Who Gets the Last Laugh

    “Take that!” Psylocke screamed as she slashed her
sword about.  The woman had no idea who was attacking
her as everything around her was pitch black.
However, she could sense that their was some sort of
presence in the darkness.  Every few seconds, a quick
jab or a slap would land on her face and she was
getting sick and tired of it.  She wasn’t sure what
was happening, but she could sense that the assailant
was pushing her somewhere.  The female mutant wanted
to fight back, but herself being redirected.
Eventually she found herself in another dark room
except this one was filled with laughter, female
laughter.  However, there was a scream, a scream from
Psylocke as her sword fell to the ground.
    The purple haired mutant couldn’t believe what she
was seeing before her.  On the other side of the room
was Emma Frost, the White Queen.  Gone were her corset
and cape, but she still had her latex opera gloves and
her white thigh-high boots.  The woman was on all
fours and laughing hysterically as a huge black shadow
gripped her hips and slammed its member into her
pussy.  The shadow looked huge and muscular, but had
no real face, just a bluish cloud, yet it had the body
of a man.  She saw the hands move from Emma’s hips to
her waist, where it gripped the woman’s ribs, and held
her tight.  The shadow began to pound furiously into
the woman.  Within seconds, Emma’s arms gave out and
the woman’s face slammed into the cold metal floor,
but she continued to laugh as the shadow continued to
pound her with its member.
    “My god, what is going on around here?” Psylocke
gasped as two sets of hands gripped her arms and held
    “Get out of here, Betsy.  Get out while you still
can,” she heard a voice inside her head.
    “Jean?  Is that you?  What’s going on?”
    “We’ve . . . we’ve . . .” the woman’s voice trailed
    “Oh my!” Psylocke gasped again as she was turned
slightly to her left where she saw Storm.  The very
composed and unruffled mutant now had a lust plastered
all over her face.  The woman was completely naked as
her legs wrapped themselves around another dark cloud.
The cloud was a bit larger than Emma’s, which caused
Storm’s body to be slanted as her wet hair glided
across the floor like a mop while her body was slanted
and savagely thrusting against the cloud.  Just like
Emma, Storm was laughing too as her chest heaved up
and down.  The woman’s body glistened with sweat as
she lost herself in her lust.
    “Run Betsy.  Run,” Jean’s weakened voice surfaced in
Psylocke’s mind again.
    “I can’t.  Something is holding me in place.”
    “You must . . . you must escape . . . you must warn
the others,” Jean’s voice started to break.
    “What’s going on?” the startled purple haired mutant
    “Everything . . . I do . . . I can’t . . . NOOOOO!!
Hahahahaha!!  Hehehehe!!  I’m losing,” the red haired
woman giggled.  “Run Betsy.  Hahaha!  It’s gotten me
too!  Hehehe!”
    “Jean!” Betsy’s mouth screamed as she was turned
around and saw the red haired mutant.  Just like
Storm, Jean was naked and her body was glistening with
sweat.  However, unlike Storm and Emma, Jean had three
shadows around her.  One was lying on the floor as
Jean rode it.  Two other shadows stood on either side
of the woman as her hands reached between their
crotches and gave them a hand job.  Jean Grey had a
wry smile on her face as she giggled incessantly,
totally unable to control herself.  “What is going
on?” Psylocke asked.
    “Don’t . . . know . . . they came . . . make you . .
. laugh . . . avoid them,” Jean chuckled as Psylocke
watched in horror as Jean’s laughter was only silenced
by a huge long member entering her mouth, yet it was
translucent and making the woman’s eyes glaze over.
    “You won’t get me!” the purple haired woman roared as
she extended her Psi-Knife, but found that the grip
was too strong.  In fact, a large hand covered her
mouth and nose, covering her passageways.  The mutant
tried to struggle and breathed in some of the gas from
the hand into her lungs.  She felt her body shake as
it tickled her insides.  “It’s laughing gas!  These
things are made of laughing gas!” the woman’s mind
shrieked as she saw her friends all being ravaged and
laughing about it.
    “Let go,” Psylocke heard Emma’s voice in her mind,
    “NOOO!!  Must hold out!”  Psylocke’s mind shrieked.
    “Let go.  You have to breath soon,” Jean’s voice
giggled in Psylocke’s mind.
    Betsy knew that Jean was right.  Her lungs were
already burning from the lack of oxygen and it was
getting harder and harder to concentrate.  In fact,
the woman’s Psi-Knife had disappeared back into her
hand.  She could feel her outfit slowly being removed
and she failed to struggle against it since she was
greatly weakened.  Her lungs screamed at her while her
mind screamed at her not breath, but her friends’
voices were egging her on in her mind.  Finally, with
a long groan, the purple haired woman took in a deep
breath.  As the air and gas seeped into her lungs, she
began to chuckle.  “Noo . . . I . . . must . . . I
must . . .” she giggled as her hands gripped her bare
    “It feels so good!” Emma laughed as she was pulled
off the ground and sandwiched between two gaseous
creatures.  The White Queen was almost completely
engulfed by the blueish creatures as they surrounded
her.  Yet, she didn’t care, at least that was the
impression that she gave since she was laughing.
    Psylocke began to laugh uncontrollably as she saw
Storm on her hands and knees, hovering over a creature
while another one rammed her from behind.  The woman
was still laughing, but the laughter had been muted by
another creature, who was attacking her open mouth,
releasing more of the gas into her lungs.  Her hands
also flailed in the air until she gripped two
creatures and began to jack them off.  “How can gas .
. . how can gas . . . do this?” Psylocke laughed to
    “It can’t . . .” Emma’s voice laughed.  “This isn’t
real.  These things aren’t real!  This is the Danger
    “But . . . but they . . .”
    “We have to get out and stop it or we’re all
screwed!” the White Queen laughed.
    “I can!” Betsy laughed as she fell to her knees.
    “Don’t fight.  Don’t fight it,” Jean Grey’s voice
laughed inside Psylocke’s head as the purple haired
mutant fell to the ground and felt her legs being
parted.  She then felt her buttocks being spread as
thick pole was shoved into her sex.  Although it hurt
like hell, the woman laughed as the creature began to
ravage her sex.  By now, the mutant was laughing just
like the rest.
    High above all four mutants, inside the control room
leading into the Danger Room itself, a blue skinned
mutant sat in front of a console and smiled.  Laying
across her lap was a nude Asian teenager, who had a
muzzle over her mouth.  The teen laughed incessantly
into the muzzle as the woman surveyed her work.  The
room below was completely filled with the laughing gas
and once the women were passed out, she would collect
them and take them back Magneto’s headquarters.
However, while she waited, she can continue to play
with her newest toy as she laughed, except unlike the
others, she wasn’t affected by the gas.

The End