Turn About Is Fair Play

For my whole life I loved to tickle people. I don't know where the urge
came from I just loved to tickle people. I have always been big for my
age, I don't mean overweight, I mean tall and muscular. My earliest
memories begin at 6. I was playing with one of my friends after school, we
was wrestling, putting each other in headlocks, body slams, figure 4 legs
locks so on.

I turned him on his stomach and grab his leg, I pulled his foot back in a
kind of wrestling hold. I asked if he give, in which his reply was NO. I
again started to pull back on his foot and leg, he still refused to give
up. I let go of the hold and turned him over on his back, somehow he
escaped and got me in a head lock. I could feel the blood rushing to my
head, the only thing I could think of was the stomach claw, a move I saw
on Wrestling at the Chase in St. Louis. I reached for his stomach but he
turned away, so I decided to go for the ribs. I dig my fingers into his
side; to my surprise he let go of my head and felt the ground. I started
to open and close my fingers believing that it was the power in my hand
that cause him to fall to the ground.

All of a sudden I heard him scream in laughter, No, no, stop, stop I quit
no more I quit. The more I dig the harder he laugh. He was rolling over
trying to get away from me. You give, Yes I give. Say uncle. ( I don't
know what it is about the word uncle. As a kid uncle was the ultimate
word. It meant that the person that said it was a wimp and the person that
made you say it was the king.) No, No I want, OK than I just have to give
you the claw again. I started to dig with both hands this time. The
laughter became so loud, you could her him a block away. Say uncle, I
said, the only thing he could do was laugh, Say uncle. U-n-c was the only
thing he could manage to say. I stopped for a minute, say uncle are I gave
you the claw again. UNCLE, he scream with what ever energy he had left. I
don't' realize know what had happen I just knew that I won, so all that
year when I wrestle one of my friends my finishing move was the claw.

When I turned 9 I had a better understanding of what I was doing. I loved
the power that came with tickling. I was still the biggest 9 year old in
my neighborhood, I also was the fastest. I could out run 98% of the kids
in the hood. I would sneak up behind my victim and grab them around the
ribs, boys girls it didn't matter. If you where ticklish I was coming for
you. I was dubbed the bully of the playground. I never hit anyone I would
tickle them until they cried. I was power hungry.

At 10, I became interested in feet, I was looking at the 3 stooges on
night. It was the scene of Moe, Larry, and Shamp on a train. They ran into
a big box trying to escape from the train conductor, to they surprise a
big lion was in the box. They ran out of the car to a sleeping compartment
and decided to go to bed. Moe, foot was sticking out of the compartment in
the hallway. The lion walked by and started to lick his foot, At first
nothing happen, than he started to smile, then he started to laugh. That
was the beginning of my foot fetish. I wanted to know if it was true that
someone was so ticklish that if they were tickle on their feet while
asleep that they would start to laugh. I made it my mission in life to
find out.

I remember my first victim, he was one of my best friends, and we were
playing over his house until we both went to sleep. For some reason, I
woke up in the middle of the night, everyone in the house was sleep and I
was sharing beds with him. I looked up to see his foot was in my face. I
started to move his foot and turn my head to go back to sleep. But, there
was something inside of me that would not let me go to sleep. I couldn't
help but think of the 3 stooges and the lion. So I sat up in the bed, he
was sound a sleep. I started to rub my finger down the middle of his foot.
Nothing happen, I did it again a little harder, my hearth started to pound
in my chest, I could hear myself breath. To my delight, I notice his toes
started to wiggle in the dim light.

After that every time I ran my finger across his foot his toes would
wiggle wildly. One time when I touch his foot an involuntary or voluntary
(depending how you look at it) jerk came and his foot was gone. I was
really afraid; I don't know what to do. I just sit there looking it the
direction of his head to see if he was going to weak up. He didn't. I
started to think to myself. Should I continue to tickle him hoping that he
would start to laugh like Moe of the 3 Stooges, are should I go back to
bed. I decided to try it one more time, this time I found his other foot.
I started to run my finger down it, he jerked again, and this time he
started to moan and move. I quick laid down as if I was asleep, my head
was in the dark so he could not see my eyes. He moved a couple more times
and I notice that he lifted his head and started to look around ask if
there was someone else in the room.

He looked at me, but again he couldn't see my eyes. He called my name a
few times and started to shake me to wake me up. On the third time I
answer as if I was still asleep. Did you see anyone in the room, No, I was
a sleep until you woke me. He started to tell me of a dream that he had
that someone was tickling him, Was you laughing, I asked. If I tickle you
would you laugh he replied. NO, I'm not ticklish. You're not?. I don't
really know because no one ever tried to tickle me.

He moved to my side of the bed and we both went back to sleep. I was
always a early raiser, when I woke up he and the rest of the family was
still asleep. I walked to the TV room and started to look at cartoons, but
my mind was still thinking about the way his toes were wiggling. And I
loved looking at it.

