The night had been uneventful until about midnight when an explosion a few blocks away caught her attention. Diana could not resist joining in on the action and quickly changed into Wonder Woman. Within moments she was flying towards the source of the explosion.

Wonder Woman looked for the source of the explosion when suddenly to her surprise..... The Joker appeared rushing for a van. Wonder Woman immediately flew into action
persuing the Joker.

The Joker’s amoured car began to speed up but was no match for Wonder Woman’s
power. She was soon directly behind him. Once behind the vehicle Wonder Woman
noticed that one of the rear doors on the vehicle was ajar and would swing
open slightly whenever the vehicle hit a bump in the road or made a sharp

Wonder Woman flew up to the rear of the vehicle and made her way into the car.
Wonder Woman could see the Joker from the rear. Sacks of cash littered the floor of
the vehicles rear compartment. But nothing separated the Joker from his loot.
The Joker was alone and too busy driving to even notice the chain of events.

But suddenly a glass wall dropped down and closed off access to the Joker. Also the rear open door slammed shut and Wonder Woman found herself the unfortunate victim of a
meticulously crafted Joker trap.

The Joker set his specially modified vehicle on to auto-pilot. The Joker then rose from his seat vigorously rubbing his hands together and laughing hysterically. He turned to gawk at the trapped Wonder Woman and smiled in amusement at her attempts to smash the shatterproof glass between them.

The Joker turned on the vehicle’s intercom system and spoke.

“Sorry Wondy. But I’m afraid that your my guest this evening. Like it or
not.” The Joker Laughed.

“You’ll never get away with this Joker!” Wonder Woman threatened.

The Joker laughed uproariously at her remark and replied. “ But I already have
my dear. The entire Washington DC police force are currently headed in the opposite direction on a wild goose chase I left for them. Ole Bats would never have fallen for that.”

Wonder Woman smashed and kicked at the glass that separated them.

“Don’t bother..even you can’t break this armoured glass..but enough of that my dear. Let me humor you Wondy” The Joker flipped a switch on his console and the rear compartment of the vehicle began to fill with a pink cloud of gas. The effects of which was instantaneous.

Wonder Woman got a direct spray of the gas in her face. She felt strange....and suddenly she felt the urge to giggle, and giggle she did.

“What kind of stunt are you pulling now!” Wonder Woman snickered trying to stifle
forced laughter.

“Oh nothing really my dear.” Replied the Joker.

“Thats just my special brand of laughing gas.” He continued.

Wonder Woman began to clutch her sides and laugh hysterically.

“You see my dear, not only does it force you to be a laughing fool, but it
effects your central nervous system as well. Your mind thinks your being
tickled. Therefore you are. I have estimated the effects to simulate nearly
ten pairs of hands with wiggling fingers exploring every ticklish nook and
cranny on your voluptuous body.” The Joker said quite pleased with

Wonder Woman collapsed onto the floor begging for the tickling to stop. She rolled
from side to side grabbing her sides and occasionally clutching the soles of
her boots trying to make the fiendish tickling sensations stop. Wonder Woman was a
giggling mess.

The Joker checked his radar for any possible pursuers of which their were
none, and eased back into the drivers seat and allowed the vehicle to take him
to his destination. Wonder Woman still rolled around in the back screaming with



Somewhere in the secluded outskirts of Washington DC. The Joker’s vehicle pulled into
the garage of an abandoned warehouse. The Joker glanced back at his laughing
captive. Wonder Woman was lying on the vehicles floor barely twitching and
giggling. She was completely overcome by the gases effects. In it’s latter
stages the gas put it’s victim into a temporary and ticklish coma.

The Joker exited the vehicle and began to scan his immediate surroundings. The
warehouse was huge and the garage area was not closed off from it. The
building was filled with giant crates and various containers and the Joker
felt somewhat uneasy.

“Come out , come out, where ever you are.” The Joker giggled nervously.

“Here kitty, kitty.” He said as he began to explore.

Suddenly a shadowy figure stood up from atop a nearby crate.

“Over here Joke Boy” Said a very feminine and feline voice.

The Joker looked up startled and seen the Cheetah perched above him.

