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Alien From LA - Sports Illustrated model, Kathy Ireland, stars in this sci-fi comedy. In one scene, a city inhabitant sticks Kathy with a needle. The injection puts her into a giggly and managable euphoria.


Another You - Gene Wilder movie starring Mercedes Rhule & Richard Pryor. In one scene Wilder's character goes to the dentist and his girlfriend, played by Rhule, knocks over a tank of laughing gas. Everyone starts laughing, including a cute nurse. 

Beverly Hills Ninja - sexy Nicollete Sheriden and goof ball Chris Farly use special seeds on a suspect to gain information, but the seeds backfire on them causing them both to laugh hysterically.


Black Tight Killers - 1960's Japanese spy thriller. In one scene the hero is making love to a girl, when he's ambushed by assassins. He throws a laughing gas bomb, causing everyone, including the girl to laugh hysterically.


Cannon Ball Run - In one scene, Farrah Fawcett is given laughing gas to make her compliant when some curious cops pull over Burt Reynolds and Dom Deluise in their faux Ambulence.


Casino Royale - 007 parody where laughing gas floods a casino at the end  of the movie.


Danger: Diabolik - 1960's cult spy film by Mario Bava. In one scene, the heroes use laughing gas at a police news conference causing male and female reporters to laugh uncontrollably.


Doctor in Clover - Laughing gas set off in a party full of doctors, nurses and guests.


The Dentist - a horror movie about a psycho dentist played by Corbin Bernsen. In one scene he turns up the gas on a hot blonde patient making her giggly.


Dentist in the Chair - 1960's B&W comedy. Two scenes in the movie: first a jokester accidently gasses himself while filling balloons for a party. The second scene is the actual party where the balloons are popped and an assortment of male and female guests are overcome by the gas.


Fast Food - three clips from the b-movie starring Traci Lords about some college kids running a hamburger restaurant. They use a secret sauce that causes wild sexual desire and a loss of inhibitions. Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3


Georgy Girl - A movie from the 1960's. The star is in labor and self administers laughing gas. Nice scene. No heavy laughing, but this girl is really friendly with the mask.


Going Ape - Tony Danza movie about a guy and an orangutang. In one scene Danza and his girlfriend are gassed while thieves try to steal the ape.


Inspector Gadget 2 - in a scene from the movie, Doctor Klaw uses laughing gas at a wealthy party, turning all of the patrons into laughing idiots.


Is This Trip Really Necessary? - 1960's cult drug movie with early Carole Kane's hippy character given laughing gas by John Carradine's scientist character.


Lethal Weapon 4 - scene where the cops are interrogating
a suspect in dentist office. Laughing gas leaks and the boys
totally lose it, laughing their heads off.


Love and Death - 1975 movie where Woody Allen plays a Russian who is caught up in the Napoleonic invasion of his country. In one scene, Diane Keaton, Allen and another actor are overcome by laughing gas.


The Naked Truth - Two men posing as women get into trouble down in South America. In clip one, one of the guys has to get a tooth pulled, and gets gassed by the dentist. In clip two, a cargo plane is flooded with laughing gas. Everyone starts laughing including the ultra hot and busty female FBI agent. Clip 1 Clip 2


Night of the Comet - Two evil, female doctors, in a post apocalyptic lab, are tied to gurnies and given laughing gas.


Paramedics - a comedy about goofball paramedics. In one scene, a sexy French girl decides to check out some of the
equipment in an ambulence. She gets high on laughing gas before passing out.


Party Plane - 1990's comedy. In one scene a bunch of guys on a plane are watching a female stripper. The co-pilot puts laughing gas into the air supply making everyone high and laughing their heads off including the hot stripper and a female stewardess. 


Policewoman in NY - Italian movie with Edwige Fenech getting gassed in a restaurant. She laughs frantically before falling asleep and being carried away in a car. The same happens to the other people in the resteraunt.


Problem Child 3 - While at the Dentist, The Nurse tests the gas on herself and later,  Jr releases laughing gas on the Nurse and Doctor.



The Return of Captain Invincible - 1983 movie about a down and out superhero who returns to fight an evil villian who uses a "giggle gun" to subdue world leaders. Watch for a scene with Farscape's Virginia Hey in hysterics being carried off of a conference table.