Before I go any further in the story like me say that I am not , will not
be, and not thinking of being gay, homosexual, or any other name that you
place on it. I was a curious child and the only sex that I spend most of
my time with was boys my age. I have none thing against alternative
lifestyle. It's not for me.

I found out that morning that I was not ticklish, he and his older brother
woke up. His brother was 2 years older than us. But, I was the same height
and build as his brother, and I was stronger than both combine. I was
laying on the floor looking at Bugs, than I felt them jump on my back.
They started to dig their fingers into my ribs and underarms. It was
painful to me, I thought that they wanted to wrestle so I started to work
my way from under them. Once I got free they looked at me. You're not
ticklish are you? I told you I wasn't last night. So that what you were
trying to do, tickle me. I am not ticklish, but let see if you are. I grab
both of their foot. I placed a leg lock on the knees that left their foot
helpless and facing me. Again being that I was big for my age and a cocky
kid I could handle both of them easily.

I started to tickle their foot, both of them started to jerk and laugh
uncontrollably. So you wanted to tickle me so how do it feel I was teasing
them. The older boy managed to get his foot away from my probing fingers.
But my friend was helpless. He yelled for his brother to help him, but he
was trying to compose himself. At that time I felt hopeless in love with
the thought of tickling feet. I was tickling him without mercy, Stop, Stop
he was screaming, Moma help me, Help me someone help me. Tears were
running down his face.

He oldest brother came running in the room what going on in here? I was
still tickling his brother foot.
Now the oldest brother was a junior in high school, and a middle
linebacker. He grab me by the back of my neck and told me to let him go. I
stopped of course. What you are doing to him, he started to squeeze my
neck I jerked away from him and took a swing at his face. Big mistake, he
grab me by the front of my neck and picked my up off my feet. At that time
his mother walked in the room. Put him down she yelled. He dropped me. I
never had enough sense to stop when I was ahead. I got up from the floor
pick up a broom. What are you going to do with that broom his mother
yelled at me. I going to knock his head off, I replied. Put that broom
down she command. In which I complied, If I don't my mother and father
would have torn my butt up.

What happening she command. At that time her other sons were fully recover
from the tickling that I gave them earlier. I was laying on the floor and
they jumped on me. Why did you jump on him? We were trying to tickle him
they replied. So why were you yelling for help the oldest brother asked.
He was tickling me the youngest replied. So, you attacked him and it
backfired on you right? Right both brothers replied. OK that explain them,
why were you choking him ? she asked the oldest boy. He swung at me.
That's because you had me by my neck squeezing it. I replied. She looked
at he oldest son, Don't you touch him again she said now apologized. I'm
sorry he said, but the look on his force was not one of angry but revenge.

When she walked out of the room, all four of us were sitting on the floor
and chairs looking at TV. I don't notice it but, they was plotting to get
even with me. Their mother informed us that she was going to the corner
store and will be back in 15 minutes. Which left the oldest boy in charge.
When she drove out of the driveway it begins. I was laying on my back this
time, the oldest boy grabbed my arms the middle boy grabbed my legs. So
you like to tickle people until they cry the youngest boy said. I told you
that I was not ticklish, you already try to tickle me and it didn't work.
That because you were moving around we couldn't get a clean shot at you.
but, now, you helpless. He started to tickle under my arms no reaction. I
told you I was not ticklish. After a few minutes working with my armpits,
he tried my stomach and ribs. No reaction. Now, will you knuckle heads let
me go. The middle boy started to release my legs until the oldest spoke,
try his feet. It want work I replied. I not ticklish.

My friend moved down to my feet. At that time I was wearing a size 7.5
shoe. He started to run his fingernail down my foot, involuntarily my foot
moved. But, there was not reaction in my face. His is ticklish my friend
replied. No, I not it don't tickle. Let's see. The middle boy told the
youngest one to grab one of my legs. They both started to tickle my feet.
Again my feet and toes started to wiggle and move involuntarily. But, the
feeling was not hitting my brain, I try to jerk away from the oldest boy
but he was two strong. They continue to tickle my feet from the toes to
heels, from my instep to the back of my feet determine to fine a spot that
would start me to laugh. Will you stop I am not ticklish I yelled. But,
they continue to probe my feet. I figure that I would just lay there until
they get tire. The biggest mistaken I made was to relax my mind.

When I relaxed I was starting to feel something strange, it started at my
feet and made it way to my brain. I notice that a smile was starting to
form on my face. I started to panic, stop I yelled but, they could see the
smile starting to form on my face. Which encourage them to continue, I
started to hear someone giggle, my mind don't know where it came from. I
looked at my friend and he started to smile, I don't' know why. The
giggling turned to all out laughter, my legs started to jerk and body was
twisting around. It took awhile for my mind to catch up with my body. It
was me. I was laughing uncontrollably, when it hit my mind that I was
laughing it seem that my mind re-engage itself to my body.

