mind reveled in the exquisite torture
this man was forcing upon her. She knew it wouldn't be long until once
more she was pushed over the edge and would succumb to that explosive
delight that would steal all control of her body from her.

But Joe was an expert interrogator. He could feel T's muscles clamping
down on his manhood just before she reached orgasm. Only then did he
plunge in as deep as he could and with expert fingers, began furiously
tickling T's soft bare soles!

distracted by the fierce foot-tickles, she was pulled back from the edge
and denied the bliss of a mind-crushing orgasm!

He worked over T's hyper-ticklish bare soles until she lapsed once more
into silent laughter and could only quiver helplessly on the desk.

"The password my dear?" he asked – still fully within her.

T giggle-moaned in frustration. She was so close and in the back of her
mind she realized just how Joe would get the information from her. And she
was quite correct.

Starting over, Joe slowly began loving T once more; pushing her ever
closer to the edge of her unimaginable bliss – only to tickle her into
helpless confusion when she was just ready to cum. Each time he'd ask for
the password and each time T would refuse. He forced her to the edge four
times before her shell started to crack.

Finally, T could stand the erotic torture no longer. She blurted out the
password and begged Joe to finish her off. With a groan and a sob of
defeat, she begged Joe once more as he slid softly out of her.

He entered the password and immediately began to transfer the entire
protected folder of the server to his laptop. Once complete, he returned
to the sobbing, hysterical brunette and easily slid within her sopping

Now he was rewarding T by slamming his massive cock into her; pistoning
faster and faster. She grunted with unabashed delight and wrapped her legs
firmly around the small of Joe's back. Lewdly grinding her hips and
shamelessly grunting out her ecstasy, T passed out once more as the
sparkly lights behind her eyes lit the way to her incredible orgasm.

When she returned to consciousness, T was laying on the couch in her
office, still quite nude, but covered with a soft blanket. Joe kissed her
awake as she giggled and spoke to her softly.

"My little potion will wear off in about 2 more hours love. But until that
time you'll still feel the ...ahhh... desires and laughter." With that he
pressed a thin vibrator into her hands and kissed her deeply.

Sobbing and giggling at the same time, T watched Joe leave; knowing she
would never see him again. Tears streamed down her face, but it wasn't
from grief – it was from the uncontrollable belly laughs that started up
once again in her tummy. And that maddeningly delightful throbbing was
once again making her wet! Succumbing to her glorious imprisonment, T
turned on the vibrator and surrendered herself to another 2 hours of
unbelievable ecstasy.