~What's New Pussycat?~

Clio Hartley was a mutant with two talents - one was the ability to control
any machine - from a simple pulley to a super-computer - with her mind. The
other was her ability to hypnotize people with her incredible singing voice.

Now most villains didn't know this at first. So Clio was able to make quite a
name for herself by being able to take down villains that took some of the
other super-mutants weeks to take down.

Of course with a great reputation word is bound to spread about one's powers.
And with that weaknesses surface.

It was Katerina who thought long and hard about this. It was quite obvious one
could not use a weapon like a gun. And they could not allow her to be able to

So it was with that thought in mind that the evil Katerina and her group of
female super-villains set out to entrap Clio Hartley. Once she was in their
clutches they could hold all of California in their grip.

Now it just so happened that Clio was out shopping. As usual she had used her
powers to taking out all the money of a drug dealer from an ATM and was using
the money to buy clothing and food for a local shelter. Clio had grown up on
the streets herself for at the age of 11 her parents wanted to get her a
hysterectomy, just so she wouldn't ever have mutant babies. So she ran away
from home and raised herself. Luckily her powers kept her from having to
prostitute, sell, or do drugs.

It was as she leaned into her car that the club came down on the back of her
head. The world spun for a moment before going dark....

When Clio woke up she found herself in a very primitive-looking room, tied to
a bed. Her clothing had been removed. It was odd how she was tied. For it
wasn't painful and her toes had been tied in such a matter that they were
pulled back and spread-apart. This was very, very odd.

"I see you have awakened." Katerina said as she stepped into the room.
Katerina was a very beautiful woman for the most part - but she was part cat.
Her body, a beautiful human form, was covered in soft cat fur, her long black
hair blended in as it went down her back, and she even had a tail. She had
cat-like green eyes. There seemed to be a soft, rumbling purr coming from her
as she walked over to Clio.

Of course Clio opened her mouth to sing - to hypnotize the cat-woman and get
her to set her free. But as she did this Katerina's tail flicked over Clio's
sole. Causing her to giggle uncontrollably rather then sing. Katerina
continued to tickle Clio's foot as she put on a gas mask. Her voice was
distorted as she spoke thru it. "You see, Clio dear - I'm not very stupid. I
plan on breaking you. And once you're broken I will use you to hold the entire
west coast in fear.

Suddenly Clio heard a hissing sound, as she heard this Katerina's tail stroked
between Clio's bound toes, making her laugh big and suck in huge lungfuls of
gas -

Now this wasn't just any kind of gas - it was laughing gas! Right away our
beautiful blond heroine felt the gas affecting her brain. She felt dizzy,
giddy - she began to laugh even though Katerina had stopped tickling her for
the moment. The more she laughed, the more gas she breathed, the more gas she
breathed, the more she laughed - it was an endless circle.

Katerina stepped back to watch at first, enjoying the sight of Clio's stomach
moving in and out rapidly, her breasts bouncing up and down. Clio squirmed as
she laughed. Her eyes all teary already as she laughed uncontrollably. It was
quite a sight as Clio's blond locks became plastered to her head from
laughter-induced sweat.

Katerina used her tail again to tickle Clio's feet. The soft fur rubbing up
and down her soles, in and out between her bound toes. This made Clio squeal
and laugh so hard it was a wonder she had the breath for it. Climbing on top
of her, Katerina slowly dragged her paw-hands from Clio's smooth armpits, down
her ribs, circling around her heaving belly, then back up. "Kootchy kootchy
coo!" She chanted as she tortured the super-hero. Clio's eyes seemed to roll
to the back of her head as she laughed and tried to buck Katerina off.

"NOHOHOHOOOOO! STHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHHAOP!" Clio laugh-screamed. Trying so hard to
get the villainess off of her. Her nerve endings were on fire with ticklish
sensations. The worst being her feet. And the laughing gas had caused her to
lose her inhabitations.
She felt her clit and nipples growing hard, a growing heat and wetness in her
center. Now and again she could feel Katerina tickle close to there and she
tried to thrust herself towards Katerina's hand.

"I'll stop when you say you'll work for me," Katerina said, the cue to put
more gas into the room.

"Nehehehehhehehehehever!" Clio laughed out. It was during all this struggling
that she noticed her bonds were loosening around her right wrist. Still she
wondered if she could do anything in this highly aroused, laughter-weakened
state. Oh if only there wasn't so much gas! If only Katerina would stop
tickling her feet. It was awful! Like an itch she couldn't scratch. And she
was feeling very dizzy. Her stomach and chest hurt from all the laughing.

"Tickle, tickle!" Katerina chanted wickedly as she paw-hands tickled Clio's
upper body. Her tail sweeping Clio's soft, sensitive arches over and over.

Suddenly Clio's right hand whipped up and she yanked off Katerina's masked.
The villainess took a surprised gulp of gas-filled air and began to giggle.
"I'll hahahahaaa gehehehet youhohohoooooo!" Katerina vowed, suddenly using her
paw-hand to tickle Clio's engorged clit.

Clio was rocketed off in wave after wave of helpless, laughing, orgasms. By
the time she came down from this Katerina was a helpless mass of giggles on
the floor.

The other women rushed into the room looking to knock Clio out and save their
leader. But while all the women were very beautiful, none were very bright and
had forgotten their gas-masked. Right away they began to laugh and Clio was
able to somehow manage to get her bindings off. Laughing, her eyes full of
tears, her body weak from laughing, she stumbled to the door and somehow
managed to get out. Closing the door behind her and finally falling to the
ground, her naked body writhing on the floor with laughter until all the gas
was out of her system....

Hours later, Katerina and her girls, who had eventually passed out from all
the laughing, woke up to find themselves naked and hog-tied on the floor.
Right down to having a crotch rope. Clio had dressed herself in some of
Katerina's loose-fitting robes that the cat-woman sometimes wore when the need
to be dressed arose. "Now, ladies, I think it's time for some good old super-
mutant justice." Smiling wickedly, Clio continued, "Unlike you, I don't need
gas, fingers, or even a tail...." Suddenly Clio's hypnotic voice washed over
them, a clear soprano, the women began to giggle as Clio sang - "The feathers
slide up and down and side to side, all over your feet. Fingers dance in your
armpits, ain't it neat?"

~~The End~~