I started to feel want my body was going through, when the feeling hit me
it was as if electricity was running through out me starting with my feet.
I started to beg for mercy none was forthcoming, I started to fight again
to get away from them I jerked my legs way from their grasps. Please, I
started to beg, please no more. I’m sorry, I give I begged. The oldest boy
let me go and I laid there in a heap still giggling like a little girl. No
more, I begged my friend no more, Say uncle he replied. No, I want, by
that time both brothers left the room laughing at me.

If you don't say uncle I will tickle you again, he jumped up and reached
for my ribs. Nothing happen, he slipped his hand under my arm, still none
thing. He looked at me as if I was crazy. You were begging for mercy a
minute ago. That was then I replied still trying to recover from their
attack. I got up and started to walk to the bedroom to put on my shoes and
socks. Where you going? Home I replied I see you tonight. While walking
home I could not figure out what happen. Why is it, when they was tickling
my armpits, ribs and stomach none thing happen. But, when they had my feet
I couldn't help myself, I lose control and power of myself. At that time
power belong to someone else and I don't like it. I was determined not to
let that happen again.

For two years since my friend found out my one and only weakness I would
get even with him and his brother. The nights that I spend over their
house I would wake up in the middle of the night and torture them to no
end. I would wear black so it was hard for them to know it was me. One
night I heard my friend mumbling in his sleep. Stop, please stop, he was
asking his brother to stop tickling him. Never knowing that it was me all
alone. In the years to come I spend nights over all of my friends house, I
would wake up in the middle of the night and start to tickle their feet.
Their toes and feet were wiggling trying to seek relief from my searching

At 13 I was starting to lose interest in tickling boys. I was starting to
get into tickling girls now. Maybe because their feet were smaller and
looked better. I would still spend nights over my friends house, but
mostly over my friends with sisters. I never go into their bedrooms at
night out of fear that I would get caught. I would walk pass their bed and
notice their foot was hanging from their bed. I would sneak in, crawling
on the floor so they would not see me. When I reach their unsuspecting
foot I would grab it and run my finger down the sole. Some would scream,
some would giggle, and some would even laugh for a short time. But, all
would chase me out of their room, thank god I was faster than they were. I
loved slumber parties that when I really found out how much I loved ladies

One night when I was 17 , My parents were out of town. my older sister (by
one year) had a party. 3 of her friends were spending the weekend. The
party was held in the basement, as usual I would wake up in the middle of
the night, I walk down the stairs to see if everyone was sleep. I think
that I woke up 4 times that night. Once as 12:00 a.m., once at 1:30 a.m.
again at 3:15 a.m. Most of them as still up, I could her them giggling
through the vents. But, at 4:00 a.m. they was all sleep, the TV was still
on, I figure that they most have felt asleep watching TV. I decided to go
down stair and go to work. I figure if I'm caught I could say that I
couldn't sleep because of the TV was on, and I was turning it off. When I
walked in the basement, I notice at a few beers and a couple of shot
glasses was on the bar. Damn Lushes, I thought, but if they did drink they
would not wake up easily. So, I looked over the room to see whom I was
going to start with.

The whole house was pitch black. The only light was coming from the TV in
the basement. There was feet for days, small ones, wide ones, dark skin,
light skin, Black, White, part Vietnamese and part black, I felt that I
was at a all you eat banquet with no supervision. I always wanted to
tickle her mix friend feet, she was small, about 5'0" her shoe size was a
5.5. I found that out because while they were down stairs earlier that
evening I walked into my sister room. Their shoes were lined up in a roll,
6.5, 7, and 5.5 were the sizes that appear on the insole of the shoes. I
picked up each shoe to verify what I was seeing; the aroma of their shoe
would greet me. Thank God, that nobody had smelly shoes. If they did I
wouldn't waste my time with them. By the way my sister wears a size 6, but
being that she is my sister I had no interest in her period. The lights
were all off but the light of the TV gave me everything I needed, I walked
over to the Vietnamese girl.

The first girl I saw just call her Linda, I liked Linda she was my age,
long black hair, small feet, and a body that make a grown man cry. She was
blessed in every way, breast, butt, legs, face, feet. I wanted to go with
her but at the time she was not interested in me. I walked to her foot
they were under the cover. I learn how to remove the covers from my
victim's feet without waking them; it takes a lot of practice. I also
leant how to remove my victim's socks if they went to bed with them on.

I skillfully moved the cover from around her feet; it was like opening a
Christmas present. They were wrapped tight, but I was determine to get
them out. I studied the way the cover was wrap around her feet. There is
always an area in the cover that will allow me easy access. All I have to
do is find it and pull that area, the rest will fall way. It took some
time but I found the area of the cover that allowed my to see her feet for
the first time.

