Wrong Place, Wrong Time. Part 2

By J the Quill.

Happy hour at TJ's Bar and Grill was just getting under way when her phone rang. Dr. Nicole McCormack snatched the cellular from her bag, and hit the answer key. Tossing her blonde hair to the side she put the receiver to her ear and spoke, "Dr. McCormack here."
Tina's voice was a bit shaky as it came over the connection, "Nicole, this is Tina. I stayed at work for a while, actually I fell asleep and well, a patient was banging on the door with an emergency. She's in a lot of pain and really needs you."
"Okay Tina, lucky you were there, I'm about four blocks away, I should be there in no time, have her get into exam 1 and pull her chart, try and keep her relaxed."
"No problem there." Tina sounded more worried than she wanted to let on, and Lindsay, perched at her side with a free hand, clawed her side with her sharp fingernails. She mouthed a, "Say goodbye" to her captive.
The doctor hung up the phone and hopped of her barstool. Strange, she thought, Tina never called her "Nicole" before, she had always addressed her as "Dr. McCormack", and she must be really rattled by that patient. She hoped her young employee would hold it together long enough for her to arrive.
Tina was hoping to survive the ten agonizing minutes that was in store for her. Though the tank full of nitrous oxide was almost empty, her laughter hadn't diminished a bit with the thief circling the chair she was tied to, scratching and pinching and poking her. The cruel sensations forced her to laugh harder than the traces of gas that still kept her light-headed and defenseless to the whims of her attacker.
Lindsay had relented for a few moments while she untied the helpless, giggling Tina. The smart thief quickly removed her captive's blazer, blouse and skirt. She slung the snickering bookkeeper over her shoulder and dumped her in the dentist's chair in the room marked exam 1. Using a roll of duct tape, she wrapped Tina's wrists to the arms of the chair. She followed up by wrapping her down to the chair at the shoulders, waist, knees and ankles. Finally she placed a large "x" of tape across her mouth and left the calming student to prepare for the doctor's arrival.
The building was all but deserted as Dr. McCormack arrived. She made her way to the third floor and rushed down the hall to her office. Spotting the door ajar, she maintained her pace as she pushed it open and entered the familiar surroundings. She was not expecting a thin black rope to be stretched taut across the opening. The rope held and the floor rushed up to meet her.
Standing behind the door, Lindsay had the perfect view of the doctor as she stepped into the office and fell flat on her face. Slamming the door shut, the thief leapt on her new captive's back. Pinning the dentist to the floor, she clamped the chloroform soaked handkerchief over the mouth and nose of the out of breath blonde. After a few muffled protests, Dr. McCormack was breathing deeply and sleeping peaceably.
Lindsay stood and looked over the doctor. Lindsay was about 5' 4". She seemed tiny compared to the statuesque dentist. "She's huge!" Rolling the sleeping giant on her back she lifted with all her might and managed to drag the prone form all the way to the examination room. Slumping the blonde on the floor she turned to face Tina, who was looking longingly at her employer. "You didn't tell me you worked for an Amazon!" The thief quickly rifled through the pockets of Nicole's blazer. "Jackpot." She announced as she jingled the keys in the air. She snatched up her black bag and went to the back room, returning a few minutes later with the bag full of nitrous tanks, and another tank in her free hand. "Good news." She told the helpless Tina, "I only have room in my bag for four tanks and there were five in the locker. It looked like you two are in for a few laughs."
She activated a button on the side of the chair, reclining the struggling bookkeeper. She knelt by the doctor and rolling her victim from side to side, she removed the tailored business suit and silk blouse. "My God she has the biggest breasts of any doctor I've ever seen." It took most of her strength, but the wiry thief managed to get Dr. Nicole's sleeping form into the exam chair. Now face down on top of Tina, the dentist's arms were handcuffed behind the chair. With her last roll of duct tape, Lindsay, wrapped the blonde down to the chair, almost crushing the smaller woman already held there and crossed the blonde lips with a matching "x". She grabbed the tank and cut the line that led to the facemask. Pulling the mask and hose from the empty tank, she joined the two free hoses with a small barbed tee and coupled the free end of the tee to the feeder line from the tank. With her wicked grin crossing her face, she approached her captives and fixed the masks over their faces.
"Nngh." Tina pleaded through the gag.
"Oh, don't give me any of that, 'I can't take anymore" stuff. I think you're underestimating your abilities. Of course I can't concentrate 'solely' on you, excuse the pun, but try not to be too jealous, okay."
Nicole slowly came to. Still groggy from the chloroform, she arched her back as much as the tape encasing her body to the chair allowed her. She was able to crane her neck enough to see the face of Tina, covered by the breather mask. She could hear someone else in the room, moving about by the opposite end of the exam chair. She "mmmph'd" through the tape as an audible hiss could be heard from the tank.
The sweet smelling gas made it's way up the tubes and into the masks securely placed onto the captive's faces. The two women began a desperate attempt to get free as they also tried to hold their breaths. Nicole was momentarily distracted as the person she heard at the end of the chair plucked the high heels from her feet. Her eyes went wide with terror as she sensed the light scratches on the bottoms of her immobile feet. Unable to control herself, she let loose an explosion of laughter that was immediately suppressed by the tape. Her next breath came through her nose, bringing the gas into her system. The resulting breath was accompanied by a long persistent giggle.
Satisfied that the doctor was now defenseless against the gas, Lindsay turned her attention to the Tina's tiny feet squirming between the huge feet of the dentist.
Tina closed her eyes and tried to fight the urge to laugh as best she could. Her body convulsed and shook against her bonds to no avail. Finally, the torture was too much and she wailed with laughter. In a moment, the gas too, overcame her.
Lindsay moved to the side of the chair and let her fingernails work on the helpless sides of the squirming captives. Scratching a rib here, teasing an armpit there. Her victim's laughter was tremendous before, but the extra provocation made it become agonistic.
Nicole had completely succumb to the gas, now the tickling was sending her over the edge. The woman tickling them was cruelly finding every vulnerable tickle spot she had. She hated herself for it, but she was enjoying this. She could feel Tina's body underneath her own, slowly gyrating. Nicole knew that she wasn't the only one having a good time, but maybe Tina didn't know it yet.
Confident that her captives had no chance to help themselves, and that the gas would keep them laughing for a few hours, Lindsay snatched up her bag full of gigglegas and left the office, locking the door behind her. She stood there a few moments, deviously forming a plan. She quickly pulled a pad of paper from her bag and scrawled a note to the maintenance crew to pass the office over. Why shouldn't her captives enjoy themselves all night? She smiled, making her way to the elevator.