“Play nice kitty, kitty. I have the goods as promised. Delivery with a smile.”
The Joker bowed as he spoke.

“Purrriffic!” Said the Cheetah with glee as she pounced down from her lofty
place and landed next to the Joker.

“The last ingredient for my revenge!” Cheetah said licking her lips.

“I take it the money is in the specified numbered Swiss bank account my sweet”
The Joker said blocking the Cheetah’s path to the vehicle.

“But of coarse Joker. Now get out of my way!” The Cheetah hissed baring
her claws.

“No need to stand your fur on end pretty kitty. I trust you.” The Joker backed

The Cheetah climbed into the vehicle’s cab and inspected her giggling goods.

“What have you done to her” She inquired.

“Just a dose of my special laughing gas. Should make it easy for your thugs to
prepare her for your nights entertainment. Also it stimulates the nerve
endings if you get my drift?” The Joker grinned.

“Purrrfect! I owe you a debt of gratitude!” The Cheetah

“Oh you owe me much more than that” The Joker said.

“And you shall get it!” The Cheetah hissed again perturbed by his reminder.

“Such a temperamental kitty cat. I have to run kitten. My work is never done.”
the Joker said as he headed for the warehouse exit.

The Cheetah watched the Joker leave and then called for her minions.

“Max! Leo! Get Wonder Wman prepared!” She ordered.

The Cheetah headed for her underground lair.

“Sometimes that lunatic has the brightest idea’s. This is going to be fun!”
The Cheetah thought.



Wonder Woman awoke with a giggle. Her tummy ached from her previous hysterical
laughter. She found herself not to be in the best of situations.

Wonder Woman was strapped to a metal table in the underground lair of her arch
rival the Cheetah. She was strapped down with her wrists stretched out over
her head. Leather straps held her down at her head, wrists, elbows, thighs,
and ankles. There was no possible way she could escape.

Worst yet she could feel the underground cavern’s cool air upon her feet.
Someone had taken the liberty to remove her boots. Wonder Woman wiggled her toes
and suddenly felt very vulnerable. The gas had actually tickled her from head
to toe and she was overcome with paranoia of being tickled again.Perhaps by
real hands this time. Wonder Woman gulped with fear.

“I see your finally awake Bat rodent.” The Cheetah sneered and suddenly
stepped into view at the foot of the metal table.

“Cheetah? Where’s the Joker?” Wonder Woman questioned.

“I didn’t want him playing in my litter box so I kicked him out of here.” The
Cheetah giggled.

“So you hired the Joker to do your dirty work” Wonder Woman said with disgust.

“Listen up Girlie. Your in no position to get cocky and furthermore the
Joker is just a pawn to be used and abused.” the Cheetah rebuffed.

“What do you want with me” Wonder Woman asked.

“I just want to make you a permanent guest of the Arkham Asylum my dear.” The
Cheetah said as she exposed her claws and stepped to the edge of the table
near Wonder woman’s feet.

“And how do you propose to do that” Wonder Woman asked unable to mask the fear in
her voice.

“Like this” Cheetah said as she ran the claw of her right index finger up the
arch of Wonder woman’s left foot.

Cheetah had specially made dull plastic covers and inserted them over her
razor sharp claws in order not to break the skin of the ticklish Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman bit her lip to surpress her laughter as the Cheetah continued to drag
her claw up and down her sensitive sole. Wonder woman’s toes quivered and her sole
wrinkled in a futile attempt to ward off the ticklish attack.

“Tickle, tickle, tickle little Wonder Woman.” The Cheetah laughed.

Wonder Woman was terribly ticklish to begin with .But the effects of the Joker’s
gas had doubled her sensitivity and she was soon howling from the Cheetah’s
fiendish foot tickling. Wonder woman’s mind raced back to her childhood and teen
years when her fellow Amazons would hold her down and tickle her silly. God how she
dreaded to be tickled. The Cheetah was exploiting her greatest weakness and
she feared that she would end up in Arkham’s Asylum a laughing idiot.

The Cheetah brought both of her hands and all of her clawed fingers into play
on both of Wonder woman’s ticklish barefeet. Wonder woman’s soles were already tinged a light pink from her ticklish ordeal and she was cackling like a fool from its

The Cheetah would at times vary her up and down strokes with brief
explorations between Wonder woman’s toes. This made Wonder Woman scream with laughter and caused the Cheetah to giggle at her plight.