I slowly pulled the cover back to see a pair of the most pretties’ feet
that I have ever seen. She did not have an arch in her feet, her toes was
small and round with a little curve in them, her big toe looked like a
small thumb. My hearth started to pound in my chest again; I haven't felt
this way since my first time attacking feet when I was 10. I was drawn to
her feet like a moth to a flame.

I ran my finger down her foot they was soft and smooth. No calluses or
rough spots to be found. A slight moan came from her mouth her toes wiggle
a little. I looked at her foot I was in a trance. Before I knew what I was
doing I lower my head to her toes and started to smell them. They smelled
sweet, I felt like a bee buzzing around honey. The urge to taste her toes
was overwhelming. I couldn't fight it any longer I stick my tongue out and
try to give her the driest lick I could.

I never thought that a foot tasted so good, now I see how the techs felt
that day. I started to lick between her toes carelessly never noticing her
toes were wiggling like a flag in a hurricane. Suddenly her foot jerked
away from my tongue. I jumped up to see if she was up, but she did not
wake up. I decided to give her a few minutes to relax and fall back into a
deep sleep.

I moved over to the next girl. Let's call her Kim, she was white, she had
the biggest feet of all the girls, size 7, her toes was like little
fingers all sticking straight up in the ski, she had high arches. She was
pretty also, black hair, nice face, she was not as blessed as Linda, but
she had promise. Her foot was sticking out of the cover wanting on me like
Moe of the 3 Stooges. I had the urge to smell her toes also, it was OK it
don't' have that sweet smell like Linda's but it didn't stink. I rub my
finger over her foot; they felt rough with a few calluses around the balls
and heels of her feet. I saw her walking around outside with out her shoes
a lot. That properly the reason why her feet felt like is, I did find out
that her arches was soft and smooth, and that the inter part of her toes
was soft. I started to concentrate on that area of her foot; I received a
little movement from her toes, nothing to exciting. I decided to go to the
next girl.

Let's call her Carla; She's black, 18 years old, semi long hair, and
browned skin from head to toe, like Linda she was well endowed. She wears
a 6.5, her toes reminded my of Linda's I needed to explore her feet also..
She too had soft skin all over her feet. They felt thick and strong, she
ran tracking for her school, so that explained that. Her feet were wide
this properly give her better traction when she runs. I lower my head to
her toes they moved instantly. I almost shitted on myself. I decided to be
safe, I extended my finger toward her foot again, they started to move
away. Could it be I finally found that person like Moe, some one so
sensitive that her feet are aware while she was sleep. I had to try, I
moved my finger slowly toward her feet again, they moved a little. I
placed my fingertip on the heel of her foot, her toes made a fist. I
decided to leave it there to see what happen next. After a few seconds her
toes uncurled, and wiggled a little. I started to run my finger up her
foot and whoosh her foot disappeared in the covers. They didn't move that
faster when she was running a meet.

She started to move and turn around on her stomach, I was afraid that she
was waking up, one of those real light sleepers. I looked at the clock on
the wall, 4:45 a.m. She was one of the last ones that were up at 3:15
earlier. Both of her legs were sticking out of the covers now, her feet
were pointing directly at me. I decided to become the lion on TV. I got on
all fours and lower my head to lick her feet. The soles were looking at me
all the way.

I got close to her right foot, I notice that her toes were starting to
wiggle again. As if they were some type of early warning device. The
closer I got to her foot the more her toes move. I would never thought
that Carla was so sensitive, when you walk pass her she looks so tough,
like she could beat up half the boys in the school with one hand. But now,
her toes was moving nervously like gold fishes trapped in the corner with
no where to go. I could hear her skin rubbing together. I was expecting
them to catch on fire they were moving so fast. I placed a wet tongue on
the side of her right foot. I'm glad it was on the side, her foot shot up
like a rocket, if I would had licked the middle of her foot she would have
kicked me dead in the face. Maybe breaking my jaw I decided that she was
too dangerous for me.

I thought that Linda should be relax and in a deeper sleep by now, I moved
back over to her feet, she had rolled over to her stomach, leaving the
sole of her feet facing me. I laid down on my stomach so I could be closer
to her feet. I started to run my tongue across her toes again. They made
very little movement, I started to run my tongue up and down her foot, and
I was licking them like my dog Rex lick out of his water bowl. I notice
that her foot was starting to move a little bit more. I don't' care, I
continue to lick her feet and toes, I would blow air over them and they
would wiggle. I was in heaven so much that I don't notice what was about
to happen to me.

While I was licking Linda's toes I felt something that I haven't felt for
a long time. Someone was tickling my feet. My hearth felt as if it was
going to stop, I started to giggle I try to hold it in to keep from waking
up the room. Laughter was starting to escape out of my month. The thought
of begging for mercy was starting to form. Since that incident over my
friend house, I learnt that I could not stand for anyone to touch my feet,
no matter of slight or light they did it.