Scavenger Hunt - early 1980's comedy movie about teams of people on a scavenger hunt to win a multi-million dollar inheritence. In one sequence, the "hero" team steals a tank of laughing gas. Later in the movie, the tank starts to leak causing the two guys and the two women to laugh hysterically.


Sexually Bewitched - Straight to DVD movie about sexy witches. in one scene a sexy sorceress uses a spell to tickle the image of her rebellious young female pupil. Watch the sexy cutey totally lose it while having sex.


Sorceress - 1982 sword & sorcery vehicle with two hot blonde twins (yes folks they are twins in real life) who get attacked by ape-men using laughing gas filled coconuts.


Strange Wilderness - 2008 wildlife parody movie. Several
guys and a hot girl are in a camper with a stolen tank of laughing gas that springs a leak.


Tank Girl - The titular character and her friend, Jet Girl in a futuristic comic book movie, get gassed with laughing gas as a truth serum.


Up The Academy - Low budget 1980's comedy flick about weekend warriors. In one scene, a hot girl finds a canister of laughing gas. She doesn't get gassed, but she sounds really cute saying it. Later in the film, a bunch of guys get gassed.


Waco - horror parody movie. In one scene, a crazy doctor played by George Kennedy and his wife, played by Stella Stevens, are getting high on laughing gas.


Whiffs - a couple uses laughing gas to get horny.... later...the guy uses the gas to rob a bank gassing a male teller.



The Return of the Mad Doctor and his Gas - 1980's silent softcore porno - A sexy nurse is captured by two orderlies. She is tied up and given laughing gas until she passes out.

Torn - pornstar Stacy Valentine is a patient who gasses herself in a dentist's office. Later, pornstar Rayveness comes in as a nurse asking what's going on. She tests the gas, but gets stoned and the two girls make out.

Tickling PHD Tickling vid - black cutey Anna Amore says "laughing gas" with a little giggle when a doctor mentions it before tickling her.

Diagnostic Detention Tickling Vid - two girls are injected with laughing serum while being tickled.


Southern Charms clip - A girl at the dentist's office gets a
little loopy on giggle gas. When she loses her inhibitions the doctor and nurse have they way with her.

Clip 1 Clip 2


Dementia - Busty pornstar Daphne Franks stars in a psychodelic video where she sells herself to the devil for sex. Poor Daphne gets more than she bargains for as she's turned into one the devil's toys. She is orgasmed into an insane giggling girl who is forever stuck feeling her demonic, erotic pleaures.


Domination Nation 2 - scene from the adult video starring
busty pornstar Christy Canyon. In it, Christy plays a post
apocalyptic ruler who is trying out a new stud. Two female
enemy agents sneak into her fortress and use laughing gas to subdue Christy, her high priest and her stud




Professor Holly Goodheart has developed a revolutionary
formula that will benefit all of mankind. But there are those
who will pay any price to learn her secrets for their own evil
designs and those who will do anything for a price. Enter
Agent Ecstacy. Capturing Goodheart, she spirits the professor off to her secret lair where she will use devious and ticklish methods to persuade our heroine to reveal her secret formula.



Katarina Nikita is a sexy Russian criminologist is giving a
lecture. Unbeknownst to her, the podium has been modified to emit an aphrodisiac and laughing gas combination that drives her wild with laughter and lust.



Donita Dunes as the nurse and Shay Sites as her criminally
insane patient. Kinky nurse Donita fondles and tickles her patient until Shay turns the tables on her. This is the complete video.




Custom video with sexy dominatrix  Summer tickle torturing her new slave Alana. Then Alana turns the tables on Summer, gassing the Dom and  giving her a taste of her own tickle torture medicine.

Clip 1 Clip 2



Gretta Gets it - hot custom vid done by sexy goth queen Mistress Persephone. A female cop responds to a complaint about Mistress Persephone. The Mistress decides to deal with the cop in her own special way...plenty of gassing...tickling and fondling. Visit Mistress Persephone at:



Laughin Michelle- a leg/nylon fetish video
where a model gets a package with laughing gas.  She opens it and gets sprayed. 

Clip1 Clip2 Clip3 Clip4 Clip5


Busty boss Daphne Rosen needs to loosen up and gets a dose of laughing gas from a co worker.