Tears flowed freely down Wonder woman’s cheeks and she was begging the Cheetah
for mercy when the Cheetah finally relented. Wonder Woman laid gasping for breath
as the Cheetah steeped to the head of the table.

“Time to try something different Wonder Woman.” Cheetah snarled.

The Cheetah crabbed a hold of Wonder woman’s right sleeve and stuck a razor sharp
claw beneath it careful not to cut any flesh. She slowly sliced the sleeve
open from wrist to just below Wonder woman’s right armpit. She then peeled the
material back exposing the Wonder woman’s ticklish flesh.

“Oh please not that! Not there! I’ll do anything! Please have mercy Cheetah!”
Wonder Woman pleaded.

Cheetah laughed at Wonder woman’s pathetic pleas and put the protective covering
back over her exposed claw.

“Whats the matter Wonder Woman? Are you a bit ticklish?” Cheetah giggled.

“Please have mercy!” Wonder Woman begged with ticklish terror. Her eyes wide and

Cheetah purred with pleasure at Wonder woman’s terrified face and began a two
finger stroke from wrist to armpit while Wonder Woman exploded with hilarity.



WonderGirl sat perched above the warehouse peering through a skylight into the
building’s interior. Wonder girl had found tracked Wonder Woman to this location by
Wonder Woman’s emergency distress beacon in her belt.

Wonder Girl watched as the two thugs emerged from a nearby freight elevator.
Wonder Girl’s utility tracking device indicated that Wonder Woman was located somewhere below the warehouse and he was sure the elevator would lead to her.

The star spangled heroine waited until the two thugs walked directly below hes
position. Then she sprang into action. Wonder Girl stood up and stepped back a few
feet. She then lunged forward crashing feet first through the skylight.

Wonder Girl broke her fall on the backs of the two thugs toppling them to the
ground. The thug named Max was sprawled and knocked out cold. Wonder Girl
gripped the thug named Leo by the collar and pulled him to his feet.

“Where is Wonder Woman!” Wonder Girl said with anger.

“Down below.” Leo gasped pointing to the freight elevator.
Wonder Girl secured the villain to a nearby pole with some handy rope and then headed
for the elevator and hoped she was on time.



The Cheetah had tickled Wonder woman’s ticklish armpit for nearly 30 minutes
leaving the poor girl gasping for breath and sobbing. The Cheetah then
stepped over to the middle of the table and begun a furious assault on
Wonder woman’s ribs, sides, and tummy.

Wonder Woman pulled at her leather bounds and tried desperately to escape. the
tickling was unbearable and she thought she soon would be driven mad by it.
Which was exactly what Cheetah had planned.

The Cheetah tickled her captive like this for several minutes before she
stopped. She then pinched at Wonder woman’s costume near the waist and sliced it
open and removed a small patch exposing her cute innie belly button.

“My what an adorable belly button you have my dear.” Cheetah laughed.

“Please stop! Please I beg of you! I’m going crazy. I can’t stand anymore!”
Wonder Woman pleaded.

“Purrific little Wonder Woman. As I said, I truly expect to drive you insane!” The
Cheetah laughed.

The Cheetah ignored the poor Wonder woman’s pleas and began to probe her belly
button with deep raspy cat licks tickling her to hysterics.

Wonder Girl swung down on her magic lasso crashing into the Cheetah sending
the super villain crashed to the floor in a heap.

Wonder Woman looked up to see her friend Wonder Girl busily securing the Cheetah to
a nearby pillar.

“Wonder girl! Thank Hera its you!” Wonder Woman sighed with relief.

Wonder girl stood up and stepped over to the bound Wonder Woman.

“Please hurry and get me off of this thing” Wonder Woman said.

Moments past and Wonder Girl stood still, just staring at the captive Wonder Woman.

“What? What are you waiting for?” Wonder Woman asked nervously as she saw the evil
grin on Wonder Girl’s face.

“Tell me Wonder Woman. Are you by any chance ticklish?” Wonder Girl
said evilly.

-The End-