My mind started to draft back to when I was 14. I got hurt playing JFL
football I twisted my ankle badly. They carry me off the field to the
sideline. After the game my mother took me to the hospital to have it
x-rayed. The nurse told me to lie down and she will remove my shoe and
socks. Even through I had two pairs of thick socks and my cleats on I
could feel her hand.

I tried not to think about it when she was uniting my cleat; I was
fighting the feeling to blast out laughing. I haven't felt this way since
I was 10. I started to beg her to stop; she thought that I was asking her
to stop because of the pain of my twisted ankle. Just sit still you be ok
the nurse said. She started to pull on my cleat, my foot kicked with such
force that my cleat went flying into the hall. Tears started to roll down
my face. I need to get your socks off the nurse said. We can do it two
ways; I could either pull them off or cut them off.

As fate would have it, that year I had a part time job cutting grass for
the neighborhood, I was making money to pay for my football extras. Mouth
pieces, new cleats, different colors soccer socks that match with my game
uniforms. I worked hard for those socks and didn't want them to be cut; we
still had 5 more games left in the regular season. My mother thought that
I was in pain and told the nurse to cut the socks off. NO, I cried, don't
I be ok. Please don't cut my socks. Do you have anything that will help
him? My mother asked. At that time the doctor walked into the room with my
cleat. Nice cleat, sizes 10, how old are you he asked. I'm 14. How did you
cleat end up in the hall?

He's in pain the nurse replied, when I was taking off his shoe he yanked
his foot out of my hand the shoe end up in the hall. You're real big to be
14 son, how much do you weight. About 155 pounds I replied. OK give him
some Nitrous Oxide. What is Nitrous Oxide? My mother asked. Laughing gas.
Fear ran through my mind, laughing gas that's all I need is laughing gas.
She walked over to me with a large tank and a gas mask. She placed the
mask over my face and told me to start counting down from 100. While
counting down my head started to feel light I could not move my arms and
legs. The doctor was saying something to my mother. Than he walked over to
the nurse and started to talk with her she walked out of the room and came
back 5 minutes later with restraints, the kind that insane patients used.

They started to strap me down; they started with my hands, than my
stomach, than my legs being careful not to touch my ankle. The gas had me
totally relaxed, "Wha , wha , what ar u do" I was asking the doctor and
nurse. It's ok. We preparing to remove your socks, "don cut him" I said,
we not. We will remove them one at a time. The combination of the gas,
plus my naturally sensitive feet placed my in hell.

The doctor roller over a stool at the end of the table, he started to
reach for the top of my first sock The gas had my mind running wild, the
gas enhanced the sensation of my feet a 10000 fold. Stop I yelled, stop, I
change my mind cut off my sock. The doctor ignored my plea believing that
the gas did not take over yet.

They asked my mother to leave the room and they shut the door. The nurse
walked to my head with something in her hand. Please stop, just cut off my
socks, please just cut off my socks. NO, we can't do that. Your mother
told us how hard you worked for your equipment. We can't let that go in
vein. I don't care about the socks please cut them off.

In the middle of my pleading she stuck a rubber ball in my mouth, and
strapped it behind my head. This will keep you from biting your tongue the
nurse said. Then she strapped my head to the table. Now we can begin the
doctor said.

He again started to reach for the top and heel of my foot, the same
technique I used to remove my victim's socks to expose their feet before
tickling . The sensation was madding. I couldn't scream, yelled, beg,
nothing. I tried to move my foot but the straps held me motionless,. I
couldn't move my toes because of the thick socks I was wearing.

I felt the laughter starting to burst out of my mouth but the ball kept
everything inside. The doctor saw the agony on my face and thought that I
was in real pain. He instruction the nurse to give me more laughing gas.
NO, NO NO MORE GAS my mind was screaming. She placed the mask over my
face, the doctor could not see anything now, I heard the gas flowing
through the mask, my breathing was became deep because of the panic
filling my mind.

The harder I breath the more gas I was taking in , the doctor started to
remove my sock again. Help me, my mind was screaming, tears was rolling
down my face now, Uncle my mind was saying UNCLE, UNCLE, I GIVE. UNCLE.
But no one could hear me. My body started to jerk and yank against the
bounds. He must really be in pain the nurse said. I will take my time the
doctor replied. All hell, All shit, don't take your time. Yank the damn
sock off. Cut the son of a bitch off and leave my foot along. I was
screaming. my hearth started to pound faster, which mean the gas was
flooding my system. I felt every movement the doctor was doing. His nails
were raking over my helpless sole, I bucked and bucked against the
restraint to no avail. My mind was scrambled, laughter was flowing like a
river. All of a sudden my will was broken. I couldn't fight against the
restraint any longer the doctor barely had my sock down my ankle. Each
movement brought a renew wave of laughter, My will was gone I laid there
laughing, I accepted my fate. All I could do was laugh.

He removed my first sock. "Tha, Tha u" I try to say. But the ball silences
my words. The doctor noticed that I was motionless now. He told the nurse
to remove the gas mask. Sweat was rolling from my forehead. My eyes was
blood shot red. I was breathing heavy. We must get this last sock off now,
hang in there son. I'll take my time. Fear grasps my soul, NO!!!!!!

I weakly try to move my head but the restraint kept my in place. He
reached for the top of the sock and my heel again. I squeezed my eyes
tightly trying to brace for the next wave. A flood washed through my
brain, it started. I was laughing again. No words came out just laughter.
My mind was pleading,

I do want ever you want just stop tickling me. His fingers raked slowly up
my wide soles. He noticed that my toes were wiggling wildly. Are you ok
son? I couldn't respond, he continued to remove my sock. Final, Final it
over no more I thought.

The nurse removed my gag, I started to plea and beg as if my life
depending on it. Please no more. No more what son? he had a confuse look
on his face. No more, I do want ever you want. Just don't. I had no more
pride left. For years I hide the fact that I had very ticklish feet. But,
this time I don't care if the world knew, I wanted him to stop. Sir, don't
tickle me any longer. Tickle you? Yes my feet are very ticklish, I can’t
stand for any one to touch them.

They both started to laugh, so, that what was wrong with you, please sir
don't tickle me any more. Don't worry son, I won't. Please don't tell my
mother I don't want her to know. OK son Ok. He walked out of the door to
the waiting room. He informed my mother that I will need a x-ray done to
determine how bad of a sprain it was.

I was wheeled to the x-ray room, I notice that the nurses were looking at
me with a little smile across their face. I tried not to pay attention,
but I knew what they were talking about. The woman from the x-ray
department rolled me into the room. She was in her early 20's. OK, we need
to take a picture of you ankle. I need you to move it a little, It hurt I
replied. Not from the game any longer, from me trying to break of the
restraint when the doctor was removing my socks.

Another tech walked into the room, she also was in her early 20's. They
walked to the back of the room and started to talk. I heard them giggle a
little, OK let's move you foot over to the position we need. She walked
over to pick up two lead vests, she placed one over my chest, and put on
the other one.

The other tech walked behind a shield, I could tell that something was
about to happen I was still in restraints. OK let's see, she had long
pointy nails that was well manicured. She place her finger on the sole of
my foot, my toes greeted her with a friendly wave. She started to giggle
some more.

I could felt the laughter building up inside of me again. I was still weak
from the ordeal of the doctor removing my socks. Please don't I beg, we
must take the x-ray. She replied. Just hang in there, with that she moved
her finger up to my toes. I thought that I was to tired to laugh again, I
was wrong. A burst of laughter rushed out of my mouth. I pleaded like a
slave begging him master not to beat him. No more please no more I'm
losing my mind.

The techs started to laugh themselves. I thought I heard one of them say,
it was true. She moved her mails up and down my sole and toes. My ankle
started to yank back and forth the pain in my ankle was growing. But, it
doesn't match the torture she was putting my through. OK Jr. it's time for
your x-ray. If you move we have to take it over again, she continued to
tickle my foot. I can't help it, please stop I beg,

Don't move she command, the other was laughing in the background. I tried
not move a muscle, but the feeling was too much. Uncle, Uncle, I scream I
do what ever you want just stop. I want you not to move, she replied with
a devilish look on her face. The other tech walked in, he moved Pam we
have to take another one. No I screamed, no need to scream Jr. the room
are sound proof, we can't let the radiation escape can we. She started to
dig a little hard into my foot. Tears was rolling down my face, Soaking
the table I was laying on. You have real soft feet Jr. I can beat that you
don't walk barefooted. I love the feel soft skin. Your skin is like a new
born baby. While she was talking she was continually raking her nails
across my feet. PLEASE STOP, PLEASE STOP, MOMA, HELP ME. A big boy like
you crying for your moma, you should be a shame of yourself.

Why are you doing this, I cried. I always wanted to tickle someone, it
just so happen to be you. I , I , I going to tell, I manage to get out
between the laughter. If you do I will make sure that you are admitted
over night and have every nurse in the building tickle your feet all night

With that the other tech walked over and untied my other cleat. She
removed my shoe and started to tickle my other foot. She also had long
pointy nails. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! I WON'T TELL I WON'T
TELL, How can we be sure the other tech said, If I'm going to be fire I'm
going to get something out of it. She stopped and removed my socks. She
started to drag a single nail in the curved area of my toes. I lift the
whole table up when my body jerked, I have never had anyone tickle this
area of my foot before. The laughter was so loud now the tech could not
hear each other talk.

The first tech stop tickling my foot and walked back to a drawer, she
removed a few Q-tips from the drawer. She started to run the Q-tips
between my toes. My body locked up, my toes parted like the Red Sea. The
other tech dipped her Q-tip in some type of lubricate. It felt wet when
she spoke it on the base of my toes. I was becoming tired now, I stop
begging , my body stop resisting. All of my energy was used to laugh now.

I knew he's only 14, but his body remains me of a grown man. One of the
techs said. I not going to have sex with him are you? Hell, NO I not going
to jail. But, I want to taste the sweat from his toes. The tech removed
the Q-tips and started to flick her tongue between my toes. The feeling
was madding, her course tongue was killing me.

How do it taste? He taste good, a little salty but good. Here try some.
The other tech started to lick my other foot. God, what you are doing stop
it. I yelled. Quiet Jr. We enjoying ourselves, with that she started to
drag her nails on the heel of my foot. I was laughing so hard now I was
becoming dizzy. I can't take it any more. You're killing me. Suddently I
had my first hard on, look he have a lump growing out of his pants. One of
the tech looked up and saw my boner, girl we need to stop. His skin is so
soft and smooth, he taste good also. I know, but look this boy has a
boner. OK, OK,.

Thank you I side trying to catch my breath. That reminds me, he was going
to tell his moma on us. NO, NO, I'm want tell a soul. I keep my mouth
shut. After that one of the tech started to drawn on my foot again.
Instantaneous laughter came out. I want you to listen Jr. you tell, I will
find you, take you to a isolated place and tickle you until you die. You
understand, I could only move my hands so, I moved them In a way to say
yes I understood.

Good she said, she walked back to the room. The first tech was finish
tickling me for a moment. She maneuvered my foot into a new positions. I
couldn't help but laugh, don't move are we will tickle you again. So, now
no matter what if I am tickled on my foot I will not move.

The person that was tickling me was concentrating around my toes. It felt
wet and cold; I looked behind me to see who as tickling my foot. It was
Rex rubbing his nose against my toes. STOP Rex I commanded he walked over
to the other room.

i continue to lick on Linda's toes. She was starting to moan a little I
notice a smile taking over her face. Her hips were starting to roll a
little, Her tongue started to wet her lips. Again she started to moan a
little louder, I notice that her toes were separated wide now, I continue
to lick between her toes. Ahhhhh, I heard her say, then her feet disappear
in the cover and her head started to raise up.

I disappeared in the next room, Rex was sitting in the corner, I sent him
in the room. Rex, you bad boy, you was licking my feet, stop it I heard
her say, at that time I walked in the room. Linda is you ok? Yes Rex was
licking my feet. Did it tickle, yes it woke me up. Why are you up she
asked? I heard the TV so I came down to turn it off.

Are you ok? I asked her yes, I just feel a little wet, she thought about
what she said an excuse herself to go to the bathroom in the basement. I
notice there was a wet spot on her bed; I drag my finger across it. It was
thick and creamy looking.

It was 5:15 a.m., She walked out of the bath, she had a real embarrass
look on her face, I was sitting in the chair in the other room. She
walked, in and sat down. What's wrong I asked. Nothing, she said be the
look on her face told it all. She like the feeling of having her feet
licked, she doesn't like the fact that it was a dog that did it.

Linda we known each other for a long time now.. Yes, about 5 years she
replied. I notice that something is wrong with you. Can you trust me
enough to tell me? I don't know. Why because I’m not a girl, which is part
of the reason she replied. I can keep a secret just as good as any girl. I
could tell that it was eating her up inside. I knew the feeling, having a
foot fetish is not something that you want anyone to know.

If, I tell you, you have to promise that you will not tell a soul. Not
your sister, anybody. I promise. Your dog was licking my feet. I liked it,
I liked the way it felt. It was loving and warm. What wrong with that I
asked, It was a dog. If I tell anyone, they think I'm some type of
pervert. That I liked to have animals licking on me. What am I going to
do. She started to cry.

I can tell that she was genuine; She was confused about what have happen.
I most tell her the truth, she deserves at least that. Linda, I have a
secret also, I like you. I always liked you, I just don't knew how to say
it. You are very beautiful lady any boy would be honor to have you as a
girl friend. I want you to be mines. How can you want me after what I told

I know you are going to hate me for this but I have to tell you, I hate to
see you hurt. It wasn't Rex that was licking you feet, it was me. You???
Yes me. Why???. I have a fetish for ladies feet. I like to tickle them, I
love the way their toes wiggle. But, why did you lick mines? I started out
just tickling you feet, but something came over me. I always liked you
Linda, the way you walk, talk, and smile. The way you smell, laugh, the
way your eyes light up. The way you frown when you see me. I want you.

I think the reason why I was licking you feet, was to make up for not have
the courage to tell you my feelings. I'm sorry that I embarrass you and
hope that you can forgive me. I got up from the table and started to walk
back to my room. I was hoping that she didn't hate me. I laid back in my
bed, it was 5:30 a.m. I felt my eyelids starting to close. I didn't get
much sleep.

I was dreaming that Linda decided to go out with me, I was so happy all I
could do was laugh with joy. For some reason I could not stop laughing in
my dream. What wrong I thought to myself, why is it I can't stop laughing.
I started to feel a nail tracing over my foot. But, I couldn't move my
foot away. Suddenly I woke up, my hands and ankles were tied to the
bedpost. I looked around and saw Linda sitting in a chair by my feet.

That's was quick, What's going on? He was right. What?? I don't know if
you were telling me the truth about liking me, also I'm still mad that you
let me think that the dog licked my feet. That was cruel. I apologized
already. Why do you have me tied up. I spoke with your best friend a month
ago. I asked about you. I told him that I liked you and wanted to know all
about you. He gave me some very interesting information. Information? What
type of information?

1. you like to tickle people in their sleep,
2. that you don't have a girl friend,
3. that if he had a choice of people to hang with you are always the first
on his list.
4. 4. 4. What was 4. Let me think.

she ran a feather across my foot. My body lifted up from my bed, I think I
jumped 3 feet. If it weren’t for the fact that I was tied down I would
have hit the ceiling. That's right you have very ticklish feet.

Linda, what are you doing? You lied about the dog. But, I confessed. The
feather was drawn across my foot again. I started to giggle. Don't
interrupt me. You lied about your dog, your friend told me that you lied
about tickling him in his sleep when you where younger. So I figure that
you might be lying about liking me. I do, I do like you very much. She
started to lightly caress my foot with the feather now , continuous
giggling started to leave my lips.

I asked you not to interrupt. I heard the sound of music being played on
the basement. Your sister and the other girls woke up a few minutes ago.
They are downstairs, smoking and drinking, this early in the morning. I
don't smoke or drink, so I told them that I will be upstairs sleeping.
They will be down there for hours if they don't pass out before than.

So, that give me awhile to determine if you are lying or not. I not? I
manage to burst out between the giggling. She frowned a little and turned
the feather to the pointed end. She started to press the point light on my
foot and draw circles. SHIT, STOP, MERCY LINDA, laughter was pour out like
water. I asked you twice not to interrupt. Don't let me have to ask you
again. she turned the feather back around and started to gently stoke my
foot again. The laughter subsided, but the giggling continued.

I been in relationships before just to get hurt. I don't want to be hurt
again, So, since you wish to be my new boy friend I needed to be sure that
you will love me for me. So, I'm using this as a type of lie detector. All
I want is a yes or no answer. I don't want you to explain anything. If you
try I will tickle you for 5 minutes. If you lie to me I will tickle you
unmercifully for 30 minutes. If you take to long answering my question I
will tickle you until you give me an answer. I will continue to stoke your
feet with the feather to ensure that you take me seriously. Do you agreed
with the rules of the game. I was still giggling from the feather light
stoking my foot. Yes, I replied.

Good boy,

1. Have you been with another girl before?
Yes I giggled.
2. Have are you a virgin?
3. Have you licked anyone else's feet before me?
4. Have you tickle girls' feet before?
5. This is the only time I want you to give me an answer other than yes of
no. how many girls?
I started to think back to the beginning. Suddenly I felt a nail raking my
big toe. "HELP ME" was the first thing that came out of my mouth. Wrong
answer. She replied.

It's 6:10 a.m. now, let's see if you can laugh until 6:40 a.m. she started
to use all the fingers on both hands. She tickled my right from top to
bottom. One hand concentrated on the top, toes, ball of my foot, the space
between my toes the other hand was working on my heels and instep. You
have soft feet for a boy. If I don't' knew any better I would have swear
that you was a girl.

Pleads went ignored, begging did not work, she had a smile on her face. So
you like to lick me toes, you know you made my cum on myself I own you big
mister. I wonder how your toes taste. she stuck out her tongue and started
to lick my left foot. The feeling set me flying, She was a small person
but she had a big wide tongue. She started licking me with the tip of her
tongue. Hey your toes are waving at me. They want to say hello. I guess
I'll talk to them. She started to run her tongue across and between my
toes. Than she started to suck on each one, she never stop tickling my
right foot. I was devastate, my mind was tearing itself apart.

So many feelings at once, what to do, I couldn't think, she took me to the
edge, tickling, sucking. My penis was sticking out of my boxers straining
for relief. Linda no more I'm losing conscience. Then I much hurry up. she
planted her mouth on the ball of my foot and started to nibble on it. That
was it, I couldn't hold back any longer. I shot on myself, it looked like
someone shot a rocket out of my penis. My mind went blank.

The next thing I remember was Linda sitting next to me, wiping my forehead
with a cold towel. What happen? You passed out. How long have in been out?
2 hours she replied. She already untied my arms and legs.

You see what type of bitch I can be, do you still want to be my boy
friend? With out hesitation, Yes with one condition. Never tickle you
again Linda asked?

NO do it again please.